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                                                                         [ p.1312-1313 = minutes of Annual Parish Meeting 13th May 2009]

                                CARLTON PARISH COUNCIL
  Minutes of the 116th Annual Meeting of Carlton Parish Council held at Saint Andrews Church, Main
                        Street, Carlton at 1945 hrs on Wednesday 12th May 2010

Present:      W R Sharp (Chairman), J H Boston, R H Edmunds, R G Moseley (Councillors), M Aldridge
              (Borough Councillor), A Botting (Leics Constabulary), J Piggon (CFG), N Axelrad, N Shayler,
              M Shayler (Parishioners), C J Peat (Clerk).
Apologies:    D J Frazer, I D Ould (County Councillor), F Mepham (Carlton Charity Land), I M Peat (KCTG),
              PBO D Riley.

1. Election of Chairman and Vice-Chairman

It was resolved that W R Sharp be elected Chairman nem con.
It was resolved that R H Edmunds be elected Vice-chairman nem con.

2. Declarations of Acceptance of Office

Declarations of acceptance of office were signed by the Chairman and Vice-chairman.

3. Minutes of the meeting of 14th April 2010

It was resolved that the minutes be confirmed and signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising from the minutes
a) Progress report on the affordable housing project

There had been no progress since the last meeting. PC reps had been invited to a meeting with the Project
Manager, Scheme Architect and Planning Case Officer at H&BBC to discuss the site layout, proposed allotments
and path, and landscaping in the context of the documentation and agreements required for submission of a
planning application. It was resolved that Cllr Edmunds and the Clerk attend. It was noted that this meeting
had been mooted in February (p.1300/3a, 1304/2a, 1307/2a refer).

b) Progress report on the extension of Carlton Green and associated works

The H&BBC s106 Forum had advised that s106 funding could only be used for land purchase, and not for
associated legal fees and costs, and had refused to pay the balance of £328 (p.1307/2b refers).

The H&BBC s106 Officer had advised that funding of £1,900 was currently available for improvement works,
and that a further £1,900 was overdue from 08/00815 and being pursued by H&BBC. Other s106 funds from
08/00815 could not be used for works on Carlton Green. The Clerk advised that payments of £1,900 per plot
would become due when work began on Plots 2 and 3 of 06/00826. It was normal practice for PCs to wait until
s106 funds had been received by H&BBC before applying for them, but starting work early would not prejudice
a funding application from the PC. However, if the requested funds were not forthcoming, the PC would have to
pay for the works.

A site meeting had been held with Mr Varnham of Premier. The excavation and disposal of spoil, and
construction of a 150mm concrete surround had been omitted from the original job specification. A revised
quotation had been submitted, including these works, and was for £5,932.00. It was resolved that this revised
quotation be accepted.

It was noted that the residents of the Stud Farm courtyard had decided to concrete their drive after the kerbs had
been laid.

c) Progress report on the refurbishment of the Parish Information Kiosk

The new signs had been collected, and all materials were now available. The Chairman would contact Mr Vann.

d) Progress report on drainage work at the eastern end of the church

No work had been carried out.
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5. Report from the Carlton Youth Champions

Mrs N Shayler reported that the Youth Club had been very successful, with the mobile attending every second
Wednesday from 1830-2100 hrs and attracting between 10 and 12 young people aged between 11 and 15 years
old. The sessions were structured, with the first half spent on health or social topics and the second on
entertainment. Social topics had included race, gender, poverty and homelessness, including a visit to the
Asylum Seeker Project. During the summer there had been whole day activities and trips. The young people
were working towards local and national Youth Awards: so far 4 had achieved local awards and 3 national
awards (which carried 5 credits towards a GCSE).

Carlton children attended a range of different schools and the Youth Club was considered very important as a
place to form local friendships. Families with children who had recently moved to the village had found it
particularly helpful as an introduction to the community. In future there were plans for further award work and
trips, use of Carlton Green for sports such as badminton, and walks in the local countryside. An invitation had
also been made to hold an event on private land.

Youth workers from the Youth Mobile joined the meeting at the end of the evening for a general discussion. The
project had been reviewed in Issue 18 of Youth Service News, published by LCC.

6. Report from the Bosworth Community Safety Forum

No report had been received.

7. Report from the Ashby Canal Forum

No report had been received.

8. Report from the Carlton Charity Land

Mr F Mepham (Secretary) had provided a written report, and it was resolved that this be circulated.

a) Trustees
     Representative Trustees       6 November 2008 - 5 November 2011
         B.M. Thirlaway            Chair
         J. Orton                  Vice-chair
         F. Mepham                 Secretary
         R. Dobson
     Co-optive Trustees            17 December 2008 – 16 December 2013
         N. Henry
         N. Axelrad

b) Activities
There were 34 beneficiaries in 2009, and each received £22.00. The Trustees had agreed that in accordance with
government plans to work towards equalising ages for payments of retirement benefits to men and women, all
future payments would be made to beneficiaries who were 65. Payments currently made to women between the
ages of 60 and 65 would continue.

The red oak sapling planted in place of the wych elm was growing well, as was a newly planted conifer and an
English elm. Trees around the pond had been pruned to let in more light. The water supply pipe had been
blocked by large tree roots which had been cleared, and the water supply was now running well.

c) Statement of accounts to December 2008

     INCOME                                             EXPENDITURE
     B/f from 2008              £2,297.27               34 Beneficiaries @ £22            £748.00
     Interest to 5 March            £0.62
     Interest to 5 June             £0.41
     Interest to 4 September        £0.41
     Annual Rent October          £700.00               Balance in bank                  £2250.71
     Interest to 6 December        £13.02
     TOTAL                      £2,998.71                                                £2,998.71
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 d) Trees on the Charity Land

 i) Allotment Field, roadside hedge: field maple, red oak, self-set oak, oak from seed collected in Austria,
 mature sycamore.

 ii) Paddock and roadside hedge: field maple, lime, ash, flowering crab, field maple, sycamore, ash in corner
 planted by Severn-Trent, flowering cherry in old gateway, horse chestnut.

 iii) Pond: large alder, pollard willow, conifer grown from seed, English elm.

9. Report from the Carlton Footpath Group

Mr J Piggon reported that all footpaths within the Parish were in good condition, and welcomed the installation
of the new kissing gates which had led to an increase in path usage. During the winter, the number of footprints
in the snow had testified to the high number of regular footpath users. The CFG welcomed the proposals for the
diversion of footpaths on the south side of Barton in the Beans, and particularly the extension of footpath S90.
No work had yet been carried out on the diversion of S69 at Bosworth Mill, and this Order would not be
confirmed until the new infrastructure was in place. The jitty between Main St and Bosworth Road had been
obstructed by an overgrown hedge. The hedge had been cut back by the landowner after a warning letter from
LCC, but had not been cut back far enough and was now growing out again. The hedge on the other side of the
path was now also growing over the path.

10. Report from the Keep Carlton Tidy Group

Mrs I M Peat had submitted a written report. Over the past 12 months volunteers from the Keep Carlton Tidy
Group had picked 12 black bags and 57 carrier bags full of rubbish from highway verges between Carlton and
neighbouring settlements. Over the same period, 5 tipping incidents had been reported to the Borough Council,
including the dumping of about 50 tyres in ditches on Barton Road. The Spring Clean Litter Pick on 21st March
had been a great success, and cleared an additional 3 cubic metres of rubbish from local verges and ditches. This
annual event is arranged for the end of March so as to take place before vegetation begins to grow and before the
first mowing, but late enough for the weather to be reasonable. Prizes are awarded for the most useful, most
interesting and most disgusting items recovered, which adds interest and gives rise to debate.

11. Report from the Carlton Heritage Warden

Mr C J Peat reported that the roles of Tree Warden and Heritage Warden had been combined by LCC. Over the
past year work in Carlton had been concerned with trees, with normal pruning and maintenance work on the
churchyard and cemetery carried out with the help of volunteers. Two large trees were felled in the churchyard
(p.1293/16b refers), and four trees planted in Little Lane (p.1310/8b refers). Two of the Millennium Trees along
Nailstone Road had been pruned to prevent branches growing over the highway. Work had also been carried out
on private land to reduce willow trees along Carlton Brook to stubs and clear fallen boughs from the brook.
Advice had been given to landowners about tree planting, management and TPOs.

12. Report on the Parish Council website

The Clerk reported on website usage. Page hits for the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010, compared with
the same period the previous year, were :

              Page Title                            Page views                   Page views
                                                       2008-9                      2009-10

              Home Page                                    1125                         906
              Cemetery                                       64                          54
              Diary                                         446                         394
              Finance                                        42                          33
              Latest Agenda                                 135                          73
              Minutes                                       144                         115
              Parish Appraisal                               63                          39
              Parish Councillors                            110                         100
              Carlton News                                  154                         227
              Planning applications                          82                          22
              Publication scheme                             13                          25
              Total                                        2378                        1988
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13. Reports from members of other public authorities
a) Leicestershire County Council

Cllr I D Ould had submitted the following written report.

1. Last year I was very pleased to be re-elected as County Councillor for the Market Bosworth Division of
Leicestershire County Council, with 55% of a 48% turn-out. The turn-out was one of the highest in the East
Midlands and has given me a really good mandate for the life of this County Council. I was particularly pleased
at the level of support shown to me from Carlton Parish voters. Although I do not know who voted, I was present
when the ballot box was opened and the votes counted.

2. The number 1 issue challenging the County Council over the next few years will be the level of government
grant. Irrespective of which party, or parties form the next government, there is expected to be a 20% cut in
government grant. We have had to plan for a reduction of over 600 jobs, from Director level downwards, in
order to balance the books. This will involve changes to historic patterns of spending and levels of services to
accommodate new central government directives, e.g., the requirement to help elderly residents stay in their own
homes as an alternative to going into care. It has been estimated that the cost of this is more than £2 million more
than the Government estimates. This would mean an extra 1% on council tax to pay for a government initiative
that is currently not being centrally funded.

3. Local residents are still very apprehensive about the Local Development Framework, the draft site allocations
proposed, and particularly where sites for travellers will be placed. I continue to work very closely with all local
representatives and will support the local community as much as I can on this very sensitive subject.

4. Although the proposed mega-composting site between Fenny Drayton and Higham-on-the-Hill has twice
been refused, the applicant has until 24th May to lodge an appeal. He has made Freedom of Information requests
to the County Council regarding data on other composting sites and may well exercise his right of appeal. I am
therefore very pleased that David Tredinnick has been re-elected as the M.P. , as he has a proven track record in
opposing this unwanted development. I am also very grateful for the massive public support that has twice
opposed this planning application.

5. Finally I was re-appointed as the Cabinet Lead Member for Children and Young People's Services after the
County Council elections last year. What most people do not realise is that this is the only local government
appointment where the role and responsibility is defined by an Act of Parliament, and where the appointed
councillor is subject to government inspection. For Leicestershire it means taking political responsibility and
accountability for 135,000 children and young people with an annual budget of just over £500 million to deliver
the 'Every Child Matters' agenda. Our last evaluation was that we were 'Good with outstanding features'.
However not every aspect is positive, particularly with reference to the recent court case over the abused baby.
This has caused me a great deal of personal anxiety, as safeguarding and wellbeing for children and young
people is my primary responsibility.

b) Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council:

Cllr M Aldridge reported that H&BBC had agreed to fund the Christmas lights in Market Bosworth for the next
three years. There were no current issues in Carlton, but she was always happy to hear from parishioners and
investigate problems.

c) Leicestershire Constabulary

PC A Botting had kindly stood in for PBO D Riley, and reported that 5 crimes had been reported in the past 12
months: 3 theft from Motor Vehicle in Main St; 1 damage in Congerstone Road; 1 fraud. The latter offence had
been committed in Hinckley, but on a resident of Main St.

14. Proposed installation of a defibrillator in the Village Information Kiosk

Mr N Axelrad explained that defibrillators were used to arrest ventricular fibrillation in the event of a heart
attack. The response time was critical because the equipment had to be used within 4-5 minutes of the attack.
New equipment was now available which could safely be used by anyone, and could be kept in a secure box with
a code-operated lock at an initial capital cost of about £1,700. In an emergency, the ambulance service would
give the location and access code for the defibrillator. An electrical supply was required to keep the equipment
warm and dry, with a small load of about 20W. Mr Axelrad proposed to organise volunteers and fundraising to
install, buy and maintain this equipment, but asked whether it could be installed in the Information Kiosk
because this was an easily accessible public place in the centre of the village.
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There were questions about the need for this equipment given the success of the CFR scheme, the limited access
time available, the low likely level of use, the cost, and the commitment of volunteers over a long period. Mr
Axelrad and Cllr Moseley spoke strongly in favour of the scheme and the level of local support for it, and
emphasised the social benefits of a community project of this kind.

It was agreed that in principle the PC would permit a defibrillator to be installed in the Information Kiosk, on
condition that a suitable electrical supply could be provided, and agreement reached on insurance and

15. Comments on planning applications submitted and applications determined

10/00018/FUL Alterations to Plots 2 & 3 of planning permission 06/00826/FUL. Approved with standard

08/00815/FUL. Construction of 12 dwellings, 83 Main St. It had been agreed that the new access drive be
     named Orton Close, and that the houses fronting Main St be numbered 83A, 83B, 83C, 85, 87A, 87B, 89.
     The existing dwellings on either side of the development were already numbered 81 and 91.

16. Correspondence

Parishes Forum would be held at H&BBC at 1830 hrs on 17 th June. It was resolved that a question be tabled
     about the local impact of the use of canal boats as permanent residential dwellings.
It was resolved that additional material be circulated.

17. Report of meeting attended

The Clerk had represented the PC at the annual LCC / PC Conference at County Hall on 11 th May.
Documentation from the meeting would be circulated, and information on grant schemes would be passed to
parishioners who might be interested.

Senior Officers had described the plans being made by LCC for savings and service reductions over the next four
years. It was clear that major cuts would be necessary in the short term, and that local government funding
would be severely constrained for 20 years or more. Non-statutory services would be cut, and other services
severely reduced. In view of these predictions, the Clerk considered that the PC would be wise to base any plans
for future capital projects on its own resources, and not to build in any assumptions of outside funding.
Efficiency savings were being actively sought, and partnership working with DCs, PCs and voluntary
organisations would increase.

The CFG had received favourable mention in a workshop on public footpaths; other PCs had described projects
with young people which had improved community relationships and involvement; and the performance of LCC
Highways in the severe winter had been reviewed. New initiatives had been described – for example the
extended fault reporting services, the Roadline system, and a new database giving details of local grass cutting

18. Review of inventories of property and documents

The inventory had been checked by the Chairman, and it was resolved that the signed inventory be appended to
the top copy of the minutes.

19. Annual report on the condition of Parish Council property

A written report had been copied to Councillors before the meeting. It was resolved that the report be approved
and included in the minutes.

a) Carlton Green

West Green: Additional land fronting Glebe Farm acquired 2009, edges to be kerbed and land to be drained,
            levelled, cultivated and grassed 2010. Private drive to Stud Farm to be resurfaced by residents.
            Damage at north corner from turning vehicles should be controlled when new kerbing is installed.
            Planted bluebells well established.
East Green: Damage next to drive to 3-9 Main St caused by residents and visitors and by lorries turning.
            Violets have seeded into the grass and are spreading.
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b) Little Lane

Footpath well used; mowing successful and appreciated by parishioners. New hedge planted along E side 2009
and responsibility of landowner; building and brick wall along southern part of E side complete, adjacent ground
restored and tress planted (2 rowan, 2 crab apple) – bramble control will be required in 2010. South end of path
will need re-levelling when kerbing has been laid. Re-siting of Millenium sign and installation of seat to be
considered. Geocache installed December 2007 is maintained by volunteers and continues to attract visitors.

c) Cemetery

One grave requires levelling up.

d) Churchyard

Overflow pipe for water butt to be installed. Back of retaining wall along Main St to be exposed to allow
examination of pointing to see whether repair is necessary. Bird boxes installed 2005; three from trees awaiting
repair; those in trees used in 2008.

Trees reviewed and management works carried out in autumn 2008. Coppiced yews both growing back and
healthy. Large cedar and conifer trees removed in autumn 2009 and stumps levelled. Conversion of large holly
bush to standard tree has enabled brambles to be controlled – similar work now required on shrubs next to Stone
House Farm. Existing drains at east end of church building to be investigated. 2 memorial yew trees killed by
waterlogging to be replaced. Horse chestnut tree inspected 2008; next inspection due in May 2010 when in

e) Bus shelters

Both shelters creosoted October 2008 and in good condition. Barton Rd shelter roof re-felted November 2008.

f) Parish Information Kiosk

British Telecom K6 telephone kiosk acquired 2009; work in hand to refurbish as Parish Information Kiosk.

g) Parish seats and benches

Steel seats on E Green and in churchyard last painted 1998 and need repainting. Seat at E end of Main St
damaged by mower and rail replaced Mar 2008; now in good condition and slabs laid at each end to keep mower
further away; wood varnished July 2008. Rustic wooden bench seats at Harry's Grave and in Little Lane need
treating with preservative.

h) Parish notice board

Renewed in 1989; repainted 2003; in reasonable condition.

i) Parish Council's gates and stiles

Kissing gate at NE corner churchyard in good condition. Steel kissing gate at S end cemetery path in excellent
condition; wooden kissing gate at N end Little Lane in good condition.

j) Parish mile post

Old repair cracking and showing rust; parishioner had volunteered to examine and weld if appropriate, but work
still not carried out.

k) Millennium avenues

The condition of the Millennium Trees was reviewed in May 2008 (p.1208-9/14j), and before that in June 2003
(p.901/2g). 2 hedgerow trees on Nailstone Rd crown raised May 2010 to avoid highway obstruction.

l) Millennium notice board

Installed on verge at N end Shackerstone Walk in Feb 2000; in good condition. Overhanging hedge cut back
2009; siting to be reviewed 2010/11.
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m) Jubilee sign

Installed on highway verge under licence agreement with LCC on 25th May 2002; unveiled 3rd June 2002. In
excellent condition.

n) Statement of fixed assets

At 31st March 2010 the following assets were held:
             Carlton Green                                                      £       1
             Little Lane                                                        £       1
             Cemetery land in use                                               £       1
             Cemetery field                                                     £    4000
             One Millennium noticeboard                                         £    1500
             One Parish Information Kiosk                                       £    1000
             Office equipment and computer                                      £    1000
             One cast iron/wooden slat bench                                    £     500
             Street furniture: Two bus shelters
                               Two cast iron/steel slat benches
                               One Jubilee sign
                               Value of street furniture (index linked)           £ 10917 i
             TOTAL                                                                £ 18920
             The basis of valuation is indicated by the superscript codes above: n = nominal;
             m = estimated market value; i = insured value; r = estimated replacement cost.

o) Statement of tenancies

That part of the Cemetery Field which was not in use for burials was rented on an annual agreement
for £1.00 pa plus the cutting of the boundary hedges.

20. Annual report on the condition of memorials in the churchyard and cemetery

The memorials had been checked by the Clerk on 30 th April and his written report copied to Councillors before
the meeting. Work was required to one granite plinth-type memorial. It was resolved that the signed report be
appended to the top copy of the minutes.

21. Financial matters
a) Statements of account
         HSBC Community account
                 14.4     Brought forward                                  +     261.50
                 20.4     Signs for Information Kiosk                      -      80.00
                  7.5     VAT refund                                       +     163.94
                 12.5     Balance                                          +     345.44

          HSBC Business Money Manager account
               14.4         Balance                                        +    8139.98

          Standard Life Business account
                14.4          Balance                                      +   29271.91

b) Statements of earmarked funds

          Keep Carlton Tidy Group               13.5     Brought forward                    +     159.53

          Parish Paths Partnership Fund         13.1     Brought forward                    +     180.21

          Parish Amenities Fund                 10.3     Brought forward                    +   1610.97

b) Summary statements of earmarked funds and s137 expenditure for the financial year ending 31st
March 2010

Summary statements of earmarked funds and s137 expenditure were reported from the R&P account book. It
was resolved that these statements be approved and included in the minutes.

              i) Parish Amenities Fund                                                £
                        Balance brought forward                                 1865.57
                                                                                                         Page 1321

                         Total receipts                                          267.95
                         Total payments                                          522.55
                         Balance carried forward                                1610.97

              ii) Parish Paths Partnership Fund                                       £
                        Balance brought forward                                  218.51
                        Total receipts                                             0.00
                        Total payments                                            38.30
                        Balance carried forward                                  180.21

              iii) Keep Carlton Tidy Group Fund                                       £
                        Balance brought forward                                  177.58
                        Total receipts                                             0.00
                        Total payments                                            18.05
                        Balance carried forward                                  159.53

              iv) Section 137 expenditure

                         There were 243 registered electors in the Parish on 1st April 2009. The limit
                         on expenditure under section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 for
                         Carlton Parish Council for the 2009-2010 financial year at £6.15 per elector
                         was therefore £1494.45.

                         Payments made under this section
                         Electricity supply for Parish Information Kiosk           6.85
                         Printing Carlton News                                   159.60
                         Donation to Community First Responder Scheme            100.00
                         Total                                                   266.45

c) Annual external audit return for the financial year ending 31st March 2010

The Annual Audit Return had been completed and checked by the Chairman, and approved and signed by the
Internal Auditor. It was resolved that the Statement of Accounts and the Annual Governance Statement be
approved and they were signed by the Chairman and Responsible Financial Officer.

d) Review insurance cover and renewal of policy

It was resolved that the current insurance policy with Came & Co be renewed without modification for a period
of three years at a premium of £397.62 for 2010-11.

22. Health and safety matters, items for report and questions and comments from the floor
a) Health & safety matters

There were none.

b) Items for report and questions and comments from the floor

The Clerk reported that the copy of the Land Certificate had been deposited at Flavell’s (p.1307/2b refers).
There had been two envelopes of documents filed under reference codes CA169 and CA173, and these had been
combined into one envelope with reference CA173.

Village streets had been swept on 28th April.

A damaged stile on footpath S69 had been replaced by a new galvanised kissing gate.

The Clerk was very pleased to report that following site meetings and discussions with the seven landowners,
site plans for the diversion of parts of public footpaths S87, S69 and S90, and the creation of an extension of
footpath S90 to connect with S68 had been agreed. The application form had been signed on behalf of
Shackerstone PC and Carlton PC, and submitted to the Highway Authority (p.1286/3e, 1281/3c refer). The
statutory process, including public consultation, would now begin. If this Order was approved, there were plans
to replace all the stiles on footpath S69 between Carlton and Barton with kissing gates: this had been agreed by
the landowner. It was agreed that guided walks and some kind of celebration be arranged when the works were
                                                                                                  Page 1322

23. Date, time and place of the next meeting

It was resolved that the next meeting be held at 1930 hrs on Wednesday 9th June 2010 in Saint Andrews
Church, Main Street, Carlton.

The meeting closed at 2120 hrs.

Signed       _____________________          Date    __________________

Abbreviations used in these minutes

      CFG           Carlton Footpath Group
      H&BBC         Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council
      KCTG          Keep Carlton Tidy Group
      LCC           Leicestershire County Council
      PAF           Parish Amenities Fund
      PC            Parish Council
                                                                                                                                     Page 1323
Inventory of Parish property and responsibilities
a) Land
i)     Cemetery. Wholly owned by PC; 1/3 consecrated; remainder let for grazing on peppercorn rental agreement.
              Disconnected concrete water trough next to S hedge. PC has right of vehicular access through Churchyard
              if necessary.
ii)    Little Lane. Application for possessory title by PC refused 2005. Ownerless land managed as a public
              open space and nature reserve under s10 of the Open Spaces Act 1906. Public footpath S75 runs
              through this field; defined by dedication 2008. Hedgerows on E and W sides are each the responsibility of
              the adjacent landowners.
iii)   Carlton Green. Registered as a village green on 18 Nov 1991. Land has no known owner; PC took
              possession on 31 January 1991. Additional land fronting Glebe Farm acquired 2009; to be kerbed,
              cultivated and dedicated as Village Green 2010.
iv)    Saint Andrews Churchyard. Owned by Diocese of Leicester and closed for burials by an Order in Council
              made on 21 October 1987 and confirmed on 17 February 1988. The PC is responsible for the maintenance of this land under
              s215 of the Local Government Act 1972; neighbour is responsible for fence along east boundary. Chestnut tree subject to
              regular inspection;
              reports copied to insurers (latest 2008).
b) Buildings
i)     Two bus shelters of lapped timber construction on E & W sides of Barton Road.
ii)    Parish Information Kiosk on highway at NW corner of churchyard. Acquired from BT 2009.
c) Street furniture
i)    Seat of cast iron / timber construction at E end of Main Street on S side.
ii)   Seats of cast iron / steel construction in SE corner of churchyard and E end of Carlton Green.
iii)  Rustic benches made of lengths of telegraph pole and plank at Harry's Grave on Nailstone Road and N end of Little Lane.
             Latter includes geocache.
iv)   Wooden kissing gate at NE corner of churchyard; galvanised steel kissing gate at SE corner of cemetery.
v)    Wooden kissing gate at N end Little Lane.
vi)   Victorian cast iron mile post on parish boundary at S end of Bosworth Road, restored and installed 1995; designated a Grade II listed
             building in 1997.
vii) Millennium notice board at south end of Little Lane; erected 2000.
viii) Jubilee sign on highway verge opposite The Gate; erected 2002.
d) Chattels
i)     Two brown and cream two-drawer filing cabinets in use by Clerk.
ii)    Computer, flat screen and scanner/copier in use by Clerk.
iii)   Three strings of fairy lights; 2 stored by Clerk and available for loan free of charge; 1 stored at 1 Main St for use on Christmas tree.
e) Registers and documents
i)    Signed top copies of Parish Council minutes for previous calendar year.
ii)   Copies of Parish Council minutes 1951 - present.
iii)  Current receipts and payments account book: 1996-97 financial year to present.
iv)   Copies of receipts and payments account books 1962-63 to 1995-96.
v)    Certified accounts: 1996-97 financial year to present.
vi)   Peppercorn rental agreement for Cemetery Field.
vii)  Books:        Local Council Administration, 6th, 7th & 8th editions. C Arnold-Baker.
                    Davies' Law of Burial, Cremation & Exhumation, 6th Ed. D A Smale.
                    Parish, Town & Community Councils, H W Clarke, 1991.
                    CIPFA Accounting Guidance Notes for Local Councils, 1996.
                    NALC Governance & Accountability - Practitioner's Guide 2002 (held by Internal Auditor).
                    Clerk's Manual. Society of Local Council Clerks.
                    Local Council Clerk's Guide, P Clayden, 2001.
viii) District War Plan; Home Defence Manual; Emergency Information File.
ix)   Bank books and statements for HSBC Treasurer & Business; Standard Life Business accounts.
x)    Petty cash receipt book.
xi)   Cemetery: Register of Graves & Burials; receipt book; Grants of Exclusive Right of Burial; Register of Monuments; certified copy of
             land certificate; copy of access licence; copy of letter from neighbour accepting responsibility for future maintenance of E
             boundary fence; schedule of documents stored by Flavells at Hinckley Office.
xii) Carlton Green: copy application for registration; copies statutory declarations supporting application; copy letter confirming
             registration; copy of entries in Register of Village Greens; copy 2009 land registration certificate for extra land.
xiii) Little Lane. Copy Dedication Order for public footpath S75; copy Definitive Map Modification Order.
xiv) Registers of Member's Interests and Gifts & Hospitality.

Registers and documents checked by: ______W R Sharp_______________Date:____5.5.2010_____
                                                                                                         Page 1324
Condition of memorials in the churchyard and cemetery: annual report 2010

The condition of all memorials in the churchyard and cemetery is checked visually, and the stability of every
memorial is tested manually by being given a firm push. A written and signed report is presented to the Annual
Meeting (p.753/14).

a) Churchyard N of church: west side of path

Townson family grave. Cross on plinth, 1.8m high on double kerbed grave; leaning slightly but solid.
1 slate headstone: James Oldacres d 1933, 1.44m; stable.
1 granite plinth: G D Jarvis 1973, parents and brother; inscription added and refurbished 2009: solid.

b) Churchyard N of church: east side of path

5 kerbed graves. Soil is eroding from beneath two double kerbed graves alongside the path.
3 slate headstones: Clara Hollis d 1894,1.38m; Thomas Colllinton d 1874,1.28m; Ann Godfrey 1873: all safe.
2 limestone slabs to Thomas & Clara Newbury; solid.
2 granite plinths: G Hollis 1964, solid; W & F Bream, solid.

c) Churchyard S of church: west side of line from centre window of the nave through copper beech and
   rowan trees to churchyard bank.

Broken slabs have been set upright in ground along wall of The Old Barn and are safe.

Rows 1 (west side) - 3: 9 tall slate headstones.
  James Oldacres d 1869. Tallest headstone on strong base. Leaning 15 o. Tested and stable.
Row 4: 2 limestone & marble headstones, 2 sandstone & marble headstones, 2 granite plinths.
  One inscription legible - Nevil Thompson d 1889. 1 sandstone is split, with top of memorial missing. 1
  limestone has broken off plinth and has been set in ground. All were stable and safe.
  Granite plinths to Alcock family, Annie & Nevil Thompson Alcock could both be pushed over.
Row 5: 6 slate headstones. All stable.
Row 6: 5 slate headstones. All stable.
Row 7: 4 slate headstones. All stable. Swithland slate slab to H Farmer 1794 has vertical split but is stable.

d) Churchyard S of church: east side of line as above

Row 8 (nearest copper beech): 2 granite plinths. K G Rogers 1998 could be wobbled.; F Johnson 1986 stable.
Row 9: Grundy Vault. Restored in 1993 and in good repair; railings cleaned and re-painted 2002.
  1 small slate headstone William Cheshire 1866; stable.
Row 10: 3 slate and 1 sandstone headstones - all stable; Iliff vault - restored c.1995 and in good repair.
  Rails repainted 2002, one cap missing. Safe.
Row 11: 7 slate, 1 limestone, 1 sandstone headstone – top of cross split off, probably due to severe frosts.
  Limestone off plinth but set in grass – moves but could not be pushed over. John Jesson 1861 solid.

e) Cemetery block 1: plots 1-42

16 granite plinths; 1 slate plinth; 3 sandstone plinths, 2 wooden crosses.
   Frederick Dobson d 1990. Tallest memorial - granite plinth 0.93m tall - stable.
   5 granite plinths could be tipped over easily - D & A M Hunt; A L & B Liddington; D & FWN Jones 1994;
           R Johnson 1976 – but were not tall enough to cause serious injury.
   J C C Gravell 1999 had tilted further since 2008 and needs levelling.
   J D Wiseman 1999 sandstone plinth was wobbly and looser than 2008, but still safe.
           All other memorials stable and in good repair.

f) Cemetery block 2: plots 48-95

Half of plot brought into use 2003. 2 granite plinths, 1 granite monolith; 1 wooden cross.
   C W Bream could be tipped over if deliberately pushed hard, but could safely be leaned on and was safe.

The above checks were carried out on 30th April 2010 after a period of dry spring weather. There had been hard
frosts (-15oC) the previous winter.

Condition of memorials checked by:              C J Peat           on date:         30/4/2010