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Press Release for Joi Medspa by dandanhuanghuang


									Press Release
Joi, The Medspa Opens
Nashville, TN—September 2006: Nicole Baggott, MD, medical director, is pleased to
announce the launch of Joi, The MedSpa, a full-service aesthetics and skin rejuvenation clinic. Joi
offers Botox and Restylane injections, microdermabrasion, hair removal, skin rejuvenation,
chemical peels and physician-grade skin care with SkinMedica products. All treatments are
delivered under the supervision of a skilled medical doctor at Skyline Medical Plaza

Clients of Joi have access to the latest physican-grade treatments and skin care. These treatments
are only available through a licensed physician. This access sets Joi apart from day spas, salons,
and department store brands.

Joi was founded to fill the needs of the clientele located north of Nashville. “I saw a large number
of people who desired these services but had to drive 30-45 minutes to get them” says Dr.

Drs. Baggott is a member of the Botox Network, a group of medical professionals who receive
in-depth training by certified instructors. Joi offers the most advanced Light Heat Energy (LHE)
treatments, a type of laser treatment, which are used to treat acne scars, remove unwanted hair,
minimize the appearance of spider veins, age spots, sun spots, hyper-pigmentation and fine
wrinkles. Appointments can be made at 615-865-4996.


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