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Draft Minutes of the First meeting 2008/2009 of the Computing and Mathematical Sciences
School Board held at 2pm on 3rd November 2008 in room 353 Queen Mary, Maritime
Greenwich Campus.

Liz Bacon (Chair)
Yasser Ades
Ala Al-Zobaidie
Miltos Petridis
Phil Clipsham
Peter Dench
Cos Ierotheou
Andrew Stanley
Ryan Flynn
Peter Morris
Tony Mann
Kevin Parrott

Secretary Marilyn Greenaway

08.4.1        Apologies for Absence
              Joan Knight
              Frank Razaghzadeh
              Bob Dolden
              Phil Clipsham
              Sati McKenzie
              Zeb Zevic
              Veronica Habgood

08.4.3        Matters arising
              All minutes were approved and all actions from the meeting have been completed.

08.4.4        Committee membership for 08-09
              LB explained that the Committee membership for 08-09 is nearly complete except
              for students representatives and one support person. Discussion took place and the
              HoDs will ask student reps if they would like to be part of the committee. It was
              decided that FR would elect one of the technical support team to sit on the
          Action:        FR to elect a member of the technical team to sit on the

08.4.5    ARPD
          LB mentioned that the deadline for the ARPD is 5th January 09. The following
          sections of the draft report were discussed in detail.
                       Strategic Issues
                       Challenges
                       Employability

          Some amendments were suggested and contributions on key points for all sections
          were gathered. LB will update and circulate to the School for their comments once a
          final version is produced.

08.4.6    University Student Survey, National Student Survey and Action Plan
          LB congratulated staff on the outstanding results for the National Student Survey.
          The action plan was discussed and agreed. Discussion took place on the importance
          of involving Partner College students. The committee proposed that an event be held
          at Greenwich for the students or a member of staff from each dept visit each College.
          Miltos Petridis will look into this and come up with an action plan. LB mentioned
          the need to peak to our full cost colleges in London and PM will follow this up.

          Action        Miltos Petridis to come up with an action plan for the partner
                        colleges and Peter Morris to talk to full cost centres.

08.4.7    First Destination Statistics
          The destination statistics were discussed for each of our courses and discussion took
          place on how to improve employment rates. Various ideas were put forward and it
          was suggested that an Alumni page for the School should be implemented. The
          committee agreed, and MP will come up with a proposal.

          Action: MP to come up with a proposal for an Alumni webpage for the School.

08.4.8    School Budget
          KP gave an update on the School budget which is healthy this year however relied
          on good recruitment and the demographic population in the UK means there will be
          fewer 18 year olds from 2010 so we need to look at other sources of income and
          enhance our PT portfolio. Regarding staff development LB reminded KP that the
          SD budget should be split by dept so each HoD has there own budget.

          Action:       KP to give each HoD their individual budget for staff

08.4.9    Leadership and Management
          LB explained the document circulated to the Board. The document is a proposal for
          the Introduction of Targeted Leadership for Management Development for all levels
          of managment. It provides information regarding entry to and progression through
          the programmes which is open to all staff.

08.4.10   Minutes from the School Leaning and Quality Committee
          There were no minutes made available for the meeting. Therefore, these will be
          discussed at the next School Board meeting.

08.4.11   Minutes from the School Health and Safety Committee
          There has been no meeting held since the last School Board date.

08.4.12   Minutes from the Research Committee
          There has been no meeting held since the last School Board date.

08.4.13   Minutes from the Technical Resources Committee
          There has been no meeting held since the last School Board date.

08.4.14   A.O.B.
          PM gave an update on collaborations. There is an approval event going ahead in
          Kigali on 5th November 08 and another one in Vietnam on 2nd Dec 08, which
          Margaret Noble will chair. The next meeting of the NCC Education Scrutiny Group
          will be held on 13th November when centres at 11 sites will be considered.
          There are also two more centres coming on board in Sept 2009. LB mentioned due
          to the growing number of centres more staff would be needed and this will be under
          further discussion.

          PM mentioned that all PDG agreements have been discontinued as from Sept 2008.

          AA mentioned he will follow up collaborations with the Koya University in the
          Kurdistan region of Iraq. He will also follow the proposed Arabization project for
          the BSc degrees by Al Alamiah institute in Saudi Arabia when he next visits other
          centres. However, this has to be agreed in principle with the pro vice chancellor and
          PNM will raise this issue with Margaret Noble at the next meeting.

          Audio Files
          AA mentioned that he was unable to locate Mohammad’s audio files for SVU and
          LB suggested that Keeran Jamil re-record the scripts.

          Health and Safety
          YA mentioned that he had measured the fire alarm noise level which is still high.
          LB explained that this was being dealt with by the University H & S and that YA
          should send his findings to Amrik Cheema our H & Safety officer who will forward
          them to the relevant person in Facilities Management.

          Meeting ended at 4.15.

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