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									Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC
   Quality Over Quantity! Period.

Investment Proposal
                Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC
                         Quality Over Quantity! Period.
                               Investment Proposal
        Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC would like to thank you for taking the time out to
read this proposal. This document is for that business minded individual that knows when
the opportunity of a lifetime is in their presence. If you are looking for a solid, reputable
company to invest in with great return rates, then this proposal will be of great interest to
you. We ask that you read this document in its entirety and if you have any additional
questions after reading this document, you may give us a call at 769-203-2071.
        We take pride in our theme “Quality over Quantity”. Quantity means nothing if
the Quality of the product or service you’re providing is worthless. It is our job to provide
you with information that allows you to make a well-informed decision about the benefits
of investing with our company. This proposal will provide that information while
showing we are a stable entertainment company, and we offer you an open invitation to
join our family.
        Holdin’ Our Own Records is a company in the music entertainment business. We
specialize in Hip Hop and R&B, and we are completely ready to be marketed to the
world. We have been achieving success in the entertainment industry as an independent
record label, and look forward to continued growth. We own all our masters, have
complete control of our royalties, and have all our legal paperwork including trademarks,
copyrights, federal tax identification, state tax identification, company barcodes, and
privilege licenses to legally operate a business in the United States. We were also
approved by the Secretary of State’s Office in Jackson, Mississippi to operate as a
Limited Liability Company (LLC).
        We have been successful in the music industry with promoting and advertising
our company. Major record labels such as Universal, Jive, Interscope, Warner Brothers,
Capitol, and Atlantic have all received demo albums, and are all well aware that Holdin’
Our Own Records has set the stage to be a multi-million dollar company within the next 5
years. We have also been getting radio airplay on WJMI (99.7 FM) in Jackson, MS, and
various other radio stations throughout the United States. We have flyers, posters, vehicle
advertising, magazine appearances, promotional t-shirts, and promotional albums that
market the professionalism of our company and the talent of our artists.
        We also have a fully interactive web presence. We may be visited Online at, and visitors can get background information about our company, or
browse the many other features our websites provide. Also, albums, autographed posters,
clothing, ringtones, wallpapers, and Instrumental Music is available from our site twenty-
four hours a day, seven days a week. Last but not least, our music is also available for
download on Itunes, Napster, Rhapsody, and Emusic. These are digital retailers that
allow fans to buy music, and have it instantly available on their computer, cellphone,
Ipod, etc.
        We stated earlier that we are a stable entertainment company, so it was important
to point out the highlights that set us apart from other labels and musicians.
Everything that was stated in this document is backed up by paperwork, so if at any time
you would like to review it, Holdin’ Our Own Records will be happy to provide it upon
         We have found that there is a large group of individuals that are looking for real
music that reflects the truth in our society. We invite you to listen to our music online at, or if you prefer, you may order the complete album online for your
personal enjoyment. Our latest album, which is titled “Enter The Matrix” by President
Bell, is available online for $10.00, or you may download it to your computer for $5.00. I
ask that you to sit down with family, friends, and business associates to discuss this
proposal. Ask them how they feel about the music, the websites, and the overall image of
our company. We feel that will give you additional guidance in your decision.
         We are now searching for investors that are looking for a solid, reputable
company to invest in. People that have the drive and ambition to start with us on the
ground, and become active in seeing us reach the sky. We are looking for individuals that
desire profits, but also respect hard work, pure talent, and great music. As a company, we
would rather accept investments from individuals with an extraordinary vision, then to
deal with major labels that are limiting the growth of artists. You, as an investor, would
remember how you profited from investing with us, but more important then that, how
being associated with our company also helps your personal ventures become more
         Investments start at $5,000, but your profit is decided by your investment. The
more you invest, the better your returns, so you decide what’s best for you. Below is a
table showing the amount of return to expect on your investment.

        Investment                                     Return Percentage (%)
   $5,000.00 - $9,999.99                      50 % (Ex: $5,000 investment returns $7,500)
  $10,000.00 – 19,999.99                     75 % (Ex: $10,000 investment returns $17,500)
      $20,000.00 - Up                       100 % (Ex: $20,000 investment returns $40,000)

         All investments may be paid in full, or you have the option of making monthly
payments. If you are interested in making monthly payments, you may give us a call to
set up arrangements. Investments under $20,000 are considered short-term investments
and will be paid off within 12 months. All investments of $20,000 or more are considered
long-term investments and will be paid off within 24 months. Investment opportunities
will end once $100,000 in funding has been obtained, so if you are interested in investing,
we ask that you act quickly on this offer.
         Investors that pay in full will receive a notarized promissory note that will be a
legal document to protect your investment in a court of law. If you choose to make
monthly installments, you will receive an invoice that will serve as a receipt of payment
until it is paid in full. When full payment is received, you will also receive a notarized
promissory note. The return time starts when investments are paid in full.
         This is your opportunity to become a part of something great. These opportunities
do not come by often, so we ask that you do not allow this opportunity to pass you by.
We just ask that you give us a response regarding this proposal. If you are interested, you
may give us a call at 769-203-2071 and we can talk business over dinner and dinner is on
us. If you are not interested, we ask that you give us a call and let us know you are not
interested so we will know where you stand. Last but not least, don’t forget to visit us
online at to get additional information about our company. Thank
you for your time, and we look forward to accepting you as our newest investor and
member of Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC.
Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC
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           Holdin’ Our Own Records, LLC
                 Attn: President Bell
                 571 Fort Hill Drive
            Vicksburg, MS 39183-2176

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