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					                  Adam and Eve        Elizabeth Buck Sampler

                                      Designed by Julie Buck

Original Stitched by Elizabeth Buck

                                                               Model Stitched by Julie Buck
D   VCS   Half Verdigris       DMC   368    Pistachio Green-LT
W   VCS   Zebra Dove 5247      DMC   869    Hazelnut Brown-VY DK
"   VCS   Fried Pickles        DMC   890    Pistachio Green-UL DK
O   VCS   Gandy Dancers 1103   DMC   894    Carnation-VY LT
X   VCS   Umbrage 3469         DMC   975    Golden Brown-DK
|   VCS   Bitter Bloom 4447    DMC   3777   Terra Cotta-VY DK
&   VCS   Umbrage 3465         DMC   3819   Moss Green-LT
¤   VCS   Fagales-icious       DMC   3825   Pumpkin-Pale
b   VCS   Rum Scullion 4343    DMC   3857   Rosewood-DK
k   VCS   Natural              DMC   Ecru   Ecru
                                          Elizabeth Buck Alphabet

      Model was stitched on 32 count linen, Lakeside Linens Vintage Light Examplar, over one thread, with
                                           Vikki Clayton Silk threads.
                        124w X 125h Stitches. Finished design size 3-7/8w X 3-7/8h in.

I used Umbrage 3469 (DMC 975) to backstitch the mouths for Adam and Eve.

This is not an exact reproduction of Elizabeth Buck’s sampler—for one, I cannot see the back of the work, and there is
some stitch loss in the original sampler. As well, I found that if I copied some things exactly, they looked quite different on
modern evenweave. I gave up fairly early on and decided to make mine an “interpretation”. Please feel free to make
changes as you see fit.

You will see a fair bit of difference between the colors chosen by Elizabeth Buck and me. I tried, but I found I just couldn’t
use the bright bubble-gum pink that she used for Adam and Eve, and when I changed that color to more of a peach, I found
I had to change the entire palette to more earth-tones. I love the end result, but of course, you should choose the colors you

This was a very fun (and fast) stitch—and we’d love to see your interpretations!

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