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Crossroad Arts go to Rocky

Crossroad Arts has been appointed by Rockhampton Council to provide a flood relief arts
The organisation will be in Rockhampton February 10-14 at the Walter Reid Centre. They
will have some community artists joining them and the outcome of the project will be an
exhibition multi-media event at Walter Reid centre on 14 February (which also happens to be
Valentine‟s Day!)
One of the art forms they are using is postcards. Crossroads is trying to find a suitable
person/teacher or community in Brisbane for the Rockhampton community to send their
postcard artworks. If you have any contacts please let them know through Steve Mayer-
Miller, Artistic Director and CEO. His contacts are: 0749535122

Steven says the main objective in going to Rockhampton is to begin re-building people‟s self
confidence, self respect and their connection with other people in the community. Actions
include: encouraging people to talk about their experiences during and after the flood;
encouraging people to express their feelings through writing, poetry, drawing, voice and
other mediums; and creating a collage of words, images and pictures together with
a soundscape of voices and music to privately and publicly validate the struggles feelings
and events that people have experienced during the flood.

Telling our flood stories

It‟s important we document how the floods have affected our lives. An example of this type of
project was conducted by Mackay Regional Council in 2009. Flood victims attended digital
photography workshops conducted by the community services librarian. The resulting
images were then displayed in various venues in the community. As the librarian said: “The
health effects of social connectedness are well known with studies showing that the more
connected people are to their community, the less likely they are to suffer from depression.”

There are also many other ways that arts-focused activities can assist using storytelling,
visual arts and in the development of plays, music or songs.

Here is a collection of websites that discuss art as therapy – the third one is from Healesville

Remember too to go to the Premier's website, encouraging Queenslanders to publish their
stories to the page.

Feral Arts has also set up a project enabling people to add stories about their flood
experiences in the form of a simple digital postcard. Go to http://ps3beta.com/project/7850
The postcards get located on a google map which can be shared and embedded in external
sites as required.
It is a quick and easy way gather and aggregate user generated content about the impact of
the floods in the arts and cultural sector across the state and nationally.
From 23rd Productions

We thought you would appreciate this update from 23rd Productions:

“We know all of you have already helped with the „flood relief‟ but we thought we would take
this opportunity to share a few links to ways you can continue to make a difference:

      Take excellent quality household goods or clothing to the Salvos, Vinnies or the Red
       Cross (NOT TO EVACUATION CENTRES). This will help them to continue to raise
       much needed cash and also have nice stuff available to be purchased by people who
       have lost personal effects. Google and call in advance the charity depots for
       directions and drop off policies.
      Arts Queensland have made a BRILLIANT events calendar on Facebook – look here
       to see state wide activities: FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS
      Like a good song and dance? Well you should get along to BRISBANE MUSICAL
       THEATRE UNITED 2011 where you can see all your fav local performers sing and
       dance their heart out to raise money. Go to BRISTIX for more info and book tickets.
      And if that isn‟t enough to get you digging deep then download the all new version of
       our state anthem LOVE YOU QUEENSLAND on iTunes. Again featuring our world
       class local talent (look out for Megan Shorey – WHAT a voice!) and blast it out
       around your neighbourhood on Australia Day. A bargain at $1.69 you should do it
       now. Click LOVE YOU QUEENSLAND
      Brisbane City Council still needs you to vollie up. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter
       for instructions on what to do and where to go. BYO cleaning gear.
      To continue the great arts work we produce here BUY TICKETS TO SHOWS! We
       realise some venues are yet to re-open but they will and they will need your bum on
       their seats. So look at the performance calendars, get your mates together and book
       up! Remember all theatres offer concession tickets, cheap nights and under 30
       discounts for you crazy kids.

International Cricket One Dayer at the Gabba on Sunday 30th January - England, will again
take on a much rejuvenated Australia for an afternoon of Flood Relief raising fun. To join
them book tickets through Ticketmaster.

We again want to acknowledge you for your selfless love for your neighbour in this difficult
time, but wanted to just highlight a few people of awesomeness – ABC Local Radio 612
were tireless and informative and kept us safe whilst not even in their own studios half the
time; the people who updated the Qld Police Facebook and Twitter pages were relentless
and kept it fast and accurate; Imaginary Theatre gave so much joy to children at the QEII
evac centre (and parents a much needed break!); La Boite deployed the Gruffalo to the RNA
showgrounds evac centre and really made their day there, and the gorgeous Polytoxic ladies
rolled up their sleeves all over town and cleaned the kind of muck off that has no name…


   -   23rd Productions
From the Empire Theatre, Toowoomba
We were very lucky here at The Empire Theatre with only some minor carpet damage.

We will be doing some fundraising activities and are offering places in our school holiday
workshops to young people who have been affected by the floods.

Update from Mackay
Mackay has also been assisting, and a concert organised by the Mackay Entertainment &
Convention Centre, local media and performers raised over $50,000 to go to the Premier‟s
Flood Relief Fund.

Update from Townsville
The Full Throttle Theatre Flood Appeal is taking place on Saturday the 29th January from
2pm-Midnight at our venue the Old Courthouse Theatre.

We have gathered together Townsville‟s independent and emerging artists to show our
support for our fellow countrymen and women. Local business and other non-profit
organisations have joined with us to make this event happen and the momentum keeps

Swell Sculpture Festival
Natasha Edwards, director of Swell Sculpture Festival, says their office based at Currumbin
on the Gold Coast, went under water in a flash flood. They ended up losing computers,
cables and furniture. They have salvaged what they could, cleaned up and are now focusing
on the next Swell, 9-18 August at Currumbin, while working in an alternative office space.

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