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Where does
your MP stand                     lobbying
on live export?
                                     For all caring Australians
                                     opposed to the cruelty of
                                     live animal export.

   How to arrange a meeting with your local MP
   Petition to end live exports
LOBBYING TOOLKIT // Meet your MP                                                                    LOBBYING TOOLKIT // Meet your MP

                                                                                                    Arranging Your Meeting //

                                                                                                    Find your MP                                                Follow up with a call
                                              It is easy for MPs to hide behind party policies      You can find contact details for your MP’s office with      Demonstrate how important getting a meeting is
                                              in written communication. A face to face              this link: www.BanLiveExport.com/mp                         to you by following up your letter with a phone
                                              meeting enables you to seek their personal                                                                        call. Simply confirm that they received your letter
                                              views and receive a direct response to your           Put it in writing                                           and tell them that you are looking forward to their

                                              request that they support legislation that will       Even if you call your MP’s office, they are likely to ask   response.
                                                                                                    you to put your request for a meeting in a letter, email
                                              see live export phased out over three years.          or fax. Your message doesn’t need to be long. Simply        Be persistent
                                              This is an eminently reasonable piece of              include:                                                    Sometimes securing a meeting with an MP can
                                              legislation that gives producers time to adjust       •	 who you are                                              take persistence. If you haven’t received a response
                                              their business focus.                                 •	 the fact you live in their electorate                    within 5 days of writing, then follow up with

                                                                                                    •	 what you wish to discuss: i.e. live export and the       another phone call. Ask to speak to their personal
                                                                                                         Bills to ban the trade                                 assistant or diary manager. And if at first your
                                              A personal meeting also provides the                  •	 that you request a meeting before August 18th            request is rejected, don’t give up. Every letter and
                                              opportunity to:                                            (the date set for the vote)                            phone call you make to try to secure a meeting is in
                                                 •		 learly	emphasise	your	concerns	and	
                                                   C                                                •	 who else, if anyone, will be attending the meeting       itself a reminder to them that people are concerned
                                                                                                         with you, and                                          about live export. By persisting and being friendly
                                                   views directly to your MP.                                                                                   and respectful, you’ve got a good chance of
      With the Bills to end live export to                                                          •	 your contact details for them to respond and
                                                 •		 et	the	record	straight	on	some	of	the	
                                                   S                                                     arrange the meeting.                                   securing a meeting.
   be voted on in Parliament on August
         18th, it is essential that elected        most common misconceptions about the
          representatives hear that their          live export trade (with a little help from the
    constituents want them to support a            enclosed fact sheets), and
 ban. The best way to leave a strong and         •		 o	provide	your	MP	with	investigation	
                                                                                                    Before Your Meeting //
   lasting impression with your MP is to           footage (details on how to get this              If you can - gather support: Local Petition                 Here are a few things that would be very helpful to know:
 meet with them personally to ask them             footage are below) to remind them what           There is no better way to show your MP that many            •	 which party they are in
              to support this legislation.         supporting live exports means for animals.       people in their electorate are concerned about live         •	 how to pronounce their name
                                                                                                    export than by starting a local petition calling on your    •	 how to address them (eg. Minister, Dr, Mr, Ms)
                                                                                                    MP to support the legislation. Even people signing          •	 how long they’ve been in Parliament
                                              We understand that meeting with your MP               from your own street will create an impression.             •	 whether they hold any position in Parliament
                                              might feel a bit daunting, but they are just          Enclosed in this pack is a petition that you can            •	 whether they are on any relevant committees, and
                                              ordinary people, whose responsibility it is to        photocopy and use to gather support. Already some           •	 whether they have stated a public position on live
                                              represent the views of their constituents in          300,000 Australians have signed petitions to ban live           export.
                                              their electorates. They know that they have           export. So many people in your community will be
                                                                                                    willing to sign.                                            Get footage to provide to your MP
                                              been voted in by people like you – and that                                                                       A picture speaks a thousand words, and when
                                              their future political career depends on the          Know your facts                                             confronted with footage of the brutal fate that awaits
                                              support of people like you – therefore they will      The enclosed fact sheet will give you a good                Australian animals in the live export industry, nobody
                                              want to listen to your concerns.                      background on live animal export. Don’t worry, you          can deny the cruelty. So having investigation footage
                                                                                                    don’t need to know everything! However, you will feel       to provide to your MP is an important way to remind
                                                                                                    more confident and get your message across better if        them about the urgent need to act on this issue. In
                                              This simple step-by-step guide will arm you           you have an understanding of the issue.                     your meeting you can ask your MP for their personal
                                              with all the information and tools you need to                                                                    commitment to watch this footage.
                                              have a productive meeting.                            There are a number of claims that the industry and
                                                                                                    some politicians commonly use to defend live export.        If you know how to burn a video file to a DVD, please
                                                                                                    The enclosed fact sheet will give you good answers to       use the below link to download footage from our
                                                                                                    address these points.                                       most recent investigations in Indonesia (March 2011)
                                                                                                                                                                and Kuwait (November 2010) to provide to your MP.
                                                                                                    Get to know your MP                                         www.banliveexport.com/lobbying-video
                                                                                                    To get the most out of your meeting it’s a good idea
                                                                                                    to do a little research on your MP. You can find out        If you would like a copy posted to you please phone
                                                                                                    information about your MP through their party’s             Animals	Australia	(03	9329	6333)	or	RSPCA	Australia	
                                                                                                    website, or they may even have their own site.              (02 6282 8300).
LOBBYING TOOLKIT // Meet your MP                                                                                          LOBBYING TOOLKIT // Meet your MP

At Your Meeting //                                                                                                        After Your Meeting //
Team up?                                                     more local support you can show for your position,           Follow up                                                 Time to Lobby Your Senators
If you have friends in your electorate who also feel         the greater the impact your meeting will have.               Send a follow up email/letter to your MP, thanking        So you’ve met with your MP and are wondering how
passionately about live export, then you might like                                                                       them for the meeting. Outline your key message            else to support the campaign? MPs are not the only
to invite them to come with you. A group of roughly          Get a commitment                                             again, include any further information you promised       politicians who will have a say in whether the Bills get
2 to 4 people is ideal – but it is also absolutely fine if   You want your MP to go away from the meeting                 to send to them and tell them that you look forward       passed. The animals also need the support of Senators
you want to attend this meeting on your own. You             thinking about live export, and not to put it out of         to hearing from them once they’ve watched the             if they are to have hope for a kinder future.
will just need to advise your MP’s office in advance of      mind. So as you’re finishing the conversation provide        investigation footage.
all those attending the meeting.                             them with your DVD of investigation footage and ask                                                                    The below link will help you find Senators in your
                                                             them to guarantee that they will watch this footage          Tell us how you went                                      state, so that you can send an email, write a letter, and
First impressions count                                      and get back to you to offer their honest personal           We would love to hear how you went! If you were able      phone their office urging them to support the Bills to
First impressions can make all the difference to how         response to what they have watched.                          to find out your MP’s personal position on live export,   ban live export: www.BanLiveExport.com/senators
well your message is received. When you first meet                                                                        please let us know. We’d also welcome any other
your MP, introduce yourself and thank them for their         Key issues and questions to cover                            feedback or impressions on the experience and the         If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call
time. Speak clearly and keep good eye contact. While         •	   Live export is a cruel trade. We can never justify      tools we’ve provided. Please send any feedback to:        Animals	Australia	(03	9329	6333)or	RSPCA	Australia	
your passion for the cause will help convey your                  providing animals to countries where there are          feedback@banliveexport.com                                (02 6282 8300).
concern and leave a lasting impression, remember to               no laws to protect them from cruelty.
balance that passion with a polite manner.                   •	   I know your party’s policy on live export, but I        If you’ve made it through these steps and met with
                                                                  want to know: What is your personal position on         your MP, then we’d like to extend a big “Thank You”.
Have a clear message                                              live export?                                            You have provided a strong voice for animals.
Before going into the meeting with your MP, make             •	   Australians and your own constituents
sure you are clear on the key message/questions                   overwhelmingly want live export to end - will you
you want to get across. In the lead up to voting on               be supporting the Bill to end live export which
the Bills it is important for politicians to know their           very reasonably allow for a phase out over 3
electorate wants them to support a ban on live                    years?
export.                                                      •	   If the answer is ‘no’. Ask them why, as your
                                                                  political representative, they won’t be honestly
The all important question                                        reflecting the position of their constituents on
While both major parties in Australia support live                this issue.
export, the personal opinions of politicians within          •	   Last year, there was further evidence of terrible
these parties varies greatly. Ask your MP how they                cruelty to Australian sheep documented in
feel about animal cruelty. It is highly likely that they          Kuwait.	Can	you	guarantee	that	our	animals	will	
will say that they abhor it. Then ask your MP for their           be protected this year?
personal position on live export and whether they            •	   Can	you	guarantee	that	no	further	Australian	
will support the Bills to ban live export – a trade               cattle will be subjected to brutal treatment in
that is condemned by every animal welfare group                   Indonesia?
internationally for causing unnecessary suffering. The       •	   Reiterate again (if required) your request for
most important part of this meeting is to establish               your MP to rethink their position – and support
their personal position (not just party lines). If they           the legislation to ban live export as there will be
state that they won’t support the Bill – ask them                 immense disappointment in the electorate if they
whether they will change their mind if they become                fail to do so.
aware that the majority of their electorate wants            •	   Provide your MP with investigation footage and
them to, so that they are accurately representing the
views of their constituents.
                                                                  ask for their guarantee that they will watch it prior
                                                                  to voting on the Bills to ban live export.               When meeting with your
Highlight the benefits of supporting a ban                   Leave a positive impression
Offer compelling reasons for why they should
support an end to the trade. Highlight the fact the
                                                             At the end of your meeting – regardless of how it
                                                             went – thank your MP once again for taking the time
                                                                                                                           MP lead the conversation and
community is appalled by this cruel trade and tell           to see you; ask for the business cards of any advisors
them that their constituents will support them for
taking a stand against animal cruelty. If you have
                                                             present; and re-emphasise the key point to your MP
                                                             that when the Bills come to a vote, Australians are           know the facts
gathered signatures - use your local petition to             counting on MPs to honestly reflect their concerns
emphasise the fact that locals support a ban. The            and support an end to live export.
LOBBYING TOOLKIT // The facts                                                                                      LOBBYING TOOLKIT // The myths

live animal export                                                                                                 Live exports underpin                   provided relating to sheep, which     price. The high Australian dollar
                                                                                                                   10,000 jobs in the rural                are being vigorously opposed by       and slump in Japanese demand for
                                                                                                                                                           animal protection groups and the      beef are both key factors affecting
                                                                                                                   sector //
                                                                                                                                                           Australian	Meat	Industry	Council.	    beef prices at the moment. The

the issues                                                                                                         This is incorrect. The vast majority
                                                                                                                   of these jobs – producers, truck
                                                                                                                   drivers, stockmen etc. would
                                                                                                                                                                                                 reality is that Australian producers
                                                                                                                                                                                                 have been receiving premium
                                                                                                                                                                                                 prices for their livestock over the
                                                                                                                   remain if animals were processed        Importing countries want              last year regardless of live export.
                                                                                                                   in local facilities. The only jobs      live animals and freshly
                                                                                                                   specific to the live trade are in
                                                                                                                                                           killed meat //
Background //                                               The Facts //                                           exporters offices, agents, feedlots
                                                                                                                                                           All importing countries already
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Producers in the north have
                                                                                                                   and feed manufacturers for              take Australian chilled or frozen
•	Since	2003	Animals Australia has conducted 8              •	During	the	last	30	years,	Australia has sent         feedlots – not more than a few                                                no other option but live
investigations: seven into the treatment of Austral-        more than 160 million sheep and cattle to be                                                   meat and this figure is growing
                                                                                                                   hundred. The AMIEU (Australasian        significantly each year. Last year    export //
ian animals exported to the Middle East and one in          slaughtered in other parts of the world, such as the   Meat Industry Employees Union)          sheep meat exports to the Middle      The Indonesian government has
Indonesia. These investigations have consistently           Middle East and South East Asia.                       states tens of thousands of jobs        East were worth $110 million          already signalled its intention to
revealed appalling animal cruelty as a routine part                                                                have been lost as a result of live      more than live export. Some           become self-sufficient in cattle
of the live export trade.                                   •	Depending	on	their	destination,	the	journey by       export.                                 800,000 more sheep were sent in       production by 2014 – so this trade
                                                            boat can take up to 3 weeks, during which time
                                                                                                                                                           carcass form than live showing        already has an end date on it.he
•	A	2006	Animals	Australia	investigation	in	Egypt,	         the animals remain in cramped conditions and
                                                                                                                                                           the increasing willingness of the     Wilkie/Xenophon Live Export
aired on 60 Minutes, resulted in a public backlash          must endure all weather extremes.
                                                                                                                   By remaining in the market              region to take boxed meat. This       Prohibition Bills enact a phase out
that forced the government to ban the live trade
                                                                                                                                                           will only grow further if Australia   over a three year period allowing
of sheep and severely limit the export of cattle to         •	Every	year,	thousands	of	animals	die	during	the	     we can improve animal
                                                                                                                                                           wasn’t supplying the option of        the development of new and
that country.                                               journey. In 2010, just under 30,000 sheep died         welfare in importing                    live animals. When Bahrain was        expanded beef markets, giving
                                                            en route to the Middle East and 1,000 cattle died      markets //                              unable to import enough live sheep    producers time to adjust their
•	Despite	damning	evidence	of	similar	animal	               on ships.                                              That is PR spin. Indonesia fully        due to drought they entered into      enterprises, and allowing for the
abuse in other countries that Australia exports                                                                    revealed the live export industry’s     contracts to import Australian        expansion of feedlots, abattoirs
animals to, successive governments have                     •	The	majority	of	countries	importing	Australian	      willingness to supply animals to        boxed meat instead. Indonesia has     and other infrastructure.
continued to support the live export industry and           animals have no laws to protect animals from           the most brutal of treatment – and      just increased its imports of boxed
turn a blind eye to animal suffering.                       cruelty.                                               to even go so far as to facilitate it   meat by 50,000 tonnes. Only the
                                                                                                                   by supplying cruel restraint boxes.     wealthiest 10% of the Indonesian
•	Animals	Australia’s	most	recent	investigation	into	       •	Sheep	exported	to	the	Middle	East,	are	routinely     They have no interest in animal         population can afford beef – the      If Australia doesn’t
the treatment of Australian cattle in Indonesia             mishandled, dragged, and many have their legs          welfare, only in facilitating the       same demographic that has             supply live animals, other
aired	on	4	Corners	on	30th	May,	2011,	sparking	             bound together and are thrown in the boots             trade in live animals. The only         refrigerators.
unprecedented public outrage and the                        of cars, in a region that often has temperatures       importing market where there                                                  countries will //
suspension of the cattle trade to that country.             hovering	near	50°C	in	summer.	                         have been any improvements                                                    No other country can supply
                                                                                                                   is in Jordan, where as a result of                                            sheep of the size, type and price
                                                            •	Cattle	exported	to	Indonesia	are	routinely	                                                  Live export is critical to            that Australia can (sheep from the
                                                                                                                   Animals Australia’s work, 80% of
The Damage //                                               treated brutally prior to slaughter, including         animals are now stunned prior           Australia’s economy //                horn of Africa are more like goats.
                                                            being	tripped	to	the	floor	by	ropes.		Common	          to slaughter. In other Middle           Australia’s boxed meat exports        Australia is also the only country
•	Local	people	throughout	the	Middle	East	and	South         abuses documented include: eye gouging,                Eastern countries animals will be       each year are worth 6 times more      that can supply Indonesia with the
East Asia believe that Australians approve of their         being whipped, hit and kicked, having their            killed whilst fully conscious despite   than live exports. Sheep processed    volume of disease free cattle they
treatment of animals. They have reached this logical        tail broken and even having their leg tendons          decades of industry involvement.        domestically contribute 20% more      require.
conclusion based on our willingness to provide them         slashed. Similar abuse of cattle has been                                                      to the Australian economy than
with animals for slaughter for over 30 years. Rather        documented in the Middle East.                                                                 sheep sent overseas. It is a cruel
than inspiring desperately needed change in attitudes                                                                                                      and unethical trade and cannot be
                                                                                                                   Religious slaughter without                                                   Australia has the best
and handling – the continued supply of Australian           •	The	vast	majority	of	Australian	animals	exported	                                            justified by any profit.
animals is reinforcing long held beliefs that their         to the Middle East and South East Asian countries,     stunning is allowed in                                                        shipping standards //
cruel treatment of animals is acceptable.                   including Indonesia, are slaughtered whilst fully      Australia //                                                                  Tens of thousands of animals
                                                            conscious.                                             By law, all animals must be stunned                                           continue to die en route to
                                                                                                                   in Australia. All cattle in Australia   Live export underpins the             destinations each year as a result
•	The	operation	of	Australia’s	live	export	industry,	and	
the tens of thousands of animals that die en route each     •	The recent investigation in Indonesia revealed       are either stunned prior to, or         price that producers receive          of failing to eat and stress related
year sets an example that profit is more important than     cattle were suffering an average of 11 cuts to the     immediately after the throat cut.       for their livestock //                diseases of the stomach. The
animal welfare and that animals are nothing more            throat and often many minutes of pain, thrashing       There are a small number of             Beef and sheep meat prices are        industry has never been able to
than chattels to be traded and slaughtered.                 and bellowing before losing consciousness.             exemptions that have been               underpinned by the global meat        address this.
                                             calling for an end to
                                             LIVE ANIMAL EXPORT
                                              To my local federal MP:

We the undersigned residents call on our local federal MP to represent the concerns of your
constituents and support an end to the export of live animals for slaughter from Australia.

We believe that animals raised into Australian care should never be sent to be killed in countries where
there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. Investigations have revealed brutal treatment of
Australian exported animals is widespread and routine. By phasing out the inherently cruel live export
trade and replacing it with a meat only trade, Australia will help protect the welfare of animals, keep
jobs in Australia, and help restore our reputation as an ethical and compassionate nation.

Name (please print)      Address                                                     Signature

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