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					 February 2005

                                     Principals’ Pen
                              A Parent Welcome to “PowerSchool”

                       PowerSchool is a piece of software that the Middlebury School
Corporation uses for student grades and attendance. For the first time, we are providing
parents and guardians of students in grades six thru twelve an opportunity to view their
child’s grades and attendance via the school corporation’s PowerSchool website.

   Middle School Parent Web Access To Student Grades Begins: February 22, 2005.

Parents/ Guardians must obtain a PowerSchool username and password to access their
student’s grades and attendance. A parent/ guardian must come to school in person to
obtain the username and password. We will not provide anyone passwords over the
telephone or send them home with a child. We apologize for requiring a parent to do this in
person, but the student records are both personal and confidential.

The middle school will offer a parent/ guardian Power School workshop on

                       Tuesday, March 8, 2005             5:00 – 7:00 p.m.
                       Thursday, March 10, 2005           5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Please use the sign-up sheet in the office or telephone the middle school at 825-9531 to
participate in a PowerSchool workshop.


                                        March 17, 2005
                                        4:00 – 8:00 pm
Heritage Middle School and the high school will host spring parent/teacher conferences on March 17.
This conferencing will be offered by teacher invitation only to the parents of students who are not
performing up to expectations.
The criteria for the invitation to attend the spring conferences have been prioritized. This has been
done because the spring conferencing time span is much shorter than the fall conference dates when
we try to meet with all parents.

The criteria for determining the priority for parent conference invitations is as follows:


       a. the academic areas
       b. regular attendance at school and/or
       c. behavior at school

As always, if a parent or legal guardian has reason to request to meet with a member of the
instructional staff they may do so by contacting any member of the instructional team for an
appointment. The instructional team’s schedule is designed to have all members available to each
other and parents at the same time each school day.

Letters of invitation for parent conferences will be mailed on March 2, 2005. Confirmation of
conference appointments with the instructional teams will occur on March 9, 2005. The parent
conferences will occur on March 17, 2005 within a classroom rather than within the cafeteria.

                       Early Release March 18, 2005
                       12:00 p.m. No Lunch Served

                         No School March 25, 2005

                               SPRING BREAK April 4 – 8, 2005

                                                 EARLY RELEASE FOR STUDENTS
                                                      FRIDAY, MAY 5, 2005
                                               STUDENTS WILL BE DISMISSED AT 1:05
                                                    LUNCH WILL BE SERVED

                               WILL BE TUESDAY MAY 31, 2005

Please pay all textbook rental in full by check or money order to the HMS office no later than
February 28, 2005. Please put the name and grade of the student on the bottom of your check.
The amounts are as follows:

                 GR. 6:         Students NOT in Choir               $115.18
                                Students IN Choir                   $122.33

                 GR. 7:         Students NOT in Choir               $120.90
                                Students IN Choir                   $126.40

                 GR. 8:         All Students                         $122.10

      All textbook rental amounts still owed after Feb. 28 will be turned over to the Middlebury
      Community Schools administration office at 57853 Northridge Drive, Middlebury IN
      46540 for collection. If you have any questions, please contact the bookkeeper at HMS
      at 825-9531. Thank you.

   Any parent/ guardian making a teacher-scheduling request for the 2005-2006 school year,
   needs to send it to the attention of the building principal. The request must be in writing,
  stating the rationale for the request, and signed by the parent or guardian. These requests
                         must be submitted on or before March 4, 2005.
                                              Career Morning
Tuesday, March 1 the guidance department will sponsor Career Morning for the 8th graders. Fifteen area
professionals have been invited to talk with students about their jobs. Speakers will talk about the following
careers: photographer, broadcaster, lawyer, police officer, teacher, interior decorator, computer programmer,
beautician, architect, veterinarian, paramedic, pilot, administrative assistant, construction worker, and medical

The 8th graders will choose 6 jobs that they would like to learn more about. Students will be scheduled to hear 3
of their 6 choices. Eighth grade teachers will host the career speakers in their classrooms and students will
travel from room to room for three
 20-minute sessions.

Ask your 8th grader to tell you about Career Morning. It’s never too early to start planning for the world of

                                 21 Century Scholars
Twenty-first Century Scholars is Indiana’s National Early Intervention Scholarship and Partnership Program.
Eligible students who enroll in the program must keep a pledge to do the following: graduate from an Indiana
high school; maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average in high school; remain drug, alcohol, and crime free;
and apply for college admission and financial aid. In return, high school graduates will receive a tuition
scholarship for use at eligible Indiana post-secondary institutions, renewable for up to eight semesters.

Seventh and eighth graders may apply for this program if they are eligible for the federal school lunch program
or Indiana’s textbook assistance program. Heritage students who receive free or reduced lunch or textbook
assistance have already received a letter from former Governor Kernan inviting them to apply for the 21st
Century Scholars Program. If you qualify for the federal school lunch program or Indiana’s textbook assistance
program, but are not currently using this assistance, your 7th or 8th grader still qualifies for the 21st Century
Program. Please contact the guidance office if you want additional information.
The VIP program at HMS recognizes good citizenship qualities. Ten students will be selected from each grade
level. Each quarter, VIPs will be honored with a Middlebury Dairy Queen luncheon. Present will be a speaker
from the community. The students will receive a photo magnet, certificate and bumper sticker provided by
American Legion Post #210 in Middlebury.
VIP CRITERIA: They help and care for others, take care of school responsibilities (grades, detentions, over
due books, etc.) in a positive way, display leadership.
 They are actively involved in school, have good attendance, pleasant personality, respect authority and other
students’ rights and property.

The featured speaker for the second quarter was Mari Bowers of Middlebury. The luncheon was held on
December 7, 2004 in the Art room. The students selected for the second quarter were:

6th Grade: Megan Bontrager, Kelsi Bowman, Matt Cooper, Luke Davis, Sarah De Wyse, Yuliya Dzhus,
Andrew Hunsberger, Kaitlyn Kershner, Joey Salee and Stephanie Yoder.

7th Grade: Monica Briano, Alisha Christner, Dan Christner, Austin Foust, Alena Kabardina, Amy Lyles, Taylor
Purviance, Angie Shrock, Makiah Stinnett and Jeff Yoder.

8th Grade: Melinda Bontrager, Kim Borntrager, Olivia Downing, Sierra Garber, Alexandria Hostetler, Kim
Kershner, Landon Miller, Bethany Ryder, Ethan Tibbs and Joel Unzicker.

Congratulations for these students!

Heritage Middle School
                     Science Fair
                     News Release

It was another outstanding year at the Heritage Middle School Science                           Fair. Held on
Wednesday, February 2, 2005. There were approximately 226 seventh and eighth grade participants in this
year’s fair and the quality of the exhibits was outstanding. With exceptional projects judges had a hard time
picking the Champions. Nevertheless the judges found the following the best of the fair.

8th grade GRAND CHAMPION: Austin Kesler, 13, son of Rick and Beth Kesler, Goshen.

8th grade RESERVE CHAMPION: Ethan Tibbs, 14, son of Patrick and Michele Tibbs,
7th grade GRAND CHAMPION: Lara Golebiewski, 12, daughter of Tina and Ed Golebiewski,

7th grade RESERVE CHAMPION: Jori Yoder, 13, daughter of Jeffrey and Ronda Yoder,
Bristol and Jared and Patti Smith, Goshen

Honorable Mentions: Brandan Lewallen, Kyle Diamond and Ryan Snyder

ALTERNATES: Allie Pladson, Kim Kershner, Brandy Wagner and Geoff Ong.

These students will be participating at the Regional Science Fair on the Notre Dame campus,
March 19, 2005. This Fair is open to the public at 1:00 p.m. Notre Dame also hosts an awards
ceremony at 3:30 p.m.

The Heritage Science Department would like to express a big thank you to the judges and
assistant for their time and effort. We would especially like to thank Teachers Credit Union
for their financial support allowing the students an opportunity to be recognized. An
additional gratitude to all the parents that gave a helping hand to their students or gave
encouraging support to help their students successfully complete their science fair project.
Finally we would like to thank the students for their time and effort for the terrific fair. Thank
you for a great Science Fair.

After two weather-related postponements, the HMS Spelling Bee finally took place Tuesday, January 18, 2005.
Twenty-four students from all three grade levels competed for the top honor and the opportunity to represent
Heritage at the county level. Eighth grade student Andrew Albert will vie for the county prize on February 8, at
Goshen Middle School. Collin Ouimet, seventh grade, was runner-up, while eighth grader Dakota Miller and
seventh grader Dylan Pieri tied for third in a closely fought race. Andrew successfully spelled absolution after
Collin stumbled over susceptible.

Particpating sixth grade students were Kevin Cockburn, Brian Deak, Sarah Griffin, David Long, Kaitlyn
Molnar, Michael Prough, Katie Reed, and Tori Roberts. Seventh grade contestants included Arely Cortes,
Heather Mast, Wes Morgan, Geoff Ong, Collin Ouimet, Dylan Pieri, and Justin Yoder. Eighth grade spellers
were Andrew Albert, Lauren Cammenga, Robert Dell, Kelsey Franks, Katie Griffin, Dakota Miller, Jon
Raimann, Kyle Thorne, and Zach Zehr.
                       HMS Student Wins County Spelling Bee
Eighth grade HMS Spelling Bee winner Andrew Albert won the Elkhart County Spelling Bee Tuesday,
February 8, at Goshen Middle School. After over forty other contestants were eliminated, Andrew went toe to
toe for twelve rounds with the Fairfield participant before correctly spelling the opponent’s missed word,
blitzkrieg, then spelling furlough for the title. He will travel to Ft. Wayne in March to compete at the regional
level. We congratulate Andrew and his parents, Neal and Nadine Albert of Middlebury.

Although Heritage has been well represented at the county level, Andrew is the first HMS student to win the
title since Carol Mann in 1980. Laura Sharp (1998) and Melissa Pettigrew (1999) walked away with runner-up
status when they competed.

Even though it’s still cold outside, our hearts have been warmed by some generous
donations from area business. Jayco has offered to make us 8 new beanbag chairs for our
reading area, and Wal-Mart donated $25 that we used to purchase material to make some
curtains. Big C Lumber will be donating the lumber we need for Dale Miller to finish some
bookcases in the library, so things are starting to come together.

Our books-on-tape program has taken off with over 40 students participating so far. We will
have 30 more cassette players available as soon as we get our rechargeable batteries; so if
you feel your child would benefit by using our audio tapes while reading their books, please
let us know. It has been proven that this can help students increase their reading
comprehension as well as fluency and can help your child if they are struggling to get their
AR points.

We are currently running a Young Hoosier Book “Mad Gab” contest to get ready for “Battle
of the Books” coming in March. Students and staff try to come up with all 20 of the Young
Hoosier book titles, which have been changed into “Mad Gabs” for the game. Have you
ever heard of “Tie Girl Rice Seen” or “Row Me At Tan Who Leo?” Students are forming teams
now for our competition next month. Each tem member need only read five of the Young
Hoosier books to qualify, and we’ll have a Krispy Kreme donut party for all those who
participate and fantastic prizes for the winners.

Our Beyond Goosebumps book club had fun this month with Mr. Lord leading the discussion
on the Cirque Du Freak series by Darren Shan. Spine Crackers will be taking a look at Tamora
Pierce and T.A. Barron fantasy book series, and Sandals and Sagas are reading The Steps by
Rachel Cohn. Any student is welcome to attend, and we meet right after school in the
library for an hour (usually on Mondays). See Mrs. Schmidt if you have any questions.
Our library is in need of a volunteer to help repair books. We are hoping to have someone
willing to come in at least once a week, and no experience is necessary. Please call Mrs.
Alwine in the library (825-9531) if you are interested.

I don’t know about you, but I sure hope spring is just around the corner. Until then, you might
get warmed up by reading one or both books; Lord of the Deep or Following the Fake Man,
as both as these Young Hoosier books take place during the summer.

Eight Grade Girls “A” Basketball Team

The 8th grade girls A team just got the season rolling.                        It’s been a little
bit of a rocky start, but things are looking good on the                       horizon. We are
currently 1-3 with our first victory against Concord                           this past
Tuesday. There are 10 girls on the team and they are coming into the season very well
prepared. Many of them have taken the time to play in leagues and camps in the “off-season.”
Along with the game experience many of them bring well developed individual skills into the
group. We’re working on meshing all these skills together for a strong team. Tonight we’ll be
traveling to John Young and looking for a second victory. We’d like to thank a number of boys
that have helped us out with taking stats and we look forward to a chance to scrimmage them in
practice. The girls on the A team are:

Samantha Forester
Alex Hostetler
Brianna Houghton
Leah Meyer
Holly Miller
Mackenzie Pletcher
Tyann Schlabach
Chanel Wengerd
Mandy Yoder
Cortnie Yoder
Eight Grade Girls “B” Basketball Team

Members of the 8th grade “B” team are Samantha Thome, Brook Hodges, Lizzie Nielson, Hanna
Mercer, Sierra Garber, Brandi Nicholson, Christine Derr, Stephine Miller, and Lori Richardson.
After four games the Lady Knights are 1-3.
Losses to West Noble (19-11), Bethany Christian (27-12), Westview (23-16) were all very close
games!! The Lady Knights first victory of the season came against rival Concord (14-13). The
8th grade “B” team has improved tremendously on defense, and even has amazed their coach!! If
you get a chance to talk to the players ask them, “ Can you make a lay-up?” More exciting games
to come! A big THANK YOU to all the parents for their support!
Mark Gannon

                        Seventh Grade Boys Basketball
The Heritage 7th grade boys basketball team had a tough season this year. The A-team
finished 7-11 and the B-team finished 1-10. This was a tough season and the first in the newly
created Big 11 conference. Both teams showed great heart and worked hard all season. Coach
Lord and Coach Miller both liked the improvement they saw from all of the players as the
season progressed. The members of the 7th grade team were:

“A” Team:
A.J. Miller                                        Andrew Hooley
Jeff Yoder                                         Jake Chambers
Joey Anderson                                      Ryan Maloney
Jeff Eash                                          Jared Yoder
Craig Thomas                                       Markus Miller
Justin Yoder

“B” Team:
Michael Stalter                                    Collin Roberts
Skyler Mitchell                                    Austin Kent
Derek Cameron                                      Alec Herman
Jeremy Runge                                       Braxton Troyer
Cory Smith                                         Matt Diediker
                                                   Mike Miller
                                                   Chad Weldy

The manager for the teams was Nick Emmons.
                                      6th Grade Boys Basketball

                           Well, another action-packed basketball season ended as the 6th grade boy’s basketball
                           A and B teams each won their last game against Millersburg back in December. The
                           A team finished with a triumphant 4 and 2 record and the B team went undefeated!
                           Coach Borntrager and Stuckey are proud of both teams not only because of the hard
work and dedication that every team member put into the practices and games but also because of the teamwork
that occurred when any five boys were out on the court. These boys played with a lot of heart, and that is
something to be proud of. We look forward to watching many of these boys as they continue playing ball in
years to come. A big thanks goes out to the cheerleaders whose enthusiastic cheers made the boys feel like
heroes at our home games. Also, the coaches would like to sincerely thank all of the parents for showing their
support for their sons and the team as a whole.

                                                                   Coach Borntrager
                                                                   Coach Stuckey

Swim Coaches Mrs. Mounsithiraj and Miss Keith are getting ready for the fifth swim season
at Heritage. Tryouts will be held February 22, and there will be a mandatory informational
meeting February 23. Our first meet is March 8, so we’ll have just a bit more than a week of
practice. Any student will be able to participate if grade requirements are met, a physical
card is turned in, and they aren’t participating in girl’s basketball or wrestling. A swim
requirement of two lengths of the diving well will be expected. Team suits and Heritage
swim caps are required this year. Heritage swim caps will be available to purchase once
practices have started. We are anticipating an exciting season as we compete against area

Swim Team Schedule

3/8 Concord - Home
3/10 Elkart East - at Central
3/15 Goshen - at Goshen
3/22 Northwood - Home
3/28 Big 11 “A” Swim Finals - Home
3/29 Big 11 “B” Swim Finals – at Concord HS
                                NHS Phone-A-Thon
                                           Mark Your Calendar!
March 8-10 will be the Northridge Dollars for Scholars Phone-A-Thon. Last year the
response of the community funded thirty-two $750 scholarships. Fantastic! Can we
top that this year?? The Phone - A - Thon is a neat way for community citizens to
affirm their youth and to encourage them to continue to develop their skills and
knowledge. Like so many things, if everybody gives, big things will happen! Say "yes"
when you get the call March 8, 9, & 10. Thanks!

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