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Warming up
What are they usually used to do?
                           We usually
                         use toothpicks
                         to get bits of
                         food out of the
                         space between
We can wear socks
to keep warm.
  We often put things in plastic bags
to carry them home or to a certain
    How many new uses can you
think of for these three things?
1. Toothpicks can be used when we
eat something smaller. And they can
also be used to pin something.
2. A sock can be used to clean things,
hang things and fill something in.
Besides, it can be used as a net fixed
in the washing machine.
3. A plastic bag can be used to cover
the seat of a bike when it is raining.
And it can also be used as a glove
when we pick up something oily or
dirty. We can cover our hair with
plastic bags when we are dyeing it.
Brands of cellphone

Jane                 Her friend

 Call my parents if I am late
 for home;
 call for help if I met bad
 guys outside;
 stay in touch with my

 Jane               Her friend

  We don’t really need;
  Not allowed to use cell phones
  in school;
  The money can be used for
  something more important.

Mum                         Dad
 Jane               Her friend

  Too expensive;
  She is possible to spend
  much time on the phone;
  Too young to have a cell

Mum                          Dad
 Jane               Her friend

  I can always find out where
  she is;
  Help Jane feel safe;
  Send messages to her
  friends if necessary.

Mum                         Dad
Jane: Thank you for taking the time
      to talk with me. Mum, Dad, you
      know I have told you before that
      I want to buy a cellphone. I
      would like to tell you why I want
      to buy one, and I would like
      your advice.
Dad: Ok, why don’t you start and then
     we will all tell you what we think.
Jane: Thanks, Dad. I think a cellphone
      is very useful, because I can use it
      to let you know where I am and
      when I will be back home. For
      example, if I have to stay late at
      school, you might get worried and
      wonder where I am. If I have a
      cellphone, I can call you and tell
      you that I will be late.
Mum: Well, that’s true, but I don’t think
     you should buy a cellphone. In my
     opinion, a cellphone is too
     expensive. Besides, if you have a
     cellphone I think you will spend too
     much time talking on the phone.
     You’d better use your time to study
Cindy: I agree with Mrs. Collins. Some of
       the other students in our class
       have cellphones and they talk on
       the phone all the time. I don’t see
       how they ever have time for
       anything else. And it is expensive.
       One of my classmates said that
       she spent 110 yuan in one month!
Dad: Jane, I think you are right. I often
     worry about where you are and I
     never know when I will be home
     from work. I remember last year
     when you were at the supermarket
     and I had promised to pick you
     up. I was late and couldn’t find you
     when I got there. If you have a
     cellphone I can just call you.
Jane: Thank you for telling me what
      you think. I will take some
      time to think about what you
      have said. Now let’s have some
      fun. How about playing some
Recognize more ways of expressing opinions:
  Oh, I do so agree.
  Absolutely right.
  I guess so.
  I can’t agree with you there.
  Not really.
  Not exactly.
  No way….)
Mr. bean
Talking on P134
Advantages and disadvantages
   I think cellphones have many
advantages. We can keep in touch
with our family or friends wherever
we are. Sometimes we can send
message, music or images to our
friends. We can even surf the Internet
for latest news or information.
Besides, if you have the latest model,
it can make you look nice in front of
your friends. Your mobile phone is
like a status symbol—it says you are
cool or not.
   I’m afraid I don’t agree. First,
buying a cellphone will cost a lot of
money. Second, it will take you much
time and money to make phone calls.
Third, if you use too much, it will
surely disturb your work or study.
Finally, it’s reported that if you use
mobile phones for a long time you
are at risk of developing cancer.
  In my opinion, robots have quite a
few advantages. They are machines
controlled by computers. They can
work for a long time without sleep or
rest. More important, they can do
some work repeatedly and efficiently.
They can often be seen in dirty or
dangerous areas. In a word, robots
are very useful both in daily life
and in industries.
  In fact, robots are advanced
products and they are very
expensive to buy and repair.
  Computers can help us most in our
daily life and they have far more
advantages. With a computer we can
work out complicated problems, store
information, manage a company and
surf the Internet. Without computers
we can hardly imagine what our life
would be like. In fact computers are
being widely used in education,
industry, agriculture, space, medicine
and so on. They can be seen almost
  As we all know, buying a computer
will cost a lot of money. At the same
time, it’s not very easy to learn how
how to operate a computer,
especially for some aged people. At
present we can often hear about
computer viruses, which will make
the computers fail to work normally.
Language points
1. That’s worth thinking about.
   “be worth doing” is a useful set
phrase. We can also say “be worth +
   e.g. The film Harry Porter is so
        wonderful that it is worth seeing
        a second time.
  The new MP3 is worth 400 yuan.
2. Well, it depends.
 “It/This depends” is also a set
phrase which means
 “It is hard to say or decide”. Here is
another useful phrase “depend
on/upon” which means “rely on”.
e.g. —Will you go to the park this
      Sunday afternoon?
    —Well, it depends.
      All living things depend on the
      sun for growth.
  Middle school students should
go online in their spare time or
not. Please discuss this topic and
give your opinions.

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