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									Case Study for Windows Mobile Bluetooth Chat Application

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Client US based SMB Client Business Chat between Desktop PC and Windows Mobile via Challenge Bluetooth Technology ASP.NET 2.0, InTheHand API Mobile Technology expertise, hands on skills, unique Symbioun Edge personalized approach to client business need and precise execution Success Communication between PC and Windows mobile via Bluetooth.

The Client: Steve Becker, an engineer with electrical and electronics as his background, wanted a chat application using which he could send signals from his CPU that takes care of a micro controller to a windows mobile using Bluetooth. The Challenge: Device Applications, becoming a new vertical, are with an attractive Hype and Symbioun, always there for “Exploring new fronts”, wanted to explore device applications too. Thus we started the project, Bluetooth Chat. The challenge in this project is to send asynchronous text messages from windows mobile to PC and vice versa. The Solution: A Chat application (one for the desktop and one for the device)

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Technology Architecture:

Desktop Application
(VB.Net, InTheHand API)

Bluetooth Dongle

Device Application
Communication over Bluetooth (VB.Net, InTheHand API)

Des ktop Application (C #)

Device Application (C#) (Windows Mobile)

InT heHand.Net AP I

InT heHand.Net AP I

This project includes two applications, one running on the desktop and the other on the windows mobile. Both the applications use a Bluetooth API (InTheHand.Net). The desktop application will communicate to the outside world via the Bluetooth dongle supported by the Bluetooth stack in the machine. Searching Devices: Searching for the devices within the reach of the PC / Device is done through the APL (InTheHand.Net). This search call will return the list of devices found along with their Bluetooth address which is used to pair the device for further communication. Pairing Device with the PC: The device that sends and receives data will be paired with the PC before the communication. To accomplish this task we use a ‘pass key’ authentication process. This process pairs the device with the PC upon successful authentication.
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Receiving Text Messages: Text messages sent from the device to the PC and vice versa are received asynchronously. To accomplish this task we have a Bluetooth listener which will listen for the incoming connection and will authenticate the incoming connection by a handshake process known as pairing which will connect the device to the PC. Once the listener gets the incoming connection, the stream is obtained from the connection and the text message is sent over the stream is fetched to display to the user. Desktop Application: The Desktop application will search for devices and will send and receive data after successfully pairing the device. The following picture shows the devices found while searching

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Device Application: The following pictures show the search process and chat between the Windows mobile and a PC

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The chat application was successfully launched in 2 man months. It was used to effectively communicate with a PC from device and vice versa.

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