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                                            Bennett Bits
     Gary, Melissa & Megan Bennett, 830 Des Moines Dr, Windom, MN 56101 507-831-1834     Dec. ‘05

                                              the Osaka/Kyoto area of Japan with       cousins, shopping and McDonalds.
          So Blessed                          Japan Mission.                           When asked, they still say they would
 A recent series of events that hap-                                                   rather be back in Rwanda.
 pened to a close friend in Rwanda has        Aside from just having a lot of fun
 reminded me again, how incredibly            being together, it was also neat to be   Visiting our supporting churches is
 blessed I am to have been born an
                                              able to pray and fast together as we     keeping us very busy these days. We
 American. Specioza is pastor Jonas’s
 wife. Several months ago she under-          sought God’s will for our lives. Fu-     have already traveled over 10,000 miles!
 went a medical procedure in Kigali.          ture plans are looking quite positive.   Although hectic at times, we have been
 Recently she became seriously ill and        We would deeply covet your prayers       very encouraged as God blesses us with
 a doctor in Kigali diagnosed her with        for us as we continue to seek God’s      the opportunity to meet so many won-
 breast cancer and scheduled her for          guidance in our relationship. People     derful people who partner with us. The
 surgery. Not feeling comfortable with        often ask “If you did get married        girls are starting to tire of all the long
 the medical care in Kigali we scraped        where would you work?” We both           trips, but thankfully things are going to
 up the funds to send her to Kenya for a      agree it would be in Rwanda.             be slowing down around the holidays.
 second opinion. While there her situa-
 tion deteriorated and they discovered
 that she didn’t have breast cancer at
 all, but rather she had tetanus. Evi-
                                                                                             Year End Needs
 dently she contracted it during a previ-                                              •   We still have several churches in
 ous medical procedure this summer.                                                        Rwanda that are needing roofs. If you
 She is currently being treated for the                                                    might be interested in helping, you can
 tetanus and is recovering well.                                                           send your help to the special project
                                                                                           “Rwanda: Church Roofs and Devel-
        Barbara Gish                                                                       opment #6402-910.” It costs $1,000 to
                                                                                           put a roof on a rural church.
 Faithfully over the past four years
 since Melanie’s death the girls                                                       •   We have about a dozen pastors’ kids in
 have been praying that God would                                                          Rwanda who we would like to help go
                                                                                           to High School. In Rwanda it is very
 send them a new mom. I have also                                                          expensive by local standards to attend
 been praying for someone to share                                                         secondary school so the majority of kids
 my life with. There have been a                                                           don’t get the opportunity. It costs be-
 number of times I have been ready                                                         tween $200 to $400 a year for a student
 to give up on ever finding Miss              If Barbara leaves her work in Japan          to attend High School. Gifts can be sent
 Right. While we were in Rwanda, I            behind, her unique talents will leave        to WorldVenture for the special project
 met Barbara through an internet              a huge hole. We are trusting God to          Rwanda: Pastoral Student Scholar-
 dating service called eharmony.              supply Japan Mission and the other           ships #6402-907.
 We began communicating even                  groups she works for with talented       •   When we go back to Rwanda we would
 though we were on opposite sides             individuals. We are also praying re-         like to begin working on the next phase
 of the globe. Several months ago             garding timing as the girls and I are        of New Creation Training Center. We
 thanks to technology we were able                                                         are still praying that the Lord will pro-
                                              scheduled to go back to Rwanda the           vide the needed funds.
 to begin talking and seeing each             first of June.
 other with an internet webcam.                                                        •   We are behind in our support commit-
 Recently I was able to spend 9                            Praises                         ments and would greatly appreciate
                                                                                           your prayers for us in this regard as
 days in Japan visiting Barbara and           Melissa and Megan are doing well in          well. Should the Lord speak to your
 seeing her in her environment. She           school even though attending Public          heart about partnering with us, you can
 is in her fifth year with Japan Mis-         School is quite a change for them.           send your gifts to WorldVenture at the
 sion teaching music and English in           They are enjoying being with their           address below.

050533 Additional Support Needed: $785 per month

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