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									People who clearly drink too much on a regular basis are known as Alcohol abusers or problem drinkers.
These so called Alcohol abusers can present a danger to others, when they reach a state called alcoholism
they looses control on the amount of alcohol they drink and they cannot stop using alcohol despite the
severe physical and psychological consequences of excessive drinking.

Medical help and social support are two great methods which can treat alcohol addiction. If you have never
tried to quit drinking before or else you tried but were challenged by withdrawal symptoms, then its
recommended that you see a doctor. There are variety of withdrawal symptoms that include headache,
nausea, vomiting, rapid heart rate, elevated blood pressure, seizures, sweats, shakes and cravings. One
should remember that trying to stop drinking alcohol on their own, without appropriate medical attention,
can be dangerous.

In order to treat Alcohol addiction the first step is to visit a medical provider at an emergency room, free
clinic, or detox facility. He will examine you thoroughly and accordingly suggest treatment methodology
which can suit your body. There are various treatment centers available like residential treatment centers for
alcohol abuse that include the process of drug detoxification in which the medical doctor supervises the
medical withdrawal from drugs, alcohol and ensures the completion of this phase safely and with minimal
complications. This can be a very painful process, but with experienced staff including physicians prescribe
needed medication to ease the transition from drug-dependent to drug-free state.

The isolation into which an Alcohol addict moves in is removed through group sharing and activities that
create strong inter personal bonds between people. These program trains the clients to be strong, confident
and easily get back to their normal course of routine.

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