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					The Island Laker
March 2011
              Dear Island Lakers
Ah, March! Spring is finally approaching! Have you had enough of the snow this winter? We
bet you’ve never been so excited for spring to arrive, huh? Once spring appears, do you know
what else comes along with it? Blooming flowers, budding trees,… oh yeah, and the month of
June! What big, important, life-changing event occurs in late June? No, not final exams, silly!
Well, yes, many of you will have to suffer through exams, but more importantly, SUMMER will
arrive and CAMP WILL BEGIN! YAY!!!! Many of you are counting down the days and so are
we (or if you’re too lazy to do the math, you can just check our website homepage for the
countdown). Hey all of you “old timers”, remember the thrill upon the arrival at camp when you
stepped off the bus and were greeted by familiar faces along with those who would quickly
become friends and family? Well, before we know it, ILC will once again be filled with joyous
sounds of happy campers running around making new friends as well as strengthening the
bonds that have already been formed with your peers and your counselors.

Over the past few months, Trip and Lisa traveled all over the world to hire some wonderful staff
and visit with our friends from past summers. It’s so nostalgic seeing members of last summer’s
staff and hearing them tell new counselors what a fantastic, life-altering experience they had at

Parents, please note that you will soon be receiving your annual Island Lake folder. This folder
will contain TONS of information to prepare you and your children for this summer. There will
also be a few forms included that we request you return to us promptly. The profile form helps
us guide your children when they choose their activities and put together their schedules. The
medical form must be completed by both a parent and a physician, as required by Pennsylvania
law. The transportation form lets us know which bus your children will be taking to camp. If we
do not receive the transportation form in our office by May 1st, we will have to assign a bus to
your children. In June, we will send you detailed information on the bus locations, along with
luggage tags that you will use to mark your children's bags. If you misplace any of your forms
they will be available for download on our website once the folders are sent out. You can access
them by clicking on 'Forms & Mailings' in the 'Parents' section. There will also be information
in the folder instructing you how to fill out the transportation and profile forms on-line.

Those families who will be flying their children to Newark Airport, there will be more
information later in this newsletter as well as in your camp folder.

For all you campers who are reading this newsletter, pleeeeaaaaase be sure to tell your parents
to read it cover to cover when you are finished with it. For all you parents who are being *rock
star parents* for reading our literature (woohoo!), please be sure to pass this newsletter
along to your child(ren) to read cover to cover after you’ve read through it, too.

From all of us in the ILC winter offices, I-L-C U real soon!!!
Bev, Mike, Matt, Wendy, Trip, Lisa, & Craig
          Camp Folders
All Summer 2011 Island Lake families will soon receive their annual
camp folder. There is a great deal of information in this folder
relevant to preparing your child for a successful camp experience.
Please take some time to read through everything thoroughly and fill
out the forms required to be returned to us. We cannot emphasize
enough the importance of filling out the forms in a detailed, timely
manner. These forms provide us with extensive feedback regarding
your child so that our staff can have thorough, accurate knowledge
about each camper in order to provide him/her with a safe and
successful summer.

Transportation, Medical, and Profile forms are due back in the winter
office by May 1st. These forms are necessary for us to finalize plans
for the summer. Please note that incomplete medical forms will be
returned to you. Each form must have your complete insurance
information and a credit card number for any out of camp medical
expenses. If you have any questions or need any help filling out your
forms, you can always give us a call in the winter office at
914-796-6060 and we'd be happy to help you!

If you misplace any of your forms, they will be available for download
on our website once the folders are sent out. You can access them by
clicking on 'Forms & Mailings' in the 'Parents' section. There will also
be information in the folder instructing you how to fill out the
transportation and profile forms on-line.
        We’ve Just Signed Up
        Imani Alleyne               Gabriella Gatto                Andrew Olinger
    Marcus Andersson                Benji Goldrich              Jenna Oppenheimer
          Keith Anello             Adam Grunther                    Ana Ordonez
    Emma Brownstein                Madeleine Harris                  Carly Pastor
           Max Carle                  Jenna Hewitt                   Lucas Pastor
       Reid Certilman                Joshua Hewitt                   Alec Posner
    Alix Cherif-Cheikh            Meredith Hoddeson             Christopher Purcell
       Rachel Cramer                Sophia Howard                Jessica Rosenblum
       Albert Dreiling             Camille Jacques                 Lily Smalheiser
         Jolie Dreiling            Romain Jacques                   Kieran Storch
        Isabel Egnatz               Charlotte Jones                Rachel Trinker
       Spenser Egnatz                 Sadye Kaner                     Ally Tully
        Jenna Ferraro                Halle Korman                     Tina Tully
       Ella Fludzinski              Megan Marcus                   Makenzie Udell
          Evan Forsell              Mia McCoobery                   Patrick Walsh
           Adam Fox                    Alex Merkin                   Brett Weiss
          Lena Frank               Nathaniel Mosse                  India Weston
    Isabella Freedberg                Emily Nadler                  Ben Whipple
      Joshua Freeman                    Siri Nadler                 Sydney Wood

             Important Dates
Many of you have been calling our office to inquire about two important dates for this
summer. Here is all of the information for you:

Open House – Saturday, June 11
All new campers and their families are invited to camp for a day of tours, games, and a
buffet lunch. The day will run from 11am sharp until approximately 3pm. New families
will be receiving an RSVP form in the spring. Please arrive on time so that you will
have an opportunity to participate in everything we have planned for that day.

Visiting Day – Saturday, July 23
Visiting Day will run from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm. We will provide a buffet lunch for all
visitors and have several performances and activities running throughout the
day. Should you prefer, you may take your children out of camp for the day. No prior
notice is necessary for this visit.

Many hotels and bed & breakfasts started booking reservations last summer and
others started on New Years Day. Please refer to the hotel list on our website if you
would like to book a reservation to stay in the area overnight. From our website’s
homepage, click on ‘Parents’ and then ‘Forms & Mailings’ to find our updated hotel
list. The list will also be included in your camp folder.
        Attention Flying Campers
If your child(ren) are coming to camp via the airport, this is important. You must
contact Wendy prior to booking your flights in order to confirm the departure and
arrival times. We must coordinate all of our campers' arrivals and departures to
ensure an easy travel day for everyone. Additionally, we would like to book all of
our South Florida children on the same flight in and out of the same airport. If you
have not already done so, please contact Wendy so she can help you make
arrangements. She can be reached at 561-218-9194 or by email at Please don’t wait any longer to book your child’s flight.
We’ve noticed prices are escalating as the travel dates approach.

Here are the flights if your child is coming from South Florida:

TO CAMP:Fort Lauderdale to Newark
Jet Blue Flight #504
Departs at 9:36am & arrives at 12:25pm

FROM CAMP:Newark to Fort Lauderdale
Jet Blue Flight #505
Departs at 1:10pm & arrives at 4:02pm

In June we will send luggage tags and an Island Lake t-shirt to every child who is
flying to camp. Please be sure your child(ren) wear(s) this t-shirt on the plane so
our staff can spot him/her upon arrival at Newark Airport. With the heightened
security provisions, we understand that our staff members may or may not be
able to wait for the children at their gate. If we are unable to go to the gate, we
will be waiting at the security checkpoint. When booking your flights, please
make any necessary “unaccompanied minor” arrangements for both inbound and
outbound flights. Your child should be escorted by an airline employee and then
released only to our staff member. We will have a staff member’s name for you in
June. If your child will be taking the group flight from Ft. Lauderdale on opening
day (June 25), then there is no need to arrange for an unaccompanied minor for
that trip. We will have a staff member meet you at check in and fly to Newark with

We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
         Cloz Company
Cloz Company will once again handle our clothing outfitting this summer. Remember that
there are NO required uniforms at Island Lake. Anything that you wish to order is completely
optional and each camper will be provided with an Island Lake t-shirt upon his/her arrival at
camp. Please note that the Cloz Company’s packing list is NOT the same as Island Lake’s
packing list, so please do not use it as a guideline. You will be receiving an Island Lake
packing list in your camp folder and it will also be available on our website.

The Cloz Company will continue to display merchandise at various locations throughout the
country for "trying on" purposes. The dates and times for their March and early April shows
are listed below. If you are interested, please contact the Cloz Company at 773-247-8879 to
arrange an appointment. You may also order your camp clothing, process returns and
exchanges, and check the status of your order at Keep in mind that all orders are
placed through Cloz Company, not through the camp.

Please remember, camp orders are custom and they take time to produce. Ordering early will
provide you the opportunity to make any necessary exchanges and provide enough time to
pack your child up for the summer.
          White Plains, NY Crowne Plaza            King of Prussia, PA Valley Forge Convention
           66 Hale Ave 914-682-0050                                   Center
             March 13 10am-4:45pm                          260 Mall Blvd. 610-265-7500
              March 14-15 3pm-6pm                             March 6 10am-4:45pm
              April 10 10am-4:45pm                              March 7 3pm-6pm
               April 11-12 3pm-6pm                             March 8 3pm-5:15pm

            Westbury, NY Holiday Inn                      Englewood, NJ Crowne Plaza
        369 Old Country Road 516-997-5000             401 S. Van Brundt Street 201-871-2020
               March 24-25 3pm-6pm                            March 17-18 3pm-6pm
              March 26 10am-4:45pm                            March 19 10am-4:45pm
               April 3 10am-4:45pm
                April 4-5 3pm-6pm                   Bergen County, NJ Hilton Woodcliff Lake
                                                        200 Tice Boulevard 201-391-3600
            Manhattan at Times Square                          March 31 3pm-6pm
       790 7th Ave at 51st Street 212-581-3300                  April 1 3pm-6pm
                March 10-11 3pm-6pm                           April 2 10am-4:45pm
               March 12 10am-4:45pm
                 April 7-8 3pm-6pm                       Stamford, CT Holiday Inn Select
                April 9 10am-4:45pm                      700 E Main Street 203-961-8902
                                                             March 27 10am-4:45pm
           East Hanover, NJ Ramada Inn                        March 28-29 3pm-6pm
          130 Route 10 West 973-386-5622
               March 20 10am-4:45pm                          Bethesda, MD Marriott
               March 21-22 3pm-6pm                      5151 Pooks Hill Road 301-897-9400
                                                                March 4 3pm-6pm
                                                              March 5 10am-3:15pm

 Lexi Gevisenheit, Alix Weiss, Lauren Mensch, Gillian Wasserman, Hayley Fishberger,
      Izzy Strull, and Savannah Greene all got together for some fun in the snow!

                                   Alison Becker, Julia DeSantis, Lauren
                                   Plattman & Courtney Ober spent a day
                                   together last month and wanted to show
                                   off all of the duct tape crafts they made!

    Maddie Sassoon just had a sleepover party
    with some of her camp friends. She wanted to
    let everyone know that they all had lots of fun!

                                  Some more fun in the snow with Hailey
                                  Buchalter and Emma Fruhling who spent
                                  a day together at Windham.

We just need to clarify one item from last month’s newsletter. We showed
you a set of blueprints that we have been working on for the design of our
new bunks. Within the sketch was an area labeled ‘Laundry.’ This area will
simply be a place to keep all of your dirty clothes, not an area for washers &
dryers. So don’t worry, our laundry staff will still be doing your wash for you!
           Happy Birthday March
               1          Rachel Ackerman            Lynette Shorr
     Mahrya Barros        Christian Baiocco                22
  Jennifer McLoughlin    Alixandra Bigelsen    Sophia Danielle-Grenier
        Lukas Polak                11                   Sam Elbaz
               2         Emma Brownstein             Robby Seraita
 Jessica Heslop-Hendy       Rachael Crowe                  23
        Niko Karant           Daniel Lein          Haley Fishberger
         Eli Kimbell         Alyssa Miller             Maya Stone
     Michael Leonoff               12                      24
    Sabrina Peckman        Juliana Denrich          Andrew Betoff
      Isabella Strull      Julie Greenberg           Jordan Curtis
               3               Sophie Nir           Jill Gevisenheit
       James Hawes          Nicole Seraita          Lewis Schuyler
         Ethan Kuhl                13                      25
               4              Jake Fisher            Austin Fields
     Reid Certilman          Marina May              Hunter Fields
       Rachel Geller       Kylie O'Connell           Kira Johnson
        Lucy Gideon            Cole Valva           Jake Lefkowitz
               5                   14                Melanie Orent
       Anthony Fox           Andrew Cluff                  26
  JessieRose Gattegno      Andrew Olinger            Nina Alameno
 Samantha Hymanson          Kieran Storch           Amanda Lazar
      Jason Skrabak         Melanie Turza           Alec Rosenberg
        Kip Stroud                 15                      27
               6              Cara Davis               Jack Aviles
       Jordyn Alper     Alexandra Diagonale            Kyra Aviles
     Jordan Gronich                16                Jessica Leifer
Jacob Kaufman-Shalett      Raquel Fischler        Jennie Nemroff, RN
Noah Kaufman-Shalett        Joshua Owens                   28
    Jonathan LaBella          Lina Silver           Philip Bennetts
      Rachel LaBella               17                Rachel Curtis
      Sarah Mensch       Jeremy Antenberg        Sabrina Getrajdman
    Logan Schneider     Charlotte B. Diamond       Lindsay Matalon
       Jeffrey Soffer    Rachel Greenberg           Melissa Matalon
         Alix Weiss          Lisa Wisbey                   29
               7                   18               Andrew Cohen
    Randi Antenberg             Zoe Fine             Alana Phillips
     Getahun Arnold           Joshua Koh             Kelly Procida
     Jamie Dunaisky                19           Benjamin Rosenkranz
        Blake Ferris      Gabriella Duncan           Bryan Wickes
      Talia Schuster      Mehmed Talovic                   30
               8           Harley Trazzera       Adriana Cruz Ortega
       Miles Hindin                20                   Erin Haas
         Siri Nadler       Daniel Decastro                 31
     Cole Passaretti         Kate Farrell            Joelle Greene
               9           Michael Seraita            Denis Izotov
       Devin Arena                 21                 Luke Marlin
    Madison Komara           Gabriel Glass
              10           Monica Kramer
    Jamie Ackerman      Emily Lichtenstadter

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