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physical therapist


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									Laura Seyfried-Physical
   10500 Quivira Rd
Overland Park, KS 66215

     By: Ricky Ashley
  Education and Background
• Laura Seyfried went to the University of
  Kansas for 4 years, but now a days you have
  to go to college for 7 years to become a
  physical therapist
• She has worked at Overland Park Regional
  for over 15 years
• Even know she went to college for physical
  therapist, she didn’t always start out wanting
  to be a physical therapist
  Education and Background
  At first, she wanted to be an athletic trainer,
  but than she learned that physical therapist
  did the same work and got paid more money
  for the same work
• She went straight into physical therapy at
  Overland Park Regional right after college,
  she has been at that hospital her entire
  career, she plans to retire there, and than
  become a full parent
          Job Requirements
• One of the most important job requirements for a
  physical therapist, you have to be a friendly person
• You need to be a good talker, and an easy person to
  get along with
• You have to go to a college for 7 years to start out
• You have to dress nicely, but you have to be able to
  move around in your clothes
• You wouldn’t think this mattered, but you have to be
  flexible and not afraid to get dirty. You have to be
  flexible so you can squat and help the person out if
  needed, or lay on the ground to show them exercises
        Benefits of the Job
• There are a lot of benefits to being a
  physical therapist, but not all of them
  are money. You get the pleasure of
  knowing you helped a patient, and you
  get to feel good about yourself. You
  also get paid a lot for being a physical
  therapist, since the work really isn't
  that hard.
• There are a lot of equipment used in
  being a physical therapist. You have to
  sometimes push them around in a
  wheel-chair, oh look at the monitor to
  see how there heartbeat is going. You
  use the equipments to make sure the
  patient can do the work, without putting
  themselves in danger.
• The team of physical therapist have
  their own facility in the hospital. It is on
  the west wing, and it has all the
  supplies they need to get their job
  done. In their facility, they have
  walkers, wheel-chairs, measuring tools,
  and most importantly hand sanitizer.
  There facility is one of the biggest in
  the hospital, and this is because lots of
  people are hurt in the hospital.
          Reception Desk
• The reception desk is in two different
  places, they have one in the west wing,
  and one in the front of the hospital. It is
  like this, because they have to have a
  private section, and a section where the
  patients can walk up there at anytime.
• The physical therapist have their own
  special bath system. This system is for
  injured people. This is like an ice bath
  machine, and its made accessible for
  handicap people. The tub is super big,
  so they can fit any size of people in
  there. Next to the machine, they have a
  wheel-chair set up for the person, just
  in case the person is too cold to be
  able to walk.
• The physical therapist have co-
  workers, that aren’t considered to be
  just physical therapist. They are
  considered special therapist, because
  they are there to work one body part,
  not the entire body. For example, there
  is a special therapist for just hands,
  when a normal therapist like Laura,
  would work on the entire body.

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