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									        The research of TD-SCDMA characteristic services

 Mr. Qian guoliang, the technology mastermind of Putian information technology
      academy and the leader of industry group in TD-SCDMA industry alliance

The market demand of Chinese 3G service has two aspects: one is the demand of
fast increasing and large scale user group for mobile voice service; the other one is
the demand for mobile data service from user group with high income.

TD-SCDMA system possesses great market potential on account of its low cost, high
spectrum efficiency and technical advantages. TD-SCDMA system can provide not
only the general 3G services but also some advantageous and characteristic services
to satisfy the market demand of Chinese 3G services. On the basis of the services
and their sorts suggested by ITU-RM.816, we will expound the advantages of 3G
services brought by TD-SCDMA and their specific applications combined with the
technical characteristics of TD-SCDMA.

1、Simple voice and message services

In the beginning of 3G development, the main applications are also the simple voice
service and message service as 2G because of the main market tendency, scale
economy and the low charge of simple voice service and message service.

TD-SCDMA has flexible spectrum distribution and can realize the transmitting and
receiving function on the same frequency band. The consistency of the radio
environment of its uplink and downlink is very well and is very suitable for the new
“smart antenna” technology. TD-SCDMA combines CDMA and TDMA and is more
suitable for joint detection technology. All these technologies reduce the interference
and   enhance the     performance stability of      the system.     Furthermore,   the
communication charge of users is reduced because of the reduction of operation cost
owing to the high spectrum efficiency and large system capacity.

Because of its low cost and high spectrum efficiency, the related technologies of
TD-SCDMA can also be used in the field of wireless local calls and general services in
the country.

2、Multimedia services

Multimedia services can enhance the ability of transmitting messages between
terminals greatly. It not only brings more enjoyment for users but also creates new
profit sources for operators and content and service providers.

TD-SCDMA can realize the real high-speed data transmission and can provide the
large-scale rates from 384kbit/s to 2Mbit/s. Smart antenna can allocate different
power to different users according to the level and demand of service quality. It has
well anti-interference ability and can satisfy the demand of multimedia services by its
rich frequency resource.

Multimedia services include the voice, text, picture and video services. The main
applications include:

       Conference service: this service can be processed in multi-spot-to-multi-spot
        mode. The typical service is multi-spot-to-multi-spot multimedia interactive
        conference service.

       Conversation service: this service can be processed in point-to-point mode.
        The typical services include video phone service.

3、Positioning services

At present, the LCS based on the movement of users has been noticed by the industry.
The authority institution in US predicts that the production value of “mobile positioning
service” in US in 2004 will reach 4 billion dollars and the number will be 30 billion all
over the world. The European research report pointes out that the market of
positioning service will be 4.38 billion EUR in 2005.

Because TD-SCDMA adopts the technology of smart antenna and terminal
synchronization, its single BS orientation is possible. Compared with WCDMA and
CDMA2000 system, TD-SCDMA system can provide more accurate message source
positioning service in single BS (including wave direction and time delay estimation). It
needn‟t additional GPS module. It can reduce the cost and design complexity,
enhance the security of system and speed up the orientation rate. This system can
satisfy more orientation users and more accurate fix accuracy.

Mobile orientation makes a series of exciting wireless applications possible and its
influence is wide, such as entertainment, advertisement based on position, navigation,
assets management and access to geography information etc. The orientation
information can affect directly the decision of people on the way such as how to avoid
traffic jam, accidents or bad weather and how to choose midway destinations or use
local resource, which include gas station, grocery, inn and taxi etc. The possible
orientation applications include:

(1) Enhanced Emergency Services

This kind of service is driven by the ordinances of the government and belongs to a
public service provide by operators. When there is a social public security event or
urgency, wireless operators can provide the estimated value of the caller‟s position in
longitude and latitude. This ensures that they can obtain the first-aid in shortest time.

(2) Message Services based on Position

This service can provide the local information about drive guide, weather, traffic,
restaurant, inn, department store and gas station etc.

(3) Network Planning and Management

The statistical data of wireless network operation can be used in planning the
expansion, running and deploy of network or adjust the network parameters

(4) Vehicle and Resource Management

(5) Resource Trace optimizes the resource allocation and reduces the feedback-time.

4、Mobile access Internet services

In recent years, the market of Chinese mobile communication has been increased
quickly. It has exceeded 80 million now. It is predicted that the amount of mobile users
will be 300 million by 2005. Therefore, there is a giant market potential in the field of
mobile data service as well. In terms of operators, whether the wireless network can
provide attracting data services is a necessary condition to attract senior users.

In wireless transmission, TD-SCDMA has its unique operation mode and can choose
different transmission mode neatly according to the different transmission demand.
So it can use the subsistent spectrum resource well and satisfy various demands.
TD-SCDMA system is very suitable to asymmetric mobile data application and has
higher spectrum efficiency and more spectrum adaptability.

Along with the integrity of network, 3G users can access to Internet at any moment
and in everywhere by using 3G terminals to browse the information or do business.
The main applications include:

(1)Instant Messenger

Instant messager service is a revolutionary and friendly UI Internet tool. It can tell you
which friend is online with you simultaneously and can make you keep in touch with
them at any time. You need not to spend much time to search them because that the
massager will search for you and inform you when they are online

(2)Mobile video information service

Mobile video information service is a high quality video service that transmits real-time
image in air channel clearly by using the latest MPEG-4 image compaction technique.
This service not only provides convenience for business and personal activity but can
also be widely used in traffic management, inspection and industrial control etc.

(3)Mobile enterprise network service

Mobile enterprise network service is a service that the corporation users can access
to enterprise network by the mobile Internet service provided by telecom carriers such
as receiving interior emails safely, searching product data, holding work conferences
etc. It can provide total mobile business solution for corporation users by integrated
corporation VPN and corporation mailbox, etc.


At present, the application of PTT technology is still a blank in our public mobile
communication network. The fast development of traditional mobile voice and data
service concealed the distinctive position and application of this technology in the

industry. However, along with the propagation of traditional mobile communication,
the increase of service demand, the subdivision of user group and especially the
development of the national economy, the demand for digital cluster service based on
PTT will appear gradually and increase quickly.

The technical characteristics of TD-SCDMA are very suitable for PTT application. In
TDD mode, the data transmission of uplink and downlink is controlled by the sending
time of uplink and downlink. It can control and alter the ratio of transmitting and
receiving time to satisfy the demand of the high speed transmission of asymmetrical
services such as simplex and half-duplex communication. Smart antenna technology
has the ability of terminal orientation and tracing, flexible frequency allocation and
asymmetry of uplink and downlink data. These characteristics realize the low cost and
flexible service ability brought by PTT technology.

The PTT service based on TD-SCDMA technology is not only suitable for the public
network that aims to public operation but also suitable for dedicated networks such as
army, electric power, oil field and irrigation etc. This service will enhance the
communication and informatization ability greatly in these dedicated fields. In these
fields, TD-SCDMA that China has its own intellectual property rights has the
advantaged superiorities. Domestic corporations not only master the core
technologies including core chips but also possess its related intellectual property
rights. So we can customize special services according to the characteristics of the
dedicated networks such as providing the encryption function and various deployment
application functions.

6、P2P services

P2P service allows the two mobile terminals to communicate with each other directly
and the traffic data need not pass the Node B or RNC. In terms of the FDD system
that uses different frequency band in uplink and downlink, its terminal need two sets of
RF module if adding P2P function. In the 2G/3G cellulous systems, TD-SCDMA is the
only system that can support P2P function without two sets of RF receiver and
transmitter because it is the only system that works in TDD mode. TD-SCDMA can
transmit signals in different timeslots and its RF module in terminals needs no

By using P2P technology, we can save half of the wireless resource in P2P
connection and also can reduce the transmitting power of BS and terminals. After
using P2P technology, we can not only enhance the capacity of network thus increase
the profit of carriers but also prolong the life of handset battery. So we can enhance
the competitive position of TD-SCDMA by using P2P technology.

People can use P2P technology in hotspots such as airports, underground and
shopping malls etc. People also can use P2P service during their journey such as in
the out-of-the-way beauty spots. P2P communication can enlarge to multicast mode
easily and can broadcast information to a group of users.

7、M2M services

Besides the various IT equipments (such as handset, PDA and notebook), there are
more and more non-IT equipments that have the ability to „talk‟ by embedding
intelligence (sensing, computing and communicating). They can exchange
information with other equipments or IT system by communication network so as to
realize remote monitoring and control. To provide network services for the data
communication in Machine to Machine will be the new business increasing point of
the mobile communication network.

According to the related data, the terminals used for person-to-person communication
will only occupy 1/3 of the whole terminal market and the larger market will be the
M2M communication market. Nowadays, the number of the machine is four times of
the person and this means that its market potential is huge.

The bandwidth of GSM/GPRS is narrow which limits the development and
generalization of M2M applications greatly. TD-SCDMA can realize the real
high-speed data services and its transmission rate is from 384kbit/s to2Mbit/s.
Increscent bandwidth can improve many current services. For example, some
applications using simple command can be improved to graphical interaction interface.
The more practical services include car orientation/theft protection, remote medical
treatment equipment and the camera/video with the ability of remote data
transmission. There will also be a lot of new applications.

M2M belongs to the services aiming at equipments. Almost all equipments used in

everyday life can be its potential targets such as car and its related fittings, gas station,
electronic measurement apparatus, elevator and parking charge equipment and other
equipments used at home. All these equipments will be able to transmit and receive
data service in the future and its change to our life will be obvious. From the
application foreground point of view, M2M service has giant development space but
it‟s still in its early stage. Along with the increasing cognition for intellectual machine or
communication machine, the application of M2M services will be wider and wider.

In the time of 3G commercialization, Putian is not only participating in the field test of
TD-SCDMA network actively but also working in the research of TD-SCDMA services,
helping the carriers to form correct operation mode and gain maximum profit. The aim
of Putian is to provide the total TD-SCDMA P2P solution to carriers. We believe that
the international standard whose IPR is owned by China and the solid research
capability of TD-SCDMA industry alliance will make TD-SCDMA system be one of a
widely applied wireless commercial systems.


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