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Medicine Continuity and Change


									   5. Yonge, James, 1647-1721. Wounds to the          Cover illustration: The eighth plate of twelve
      brain proved curable … London : Printed by      showing “compound bandages, sutures and
      J. M. for Henry Faithorn … , 1682. Shelf mark   some other machines used in the practice of                           Medicine:
      Sel.f.126                                       surgery …” in A compleat body of chirurgical
                                                      operations, containing the whole practice of
                                                      surgery … by M de la Vauguion M.D. and
                                                                                                                          Continuity and
   6. Blégny, Monsieur de, Nicholas, 1652-1722. A
      true history of a child anatomized: … London
      : Printed by Tho: James … 1680. Shelf mark
                                                      intendant of the royal hospitals about Paris.
                                                      Faithfully done into English. London : Printed for
      Sel.f.127                                       Henry Bonwick … , 1699.
                                                                                                                   An exhibition of books from the antiquarian medical
                                                      Below: Table showing captions for the                             collection at The Queen’s College, Oxford
                                                      illustrations on the eighth plate (cover
                                                      illustration; details above).

   7. Harvey, Gideon, 1640-1700. A new discourse
      of the smallpox, and malignant fevers, with
      an exact discovery of the scorvey. London :
      Printed by H. Hodgskin for James Partridge,
      … , 1685. Sel.f.132

A complete list of the books from the Floyer and
Metcalfe collections, catalogued with the
generous support of the Wellcome Trust, can be        Leaflet accompanies exhibition in the Upper Library of The
                                                      Queen’s College, Oxford (summer 2011 to spring 2012)
located on the Queen’s College website:          Text by Paul Ivanovic
trust-project/catalogues                              Photography by Lynette Dobson
                                                      All images copyright The Queen’s College
The medical collection                               Theophilus Metcalfe was not a member of              A list of works in the exhibition
                                                     Queen’s College, but of Hart Hall (later Hertford
The antiquarian medical collection at The            College) where he matriculated in 1706,                 1. La Vauguion, de. A compleat body of
Queen’s College was principally created in the       obtained his BA in 1710, MA in 1713, BM in                 chirurgical operations … London : Printed for
eighteenth century through the generous              1716 and DM in 1724. Little more biographical              Henry Boswick … , 1699. Shelf mark
benefactions of two physicians: Sir John Floyer      detail is known about his life. However, his
(1649-1734) and Theophilus Metcalfe (1690-           memorial in the church of Ambrosden,
1757). Floyer’s library, of one-hundred and fifty    Oxfordshire states he was a “learned, skilful and
books, could best be described as that of a          tender hearted physician”. The reason for his
working doctor. Metcalfe’s medical library, of       donation to Queen’s College is uncertain.
over one thousand books, reflects his strong         However, it made the Queen’s College
intellectual interests in science and medicine       antiquarian medical collection one of the largest
and his bibliophilic tendencies. Combined, these     in the Oxford colleges.
medical libraries give a wonderful insight into
medical knowledge and practice over a period of      Metcalfe’s collection includes two of Floyer’s
two hundred years.                                   publications, one of which is a second edition of
                                                     A treatise of the asthma (1717). Another
Sir John Floyer (1649-1734) matriculated at          seminal work in the Metcalfe collection is De
Queen’s College in 1664, obtained his BA in          curtorum chirurgia, by Gaspare Tagliacozzi,
1668, MA in 1671, BM in 1674 and DM in 1680.         (1597), the first book dedicated to the subject of
After leaving Oxford, Floyer returned to his         plastic surgery. The exhibition features only one
home city of Lichfield where he practised            book from this collection, A compleat body of           2. Floyer, John, Sir, 1649-1734. A treatise of the
medicine until his death at the age of eighty-       chirurgical operations, by M de La Vauguion                asthma. London, Printed for Richard Wilkin,
five. He published a number of important             (1699).                                                    … , 1698. Shelf mark Sel.f.120
medical texts during his life time including A
treatise of the asthma (1698), which appears in      How the other five works included in the
                                                                                                             3. Harvey, William, 1578-1657. The anatomical
this exhibition, An inquiry into the right use and   exhibition came to be in the Queen’s College
                                                                                                                exercises of Dr. William Harvey … London :
abuses of the hot, cold and temperate baths in       collection is unclear. The 1673 edition of William
                                                                                                                Printed for Richard Lowndes … 1673. Shelf
England, (1697), The physician’s pulse watch         Harvey’s work on the circulation of the blood
                                                                                                                mark Sel.f.121
(1707), his pioneering work on the development       does bear the provenance name Arthur
of a pulse watch, and Medicina gerocomica            Fleetwood, nothing more is known about him.
                                                                                                             4. Tolet, François, 1647-1724. Lithotomy: or a
(1724), the first book on geriatrics, all of which
                                                                                                                treatise of the extracting of the stone out of
are in the Queen’s College collection.
                                                                                                                the bladder. London : Printed for Will.
                                                                                                                Whitwood … 1689. Shelf mark Sel.f.122

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