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									Android Phone and Its Position in The Eyes of Life Style

More advanced technology, android phone is growing well and make
the “android phone” as part of the lifestyle posmo (postmodern) for people who claim to be
able, both capable of economic and social fields of society (as many Android phone that are
integrated to smooth social communication .)

By antaranews, “Android phone” has been used by 26 phone models and every day there
are 60 thousand phone using android application sold. Plus there
are 59 operators with 19 different languages. Strangely, according
to Eric Schmidt Google CEP all this is the beginning. You can imagine how big it
[android phone] users in the world when it android already shown his power.

Android phone entered the ranks of smart phones released in 2008. The first phone using
the Android OS is the HTC Dream, the brand of the output from T-Mobile as the G1. The phone
features a full, full touch screen, QWERTY keyboard, and track ball fornavigating web pages. A
s well as several other online applications such as Android Market.

According to the news in the USA market, private consumption will be
spelled android phone is still relatively small, but statistics say
that thrive android phone two fold in October 2010.

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