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					                                                                  IT Courses 2010

                    Discovering the World Wide Web

Welcome to the vast and exciting world of the Internet and the World Wide Web! To a beginner,
the Net and the Web are overwhelming: billions of pages and images, in a seemingly-chaotic
and mish mashed format. As you wrestle with the confusion of being a new Internet user, there
is good news: this course is for helping you understand and navigate the online universe of the
21st Century.

       Duration: 2 hours per session
                 3 sessions per week
                 Course will run for 1 month

                                   Table of Contents

    Introduction to Internet
         o A brief history of Web.
         o How does the Internet work?
         o Vast of information on Internet
         o Basic Internet Services
         o A Quick Tour of a Typical Website

    Internet Architecture
         o Networks: LAN and WAN
         o Client/Server Paradigm
         o IP Addressing
         o Hardware/Software requirements to use Internet
         o ISP (Internet Service Providers) overview
         o Types of internet access (Dial-Up, Ethernet, WiFi, etc…)
         o Introduction to YerPhI LAN
    Web Browsing
         o Explanation of Web Addresses (URL)
         o Domain Naming System
         o Portals & Search Engines
         o How to Search (ex. Googling)
         o Decoding error messages (401, 404 and other)
    Web Browsers: Internet Explorer
         o To launch Internet Explorer
         o To turn on the Menu Bar
         o Using Internet Explorer 7 Overview
         o Tabbed browsing overview
         o To change your home page
         o To add a new search provider (search engine)
         o To remove a search provider (search engine)
         o Loading and Saving Web pages
         o To empty the Temporary Internet Files folder (cache)
         o To clear the browsing history
         o What Are 'Cookies'
         o To save a picture from a webpage
                                                              IT Courses 2010
       o  To save a webpage onto your computer
       o  To make webpage load without images or sounds
       o  What are Plug-ins, and where to get them?
       o  To create bookmarks (favorites)
       o  To view and use bookmarks (favorites)
       o  To organize your bookmarks (favorites)
       o  To import bookmarks (favorites) into Internet Explorer
       o  To export bookmarks (favorites) out of Internet Explorer
       o  List of shortcut keys
   Web Browser: Mozilla Firefox
      o The same as for Internet Explorer
      o …..
      o ……
   Email
       o About e-mail addresses (ex.
       o About email models: WebMail and POP3 email client
       o Email etiquette

 YerPhI Email Account (web)
     o Introduction to web interface
     o Using your yerphi mail account (ex.
     o How to sign in
     o Parts of e-mail: Header, body, signature, attachments
     o Reading mails
     o Replying to a mail
     o Manage attachments
     o Sending a mail
     o Mail management
     o Address book/Contacts management
     o What is Spam/Junk Mail?
     o Spam protection on yerphi mail

 MS Outlook for yerphi mail account
     o Introduction to MS Outlook interface
     o Configure MS Outlook for using your yerphi mail account
     o How to send, receive, reply, etc…
     o Using Address book
     o Mail management
 Introducing Real-Time communication software (Skype)
                                                              IT Courses 2010
       o   Setting up your computer to manage PC to PC call
       o   Installing Skype
       o   Launching Skype
       o   Connecting to friends
       o   Initiating a call
       o   Receiving a call

 Viruses
      o What is virus?
      o Types of viruses
      o How to protect your data on computer
      o Introduction to main antivirus software
      o Using AVP
      o Using AviraAntivir
 Internet Money
      o What is web money?
      o Introducing eDram
      o How to use eDram

 Useful online services: Virtual ArCa Card
     o Introducing website
     o Reginstring your virtual ArCa card
     o Main functions you can do with your Virtual ArCa
     o Introducing

 Useful online services: Download
     o Where to find the needed program?
     o How to get it?
     o Introducing
     o Other ftp sites
 Other useful online services

       o   Blog (blogger, blogspot)
       o   Education Portals (e.g.
       o   Online Resources / Libraries (e.g….)
       o   Discussion Forum (…)
       o   Social Networks (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn,..)
                       IT Courses 2010

 Useful Links


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