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					                                                           US History II Course Map
                                                  Social Studies 12031, 12032 and 12033
CCCS           Content        Enduring           Essential        Assessments Connected Co-
               Topic/Skill    Understandings     Questions                        curricular Support
Standard 6.1   6.1.12 (A)     Developing the     How have         Teacher
                              requisite skills   historical       generated
                              needed to fully    events           tests
                              appreciate,        shaped the
                              comprehend         modern           Guided
                              and apply          world?           reading
                              knowledge of                        discussions
                              the five social    How have
                              studies            social,
                              standards.         political and
                                                 issues and

Standard 6.2   6.2.12 (A)     Students will      What is the      Student and
Civics         Civic Life,    know,              purpose of       teacher
               Politics and   understand and     the national     generated
               Government     appreciate the     and state        graphic
                              values and         governments      organizers
                              principles of      and how have
                              American           they changed     Student
                              democracy and      over time?       generated
                              the rights,                         essays
                              responsibilities   How can
                              and roles of a     participation    Teacher
                              citizen in the     in civic and     generated
                              nation and the     political life   tests

               world.            contribute to
                                 the               Simulation
                                 attainment of     project: Mock
                                 individual and    Congress
                                 public good?
               Analyzing the     How has the       Teacher
               successes of      American          generated
               American          government        work
               society and the   sought to
               disparities       protect the       Student
               between           rights of the     centered
               American          individual?       discussions/
               ideals and                          debates
               realities will    When does
               allow students    the good of       Free
               to formulate      the nation        response
               their own         outweigh          essays.
               political         those of the
               philosophies.     individual?

6.2.12 (C)     A thorough        How does the      Student          Possible field trip to
The            understanding     government        prepared         Washington, D.C. to
Constitution   of the American   established       essays and       included the Capitol
and American   constitution is   by the            papers           Building, Supreme
Democracy      essential in      Constitution                       Court and the
               order for         embody the        Class            National Archives.
               students to       purposes,         discussion
               apply their       values and
               knowledge         principles of     Teacher
               towards a         American          generated
               better            democracy?        tests/ quizzes
               of the value of   What is the
               citizen           relationship of
               participation.    the United
                                 States to

                                           other nations
                                           and to world

CCCS   Content         Enduring            Essential          Assessments       Connected Co-
       Topic/Skill     Understandings      Questions                            curricular Support
       6.2.12 (D)      A student who       Compare and        Teacher
       Citizenship     understands         contrast the       generated
                       the rights and      benefits of        activities
                       responsibilities    American
                       of a citizen will   citizenship with   Teacher
                       be better able      those of other     generated
                       to meets those      nations.           tests
                       in their adult      How can
                       life.               citizens
                                           participate in
                                           the political
       6.2.12 (E)      Enabling a          Analyze and        Web based         Outside speakers in
       International   student to          evaluate US        research          conjunction with
       Education,      appreciate the      foreign policy     project:          World History classes
       Global          United States       actions and        analyzing         from Holocaust
       Challenges,     role in world       positions from     Holocaust         survivors groups.
       Cultures and    affairs both        the Monroe         survivors’ oral
       Connections     past and            Doctrine to the    histories.
                       present will        Iraq War.
                       develop an                             Current
                       understanding       Compare and        events
                       of complex          contrast           research to

                              global             current and         study events
                              problems.          past genocidal      in Somalia
                                                 acts and            and the
                                                 discuss actions     Sudan.
                                                 to prevent such
6.4 United   6.4.12 (H)       Developing an      How did             Teacher        Walking tour to sites
States and   The Industrial   understanding      advances in         generated      of 1800’s mills and
New Jersey   Revolution       the                technology and      tests          residential areas
History      (1870-1900)      development of     industrialization                  within Bound Brook to
                              the US from a      change the          Simulation:    study the borough as
                              largely            landscape of        Trial of the   a microism for US
                              agrarian,          the United          Presidents –   industrial growth.
                              isolationist       States?             McKinley to
                              nation into a      What elements       Wilson
                              major industrial   contributed to
                              and world          the late 19
                              power will         century
                              enable the         expansionist
                              student to         policy?
                              understand the
                              role of the U.S.
                              in the world
             6.4.12 (I) The   The ability to     Analyze the         Teacher        Literature connection:
             Emergence of     analyze and        Roosevelt           generated      “The Great Gatsby”
             Modern           evaluate key       Corollary to the    tests.
             America          events in          Monroe
             (1890 – 1930)    American           Doctrine.           Student
                              history is                             generated
                              essential to the   Analyze US          work
                              development of     foreign policy
                              citizenship.       through World       Simulation:
                                                 War I.              Trial of the
                                                 Compare and         (see above)
                                                 contrast the

                                             social, cultural   Progressive
                                             and                Birthday Party
                                             technological      Simulation.
                                             changes in the

CCCS   Content          Enduring           Essential       Assessments
       Topic/Skill      Understandings     Questions
       6.4.12 (J) The   Being able to      Describe how    Teacher         Guest Speakers:
       Great            understand the     the Great       guided          Children of the
       Depression       causes and         Depression      activities      Great Depression
       and World        impact of the      and the New                     and World War II
       War II (1929 –   Great              Deal            Depression      veterans.
       1945)            Depression and     transformed     era recipes
                        World War II is    America.        project.        Literature
                        the foundation                                     connection: The
                        for modern         Compare and     Research        Grapes of Wrath
                        economics and      contrast key    paper:
                        foreign affairs.   events and      student
                                           people          developed
                                           involved with   research
                                           World War II.   papers on

                                    Describe the     topics
                                    leading to
                                    in World War
6.4.12 (K)      Understanding       Analyze US       Student         Lyric project: “We
Postwar         the Cold War        foreign policy   discussion      Didn’t Start the
Years (1945 –   era in American     during the                       Fire”
1970’s)         history will        Cold War         Teacher
                assist in           period.          generated
                developing                           tests
                understanding       Analyze the
                of current          Civil Rights     Civil Rights/
                affairs.            and Women’s      Feminist
                                    movements.       Movements
                                    Describe how     project
                                    changes in
                                    foreign policy
                                    to New
                                    Jersey and
6.4.12 (L)      A deeper            Examine US       Teacher         Possible
Contemporary    understanding       presidents       generated       crossover to
America         of the current      from Nixon to    tests           science classes:
(1968 –         events in           Bush                             medical ethics,
present)        America history     including        Class           AIDS etc.
                is essential for    domestic         discussion/
                students ready      policy and       debates
                to enter into the   international
                adult world.        affairs.         Document

                                         Compare and      questions.
                                         contrast key
                                         events and
                                         people in US
                                         foreign policy
                                         from the Cold
                                         War to the
                                         Iraq War.

                                         social issues
                                         to individual
                                         rights to the
                                         role of the

6.5         6.5.12 (A)   The             Discuss how      Stock Market    Use of the
Economics   Economic     understanding   a market         game.           Internet for stock
            Literacy     of economic     economy                          market research.
                         principles is   experiences      Classroom
                         essential for   periodic         debate:         Possible field trip
                         career          cycles of        Impact of       to New York
                         development,    prosperity       NAFTA and       financial district.
                         financial       and              the EU on
                         successes and   recession.       international
                         responsible                      economy.
                         citizenship.    Analyze the
                                         impact of
                                         supply and
                                         demand on

                                     and prices.

                                     Discuss basic

CCCS   Content       Enduring            Essential        Assessments     Connected Co-
       Topic/Skill   Understandings      Questions                        curricular Support
       6.5.12 (B)    Economic            Discuss the      Teacher
       Economics     knowledge and       value and role   moderated
       and Society   skills for a full   of free and      activities
                     understanding       fair
                     of political,       competition      Student
                     social and          versus the       presentations
                     historical          social need
                     events.             for              Teacher
                                         cooperation.     generated
                                         Evaluate the
                                         activities and
                                         impact in

                                               countries of
6.6         6.6.12 (A)      The study of       How has             Teacher
Geography   The World in    geography will     geography           generated
            Spatial Terms   lead to the        impacted            tests and
                            development of     world events        assignments
                            spatial thinking   from 1890 –
                            abilities.         present?            Use of
                                               How has             such as GPS
                                               modern              and the
                                               technology          internet in to
                                               impacted the        answer
                                               study of            complex
                                               geography?          geographical

CCCS        Content         Enduring           Essential            Assessments           Connected Co-
            Topic/Skill     Understandings     Questions                                  curricular Support
            6.6.12 (B)      The ability to     What role does       Teacher moderated
            Places and      make the           geography play       activities
            Regions         correlation        in modern
                            between            warfare?             Continuous study
                            human                                   of geography within
                            interaction and    How does             units.
                            physical           geography
                            environment        effect individual
                            shapes the         and social
                            features of        identity?
                            places and

6.6.12 (C)    Being able to      What is acid      Student discussion    Possible
Physical      analyze the        rain, the ozone                         Environmental Club
Systems       effects of both    layer, carbon-    Internet activity     cooperative activity.
              physical and       dioxide levels
              human              and clean                               Guest speaker
              changes in         water issues
              ecosystems will    and how do                              Earth Day activity
              encourage the      they effect the
              students to        environment?
              conserve and
              preserve the
6.6.12 (D)    Being able to      How has the       Student generated     TV show, Internet
Human         explain the        view of           assignments           viewing
Systems       historic           immigration
              movement           evolved from a    Teacher generated
              patterns of        “melting pot”     tests
              people and         concept to
              their goods will   “salad bowl”?
              correlate to                         “America Eats:
              economic           How have          History on a Bun”
              activities.        neighborhoods,    viewing – trace the
                                 towns and         history of food in
                                 cities changed    America.
                                 in the last
                                 years? What
                                 accounts for
                                 this change?
6.6.12 (E)    The ability to     How has           Document Based        Film viewing: “An
Environment   describe how       humankind         Question – teacher    Inconvenient Truth”
and Society   and why            changed the       generated
              historical and     environment?
              cultural                             Teacher generated
              knowledge can      What can you      test
              help to improve    do to affect
              present and        environmental     Class

                                future            change?          discussion/activities
                                will lead to
                                greater respect
                                for the

 US History II (12031,
12032, 12033)            Essential Questions                                         Content / Skill                 Assessment

                                                                                     1. Analyze and evaluate key
                                                                                     events, people and groups
                                                                                     associated with
                                                                                     industrialization and its
                                                                                     impact on urbanization,
                                                                                     immigration, farmers, the
                                                                                     labor movement, social
                                                                                     reform and government
                         1. What were some of the factors that helped spur           2. Discuss the economic
                         economic development after the Civil War?                   development by which the
                         2. How and why did manufacturers form cartels, trusts and   United States became a          1. Class discussion/ questions
Unit: The Industrial     monopolies?                                                 major industrial power in the   2. Films: "Ken Burns America:
Revolution (1870-        3. Explain the purpose and goals of labor unions.           world and analyze the factors   Brooklyn Bridge:; "Rockefeller"
1900)                    4. What is Social Darwinism and how was it applied to       that contributed to             3. Essay assignment
Days to Complete: 25     society of the late 1800's?                                 industrialization.              4. Chapter tests

                      Essential Questions                                            Content / Skill                 Assessment
                                                                                     1. Analyze the Roosevelt
                                                                                     Corollary to the Monroe
                                                                                     Doctrine and explain how it
                                                                                     modified the Monroe
                                                                                     Doctrine, justifying a new
                                                                                     direction in United States
                                                                                     foreign policy. 2. Analyze
                                                                                     US foreign policy through
                                                                                     WWI, including relations with
                      1. Why did the United States policy makers feel the need       Japan and China, the
                      to secure new markets abroad in the late 1800's?               Spanish, Cuban, American
                      2. How did the theory of Social Darwinism make it easier       War and the building of the     1. Simulation: "Trial of the
                      for Americans to embrace imperialism?                          Panama Canal.                   Presidents - McKinley, Taft,
                      3. How did the US pursue its expansionist policies in the      3. Discuss the rise of the      Roosevelt and Wilson"
                      Pacific?                                                  4.   Progressive Movement,           2. Films:" Splendid Little War",
                      Were presidents McKinley, Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson           including the relationship      "TR: The Lion", "Iron Jawed
                      justified in their foreign policies?                           between Progressivism and       Angels".
Unit: The Emergence   5. What beliefs about the role of government lie at the        the Populist movement, anti-    3. Simulation: "Progressive
of Modern America     heart of the progressive movement?                             trust reform, the woman's       Birthday party"
(1890 - 1930) Days    6. What obstacles did the woman's rights movement face         suffrage movement and           4. Document Based Question
to complete: 45       when seeking women's suffrage in the U.S.?                     municipal reform.               unit test

                      Essential Questions                                            Content / Skill                 Assessment

                                                                               1. Describe how the Great
                                                                               Depression and the New
                                                                               Deal of FDR transformed
                                                                               America, including the
                                                                               growth of the federal
                                                                               government, the rise of the
                                                                               welfare state, and industrial
                                                                               2. Discuss how the
                                                                               Depression contributed to
                                                                               the development of Social
                                                                               Security, the National Labor
                                                                               Relations Board and the
                                                                               FDIC. 3. Compare and            1. Stock Market Project
                       1. How did Franklin D. Roosevelt change American        contrast the key events and     2. Presidential Transition game
                       government? What impact did his programs have on        people involved with the        3. Great Depression food
                       Americans?                                              causes, course and              project 4. Films - "O Brother
                       2. How do New Deal programs such as Social Security,    consequences of World War       where art thou?"
                       The National Labor Relations Board and FDIC function?   II. 4. Describe the political   5. World War II films - varied
                       What are some issues related to them today? Should      background leading to           including "A Soldier's Story",
                       they continue if still in place?                        American involvement in         "Tora, Tora, Tora"
                       3. What were some of the causes of WW II? What was      World War II, the course of     6. "Letters to/from home and
Unit: The Great        the course of events? What were some of the             the war, mobilization of        battlefront" project.
Depression and World   consequences?                                           women and minorities, the       7. Guest Speakers: "The Great
War II (1929-1945)     4. How did the United States become involved in World   use of the atom bomb, the       Depression, WWII veteran,
Days to Complete: 35   War II?                                                 founding of the U.N.            WWII at home".

                       Essential Questions                                     Content / Skill                 Assessment

                                                                                    1. Discuss how American
                       1. Describe the relationship between the United States and   policies following WWII
                       the Soviet Union during World War II. How did this           developed as a result of the
                       relationship change after WW II? How did this come to        failures experienced and
                       define US foreign policy from 1945 - 1990?                   lessons learned after WWII.
                       2. What was the containment policy? How did the Truman       2. Analyze US foreign policy   1. Admissions game
                       Doctrine, The Marshall Plan and NSC - 68 express this        during the Cold War period.    simulation. 2. "American
                       policy?                                                      3. Analyze the Civil Rights    Museum of the Civil Rights/
                       3. Explain the system of nonviolent confrontation            and Women's movements.         Women's movement" research
                       established by Martin Luther King during the civil rights    4. Describe how changes in     project.                     3.
Unit: The Postwar      movement.                    4. What were the causes/        foreign policy impacted        Films: "Pleasantville" (1950's)
Years (1945-1970)      results of the Korean War and the Vietnam War? What          immigration to New Jersey      4. Film "Mississippi Burning"
Days to Complete: 35   was the public's reaction at home?                           and America.                   (Civil Rights)

                       Essential Questions                                          Content / Skill                Assessment

                                                                                   1. Examine the
                                                                                   administration of American
                                                                                   presidents from Nixon to
                                                                                   Bush.                     2.
                                                                                   Compare and contrast key
                                                                                   events and people
                                                                                   associated with US foreign
                                                                                   policy from 1968 to the
                                                                                   present.              3.
                                                                                   Discuss major contemporary
                                                                                   social issues in modern
                                                                                   America. 4. Analyze the
                       1. How did President Nixon and Secretary of State Henry     United Sates domestic
                       Kissinger change the nature of US foreign policy? 2. What   policies, including the civil
                       were the issues surrounding the Watergate scandal? How      rights movement, affirmative    1. Lyric Project "We Didn't Start
                       did it define US politics in the later part of the 20th     action, the labor and           the Fire" power point/ key
 Unit: Contemporary    century? 3. What were the causes/results of the Gulf        women's movements,              notes 2. Political Spectrum -
 America (1968 -       War? 4. How has the concept of modern terrorism defined     conservativism and              determining self politics. 3.
 present)              the 21st century?                                           liberalism.                     Film "Forest Gump"


Teacher observations
Tests and quizzes
Class discussions and debates
Role playing
Homework and class work assignments
Oral presentations
Graphic organizers
Written reports and essays as well as unit and lesson writing assessments
Research papers

Cross Content Integration:

   1.) U.S.II The 1920’s / English III The Great Gatsby


Applicable career options are discussed as they arise throughout the course. A list would include but is not limited to a historian,
history teacher, museum curator, librarian, police officer, lawyer, judge, politician, geologist, weatherman, cartographer, or a member of
the military.


Approved textbooks and workbooks
Internet websites corresponding to specific topics
Audio visual materials
Graphs, charts and tables
Maps and Globes


V.H.S. or D.V.D.s and internet research