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  Rising to the Challenge
 Mining Magic at Moatize

 Chayvo Legacy Continues to Grow

 Moving Into New Territory

 Safety Success on Berth 6


                                                                                                                   JUNE 2010

                                 message from your CEO
                                 Welcome to the June edition of Kentz Group News. It is hard to believe that we are now almost midway
                                 through the year and, although the global business economy remains uncertain, new and exciting
                                 opportunities have continued to present themselves to Kentz.

                                 I am pleased to report that the Group remains closely aligned to our core clients and we are actively
                                 chasing more work than ever, and in a number of new and challenging areas. On page 10 you can read
                                 about our recent contract award in Yemen.

                                 As areas such as Iraq begin to open up to investment from international oil companies, having a track
                                 record of project execution in remote areas is proving very pertinent. In this edition you can read about
                                 the pioneering design of the Gorgon Village being developed by Kentz, in partnership with Thiess and
                                 Decmil, on Barrow Island in Western Australia. Based in a Class-A Nature Reserve, this project has
                                 required a remarkably high-spec solution to the design, fabrication and installation of this industry-leading
                                 village facility.
Although the global              Projects in Australia are just beginning to take off, but I am proud to report that Qatar Kentz is now working
                                 on the start-up phase of the Pearl GTL plant, where we installed the 35,000-man construction village over
business economy                 four years ago. This project has spanned a particularly transformative period for our Company and we
                                 have been involved across all stages of the project life-cycle; recently on the E&I Utilities contract we
remains uncertain,               achieved a significant safety milestone through executing 10 million man-hours of work without a Lost
                                 Time Incident. Well done to all the team on this remarkable achievement.
new and exciting                 Safety grows ever more relevant to our industry and we all have a role to play in protecting the global
                                 community in which we live and work. Natural disasters, such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti at
opportunities have               the start of the year, only serve to highlight the importance of a global approach to local problems. I hope
                                 you will take a moment to read more about Kentz’s efforts to rebuild Haiti’s schools on pages 16 and 17.
continued to present             Kentz continues to support the development of its employees and recently witnessed the kick-off session
                                 for this year’s MBA and Leadership Diploma student programme. I wish these new groups the best of luck
themselves to Kentz.             in what promises to be a challenging but rewarding year.

                                 And whatever the rest of the year brings for Kentz, we remain more committed than ever to delivering
                                 projects for our clients and to supporting the global community in which we all live and work.

                                 Dr. Hugh O’Donnell
                                 Chief Executive Officer


                                  3 Mining Magic at Moatize                               14 Official Office Openings
                                                                                             Secunda, Henderson and Abu Dhabi
                                  4 Chayvo Legacy Continues to Grow
                                    Another Pluto Win                                     16 Kentz and Digicel Rebuild Haiti
                                  5 JAC Project Reaches Final Stages                      18 Kentz Kicks Off MBA Programme
                                  6 Successful Shutdown for PetroSA                       19 Chamdor Training Centre
                                    Come in Houston
                                                                                          20 Safety Success on Berth 6
                                  7 New Project Award for Kentz-OJ’s                         Sidra Safety
                                  8 Continuous Outstanding Safety at Pearl GTL            21 Haiti Football Game
                                                                                             World’s Greatest Shave
                                  10 Moving into New Territory
                                                                                          22 Seeing is Believing
                                  11 Thiess Kentz Re-branded
                                                                                             People on the Move
                                     Another Gautrain Project Win
                                  12 Kick-off at Laffan Refinery
                                     Gorgon Village Sets New Lifestyle Standards

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mining magic at moatize
Kentz in Mozambique is pleased to announce it has been awarded                   This is the first of many other coal projects that will be developed in
a contract for the Moatize Coal Project worth approximately US$69                this area which has the largest carboniferous reserves in the world.
million.                                                                         The project also involves initiatives dedicated to investment in
The scope of work Kentz will undertake includes: the structural                  human capital, including health, education and professional training,
(steel), mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and piping erection             as well as the creation of infrastructure and development of
for the Moatize coal processing plant (CPP). Kentz will fabricate all            sustainable economic activity in the local community.
pipe work at its Chamdor Fabrication Facility South Africa, using the            Kentz has worked in Sub-Saharan Africa for over 30 years providing
latest automated orbital welding processes.                                      specialist engineering and construction solutions to its clients. This
The project is being developed by Vale, a global mining company                  project was won over a bidding period of some eighteen months
headquartered in Brazil. This is Vale’s first greenfield project in Africa       and the team included various members from around the globe.
and will be one of the largest coal mining projects anywhere in the
world. The site is located in the Tete Province, some 1,700km north
                                                                                       Good luck to the team with the safe and successful
of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique. Ultimately the plant will have
                                                                                                     execution of this contract.
the capacity to handle 26 million metric tonnes of coal per annum.

First steel being erected at
Moatize Project, Mozambique


chayvo legacy continues to grow
Kentz-SMNM’s involvement in the Exxon Neftegas’s Chayvo Oil               The scope of this recent award is a multi-discipline package
Production Facility is set to continue with the recent award of the       incorporating all early mechanical and piping works in addition to
Chayvo Onshore Expansion (COE) early works contract.                      several electrical, instrumentation and telecom modifications and
This award follows the recent Chayvo Shutdown contract awarded            hook-ups.
to Kentz DEM in the last quarter of 2009. Kentz DEM is a Sakhalin         Kevin Moroney, the Regional Technical Support Services Business
based company comprising of Kentz Russia LLC and                          Unit Manager, said “This award is testament to the strength of
DalelectroMontazh (DEM).                                                  the relationship between Kentz-SMNM and Exxon Neftegas
The Kentz-SMNM relationship was first formed in 2005 when a               Ltd, which is now entering its sixth year. This demonstrates our
special partnership agreement was put in place to explore potential       continued commitment to delivering the value-added solutions,
opportunities on the Sakhalin I Project. This collaboration has           which differentiate Kentz-SMNM from its competitors, and to
enabled the combined skill sets of both companies to be deployed          meeting the high standards expected from this prestigious
to deliver the optimum solution for Exxon Neftegas Ltd.                   client.”

The special partnership agreement
was formally converted into a fully
incorporated joint venture in 2008
to facilitate the award of the
Odoptu Civils II Project.

                          Back Row (L-R):
          Robert Galgey, Safety Manager,
                        Brian Heard, Fluor
                  Construction Supervisor,
           Alan Appenah, Superintendent,
    Eugene O’Leary, Commercial Manager,
              Natalia Bednaya, Interpreter,
     Huseyin Alton, Piping Supervisor and
        Americo Morais, Piping Supervisor
                               Front Row:
       Paul Mostyn, COE Project Manager


another pluto win
In February 2010, Kentz E&C in Australia was awarded the Site             The project is located on the Burrup Peninsula in Western Australia
Wide Specialist Instrumentation Contract for the Pluto LNG Project.       and will be developed across two sites – the storage and export site
This brings the combined value of work secured to date on the             and the LNG processing site. The storage and loading site consists
project to in excess of AUD$120 million.                                  of LNG and condensate storage tanks along with the jetty. The LNG
                   The Pluto LNG Project is being developed by            liquefaction train and gas turbines/power distribution facilities will be
                   Woodside. Woodside has appointed Foster                on the LNG processing site.
                   Wheeler Pty Ltd and WorleyParsons Services Pty         Kentz’s scope of work includes instrument calibrations, testing of
                   Ltd, known as FWW, as its Engineering                  instrument loops, testing the electrical network monitoring and
                   Procurement and Construction Manager (EPCM).           control system including all serial loops across both sites.
                                                                          Mobilisation has already commenced.

  Aerial view of Woodside’s Pluto LNG Project

                                                                                                                                     SAUDI ARABIA

jac project reaches final stages
In Saudi Arabia Kentz is working on the final stages for the                          services, labour, tools consumables, construction equipment,
pipelines, port facilities, and export pipelines on the Jubail Acetyls                temporary facilities, pre-commissioning, commissioning, start-up
Complex Project (JAC). The contract was awarded to Kentz by                           and performance testing of JAC. The scope also included the port
the Saudi International Petrochemical Company (Sipchem) in                            facilities consisting of transfer pipelines, loading lines and ship
2007.                                                                                 loading facilities with a total length of over 70km of various sizes
                                                                                      of pipe for Acetic Acid, Vinyl Acetate Monomer and Acetic
Kentz completed the total EPC scope through to export of the
                                                                                      Anhydride on a lumpsum turnkey basis. Kentz also provided full
product and has reached these final stages with a smooth
                                                                                      technical and commissioning support to Sipchem and Sabtank
transition from construction to commissioning through to start-up.
                                                                                      during the commissioning, start-up and export of their products.
During peak construction there were in excess of 600 personnel
                                                                                      In addition to the above main events the project also included a
on site. To date over five million man-hours have been completed
                                                                                      new substation, port facility, 15,000, 10,000, and 5,000 MT Tanks
without an incident or accident occurring. This is a result of strong
                                                                                      with all associated utilities, ESD/DCS controls, civil and structural
safety leadership and alignment between the project management
                                                                                      steel to accommodate the full extent of the pipelines from the
team that included KFIP, Sipchem, Sabtank and Kentz.
                                                                                      Jubail plant to port export loading arms. It also included electrical,
Kentz’s scope for the project included design, detailed                               instrumentation, heat tracing, potable water, fire water and
engineering, procurement, construction, inspection, testing,                          nitrogen utilities.
insulation, coating, material, transportation, freight forwarding,
customs clearance, material receiving and handling warehousing

   (L-R): David Elden, Superintendent, Inam Mohammed, Office Maintenance, Thamer Thawaibi, Government Relations Officer, Donald Cattanach, Senior QA/QC Manager,
   Neil O’Mullane, Senior Projects Director, Tony McCarthy, Operations Manager, Dan Costin, Senior Project Engineer, Paul Carroll, Senior Construction Manager,
   Abdul Mannan Siddiquee, Senior E&I Superintendent, Zuber Jamadar, Safety Manager, Ramachandran Nair, Procurement Manager


successful shutdown for petrosa
In October 2009, Kentz Maintenance and Shutdowns Division,                      completed over 35 days, accommodating 195 personnel with a
which is part of Kentz’s Technical Support Services Global                      peak of 232 offshore and having support from Voorbaai (onshore).
Business Unit, successfully executed the 2009 First Area (FA)                   Kentz also met a number of challenges arising from the
Platform Shutdown for PetroSA. The platform is 86km south of                    constraints on resources as a result of the logistical complexities
Mossel Bay off the coast of South Africa. The shutdown was                      of transportation, accommodation and communication.

                                                                                The preparation work began in mid-July 2009 with the
                                                                                mobilisation of engineering staff. This involved preparation for the
                                                                                maintenance on pressure vessels, piping repairs and the
                                                                                          controlling of the scaffolding, insulation, painting, rope
                                                                                          access and high pressure cleaning subcontract
                                                                                          activities. With the support and assistance of the
                                                                                          PetroSA platform employees, the shutdown activities
                                                                                          were consolidated into a workable plan. Plans were
                                                                                          optimised, validated and the next steps were taken in
  (L-R): Terry Henebrey, Business Unit Manager, Maintenance and Shutdowns
  Services; George Hammond, Site Manager FA Platform; Carlo Marengo,                      conjunction with the client. Preparation for the
  Business Unit Manager, Maintenance and Shutdowns, Africa
  pictured on board the FA platform
                                                                                          shutdown included the pre-fabrication of piping and
                                                                                          steelwork, hot bolting, flare boom stair replacement,
                                                                                          erection of scaffolding and tagging of items within the
                                                                                          plant. In total 60 pieces of mechanical equipment, 290
                                                                                          valves and various piping jobs were planned and
                                                                                          worked on in the shutdown.

                                                                                          The FA Platform was returned to PetroSA on time to
                                                                                          supply feed to PetroSA onshore GTL facility.

                                                                                          Kentz Shutdown Team with PetroSA Platform personnel, Petro SA First
                                                                                          Area Platform Shutdown, Mossel Bay

                                                                                                    Dr. Hugh O’Donnell, Razali Abdul Rahman and Dave Beldotti

come in houston
The Board of Directors of Kentz Group recently held its
quarterly meetings in Houston, Texas, and took the opportunity
to meet a number of the Group’s key clients in the region.

Michael Costello, the Kentz Regional Development Manager for
the Americas, hosted around 50 guests at an evening cocktail
reception at The Hotel Granduca.

Board members in attendance included: the Chairman Tan Sri
Razali; Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Hugh O’Donnell; Chief
Financial Officer, Ed Power; and non-executive directors,
Hassan Abas, David Beldotti, Hans Kraus and Brendan Lyons.

Reference is often made to Kentz’s Irish roots, or listing on the
AIM market of the London Stock Exchange. However, Hugh
O’Donnell took the opportunity to set the record straight regarding             This year Kentz has continued to expand its global reach into new
the provenance of Kentz’s international expansion as he thanked                 and exciting areas and alignment with clients remains more
its US clients for the many opportunities they have afforded Kentz              pertinent than ever. The Board of Directors would like to thank the
to work with them across the world.                                             team in Houston for a very worthwhile and enjoyable evening.


new project award for kentz-oj’s
Kentz-OJ’s was recently awarded the complete Electrical and             Water for the operation of the plant will come from the local
Instrumentation installation contract on the Trinidad Generation        municipality. The plant will have a raw water storage tank with a
Unlimited (TGU) power plant project in La Brea, Trinidad,               capacity sufficient to maintain the plant needs plus a dedicated
Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.                                        firewater storage capacity for the plant’s fire suppression
TGU is developing the 720MW gas-fired combined-cycle plant
and all the related facilities, systems and ancillary equipment.        In addition, plant control and monitoring functions will be
                                                                        executed from the central control room. The plant control
TGU has entered into an engineering, procurement and supply
                                                                        system will consist of a distributed control system, comprising
contract with Ferrostaal Industrial Projects GmbH and a
                                                                        the necessary hardware, software and operator stations.
construction contract with EBE Eisenbau Essen GmbH.
Kentz-OJ’s was awarded the complete electrical and                      The plant will be constructed in phases, allowing for the

        TGU Power Plant - Panorama view from west of ACC

instrumentation installation contract in December 2009 and              production of power earlier than would be the case under the
commenced work on site in February 2010.                                conventional “all or nothing approach”. The plant will produce
                                                                        power early in the construction phase before the heat recovery
The TGU La Brea Power Plant will consist of a 6x2 combined-
                                                                        steam generators and steam turbines are installed. The
cycle power plant with the primary design objective being to
                                                                        construction and commissioning phases are as follows:
provide reliable power to the adjacent Aluminium Smelter
Complex and to the Trinidad and Tobago Electricity                      Phase 1A:         Three turbine generator sets operating in
Commission. The power train equipment includes six                                        simple cycle.
combustion turbine generators, six heat recovery steam
                                                                        Phase 1B:         Three remaining turbine generator sets
generators (HRSG), two steam turbine generators and all
                                                                                          operating in simple cycle.
balance of plant (BOP) equipment. The turbines will be identical
General Electric PG7121 (EA) combustion turbines and operate            Phase 2:          Complete plant operating in combined cycle.
on natural gas fuel. A dry low NOx combustion system will be
used to maintain low emissions.
                                                                        The project is scheduled for completion in mid 2011. Kentz-OJ’s
Plant auxiliary power will be supplied from four 13.8/4.16KV unit       would like to acknowledge the work of Paschal Kennedy and
auxiliary transformers, each connected to one of the 13.8KV             John Conneally who are part of the proposals team at the Kentz
combustion turbine generators. Power to the transformers will           Clonmel office for their assistance in winning this project.
normally come from the generators, but can also be supplied by
T&TEC through the generator step-up transformers.


continuous outstanding safety at pearl gtl
Kentz won its first major contract on the QP-Shell world-scale        We have built a vision that “everyone works with pride
integrated Pearl Gas to Liquids Project in 2006, namely the EPC       everyday, co-operates with each other, understands the
scope for the modular waste Water treatment plant for the             risks     of    the     job,    plans      to     work      safely
construction camp.         This was                                                                by following the rules, feels
followed by the diesel power          q Incident and Injury Free (IIF) champion walks with empowered to speak up, stop and
generation      scope     and     the      interfacing parties and IIF champion meetings correct work, cares for others and
temporary telecoms for the plant’s         conducted on a weekly basis.                            is cared for and goes back home
turnkey temporary facilities. The                                                                  safely to their family”
more recent award of the electrical   q Kentz promotes leadership and commitment and has
                                                                                                   Kentz has introduced and
and instrumentation scope of work          implemented “Raising the Bar Workshops” involving
                                                                                                   implemented additional HSE
for the utility and flare areas to         all levels of senior management in conjunction with management tools to enhance and
Kentz cemented the company’s               other contractors.                                      champion the health, safety,
presence across all stages of the     q Kentz introduced 30 toolbox talk stations with environmental issues and secure
project life-cycle. The Pearl GTL
                                           toolbox talk topic boards in multiple languages. Total premises, all of which have
Project has over 48,000 workers
                                           Safety Task Instruction (TSTI) boards have been emphasised that trends, statistics
constructing the largest GTL plant                                                                 and frequency rates can only be
in the world. The project will             allocated at each location and are entitled “Finishing
                                                                                                   achieved        with      continuous
produce 140,000 barrels per day of         Strong”. The boards display pictures of all of the
                                                                                                   improvement and involvement at all
GTL products and 120,000 barrels           hazards included on the TSTI form to help overcome levels.
of oil equivalent per day of               the language barrier, and improve understanding of The listing below outlines some of
condensate, LPG and ethane.                the correct and safe work activities and practices the continuous improvements that
Construction will be complete              that should be used.                                    Kentz and other contributors have
around the end of 2010, with
production ramp-up then taking        q Kentz TSTI surveys are conducted daily in all areas, implemented in an effort to
around 12 months.                          recorded, and analysed for continuous improvement. educate, train and improve Total
                                                                                                   Recordable Case Frequency
Kentz has now entered the testing          These TSTI surveys then form part of a benchmark
                                                                                                   (TRCF) statistics, whilst undergoing
and commissioning phase of the             analysis, which is broken down into individual areas,
                                                                                                   a significant incremental increase in
Pearl GTL Utilities Project with           and identifies the effectiveness of all TSTIs being manpower. This commitment has
many packages and fire equipment           delivered.                                              ultimately led to proven enhanced
now operational and power
                                      q Kentz’s project management and HSE team have achievements; such as gaining
distributed throughout the site.
                                           developed a training video entitled “How TSTI should 75% progress within a 12-month
The proprietary Shell Middle                                                                       period with zero recordables.
                                           be conducted” in three languages.
Distillate Synthesis (SMDS) process                                                                SOCKS
will be at the heart of the two-train q Kentz conducted a mass casualty drill, the first on
                                                                                                   One of Kentz’s initiatives for 2009
Pearl GTL plant in Qatar.                  Pearl GTL to be exercised.                              was the development and
Developed over the course of three      q Several health campaigns have been implemented                  implementation of the Safety
decades, the process has been             successfully such as H1N1 education and health                  Observation       Card      System
proven on a commercial scale at                                                                           (SOCKS) programme. The SOCKS
                                          awareness campaigns.
the 14,700-barrel-per-day Bintulu                                                                         programme is a behaviour-based
GTL plant in Malaysia.                  q Kentz project management and HSE team
                                                                                                          safety programme, observing the
HSE and progress performance              successfully completed grating removal campaigns,               behaviour of our workforce in
have been outstanding over the last       work at height, falling objects and grinder safety              relation to use and maintenance of
twelve months, with the Kentz team        awareness campaigns.                                            personal protective equipment
showing     real    tenacity   and  q Kentz project management and HSE teams have                         (PPE), working postures, use of
dedication in ensuring the overall                                                                        tools, supervision interaction and
                                        commenced the non-accidental death screening and
success of the project through to                                                                         competence to perform a task
completion. Delivering a solutions-                                                                       safely. The SOCKS process
driven approach, the teams on site  q Social performance activity for camp residents with                 involves positive re-enforcement,
have interacted with client and         structured events calendars, trips and educational                i.e.      acknowledging        and
owner teams to provide a                activities such as English language classes and                   encouraging safe behaviours and
performance-driven delivery and         maths and numeracy classes.                                       correcting unsafe behaviours. This
have received great support in “a                                                                         involves our workforce receiving
one team one project concept”,                                                                            immediate feedback from the
with a constant focus on the common goals of safety and delivery. observer and the work group.
Kentz has implemented an extensive safety programme through a               When unsafe behaviours are observed, the workers are
culture in which everyone recognises their role and responsibility in       challenged, discussing the potential for an incident or injury to
ensuring the safety of themselves and everyone else.                        themselves and their work team. The impact is reinforced to the

employee group personally and also the possible impact to their              industry, was inaugurated and is now fully operational. Comprising
family and work colleagues. The observer then identifies why the             almost 1,000 control cabinets hosting 179 servers, programmed
unsafe behaviour occurred.                                                   with 12 million lines of software code, the system is linked to every
Results of implementation of the SOCKS programme include;                    part of the plant by approximately 5,850 kilometres of control
improvement in safety awareness, client satisfaction, ability to             cables which, if laid end-to-end, would stretch from Doha to
analyse in order to identify trends, and ensures interaction as well         London.
as action to prevent the occurrence of incident or injury. The               The Kentz team has achieved over 75% progress in the last twelve
SOCKS programme is aimed specifically at line supervisors,                   months. The project has now entered into its commissioning and
superintendents and management. Observations undertaken by                   start-up phase when commissioning works and construction are
management and supervision witnessed by the workforce visibly                largely affected by one another. This is known as Simultaneous
raises the profile of safety and demonstrates commitment to the              Operations (SIMOPS) environment.
realisation of an incident and injury-free workplace.                        Many additional SIMOPS management procedures have been put
In addition to the aforementioned                                                                    in place as a result of Hazard
improvements Kentz has also re-                                                                      Identification studies, where hazards
enforced the Pearl GTL Project                                                                       and risks were previously identified.
specific systems and tools such as                                                                   This presents many new challenges
the “Total Safety Task Instruction”                                                                  and through these challenges
(TSTI), “Life Critical Activity” (LCA)                                                               opportunities to seek continuous
training, “Life Saving Rules” training                                                               improvement to our HSE systems on
(LSR) as well a commitment to getting                                                                site to meet the changing environment
all supervisors through the Pearl                                                                    including:.
Leadership Academy/LM, which is                                                                                Personnel Training
internationally recognised, with over                                                                          The entire workforce needs to
200 employees qualified.                                                                                       undergo a re-induction to the new
Achievements                                                                                                   phase     of    works,    associated
s Kentz has now witnessed the                                                                                  procedures and awareness of the
  benefits in relation to lagging                                                                              changing surroundings. This would
  indicators, particularly the Total                                                                           include training on all new hazards
  Recordable      Case     Frequency                                                                           associated with start-up programmes
  (TRCF) rate, which is now                                                                                    such as energised cables and
  demonstrating a continuous steady                                                                            equipment, start-up gases in
  improvement from 5.08 in                                                                                     pipelines, chemical cleaning, high
  November 2008 to zero in February                                                                            pressure testing, steam blowing with
  2010.                                 Rajan Pillai, Project Administrator and Camp Manager receiving Shell’s high temperatures and increased
                                        Chief Executive Award for HSSE and Social Performance
                                                                                                               noise levels and any actions that can
s Kentz has achieved in excess of 10
                                                                               result in injury to themselves and the environment.
  million man-hours Lost Time Incident (LTI) free and over 1,000
  days LTI free since the commencement of the project in March                 Permit to Work Requirements
  2007, sustaining a TRCF frequency of below project target of                 Many restrictions are in place in the SIMOPS areas to limit access
  <1 year to date (YTD). We have also achieved 5,206,305 km/s                  to only the essential personnel required to do the work. All
  driven without LTI, transporting 3,000 employees.                            persons, equipment and vehicles must have the necessary
                                                                               certification to carry out the works. These permits are strictly
s The team’s outstanding attention to safety ensured an excellent
                                                                               enforced and infringements cannot be tolerated.
  performance throughout our accelerated trebling of manpower
  mobilisation and support to the construction and                             Personnel Access Approvals
  commissioning schedule during 2009. This was not only                        Areas become limited according to the competency level of
  confined to C6 Utilities Area, but also extended to all cable                personnel allowed into areas such as live substations and control
  pulling to other substations, warehouse support and                          rooms. All these persons are subject to interview, approval and
  commissioning support personnel.                                             certification.
In conclusion Kentz’s ultimate goal of achieving an “Incident Injury         Personal Protective Equipment
Free” project is now very feasible and the team will continue to             When entering commissioning or operational areas, Personal
strive to have a systematic approach to health, safety, security and         Protective Equipment (PPE) is reinforced with additional
environment management in order to achieve continuous                        protection, such as flame retardant coveralls and extra ear
performance improvement.                                                     coverage for noise levels.
Rajan Pillai recently accepted Shell’s Chief Executive Award for             Plant and Equipment Requirements
HSE and Social Performance on behalf of Kentz camp                           Vehicles are also subject to restrictions and certification. Petrol-
management team for their performance in the operating of the                driven vehicles will no longer be allowed into operational areas and
camp facility.                                                               all vehicles must be fitted with spark arrestors.
                                                                             Everyone is now focused around maintaining and improving
Construction Highlights and Volume
                                                                             performance through to the project completion.
The plant’s central control room facility, one of the largest and
most sophisticated process control systems in the oil and gas


moving into new territory
Kentz is pleased to announce that it has
recently begun work on a new Central
Processing Facility (CPF) located at Block S2,
Al Uqlah in the Republic of Yemen, in
partnership with Global Process Systems
(GPS). This is an Engineering, Procurement,
Construction and Commissioning contract to
deliver a turnkey 30,000 barrel-per-day facility
for OMV. The signing of the contract, which took place on 16th May        The CPF is made up of three processing trains, each with a 10,000-
2009, represents a significant achievement for the partnership.           barrel-per-day capacity. GPS is responsible for the design and
Kentz and GPS have entered into a formal 50:50 joint venture              supply of the process skids, flare system and gas injection
partnership, Kentz Global Oil & Gas Process Systems Ltd (KGPS),           compressors. Kentz is responsible for the design and supply of the
to deliver turnkey early and interim production facilities, bringing      complete balance of plant, including civil and structural design, site
together the expertise of both organisations. KGPS is currently           geotechnical and topographical survey works, complete site
involved in tendering a number of projects throughout the Middle          construction and commissioning works, including the overall project
East.                                                                     management.

OMV is the Austrian national oil and                                                                     GPS engineering and procurement is
minerals company. It is Austria’s          The scope of the work at the CPF covers in excess of          being executed from its Dubai office,
largest listed industrial company and      40 oil well sites and includes the following key elements:    which is also the location of the OMV
one of the largest integrated oil and                                                                    Project Management Team. Kentz
                                           s Production and test manifolds
gas groups in Central Europe, with                                                                       engineering and procurement is
oil producing, refining and gas            s Oil, gas and water separators                               being executed from the Kentz office
station facilities. OMV, in partnership    s Dehydrators and heating systems                             in Doha, Qatar.
with the Yemen Ministry of Oil &
                                           s Produced water system                                       In addition, the following companies
Minerals and other partners, also
                                                                                                         have been contracted to complete
holds the exploration and production       s Gas reinjection system
                                                                                                         various stages of the project works.
rights to the Block S2 field at Al         s Flare system
Uqlah, Yemen.                                                                                            Dome Group, a contractor which
                                           s Oil storage facilities and oil export booster pumps         operates across the Middle East, has
Kentz is delighted to be working for
                                           s Power generation plant                                      been    awarded     the   mechanical,
such a prestigious new client. It is
                                                                                                         piping, electrical, instrumentation
the first contract Kentz has been          s MV and LV power distribution systems
                                                                                                         and telecommunication construction
awarded in Yemen, a new and                s Integrated control system, comprising plant control,        works contract. It is tasked with the
strategic geography for the Group.           fire and gas, and ESD systems
                                                                                                         construction and management of
Kentz is extremely proud of its client     s Utility process plant, comprising instrument air,           temporary site facilities for Kentz and
relationships and its track record of        nitrogen generation and water treatment systems             OMV. Kentz and Dome have a long-
securing repeat business with core
                                           s Fire and gas detection and protection systems,              term relationship tendering projects
                                             including firewater storage and distribution                together    in    the   Middle   East.
Kentz, with GPS, looks forward to                                                                        However, this is the first project
                                           s Telecommunications systems
delivering a successful project in                                                                       which they will execute together.
Yemen for OMV and hopes to be              s 80-man operating and maintenance facility for OMV           Dome has been part of the project
able to service further project              including accommodation, offices, warehousing and           team from tender stage and played a
                                             workshops                                                   significant role in securing the
requirements in the future.
Construction work at the site started
in January 2010. The construction management team comprises a             The Arabian Group of Companies has been awarded the task of
number of long-term Kentz personnel to ensure that the project is         elevating the entire project site, which is approximately 700 metres
executed in accordance with the highest industry standards. Under         long and 300 metres wide by 20cm. It has been working in Block
the supervision of the experienced management team, all other             S2 as a services contractor for OMV for several years and is
construction work has been subcontracted to well-established              therefore already mobilised on site and has developed good
Yemeni companies.                                                         relationships with tribal leaders to implement the hiring of local
                                                                          manpower and equipment.

                              Elb Edre Kasseum (Journey Manager),                                                            AUSTRALIA
                              Danny Hogan (Construction Manager),
                             Mark Warburton (Construction Manager)

                                                                     thiess kentz
                                                                     With the ongoing roll-out of the Kentz Global Business Units (GBUs),
                                                                     communication strategy presentations were conducted during the month
                                                                     of December 2009 by Dave Ross, Construction GBU Manager, Australia,
                                                                     Caribbean and Ireland, in the Perth and Brisbane offices. The objective of
                                                                     these presentations was to share with staff some minor changes to the
                                                                     structure of the business in Australia.
Civil and structural works have been awarded to                      Kentz has been active in Australia since 1989, when it undertook
Griffin Energy, a well-established construction                      Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) construction work on the Woodside
company within Yemen. The scope of work it will                      Petroleum LNG Project in Western Australia.
undertake includes the construction of all plantwide
                                                                     Since then, Kentz’s presence in the region has grown, culminating in the
buildings, including OMV operations and maintenance
                                                                     formation of a joint venture partnership with local construction company
facility, equipment foundations, pipe racks and
                                                                     Thiess in 2004.
general civil works.
                                                                     The joint venture has since had some success with E&I construction
The project poses some very particular challenges                    projects, and the recent boom in LNG activity in the region has prompted
which Kentz is well placed to manage. The location of                Kentz to commit to growing its presence in Australia.
the project site, approximately 300km east of the
                                                                     Across the world, the formation of the Kentz GBUs – Engineering,
capital Sana’a, is very remote. Yemen is still
                                                                     Procurement and Construction (EPC); Construction; and Technical
developing the oil and gas sector, which means
                                                                     Support Services – has quickly had a positive impact on the Group. In
transportation and logistics services are not as readily
                                                                     particular the EPC unit has been awarded some major projects in
available as in more mature markets. Security
                                                                     Australia, outside of the JV Company.
concerns in the north of the country also limit the
availability of inland transportation of goods and                   It has been agreed between Kentz and Thiess that in future the E&I
present a challenge, requiring close consultation with               Construction business, formally known as Thiess Kentz, will be rebranded
tribal groups to ensure a smooth passage of goods to                 as Kentz E&C and will sit within Kentz’s Australian business under the full
the project site. Much of the equipment will also be                 control of Kentz’s management.
shipped via the Gulf of Aden, which presents special                 This agreement took effect from 1st January 2010, and will allow the
marine security issues.                                              Kentz Construction GBU in the region to benefit from the efficient sharing
                                                                     of expertise and resources across the global offices of Kentz. It will also
Yemen is a tribal country and Kentz will utilise local
                                                                     strengthen key customer relationships based on already strong relations
tribal manpower and equipment to ensure the
                                                                     overseas and open up global career and educational opportunities for
construction project remains on schedule.                      All
                                                                     employees in Australia.
manpower and equipment requirements will be routed
through the Labour Department, which will have                       Kentz looks forward to a long and prosperous presence in Australia.
responsibility for ensuring equal representation to
each of the tribes to avail of project opportunities.                     SOUTH AFRICA
Crucially, Kentz recognises the importance of good
corporate social responsibility in all the locations in
which it operates and has appointed Yemeni
personnel to continually liaise with local tribes and to
ensure that help and support is made available.
Completion     of      the      project,     which
commissioning and performance testing, is scheduled
for May 2011 and Kentz would like to wish Chris
O’Connor, the project manager for Kentz, and his
team the best of luck on this new and challenging                    Congratulations to Hennie Engela and his team at Kentz Integrated Solutions
project.                                                             (KIS) in Vanderbijlpark, on winning another prestigious project on the Gautrain.
                                                                     KIS was awarded the maintenance contract for the Gautrain Tunnel
                                                                     Ventilation. The initial period of the contract is for five years. The first phase of
                                                                     the project (OCD1) commenced in May 2010.


kick-off                                           As part of sustainable growth within the region, Kentz in Qatar was recently awarded an
                                                   EPC project for a Receiving and Loading Facility (RALF) based at Ras Laffan, Qatar.
                                                   During the initial execution of the project a number of infrastructure milestones were

at laffan                                          quickly achieved, notably the start-up of earthworks and the occupation of the Qatar
                                                   Kentz Camp Facility, both celebrated with a ground breaking opening ceremony.

refinery                                           Representatives from Kentz, the client Laffan Refinery, and Earthwork subcontractor,
                                                   Qatar First Building and Construction Company (QFBC), were present to celebrate the
Kentz staff pictured at Ground Breaking Ceremony
                                                                                                  Neil Bonner, Laffan Refinery Project
                                                                                                  Manager, congratulated the teams on
                                                                                                  achieving the infrastructure milestone and
                                                                                                  emphasised       continued    co-operation
                                                                                                  between both parties, notably continually
                                                                                                  maintaining a safe working environment.
                                                                                                  Mr. Bernard D’Souza, Kentz Project
                                                                                                  Manager, further emphasised that similar
                                                                                                  teamwork between both parties is
                                                                                                  essential   to    achieving    the   future
                                                                                                  milestones on schedule. He highlighted
                                                                                                  the importance of safe working practices
                                                                                                  to ensure the project is completed
                                                                                                  without incident or injury.


gorgon village sets new
lifestyle standards
The Gorgon Village, under construction on Barrow Island, will             The Village has been designed in keeping with Barrow Island’s
offer a home away from home for the Gorgon Project’s                      status as an A-Class Nature Reserve. Gorgon Project
construction workforce.                                                   Downstream Manager Paul McGrath said the team worked
                                                                          closely with the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service on
Designed and built by a joint venture between Thiess, Decmil
                                                                          the design and fabrication methods.
and Kentz (TDK), the state-of-the-art development is due for
completion in late 2011. It will offer a safe and enjoyable living        “While the design is sensitive to the Project’s conservation
environment for management, supervisors, craft workers and                requirements, it also provides an industry benchmark in
visitors to the island.                                                   living standards,” Mr. McGrath said.

The contract, valued at approximately AUD$500m, includes the              The Village will include cyclone-rated, two-storey
design, manufacture, delivery and commissioning of a 3,000-plus           accommodation clusters, each designed to house 348 single
bed village.                                                              units. The clusters will be connected to a two-storey central
Thiess Managing Director, David Saxelby, said the project offers
enormous potential for local jobs: “Up to about 70% will be               “The Galleria will provide a communal facility for the
sourced locally. While the accommodation units will be                    residents and contain personal laundries, indoor games
fabricated offshore, the actual bulk of the activities such as            areas, TV viewing and relaxation areas, an internet café and
fabrication of catering, laundry, recreation facilities and the           an open self-serve kitchen area,” said Mr McGrath.
installation will be done in Western Australia.”

Each bedroom has been                                                                                        In addition, strategically placed
designed on a hotel room
                                     About the Builders                                                      large-screen TVs will be
concept with an en-suite             TDK JV is a joint venture between Thiess Pty Ltd, Decmil                displaying live sports and news
bathroom, card key access,           Australia and Kentz Pty Ltd.                                            events.
feature walls, custom designed
                                                                                                             The kitchen diner complex is
furniture, inbuilt fridge, kettle,   Thiess is a leading mining, construction and services
                                                                                                             designed with two back-to-back
wall-mounted flat screen cable       contractor with operations throughout Australia and
                                                                                                             kitchens, each servicing two
TV, internet connectivity and a      international markets and is listed on the Australian Stock
                                                                                                             dining areas.
phone.                               Exchange (ASX) via its parent company Leighton Holdings.
                                                                                                             The diners are sized and
“The rooms will also have            Perth-based Decmil Australia provides engineering,                      designed to provide a pleasant
individually addressable             construction, maintenance and industrial services to                    restaurant atmosphere with
smoke detectors and PA
                                     Australia's resources, energy and infrastructure sectors. It is         attractive wall features, displays
speakers providing public
                                     the primary subsidiary of Decmil Group Ltd, which is listed on          and serving facilities.
address and voice alarm
                                     the ASX.                                                               The Village will also have its own
security,” Mr. McGrath said.
                                                                                                            on-island, remotely located
Decmil Group Ltd Chief Operating Officer, Scott Criddle, believes
                                                                          wastewater treatment facility and power generation plant. A fire-
the Gorgon Village will represent a major change in the quality
                                                                          detection and fire-fighting system is incorporated in the Gorgon
levels of project accommodation units and facilities throughout
                                                                          Village design.
the global resources industry.
                                                                          A major feature of the design will be the complete segregation of
It is a view shared by Kentz CEO Hugh O’Donnell who said the
                                                                          vehicular and pedestrian traffic. And to minimise the disturbance
Village would include extensive indoor and outdoor recreation
                                                                          of Barrow Island’s Flatback Turtle population, the Gorgon Village
facilities, such as two fully equipped gymnasiums, three large
                                                                          will have specially reduced light and noise spill into the
swimming pools, cricket nets, multipurpose tennis and basketball
                                                                          surrounding environment.
courts, two soccer pitches, golf driving nets and two bocce
courts, putting greens and an outdoor cinema.                             “We have set out to provide a sanctuary and a unique
                                                                          lifestyle experience so that people are happy to rest and
Two wet messes, each with a large relaxation and BBQ area, will
                                                                          enjoy the experience of living on Barrow Island,” said Hugh
provide an opportunity to relax off the sporting field.
“Within these areas residents can enjoy a relaxing cold drink
                                                                          “We believe the Gorgon Village will set a new industry
and a bite to eat from the barbie whilst in the company of
                                                                          standard in Australia.”
their work colleagues or watching others play cricket or
soccer,” Hugh O’Donnell said.
                                                                                               Gorgon LNG Project site, Barrow Island, Western Australia


Kentz in South Africa recently opened its new 500m22 Secunda office. A cocktail
function was held to mark the occasion and was attended by key clients, senior
Secunda-based staff and a number of attendees from the Midrand office and the
                                                                                                                   official off
Technical Support Services Business Unit. The event was held on St Patrick’s Day
and was followed by a St Patrick’s Day party. Noel Kelly, Advisor to Kentz and
former Director, and his wife Noeleen were also in attendance.

In 1980 Noel Kelly led the Kentz charge into South Africa by securing the
construction contract for Sasol II and III Synthetic Fuel Plant in Secunda. It is
testament to Kentz’s tenacity and commitment to its client that it is still working
with Sasol today, some thirty years later.

Kentz South Africa currently has a workforce of 2,500, with annual sales totaling
R1.5 billion, and is active in South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and
recently in Madagascar. The Company operates the following three global
business units – Specialist Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC),
Construction, and Technical Support Services. South Africa is the gateway to the
rest of the continent and Kentz’s track record here provides a firm foundation from
which to explore opportunities in Uganda, Angola, Ghana, Namibia and Nigeria.                            Noel Kelly, Advisor to Kentz, Pat Cass, Regional Marketing
                                                                                                         PR Executive, South Africa and Keith Barry, Regional
                                                                                                         Development/Country Director, Southern Africa

             Some guests from Foster Wheeler (L-R) Claudio Lima, Mike Senning, Tyrone Juul, Jesseca Hauptfleisch, Raul Machado and Wonder Tshwane of Kentz


On 4 March 2010 Hugh O’Donnell the CEO of Kentz was joined by Bill Soo, Senior Project Manager KJVG, for the official opening of
the Kentz Gorgon Telecommunications and Electronic Systems (T&E) Staging Facility in Henderson, just south of Perth in Australia.
KJVG is a joint venture between KBR, JGC, Clough and Hatch. The facility was purpose designed for the Gorgon T&E Contract, which
Kentz is executing on an EPC basis for Chevron Australia Pty Ltd. The project is managed for Chevron by KJVG.

The ceremony was attended by the 45 staff already working in the facility and the KJVG T&E management team led by Christr Mathisen.
The Gorgon LNG Plant is a 3 x 5 million t/pa facility constructed on Barrow Island, a Class-A Nature Reserve, and it requires extensive
quarantine and complex material management systems.

Kentz’s Henderson Office is unveiled. L-R: Christr Mathisen,
                                                                 The T&E Contract systems include satellite, UHF/VHF radio, LAN WAN,
Bill Soo, Hugh O’Donnell and Bob Greaney                         microwave, access control, CCTV, PAGA, network management system, network
                                                                 services, entertainment, meteorological, oceanographic, navigation aids,
                                                                 telephony, central/monitored fire detection, video conferencing, IT equipment,
                                                                 console system, UPS, towers and masts.

                                                                 The 1500m2 facility has an engineering office for 35 personnel, a telecoms systems
                                                                 build area and warehousing, and a custom-built integration test facility. It is
                                                                 acknowledged as one of the best specialist telecoms design, build and test
                                                                 facilities in Australia and provides a platform for further largescale telecoms project
                                                                 execution by Kentz.

                                                                 Bob Greaney (Gorgon Project Director) has assembled a highly specialised team
                                                                 of telecoms, RF and network engineers, and construction personnel, and work on
                                                                 the project is well underway. The contract completion date is January 2015 and
                                                                 includes a five-year operation and maintenance phase for the entire scope.

                                                                                                                                           ABU DHABI

ice openings                                                                             Current projects that are in the engineering phase in the UAE
                                                                                         include an EPC contract for the Storex control systems upgrade
                                                                                         project for ADGAS on Das Island and a WIP replacement on
                                                                                         wellhead platform 15 for ZADCO.
 Kentz in Abu Dhabi recently celebrated the official opening of its
 new office on Sunday 4th April. The new office, spanning 1200m2,                        The Middle East is still a very significant area for Kentz and is still
 has capacity for 140 employees, including management,                                   showing signs of significant future expansion. New projects are
 administration, engineering and procurement personnel. It is                            being developed by both national and international oil companies,
 located at Mazyad Office Building No.3, Floor 9, Mohammed Bin                           especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for oil and gas production
 Zayed City, Abu Dhabi.The new head office for Kentz in the United                       and refining industries. New opportunities for our specialist EPC
 Arab Emirates (UAE) was unveiled by special guest, Mr. Ciarán                           business unit are also emerging in Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and Syria.
 Madden, the Irish Ambassador. Hugh O’Donnell, CEO Kentz, was
 also in attendance to mark the occasion.                                                Shane Dooley-Cullinane, Country Manager for the UAE,
                                                                                         commented: “We are delighted to be unveiling this new office
 Kentz commenced operations in Abu Dhabi in 1983 and continues                           in Abu Dhabi. It will greatly increase our capacity in the region
 to work on projects for the major oil and gas companies such as                         and serve as a platform to support further growth within the
 Abu Dhabi Gas Industries Ltd (ADGAS), Abu Dhabi Gas                                     UAE. This is just one step towards increasing our capabilities
 Liquefaction Company (GASCO),                                                                                                  in line with the Group’s three
 Abu Dhabi Marine Operation                                                                                                     Global          Business            Units,
 Company (Adma Opco), Abu                                                                                                       including         Specialist         EPC,
 Dhabi Company For Onshore Oil                                                                                                  Construction         and      Technical
 Operations (ADCO), Borouge,                                                                                                    Support Services. We look
 Bunduq, Takreer and Zakum                                                                                                      forward to growth in new areas
 Development Company (ZADCO).                                                                                                   and     increasing        our       overall
                                                                                                                                presence         within       the     UAE

     Hugh O’Donnell and Mr. Ciarán Madden
      unveil the new Kentz Abu Dhabi office

  (L-R): Mr. Ali Ahmed Al Ali, Senior Contracts Administrator ADGAS, Mr. Shane Dooley-Cullinane, Kentz Country Manager, UAE, Dr. Hugh O'Donnell, Kentz CEO,
  Mr. Bader Al Mohamadi, Assistant General Manager (Technical) ADGAS, Mr. Ali Jassim, Manager Corporate Communication and Public Relations ADGAS,
  Mr. Mohamed Bamadhaf, SCSU Project Manager AGDAS, Mr. Suman Nag, Project Manager (PMC) Mustang Engineering


kentz and digicel rebuild haiti
Following the catastrophic earthquake that                                                 Mark Ford, Project Manager, travelled to Haiti to
occurred in Haiti on Tuesday, 12th January 2010,                                           project manage the school construction plan on
which resulted in tens of thousands of deaths                                              behalf of Kentz. Mark is currently working
and destruction, the Kentz Group was eager to                                              alongside Digicel on the construction of 50
support and help the victims, families and                                                 schools near Port-au-Prince.
survivors. The Kentz Group Haiti Disaster Relief
                                                                                           Mark arrived in Haiti in late February and
Fund was set up to allow our employees based in
                                                                                           described his initial impressions of Haiti: “The
our offices and projects worldwide to contribute
                                                                                           rubble is everywhere and you soon realise that
to the redevelopment of Haiti.
                                                                                           every pile was once someone’s home or
Each Kentz office organised raising its own fund                                           business,        the      local     hospital    or   the
to contribute to the overall Kentz Group Fund.                                             neighbourhood school. As always in any
                                                     Noel Kelly
This was done through generous contributions                                               disaster affected area, it’s the average man,
from staff, clients, partners and suppliers, and also through many           woman and child who pay the biggest price. To see the rows
fundraising events organised around the world. In turn each Kentz            and rows of tents or quickly erected wooden frames covered
office matched all funds raised.                                             with plastic soon made me realise this is their worst
In early February 2010, Noel Kelly, Advisor to Kentz and former
                                                                                                       Mark in class with schoolchildren
Director, travelled to Haiti with Denis O’Brien, Chairman of Digicel
which is well established in the Caribbean. They spent a number
of weeks there meeting different local officials and aid

Following the earthquake, reports state that the Haiti capital, Port-
au-Prince has lost 90% of its educational capacity, across primary,
secondary and tertiary institutions. The capital had approximately
6,000 schools. This is a colossal loss, with hugely significant
implications for the future education of a generation of children
and young adults.

In conjunction with Digicel Foundation, Kentz identified a very
urgent and important project to help rebuild up to 50
transitional schools near Port-Au-Prince with the funds
generated by Kentz. This project is part of the overall Ministry
for Education Plan. These schools will be hurricane and
earthquake resistant and built out of used containers.

                                                                                           St Gerard’s after the quake

     Emergency homes for the homeless

The area around Port-au-Prince was very close to the epicentre so        with a high roof to allow the air to flow around easily. The floor area
many of the schools were destroyed. Digicel came up with a plan          covers 50m2, which allows for 1m2 per child as required by the
to build temporary classrooms so they could get the children back        Ministry of Education. The classroom was fitted out with desks
learning as quickly as possible. The children are afraid to be in        and a blackboard. There are roughly 30 boys and girls seated in
brick or concrete structures, in case another earthquake occurs.         the classroom and they are all very comfortable with plenty of
A clever idea has been developed using converted sea shipping            space. The next stage is to build another four classrooms to the
containers as classrooms, affording a quick, easy and safe               same design on the surrounding site which will give the school
solution to getting the children back to school. The structures are      capacity for 250 pupils.
not only very simple, they are also open, allowing for a quick
                                                                         Mark says, “Looking forward from Saint Gerard’s School, we
escape if needs be. They are weather-proof, and most importantly
                                                                         have another 49 schools to get cleared of all the rubble,
they are quick and easy to erect.
                                                                         surveyed and then the work can commence. It’s going to be
The first school that was given a temporary classroom was École          a mammoth task considering that we need to locate 900
san Gerard, which is situated next to Saint Gerard’s Church, close       containers to complete the work but our friends at Digicel will
to the Digicel office. The Ministry of Education came to inspect the     be working furiously behind the scenes to secure them.”
site and approved the first classrooms on 24th March 2010. The
                                                                         Mark would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff,
prototype school was opened in March to the delight of local
                                                                         drivers and security guards at Digicel, the people from Kier
students. The classroom was designed to make the best use of
                                                                         Construction who have supported him or have been involved in
the shipping containers which form each side of it and are covered
                                                                         the construction of the first classroom.

                                                                                                     The management of Kentz would also
                                                                                                     like to thank everyone who has
                                                                                                     contributed to the Kentz Haiti Disaster
                                                                                                     Relief Fund. Every donation, no matter
                                                                                                     how big or small, helps. Mark Ford will
                                                                                                     be providing ongoing reports of the
                                                                                                     progress in Haiti in the next editions of
                                                                                                     Kentz Group News so stay tuned.

                                                               Two schoolboys waiting for their
                                                               school to be rebuilt

                                                                                                                      Mark with kids and workers

                               Local workers demolishing the
                               remains of St Gerard’s School


kentz kicks off mba programme
From 7th to 9th March 2010, four of Kentz’s key managers kicked                           benefit to the organisation’s performance. We are delighted to
off their studies in Business School Netherlands’ (BSN)                                   have BSN as our strategic training partner for this year’s
International MBA Programme in Dubai, UAE. The event was                                  MBA.”
organised by the Kentz Group and led by its CEO, Dr. Hugh
                                                                                          During the kick-off session, each MBA participant chose a live
O’Donnell. To commence the half-day workshop, Dr. O’Donnell
                                                                                          strategic project for Kentz, supported by a senior executive as their
delivered a keynote speech on Kentz’s global strategy and how to
                                                                                          corporate sponsor. Research themes addressed included:
connect the strategy to learning.
                                                                                          ❚ The development of service framework agreements
Hugh O’Donnell says: “The biggest challenges right now for
Kentz are overwhelmingly factors external to our business;                                ❚ The development of Kentz’s business in the Caribbean
global economic turbulence, the oil price and a slow-down in
activity in the sector. Fortunately our breadth of clients and                            ❚ The business plan for Australasia and South East Asia
diversity of operations along with our financial strength
                                                                                          ❚ A values-based approach to developing the healthcare market
positions us strongly to ride out the current economic
downturn and emerge stronger than ever.”                         Dr. O’Donnell            The event received a very positive response from the MBA
recognises that a well-prepared and well-trained management                               participants. The close connection between BSN MBA study and
team is the key for Kentz to win in this economic downturn and                            their daily management responsibilities is the most cited value they
grow the company to the next level. In 2010, he decided to                                have experienced from the study to date.
introduce BSN’s MBA programme to Kentz as part of a systematic
                                                                                          The close connection between the BSN MBA Programme and
training plan for its key managers.
                                                                                          daily management responsibility has been widely cited as the most
A BSN Executive MBA alumnus himself, Hugh has the personal                                valuable experience by participants to date.
experience of the power of the BSN Action Learning Approach.
                                                                                          The next session will be in July 2010, when Kentz MBA students
“What we are looking for is a training programme that can
                                                                                          participate in BSN’s International MBA Conference in the
bring actual improvements to managers’ daily work and a real

 MBA participants 2010 (L–R): Dave Lannon, TSS Business Unit Manager, Australia, Martin Bryne, Project Manager, Trinidad, Eric Sandelands, Course Tutor,
 Darren Ivers, TSS Manager, Saudi Arabia and Brendan Toomey, Project Manager, Qatar


chamdor training centre
Following an idea that was initiated early in 2009, Kentz is pleased                     Workshop. Estee Prangley is unfortunately leaving Kentz soon to
to report that the first group of trainee welders successfully started                   pursue other interests; however, she will be replaced by Tammy
at the Chamdor Training Centre on 8th March 2010.                                        Johnson as Training Administrator for the Training Centre.
The objectives of the training centre are as follows:                                 q Andre Roloff, Senior Project Manager,
                                                                                        generously assisted in ensuring that
q To supply skills into the industry to meet Kentz project
                                                                                        the    training   programmes      are
                                                                                        successful and suitable for our
q To train specialist skills to support our business                                    industry requirements. Andre took
q To grow Kentz business through providing extra technical skills                       over the technical aspects, and
  to the industry in South Africa                                                       planned and strategised the training
q Kentz to become a recognised accredited training provider                             workshop to ensure that Kentz will be
                                                                                        able to facilitate all training and
q Ensure a higher competency level of workers on site
                                                                                        technical needs.
q To reduce the risk of safety incidents and improve quality
                                                                                      q Also involved were Johan Sack,
  of work                                                                                                                          Andrew Roloff
                                                                                        Director, and Lawrence Esterhuizen of
q To ensure that the facility will cater for trainees in specific fields                EBS Training Academy (Pty) Ltd who are accredited by the
  of training including the following:                                                  Merseta to facilitate the training programmes.
       • Coded Welders           • Boilermakers                                       q Stoffel Hood, Welding Training Specialist, welded the
       • Pipe Fitters            • Steel Erectors                                       workbenches and training bays ensuring that the full set-up and
       • Terminating (Glanding) • Cable Racking/Installations                           standards were met prior to his first intake of welding trainees.
       • Instrument Pipe Fitting • Coding of Welders
       • Assessments/Competency
Special thanks go to Hayley Barker,
Estee Prangley, Andre Roloff, Johan
Sack, Lawrence Esterhuizen and Stoffel
Hood for their assistance and
q Hayley Barker, Regional Human
  Resources Manager, Africa, together
  with      Estee    Prangley,     Skills
  Development       Facilitator,    were
  instrumental in setting up the training
  facility at the Chamdor Fabrication

                                                    Chamdor Trainees pictured with EBS Members and Hayley Barker, Regional Human Resources Manager, Africa

  Kentz Training Solutions – Medupi
  Together with EBS and Kentz Medupi Management, Hayley Barker set up a smaller version of the Chamdor facility on site for the
  contract specific training requirements of the Medupi Project. There is a fully equipped training workshop and lecture room. Kentz’s
  contractual obligation is to successfully qualify 75 individuals in a specific trade and/or occupation during the 4-year contract period.
  Currently there are 43 onsite trainees.

                                                                                                                        Kanego Ramashiay (Boilermaker) –
   Medupi Trainees:                                                                                                     assisting setting up in the Medupi
   Lenard Seleka, Robert Matsoma, Thomas Bopape, Daniel Makgae with Nick Smith (Training Specialist)                    training workshop


safety success on berth 6
On 2nd March 2010 Kentz was presented with a certificate for                    (L-R): Joe Pope, Fluor Project Director, Pete Peterson, Qatar Gas HSSE Lead,
achieving 500,000 safe man-hours without a Lost Time Incident                   Pat Caughey, Fluor Site Manager, Muraleedharan Moothan, Kentz Safety Manager,
                                                                                Denis Crotty, Kentz Manager of Construction, Qatar, Cary Jackson, Fluor HSE
on the Qatar Gas Common Lean LNG Loading Facilities (Berth 6)                   Manager, Desmond Ryan, Kentz Site Manager

Achieving this target has involved everybody participating in and
giving their full support to the safety programmes. There has been
constant training, safety walk-downs by management, good
communication between management and the workforce, and
team work with the owner company and other contractors to
ensure all HSE requirements are fulfilled on a daily basis.
Kentz commenced construction works on the project in June
2009. The project includes the electrical, instrumentation and
telecommunications work on the new Phase 6, liquefied natural
gas (LNG) storage and loading facility in Ras Laffan Industrial City.
The scope of Kentz’s work includes the supply of materials,
erection, testing and pre-commissioning of the following systems:
                                                                             VHF and UHF radio, telephone, ship-to-shore hotline and CCTV.
Power distribution, substation works, electrical integrated control
system, lighting, earthing, UPS system and electrical heat tracing.          Once installed and tested these will be integrated into existing
                                                                             systems in the operating area.
Field instrumentation, instrument pipe and tubing, cabling, control          Kentz would also like to take this opportunity to thank all parties in
room equipment, analyser and sampling system, machine                        achieving this milestone.
monitoring and the fire and gas systems.

sidra safety
On 12th of November 2009, the Kentz Voltas Consortium (KVC)                  Project in a consortium with Voltas who are one of the leading
reached its safety milestone of one million man-hours without a              TATA Group of companies in India.
Lost Time Incident/Injury (LTI) for their work at the Sidra Medical
                                                                             KVC began work on this project in January 2009 with only a small
Research Centre in Doha, Qatar. Kentz is working on the Sidra
                                                                             group of workers undertaking the mechanical, electrical and piping

Sidra Project employees at 1 million man-hours celebrations
                                                                             works on the project. This number gradually increased in March
                                                                                          2009 when the first large group of workers was
                                                                                          mobilised to site and by the beginning of November
                                                                                          520 workers were involved in the project. KVC
                                                                                          currently has 750 project employees, including 16
                                                                                          safety officers, a safety engineer and an HSE
                                                                                          supervisor and manager. The project has also
                                                                                          successfully completed 1.7 million man-hours without
                                                                                          a LTI. This is an excellent achievement on a project
                                                                                          that is associated with various Life Critical Activities,
                                                                                          such as working at height, falling objects, working in
                                                                                          poor light and working in adverse conditions and high

                                                                                          Through training and effective communication, KVC
                                                                                          has successfully achieved and maintained its goal,
                                                                                          and will continue to strive for excellence to ensure it
                                                                                          maintains the Kentz HSE vision.


haiti football game
On 1st April 2010, the Doha Rugby Club kindly
offered their facilities and grounds to the Qatar
GAA Club to host a game of Gaelic Football
against their local rivals, the Dubai Celts. The
game was in aid of the Kentz Haiti Relief Fund,
with all monies collected at the gate going toward
the fund. The Rugby Club also kindly donated
prizes for a raffle which was held to raise extra
money. The event managed to raise QAR10,000
for the fund which was matched by the Kentz
Qatar office, bringing the total to QAR20,000.

On the day, the crowd was treated to a cracker
game, with the Kentz-sponsored Oryx na                   (L-R): Howard Bevan, Chairman of Doha Rugby Club, Dr. Noel Kelly, Advisor to Kentz,
hEireann making a great comeback in the second           Dave Kane, Captain of Doha Rugby Club and Alan McFadden, Business Development Manager,
                                                         Qatar and Chairman Qatar GAA
half to win the game in the last minute.
                                                                          Thanks go to the Doha Rugby Club, Dubai Celts and Oryx na
On Wednesday 14th of April, Dr. Noel Kelly, Advisor to Kentz,
                                                                          hEireann for making the event possible.
visited the Doha Rugby Club to receive the cheque and to thank
them for their support of the Kentz Haiti Relief Fund.


world’s greatest shave
Kentz in Australia recently supported
Sumalee Duagchan, a Hilton’s Honours
Manager in Perth, who took part in the
Leukaemia Foundation’s “World’s Greatest
Shave” on 11th March 2010. Sumalee is
well known to Kentz’s frequent travellers
and always goes the extra mile in
providing a professional service.
The charity is one of Australia’s biggest
fundraising events and one which the
                                                                                                                                  Sumalee gets her head
Kentz Perth team is proud and passionate                                                                                                        shaved
to be a part of.
Money raised is used by the Leukaemia
Foundation to fund free services to
support patients and families living with                                                                                  Brian Kelly, Country Manager,
leukaemia, lymphomas, myeloma and                                                                                          Australia, presents Sumalee
                                                                                                                           Duagchan with a cheque for
related blood disorders. It also funds                                                                                     AUD$1000

blood cancer research to find better
treatments and cures.                                                     • On site at Project Pluto B, Jarred Green, an Electrician from
Over a period of six weeks money was collected in many                      the Substation 3 crew, raised AUD $925.00 by shaving his
fundraising efforts including the following:                                head.
• After-work socials                                                      In addition to this, on the big day, Brian Kelly, Country Manager,
• A number of staff at Kentz’s Henderson office washed fellow             Australia, presented a cheque for AUD$1000.00 to Sumalee in
  colleagues’ vehicles to raise funds                                     support of her courageous dedication to this worthy cause.


seeing is                                                                     people on the mo
                                                                              There have been a number of personnel additions and
believing                                                                     Australia                                                       Joe Walsh
                                                                                                                                              Joe recently joined the
                                                                                                Bob Greaney                                   Gorgon T&E Project as
                                                                                                Bob was recently                              Procurement Manager,
On 2nd March 2010, Kentz sponsored a hole at the ladies                                         appointed Senior                              having transferred from
                                                                                                Project Director for the                      Kentz Saudi Arabia,
charity golf day, hosted by Standard Chartered bank in aid of                                                                                 where he spent the
the charity “Seeing is Believing”.                                                              Telecommunications                            previous two years on
                                                                                                and Electronic (T&E)       Sipchem and Sharq projects in Jubail.
                                                                                                Systems Contract with      Joe originally joined Kentz in 1979 and
The golf day was held at the Doha Golf Club and over 64                                                                    over the years has worked for the
                                                                              Chevron, based in Perth Australia. Bob
ladies participated. A prize-giving lunch was held afterwards                 has 30 years experience in industrial        Group in procurement roles in Ireland,
                                                                              projects spanning the oil, gas,              Southern Africa, Malaysia, Australia and
and over 150 people attended. Raffle tickets for donated                      petrochemical and pharmaceutical             the Middle East. He completed an MBA
                                                                              sectors. After 10 years with an EPC          from the University of Limerick in 2006.
prizes were also sold. All money raised was given to the                      major in Holland, Japan and Australia,
charity, with Standard Chartered Bank matching Riyal for                      Bob joined Kentz in 1991 and has                               Chris Atkins
                                                                              helped to develop Kentz’s EPC                                  Chris joined Kentz E&C
Riyal.                                                                        capabilities across all engineering                            as the Proposals
                                                                              disciplines and business sectors. His                          Manager for Australia
“Seeing is Believing” provides funds for projects which give                  roles to date in Kentz have included                           in January 2010 and
                                                                              Engineering Manager, Project Manager,                          will be working out of
access to eye care for under-privileged people to improve                     Subsidiary General Manager and                                 the Perth office. He
                                                                              Regional EPC Manager.                                          comes to Kentz from
their health, economic prospects and enhance their quality of                                                              Bechtel where he has held various
life.                                                                                          Brian Ross                  positions of increasing responsibility in
                                                                                               Brian joined Kentz E&C      the engineering and construction
                                                                                               in January 2010 as          functions both in the United States and
Restoring sight is one of the cost effective ways to make a                                    Electrical Supervisor for   Australia for the past 14 years. His
really tangible difference to the lives of people in need. Every                               T&E Systems for the         experience covers multi-discipline
                                                                                               Gorgon LNG site,            projects in the oil, chemicals,
five seconds someone goes blind and every minute a child                                       Henderson Facility. He      telecommunications and minerals
                                                                                               has completed high          processing sectors of the EPC industry.
goes blind. Just US$30 pays for a simple eye operation that                   level commercial development projects        Chris holds a Bachelor of Science
                                                                              within Western Australia before joining      degree in Electrical Engineering from
can cure blindness from cataracts, the world's leading cause                                                               the University of Tennessee and is a
                                                                              Kentz. He has an electrical and
of avoidable blindness.                                                       communications engineering trade             Registered Professional Engineer in the
                                                                              background and is currently                  United States as well as a member of
                                                                              undertaking studies with the Australian      Engineers Australia.
Kentz is delighted to have been a part of this very successful
                                                                              Institute of Management for the
day where a total amount of US$34,000 was raised. This                        Diploma of Project Management.                                 Conroy Whitebrook
                                                                                                                                             Conroy was the first
amount will be matched by Standard Chartered Bank,                                              Raje Lamapguid                               Telecommunications
                                                                                                Raje joined Kentz in                         Engineer to start at
enabling more people to gain their sight back.                                                                                               Kentz on the newly
                                                                                                October 2009 as a
                                                                                                Telecommunications                           awarded Gorgon
                                                                                                Engineer working on                          Project in Perth,
                                                                                                the Gorgon LNG                               Australia, in September
                               Lady tees off from Kentz-sponsored hole                          Project. He has worked     2009. He has worked in the
                                                                                                as an Air Navigation       information, telecommunications and
                                                                              Systems Engineer at Civil Aviation           communications areas for over 25
                                                                              Authority of the Philippines for 4 years     years, performing various roles such as
                                                                              and worked in Singapore as an                ICT Consultancy, Project and Contract
                                                                              Engineer at Transtel Engineering Pty         Management and Lead Engineering in
                                                                              Ltd, before being transferred to             mining, oil and gas, corporate and
                                                                              Australia. Raje completed a Bachelor of      government sectors. Prior to joining
                                                                              Science degree in Electronics and            Kentz, Conroy was the Lead
                                                                              Communications Engineering at Mapua          Telecommunications Engineer on BHP
                                                                              Institute of Technology and took his         Billiton Iron Ore RGP5 Project at KBR.
                                                                              Master of Engineering degree at De La
                                                                              Salle University in the Philippines.                          John Cummins
                                                                                                                                            John joined Kentz Pty
                                                                                                Andrew Cox                                  as Finance Manager in
                                                                                                Andrew joined the                           February 2010. He
                                                                                                Gorgon T&E Project as                       brings to the Company
                                                                                                a Communication                             over 30 years
                                                                                                Engineer in October                         experience working as
                                                                                                2009. Over the past                         an Accountant. This
                                                                                                four years, he has         experience has been gained in a
                                                                                                worked on                  number of industries and more recently
                                                                              communications and renewable energy          he was Asia Pacific Finance Director for
                                                                              projects. In both disciplines he was         a UK-based company that is a leading
                                                                              involved in design, installation and         manufacturer and supplier of
                                                                              commissioning on a number of different       instrumentation and controls
                                                                              projects throughout Australia. He            equipment. John was admitted to
                                                                              graduated from Massey University,            fellowship of the Association of
                                                                              Wellington, in 2002 as a                     Chartered Certified Accountants in
                                                                              Telecommunications Engineer and              1993 and has a Bachelor of Commerce
                                                                              recently completed training to become        (Accounting) degree from Curtin
                                                                              a certified Sustainable Energy Engineer      University in Western Australia.


changes within the Kentz Group.
                       Henry Diligencia                           Conrad Drake                     South Africa                                                Pierre van der
                       Henry recently joined                      Conrad was recently                                                                          Heever
                       the team in Australia                      appointed Engineering                             Fabian Jordaan                             Pierre joined Kentz as
                       working on the Kentz                       Manager for the                                   Fabian was recently                        Project HR/IR Manager
                       Gorgon T&E System                          Gorgon T&E Project in                             appointed Senior                           on a contractor basis
                       Project as the Project                     Perth. He brings a                                Project Manager                            for the Moatize Project
                       QA/QC Manager. He                          range of experience of                            Electrical &                               in Mozambique. He
                       joined Kentz in Saudi                      systems development                               Instrumentation within                     has vast experience in
     Arabia in 1992 as an E/I QC Inspector       and deployment in a variety of fields                              the Metal and Mining      HR and Industrial Relations, working as
     for Petrokemya Olefins Plant Project        from consumer electronics to combat                                division of Kentz         a Senior HR Practitioner on the mines
     and was later assigned to various           systems. His most recent role prior to            Southern Africa. He joined Kentz in        and as General Manager in recruitment
     quality oriented projects which included    joining Kentz was in real time statistical        September 1996 after working for           for major projects. Pierre holds a
     Saudi Aramco, Saudi Consolidated            process control of materials processing           Eskom in both their engineering and        BComm Pers. Degree and has
     Electric Company and Saudi Chevron          plants.                                           maintenance departments. Fabian            undertaken various courses in HR
     PY-GAS Project. He was later                                                                  started out in QA/QC on African            management, labour law, industrial
     promoted to QA/QC Manager on                                   Phil Apenis                    projects. However his career with Kentz    relations and auditing.
     various projects in Saudi Arabia. Since                        Phil Apenis joined             spans over various roles on projects in
     2002, Henry has worked for Kentz on                            Kentz as a                     Botswana, Mozambique and Saudi                              Frank Grainger
     projects in Jordan, China and Qatar.                           Telecommunications             Arabia. He recently returned from Saudi                     Frank has 32 years
                                                                    Designer in October            Arabia to take up his new position on                       experience in the
                      Gail Martin                                   2009 working on the            the Ilmenite Mining Project in                              construction industry
                      Gail joined Kentz in                          Gorgon T&E Project.            Madagascar. Fabian holds a National                         and has joined Kentz
                      September 2009 as                             Phil worked for KJVG           Higher Diploma in Electrical                                on the Medupi Project.
                      PA/Projects                in a similar role and prior to this was           Engineering.                                                He has worked mainly
                      Administrator to Bob       involved with the Perth-to-Mandurah                                                                           in England and has
                      Greaney on the             railway project for 4 years, working as a                         Tom Leacy                  recently returned from Saint
                      Gorgon T&E Project.        CADD designer for NMR/PTA.                                        Tom is working with        Petersburg, Russia, where he was team
                      Prior to joining Kentz                                                                       Kentz as Senior Project    leader planning the installation of a 400
     Gail worked in the mining industry for                         Angela O’Sullivan                              Manager currently          metre office building. This Project will
     over 29 years and brings a multitude of                        Angela is the new                              assigned to Medupi as      be a ground-breaking structure pushing
     experience from working with some of                           Finance Manager for                            Site Manager. Prior to     the boundaries of design and
     the largest companies. Some roles Gail                         Kentz E&C, based in                            this Tom worked on the     challenging man’s ability to build in
     has held in the past range from being a                        Brisbane, Australia.                           design, construction       some of the toughest weather
     Laboratory Manager in the early days to                        She is a member of             and commissioning of the Lansdowne         conditions in the world.
     being one of the first female Mill and                         ACCA (UK) and has a            Road Stadium in Dublin, the
     CIP Operators in W.A. Gail also has                            Master of Commerce             construction and commissioning of a                         Michael O’Brien
     worked for Rio Tinto as an                  from the University of the                        number of large pharmaceutical and bio                      Michael O’Brien, a
     Administration Officer and also gained      Witwatersrand in Johannesburg. Born               production plants in Ireland, the                           Project Manager, joined
     valuable experience whilst working for      in Dublin, Angela has gained a wealth             commissioning of Chek Lap Kok Airport                       Kentz in January 2010
     CP Mining.                                  of experience working in different                in Hong Kong, and the construction                          to oversee the
                                                 industries in the UK, South Africa,               and commissioning of a number of a                          Condensate Ducting
                       Michael O’Halloran        Solomon Islands and Australia. Since              power plants worldwide.                                     Fabrication
                       Michael recently joined   emigrating to Australia, Angela worked                                                                        Contractors, Structural
                       Kentz as the Senior       for Formula Interiors, a small Brisbane-                          Riaan van                  Steel Fabricators and Small Bore Piping
                       Contracts                 based interior fit-out company and                                Schalkwyk                  Fabricators for the Medupi Power
                       Administrator on the      Thiess.                                                           Riaan recently joined      Station Project. Based at the Kentz
                       Gorgon LNG T&E                                                                              Kentz as Site              Midrand office, Michael is responsible
                       Project. He previously                      Thomas Contreras                                Construction Manager       for the project management of the
                       worked for John                             Thom joined Kentz in                            on the Medupi project.     above disciplines. Michael holds an
     Holland Pty where he was the Senior                           September 2009 as                               He has 26 years            Honours Degree in Construction
     Contracts Administrator on Australian                         the Project Planner for                         experience in the          Management with 20 years
     schools stimulus project. Michael                             the Gorgon Project              construction industry. Riaan has           construction experience.
     previously worked as a Project Quantity                       and is based in the             previously worked in Zambia and India
     Surveyor for Ireland’s largest general                        Perth office. He has            on shutdowns. He has completed                              Stephanie Samuel
     contracting company John Sisk and                             previously worked on            courses in management, costing and                          Stephanie recently
     Son Ltd where, from 2004 to 2009, he        various iron ore and nickel projects              planning.                                                   joined Kentz as a
     specialised in their pharmaceutical         across Western Australia with a                                                                               Document Controller
     division. He has a BSc Hons Degree in       substantial amount of time spent based                             Jacek Wilczynski                           and QA Assistant to
     Construction Economics and                  on site, in Kalgoorlie and across the                              Jacek has worked in                        Elvis Pillay, IMS
     Management and is currently studying        Pilbara. Thom has a Bachelor of                                    the construction                           Manager for
     to become a Chartered Surveyor with         Commerce degree from Curtin                                        industry for over 30                       Construction Business
     the Royal Institute of Chartered            University.                                                        years as a Project        Unit. Previously she worked as a
     Surveyors (RICS).                                                                                              Manager. Presently,       Personal Assistant for two years at
                                                                   Avril Prout                                      he’s at Medupi and        Habitat Magazine; thereafter promoted
                        Robert Perroni                             Avril was recently                               responsible for the       to Office Manager for three years.
                        Robert joined Kentz in                     appointed HR/                   fabrication and installation of ESD        Stephanie moved into an IT recruitment
                        January 2010 as an                         Recruitment Advisor in          Ducting, SDD Ducting and small bore        agency towards the end of 2008 as a
                        IT/Telecom Support                         Perth, Australia,               piping.                                    Client Administrator and Researcher.
                        Engineer based at the                      reporting to Murray
                        Henderson T&E                              Rose, Senior HR                                  Charles de Lange                          Johann Viljoen
                        Gorgon Facility in                         Advisor. Avril is now                            Charles has 20 years                      Johann joined Kentz in
                        Perth. Before joining    responsible for staff/specialist                                   experience in QA/QC                       January 2010 as a
     Kentz, Robert had worked in the IT          recruitment. She is also the                                       on petrochemical,                         Project Manager
     industry for the previous 7 years and       administrator for Profiler and conducts                            pressure vessels,                         Metals & Mining on the
     worked in the IT Network and                Taleo training. Avril originally joined                            piping, steam                             Jwaneng Cut 8
     Infrastructure Team for a                   Kentz Clonmel in April 2008 as a                                   generation, fabrication                   Implementation Project
     multidisciplinary engineering company       Recruitment Administrator. She is a                                and construction. He                      in Botswana. Johann
     within Perth. He brings with him the        graduate of Waterford Institute of                is currently working as Project QA/QC      was with his previous employer for 16
     dynamic technical and operational skills    Technology with a Bachelor of Business            Manager on the Medupi site.                years and comes to us with vast
     necessary for the role and looks            specialising in HR. Avril has previous                                                       construction experience.
     forward to developing and                   experience in Recruitment/HR roles
     implementing new solutions for IT within    both in the engineering and
     the Organisation.                           construction industry.

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people on the move                                                                                           (continued from page 23)

                 Felicia Wassmann                            Corne Marinus                                      Johan Cloete                              Stephen Curtin
                 Felicia joined Kentz in                     Corne joined Kentz in                              Johan Cloete joined                       Stephen Curtin joined
                 2007 on the                                 March 2010 on the                                  Kentz in April 2010 as                    Kentz in February
                 Madagascar Project                          Jwaneng Project, as a                              a Junior Electrical                       2010 as the Business
                 as an HR Officer.                           Site Engineer and                                  Engineer. He studied                      Development
                 Prior to joining Kentz                      Junior Planner. He                                 Electrical and                            Executive for Saudi
                 she worked in Cape                          graduated from the                                 Electronic Engineering                    Arabia. His previously
                 Town for three years                        University of                                      at the University of                      worked in banking in
as a Management Assistant and                Johannesburg as a Mechanical                     Johannesburg and has also completed         Ireland and Australia before managing
worked in Germany during the                 Engineer (B.Eng Mech) in 2009 and                his N6 in Electrical Engineering.           Brunel, an engineering recruitment
nineties. She has now been                   previously worked for Erasmus and                During his studies he worked at the         company in Dublin. Stephen has a
transferred to head up Human                 Venter Engineering Consultants (EVEC)            University’s Faculty of Engineering and     Commerce Degree and an MBS in
Resources in Botswana on the                 as a Project Engineer and Production             part-time at Santam Insurance               Corporate Strategy from NUI Galway
Jwaneng Mine as a Senior HR Officer.         Planner.                                         Company. He is currently based at           Ireland.
Felicia holds a Management Certificate                                                        Kentz Midrand Head Office.
from Germany and is fluent in four                            Colin Crowley                                                               Ireland
languages.                                                    Colin recently rejoined                          Jose Ribeiro
                                                              Kentz in South Africa                            Jose Ribeiro joined                         Bernie Horan
               Denize Duminy                                  as Project Manager.                              Kentz Integrated                            Bernie recently took
               Denize joined Kentz in                         He first joined Kentz in                         Solutions in May 2010                       up the role of
               South Africa in July                           1991 and over an 8-                              as an IT Manager.                           Recruitment
               2009 as IMS Assistant                          year period he                                   Jose formerly worked                        Administrator based in
               to Les Harper,                                 contributed to the                               at the Vaal University                      the Clonmel office.
               Regional IMS                  success of many different projects in                             of Technology as the                        Bernie began working
               Manager, and has a            South Africa and Botswana. He held               Network Manager for 17 years and                             for the Kentz Group in
               Diploma in Computer           various positions in the Group over the          was responsible for desktop and             2003 as Senior PA for the CSPC
Literacy. Denize recently transferred        years including Procurement Manager,             network support for a large academic        Nanhai Project based in the Clonmel
to the Procurement Department as             Senior Planner and Project Controls              institution. Jose has a BTech Degree        office. In 2004 she joined the HR
PA/Procurement Assistant.                    Manager. He left Kentz ten years ago             in Information Technology (IT), and is      team assisting with recruitment and
                                             to pursue other career opportunities,            currently studying for his Magister         training. In 2008 Bernie took some
                Barnard van                  during this time he completed an                 Technologiae in IT.                         time out after the birth of her second
                Loggernberg                  honours degree in Construction                                                               child and returned to Kentz in January
                Barnard recently             Management and Engineering, and                                    Ruh Buhrmann              2010.
                joined Kentz                 later an MBA at University College                                 Ruh Buhrmann was
                Integrated Solutions         Cork, Ireland.                                                     recently appointed                            Noel Prendergast
                as a Senior Project                                                                             Electrical Supervisor                         Noel has recently
                Manager. He started                           Andre Roloff                                      for the Gautrain                              joined the Kentz
                his career with Anglo                         Andre has been with                               Project. Ruh has                              Group as MIS Support
American Goldmines in 1980. Barnard                           Kentz in South Africa                             numerous years                                Assistant, based in
worked as Engineering Manager in                              since 1995. He                                    experience in the                             the Clonmel office.
operations for EPC and EPCM                                   started with Technical          electrical industry and international                           Within his role Noel
companies and later as Project                                Support Services as a           working experience in the construction                          will be assisting the
Manager in Minerals Processing and                            contractor Trainee              sector. Ruh formerly worked for Megus       Group MIS Manager, Paul O Brien in
Mining. He is a certified Project                             Mechanical Engineer,            Electrical Services and MPISI Electrical    providing IT support and assistance on
Management Professional and holds            progressing to Field Engineer, Project           Services as a senior electrician and        MIS projects. Noel has a background
Government Certificates (GCC Mines)          Engineer, Site Manager and                       supervisor. He is a certified electrician   in Finance and IT and holds a Diploma
in both mechanical and electrical            Construction Manager, and has now                with a wireman’s license and also           in Business Studies from Tipperary
engineering as well as a BComm               joined Kentz on a permanent basis as             holds a National Diploma in                 Institute, Ireland.
degree in Business Management.               a Senior Project Manager with the                Agriculture.
                                             Construction Team. He holds a                                                                                  Gwen Gannon
                  Dietrich Wellmann          National Diploma with distinctions in            Middle East                                                   Gwen was recently
                  Dietrich recently joined   Mechanical Engineering                                                                                         appointed Corporate
                  the Midrand Office in                                                                         Keshav Kumar                                HR Manager based in
                  the position of                             JP Duminy                                         Keshav was recently                         Clonmel. She joined
                  Marketing Assistant.                        Jean Pierre joined                                transferred from Saudi                      the Kentz Corporate
                  His primary role will be                    Kentz in February                                 Arabia to Qatar to                          HR team in February
                  to assist Pat Cass in                       2010 as a Junior                                  take up the role of                         2008. Gwen has over
                  the marketing                               Project Planner on the                            Country Procurement       ten years experience in the Corporate
department. Dietrich is a graduate of                         Moatize Coal Project                              Manager. He               HR field including several years
the University of Pretoria and holds a                        in Mozambique. He                                 completed a Bachelor      experience with two ‘Fortune 500’
BComm degree in Business                                      will complete his NQF           of Engineering (Mechanical) in 1991         pharmaceutical corporations. Gwen
Management, majoring in Business             level 4 – Supervision of Construction            from Manipal Institute of Technology,       specialises in developing and
and Marketing Management.                    Processes (internationally recognised)           India. Before joining Kentz in May          integrating sustainable HR strategies,
                                             in October 2010. Prior to joining Kentz,         1996, he worked in power, cement            policies, procedures and best
                  Harry Smith                JP worked for Stefanutti and Stocks              and EPC companies in India. He has          practices in line with industry leaders
                  Harry joined Kentz in      Civils as a Foreman and Toolkit                  worked on various construction and          and the core organisational activities
                  South Africa in March      Controller and for Dewrick Plumbers              EPC projects for Kentz in Jubail,           and values in order to promote and
                  2010 as a Senior           and Building Contractors for five years.         Riyadh, and Yanbu in procurement            achieve organisational success.
                  Project Planner for the                                                     functions prior to taking up the
                  Debswana Cut 8                               David Roche                    position as Country Procurement
                  Project in Jwaneng,                          David joined Kentz in          Manager for Saudi Arabia in 2006. He
                                                                                                                                                                                      Designed and Produced by ABDA • www.abda.co.uk

                  Botswana. He has                             March 2010 as a                has completed a Masters in Business
worked for Kentz on previous                                   Quantity Surveyor on           Administration from University of
occasions, in Trinidad and Tobago and                          the Medupi Project             Liverpool, UK, in 2009.
in Ireland as a Project Planner. Prior to                      and is based in
joining Kentz, he was a Project                                Midrand Office.
Manager at Cosira. Harry has 17 years                          He is a graduate of
experience in the project planning and       Limerick Institute of Technology.
project management environment,              He previously worked in the Property
covering all disciplines. He has a           industry in Ireland prior to joining
post-graduate certificate in Project         Kentz. He holds a BSc (Hons) in
Management, and is also a qualified          Property Valuation and Management, a
Instrument Technician.                       BSc (Hons) in Quantity Surveying and
                                             a Diploma in Project Management.

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