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									Steve Southern / Curriculum Vitae

 Address            5 Lunedale Avenue                        Nationality:           British
                    Seaburn Dene                             Contact:               [e]
                    Sunderland                                                      [m] 07939448571
                    SR6 8JU                                                         [h] 0191 548 8749
 Age                24                                       Online Portfolio

I am a BA Honours Graphic Designer looking for work primarily in print or web-based design and/or multimedia. Any
other work welcome. I currently work in a freelance capacity and have relevant experience within the industry, working
in design offices, producing html and Flash websites (with a focus on Flash) aswell as print based work for a wide variety
of clients.

Employment History

Registered Freelance / February 2008 - Present
•	   Numerous jobs for a wide range of clients including:
•	   Industrial Strength Design - Working in-office since September 08 on Flash and design projects for clients such as Coca Cola,
     Lenor, Warburtons, Gentoo, Chapman Latimer, Replay Fragrances (, Student Home Zone, Goldstar
•	   Open Goal Magazine - Creation and daily updating of HTML website, designing of magazine and
     various business / promotional proposals, creation and sending of daily HTML mailout to over 4,000 subscribers
•	   LRN Media - Sports journalism company, logo design, corporate branding, stationary range, website
•	   Physio Impulse - Company branding, logo design, Flash website, business cards
• - Promotional flyers
•	   Healthcare Bulletin - Website, designing and uploading new magazine publications for web and for
     print, featuring world-renowned medical articles.
•	   Space Personal Management - Corporate branding, logo, stationary, holding page
•	   Football Business - Updating of website, uploading new articles from leading sports writers
•	   Restaurant D’Acqua - Logo and signage design
•	   Titan Home Improvements - Leaflet designs
•	   Family Films - Logo design, design of business proposal for officially sanctioned ‘Gazza: The Movie’ screenplay

Twocan Design, Rainton Bridge / April 2007 - December 2007
•	   Full time employment in a web and print based design company. Jobs included HTML based websites, Flash websites and print
     based work
•	   Setup/packages included Photoshop, Quark, Freehand, Dreamweaver, Flash and data input using content management systems
     on a Mac system.
•	   Clients included SAFC (official club magazine, match day programmes, product website,
     ‘My Legends’ Sports Bar (Interiors and design), XL Electrical (e-commerce shopping website), Howie White Resources(Flash website, Platinum Plus Events (Flash website, and ‘For Sale Sign Analysis’ (websites,
     promotional claim packs).
•	   Experience in graphic design industry, preparing jobs for print, web hosting, office tasks, preparing proposals for potential clients.

Empire Cinema, Sunderland / March-April 2007

•	   ‘Multifunctional staff member’. Jobs included ushering, ticket handling, cash handling, food service, bar work, cleaning and
     customer service.

WM Morrisons PLC, Seaburn / 2002-06
•	   General Assistant - Provisions / Delicatessen Department. Served customers, sliced and prepared fresh meat, unloaded and
     managed stock deliveries, completed stock checks, cleaned and managed department late night, completed health and safety
     and food hygiene courses.

Winter 2000 / Weeks Work Experience at Stewart Hindmarsh Advertising Agency, Sunderland.


 Lee Milmore                                                       Rich Stonehouse
 Project Manager / Designer, Industrial Strength Design            Editorial Director, Rich Media
 203 Design Works Annexe, William Street                           St Peter’s Gate, Sunderland Science Park
 Gateshead, NE10 0JP                                               Charles St, Sunderland, SR6 0AN
 0191 438 7994                                                     0774 831 7183

Skills & Achievements
Technical Skills

•	   Fully competent in a range of design packages, with a focus toward Adobe Photoshop and Flash. Software background
     includes Illustrator, InDesign, Quark, Dreamweaver & Cool Edit Pro. Also, some experience with Maya, Director, and Final Cut Pro.
•	   Experience within in a design office, preparing work for print, preparing designs for programmers and hosting online projects.
•	   Ability to combine skills from several areas to create dynamic and original projects. Received 1st degree honours and a glowing
     review in the national magazine Computer Arts for final degree show project ‘Savage Town’ which combined work in Flash,
     Photoshop, Animation , Copywriting & Illustrator as well as sound and video editing to create an interactive multimedia piece.
     The Computer Arts Experts stated ‘Projects like this normally require a large team of designers, programmers etc so Steve should
     be commended for doing it all himself, this is an informative, useful, funny and marketable product’ and ‘this project works from
     beginning to end, Steve has set himself a big task and really delivered’.
•	   Ability to manage my time and see multiple projects for different freelance clients from start to finish.
•	   Received the national ‘Ede & Ravenscroft Award’ in ‘05 for ‘exceptional work in multimedia and design’
•	   Experience in IT and database management aswell as inputting data for content management systems
•	   Experience in using music production and wav. editing software and some video editing experience.

Team Working

•	   Worked within a design company, taking instructions, giving ideas etc. Experience working alongside other designers on a large
     project, integrating each others’ work to create one seamless result.
•	   Experience liasing with editors and writers, by email and over the phone. Experience using ‘Tortoise SVN’ to work on and update
     large projects with other companies.
•	   Worked effectively and efficiently In academic group projects; assigning tasks, making sure the group got together, making sure
     we each contributed to a single finished product. Often team members were speaking English as a second language so certain
     language barriers had to resolved.
•	   Many years experience working as a unit in retail for companies such as WM Morrisons and Empire cinemas, working together with
     colleagues to serve and provide for a wide range of customers.


•	   Experience in communicating with clients and developing work using their own input in a collaborative way.
•	   Experience in presentations to audiences ranging from 2 or 3 to a class of 30.
•	   Effective customer interaction and salesmanship
•	   Skilled in communicating an idea or message via graphics or copywriting to a variety of target audiences, in particular young
     people and students.
•	   Experience within an office environment, taking phone calls, relaying messages etc. Pleasant and friendly manner.

The University of Sunderland / 2003-06

•	   [BA Hons] Design: Multimedia & Graphics. Grade: 1st Degree Hons
•	   3 year course developing skills in various design areas such as: creative typography, web design, desktop publishing, 3D animation
     (initially in Cinema 4D then moving on to Maya), video editing, layouts, Flash, Photoshop. As well as developing technical skills we
     were encouraged to think creatively and create unique solutions ‘outside of the box’
•	   Key projects: ‘Savage Town’ (final degree project), an interactive multimedia CDRom guide to Sunderland bar and youth culture,
     with illustrated character designs and full pub and club write-ups. ‘Squares in Your Eyes’, an interactive Flash website using humour,
     animation, illustration, quizzes and statistics to encourage people to limit the amount of TV they watch and adopt a healthier
     lifestyle. ‘S:alt Bar Branding and Promotion’, designing the identity of a new ‘suitably: alternative’ bar venue and creating a unique
     promotional campaign (print based)
•	   10,000 dissertation: ‘The effects of Macromedia Flash on web design: Has it detracted from genuine content and intelligent design?’
•	   Additional optional modules in Photography and Communication Graphics, relating more to advertising and communicating a
     certain message through visuals.

South Tyneside College / 2001-03
•	   A level: Media Studies [A], Information & Communication Technology [B] , Art & Design [C]
•	   AS Level: English Language [B]

Monkwearmouth Comprehensive School / 1996-2001

•	   GCSE’s: 10 GCSE’s achieved, 2 A*s, 5 As, 3 Bs
•	   English coursework used as the national exemplar for A*
•	   Awarded the Tom Young Award for English and the PTA Award for Geography in December 2001

•	   Design, listening to and creating music, movies and TV, socialising, creative writing

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