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					                                                                             204 W. O’Neal Street 
                                                                         Gaffney, South Carolina 29340

                                                                          2011 NEWSLETTER
                                                                E-mail address:
From the Pastor
Once again you have gone over and beyond the call of duty. Thank                 Thanks to the Adult and Children’s
you for the way that you reached out this Thanksgiving and Christmas             choirs for the beautiful Christmas
season with the Christmas Shoe Boxes, Prisoner Packets, Connie                   programs. These truly helped us
Maxwell Children’s Home Pounding and the Angel Tree Tags. I                      celebrate the only reason for the
don’t think Wal-Mart had as many bicycles as we had back in our                  season!
choir room for the Angel Tree Tags.                                                  The drama teams and sound techs
                                                                                 helped make both musicals extra
Thank you for your giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering!                 special. Thank you for your time and
We were able to reach our goal by the third Sunday of December.                  talents.
Everything else we receive will be icing on the cake. If every                       Thank you, Southside Family, for
Southern Baptist Church did like you did, we would be able to send               the Christmas gift and other
more missionaries to reach lost people for Christ.                               expressions of love to me and my
                                                                                 family. You all are so special and we
Thank you for approving a challenging budget for 2011. In a day
                                                                                 are thankful for you.
when many churches are cutting their budgets, you stepped out in
                                                                                          Have a wonderful and blessed
faith to do more to share the good news of Jesus to not only our local           New Year!
community but to take the message around the world.
Thank you for your wonderful gifts for God’s glory. Thank you to                                    Catherine
the many who kept the church clean while our custodian was mending
from his foot surgery. Not only did the church remain clean, but you              Mission Opportunities for 2011
wanted Steve to keep getting his salary while he was out. Thank your                  Here are some of the mission
for your generous heart.                                                         opportunities that are available to us
Thank you to all those who worked so hard in decorating the church               through partnerships:
for the Christmas season! Thank you to those who rehearsed and did
                                                                                 Haiti Mission Trips - 8 separate trips to
a superb job on the Adult and Children’s Christmas musicals. This                    Haiti throughout the year. This is
year was a special blessing with all the additional drama added to the               the Alex’s House.
musicals. Thank you to Catherine and Beth for your faithfulness.                     (
Thank you for all the gifts you have bestowed upon Catherine and me              Atlanta - Trips to be planned by Larry
this Christmas season. The greatest gift of all is the gift of the Christ            Sanders (Pastor of Park Hills Baptist
                                                                                     Church in Gaffney). This is to work
child. The second greatest gift is wonderful opportunity to serve you
                                                                                     with mission churches in the Atlanta
as pastor.                                                                           area.
                                                                                 Ohio - The South Carolina Baptist
Wofford                                                                              Convention is helping support key
                                                                                     Southern Baptist Associations in the
                                                                                     state of Ohio. Contact the pastor.
Our youth will hold soup pots at the church doors on                             South Africa - Donnie Padgett, Director
Souper Bowl of Caring Sunday, February 6, 2011.                                      of the Broad River Baptist
They will join young people in churches across the                                   Association is planning a trip to
country to collect money and soup for those who are hungry and hurting. In           South Africa for September.
2010, $10 million was collected by Souper Bowl of Caring participants for        Cuba - Rob White Ministries has three
local charities. All of the money collected is donated to PeachCenter                trips planned for Cuba during 2011.
                                                                                     For more information contact
Ministries and the soup is donated to the Gaffney Soup Kitchen. Since the
Souper Bowl of Caring began in 1990, more than $71 million has gone to
help people in need. Please support the youth of our church in this effort to
“love our neighbors” by dropping your dollar in the soup pot on February 6th.
                                                                                  Bible Study Opportunities…
                                                                                         NEW Beth Moore Study, “The
                   Welcome our New Church Members!                                       Patriarchs: Encountering God of
                                                                                         Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, to
 Scott, Tammy & Trevor Bright
                                                                                         begin first Wednesday in February
 Also pictured is Madison Bright                                                         at 5:30 PM. DEADLINE to sign up:
        1568 Love Springs Rd                                                             Wednesday, January 5th.
         Gaffney, SC 29341                                                               “Experiencing God” course by
              Birthdays:                                                                 Henry Blackaby Would you like to
      Scott: 10/20; Tammy: 2/16                                                          take this course again or maybe
      Trevor: 11/6; Madison: 8/7                                                         for the first time? We will try to
                                                                                         have the course on Thursdays
       PeachCenter Ministries Items for…                                                 from 6 PM to 7:30 PM. Talk to
       January –canned potatoes; February – canned mixed vegetables                      Wofford if you are interested.
     Come, Worship with us!               Our Regular Schedule is…                                  Sunday’s
      9:30 AM   Sunday School                 Southside Baptist Church                PRST STD
     10:30 AM   Worship                       204 W. O’Neal Street                    U. S. Postage Paid
      5:30 PM   AWANA                         Gaffney, SC 29340-2142                  Non-Profit Organization
      6:00 PM   Evening Worship                                                       Gaffney, SC 29340-9998
                  Youth Worship                                                       Permit No. 266

            Wednesday’s                                            Return Service Requested
      6:30 PM Children’s choir
              Crosseyed Student
              Adult Choir Rehearsal
      6:45 PM Adult Bible Study

JOY Group Events….
         (Just Older Youth)
      Covered Dish Birthday
                                             your resources .                      January 19 – 6 PM leave to go
       Party, January 1 ~ 12                                    -Randy Alcorn
       noon in the FLC. Bring                                                          to St. Paul’s Lutheran
       a ‘Gag’ gift $10 and                                                         February 16 – 6 PM leave for
       under. Will be                                                                  the “True Love Waits”
       celebrating                                                                           Ceremony
       everyone’s birthday.
      Lake Bowen Fish Camp,                                                       Grassy Pond Youth Basketball
                                                   Children’s Choir                   Church League Games
       Saturday, February 5. Bus                Wednesday’s @ 6:30 PM.
       leaves at 3:45 PM. SIGN                                                    Southside Youth has a
       UP by Wednesday,                                                             team! Games are
       February 2.                                                                played on Monday’s &
                                                                                  Thursday’s. ALL games       are
Family Life Center HOURS!                     Starts Back Sunday, January 2         played at Grassy Pond Baptist
       Monday to Thursday                           5:30 PM – 7:00 PM                          Church.
       10:00 AM – 12:00PM

It is impossible to become a
fully developed follower of
Jesus without also becoming                           “GATHERING”                      Friday, February 11
a fully developed steward of                  3 Wednesday’s of the Month           Leaving the church at 4:30 PM.
                                                                                       Bring money for food
             Security Team Organizational Meeting                                       and $10 for concert.
                Sunday, January 9th ~ 4:30 PM - Choir Room                                   Sign up by
                                                                                     Wednesday, February 9th.
     Southside is looking for friendly and energetic men and women
 who enjoy a little exercise and helping others. Flexibility is appreciated,
 as we will operate on a rotating schedule. Training will be provided.
     Southside’s Security Team is being put together to ensure the
 safety of all adults and children who are on our property. Our
 volunteers will perform a valuable service to the church as an                      EVERY BELIEVER SHARING
 additional source of protection of our facilities and the precious people           EVERY PERSON HEARING
 who worship, study and fellowship here.                                           Here are some of the ways that
     Our first level of security is to build a team to patrol the inside of         GPS will touch Southside and
 the church building, the parking lot, as well as the perimeter of the              you this new year, we will…
 building and property. This is to provide a visible presence in order to
 deter car break-ins and other possible conflicts.                                 1. Be prayerwalking our
     Husbands and wives may work together. If you would like more                     communities
 information and can not attend the January 9th meeting, please contact            2. Pray specifically for lost
 Chip Scoggins (Security Team Leader).                                                and un-churched
                                  Tips For Security                                3. Learn how to share the
 Praise the Lord we have not had any problems, but it is better to be safe            gospel
 than sorry.                                                                       4. Invite new friends to two
    Please lock your cars.                                                           evangelistic services
    Place valuables out of sight (preferably in the trunk).                       5. Develop disciple making
    Ladies only meetings at the church (especially at night) are                     programs to provide follow
       encouraged to have a man present. If a man is not able to be present,          up to new believers
       please walk from and to the cars in teams.
    Parents are encouraged to stay with their child until they know
       without a doubt an adult is present. Parents are encouraged to walk
       their child to their room.
    If you are approached in the parking lot from a person seeking
       financial assistance, please refer them to a deacon. Do not give them
       any money or even open your purse or billfold in front of them.
Church                                             PRST STD
204 W.Debt Retirement Fund
O’Neal Madison Baebler
                                                                       What Is A Cowboy Church?
Street Allison Beck                                U. S. Postage Paid reach those who love horses, love the outdoors, and love
                                                    It is a ministry to
Gaffney, SCBenton
                                                  wearing blue jeans. It is a ministry to those who have a horse or two or maybe
                                                    Non-Profit Organization
       Joe Brown                                  have neverSC 29340-9998 their entire life. It is a ministry to those who are
                                                    Gaffney, been on a horse
    Emily Caughman                                busy with their horses on the weekend or have drifted away from the
                                                    Permit No. 266
    Wofford & Catherine Caughman                  traditional church.
 Return Childers                                     Recently David Kite spoke to the Broad River Baptist Association
 Service Childers                                 Minister’s meeting. He is presently the full-time pastor at Cooley Springs
    Jack &
Requested Evelyn Clary                            Baptist Church in Chesnee. He is also pastor of Cross Gate Cowboy Church,
    Earl Coyle
    Sandy & Donna Floyd                           the one that meets at the barbecue restaurant up Highway 11.
    Bill & Maxine Harris                             David shared that Christians should see the cowboy community like other
    Geneva Kitchens                               cultures and unreached people groups. The goal is to reach more people for
    James & Parnice Lester                        Christ, and this segment of the population can be better reached by offering
    Sara Martin                                   these churches to them. Cowboy churches are doing all things the New
    Tammie McGee                                  Testament teaches — baptizing people, developing disciples, giving to
    Barry & Peggy Medley                          missions and fellowship.
    Roy & Martha Millwood                            David is interested in beginning a Cowboy Church in Cherokee County.
    Annette Mintz                                 They typically meet on a weeknight and can meet anywhere from a barn to a
    Carol Mintz                                   restaurant. Do you know folks who may be reached by this non-traditional
    Evelyn Osment                                 approach to ministry? If you do, please write their name and contact
    Doris Painter                                 information down and give to Wofford so he may share this information to
    Jean Parris                                   David.
    Rick & Kay Pearson
                                                     Are you interested in being involved in such a ministry? This is a ministry
    Doyle & Lisa Rollins
                                                  that could be done and still allow you to be involved in your home church.
    Frances Scism
    Betty Smith                                   Call David.
    Josh & Jaime Thomas                                                     Cross Gate Cowboy Church
    Beckie Thompson                                                             WHEN: Tuesday nights
    Ruth Thompson                                                        WHERE: Big Daddy Hawg’s BBQ
    Kelly Thornton                                             4057 Hwy 11, Between Cooley Springs and Fingerville
    Terry White                                                 TIME: 6:30-Get Acquainted; 7:00- Worship Service
    Bill & Nett Wilkerson                                                          DRESS CODE:
    Lynn & Linda Wilkins                                   Anything with Wrangler, Carhartt, or Justin on the label will do!
    Josh Wyatt                                                CONTACT: David Kite 864-809-9479 or 864-461-7914
    Anonymous                                          Reading                                    February
     In Memory of Louise Porter                        1.     Genesis 1-3                         Bible Reading
     Mary J. Gillespie                                 2.     Genesis 4-6                          1. Exodus 39-40
     Earl & Sara Martin                                3.     Genesis 7-9                          2. Matthew 1-4
     Annette & Carol Mintz                             4.     Genesis 10-12                        3. Matthew 5-6
     Lynn & Linda Wilkins                              5.     Genesis 13-16                        4. Matthew 7-8
     WMU Missions Study Group                          6.     Genesis 17-19                        5. Matthew 9-10
     Vera Wilkins SS Class                             7.     Genesis 20-23                        6. Matthew 11-12
                                                       8.     Genesis 24-25                        7. Matthew 13-14
     In Honor of Juliette Martin                       9.     Genesis 26-27                        8. Matthew 15-16
     Sara Martin                                       10. Genesis 28-30                           9. Matthew 17-19
     Lottie Moon Christmas Offering                    11. Genesis 31-32                           10. Matthew 20-21
     WMU Missions Study Group                          12. Genesis 33-35                           11. Matthew 22-23
     Vera Wilkins SS Class                             13. Genesis 36-37                           12. Matthew 24-25
                                                       14. Genesis 38-40                           13. Matthew 26
                                                       15. Genesis 41-42                           14. Matthew 27-28
             Flower Calendar Sign Up                   16. Genesis 43-45                           15. Leviticus 1-4
                                                       17. Genesis 46-48                           16. Leviticus 5-7
     We have a flower calendar
                                                       18. Genesis 49-50                           17. Leviticus 8-10
     available if anyone would like to                 19. Exodus 1-4                              18. Leviticus 11-13
     put flowers in the church on a                    20. Exodus 5-7                              19. Leviticus 14-15
     particular Sunday(s). This is a beautiful         21. Exodus 8-10                             20. Leviticus 16-18
     way to add to our worship services and            22. Exodus 11-13                            21. Leviticus 19-21
     can be done in honor or memory of a               23. Exodus 14-16                            22. Leviticus 22-23
     loved one or just a way of saying Thank           24. Exodus 17-19                            23. Leviticus 24-25
     You to our Lord. We have some florists            25. Exodus 20-22                            24. Leviticus 26-27
                                                       26. Exodus 23-25                            25. Numbers 1-2
     who have keys to the church and can
                                                       27. Exodus 26-28                            26. Numbers 3-4
     deliver the flowers. Please sign up on the        28. Exodus 29-30                            27. Numbers 5-7
     flower calendar and let our church                29. Exodus 31-33                            28. Numbers 8-10
     secretary know if you want this                   30. Exodus 34-35
     acknowledged in the bulletin on the               31. Exodus 36-38                              “Wherever your treasure is,
     Sunday you choose.                                                                            there the desires of your heart
                  Don’t forget you can give financially to the church at any time. Check out
                                                                                                                will be also.”
                 January Bible                                                                               -Jesus (Matthew 6:21, NLT)

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