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									Belly Dance Bliss
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Afrah Belly dance bliss Academy takes you through this exciting dance workout to global
rhythms using stunning belly dance, trendy club dance and dynamic tribal techniques. A
chance to train to be part of a troupe.

Warm-up stretches with safe dance practice, core-training and isolation exercises. Get
aerobic with “cardio-shimmies”. Learn to dance with veils, canes, sword and cymbals.
Once you commence this course you’ll be hooked! Choreography notes supplied on

ƒ   Come along as pretty as you like! Comfortable clothes - t-shirts, leggings, leotards,
    harem pants and skirts
ƒ   Hip scarves and coin belts will be available for your purchase
ƒ   Towel as we do work up a sweat
ƒ   Water to hydrate throughout the class

                                       City of Joondalup Leisure Centres – Craigie, Duncraig, Heathridge
                                                                                        9400 4600

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