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For the complete report, get in touch with us at : Enterprise mobility market in India is set to witness a major boom in its adoption in the ensuing years. Currently, the market is estimated at INR 14.6 bn and is anticipated to attain a CAGR of 61% to reach INR 98.9 bn by 2015. Rapid change in the business models of organizations and demand to engage a better and competent mobile workforce is primarily propelling adoption of enterprise mobility in the market. The report begins with an illustration of the enterprise mobility ecosystem followed by the overview of the enterprise mobility market in India, depicting market size and growth figures, reasons for market growth and the key adopters of enterprise mobility. This is followed by the areas of implementation section, wherein it explains the role of enterprise mobility within the major operational functions of an organization. The report also states the major technologies used for mobilizing enterprise data and an explanation of the key solutions available in the market. An analysis of drivers explains the factors inflicting growth in the industry including abundant presence of handheld devices, continual replacement of office PCs with laptops/ Netbooks, roll out of high speed connectivity, low data access charges and declining hardware prices, while major challenges identified for the industry includes security concerns and device compatibility.

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									Enterprise Mobility Market – India
September 2011
Executive Summary
                 Enterprise Mobility Market in India is currently witnessing a major boom and is expected to
                 grow even further with the advancement of newer and better technologies
                 Currently, the market is estimated to be around INR XX bn and is expected to grow at a
  Market         CAGR of YY% to reach INR ZZ bn by 20--
                 The market is also poised to witness the involvement of SMBs wherein they are expected to
                 invest a decent sum of INR ZZ bn during 20--
                 Currently, there is a wide array of mobile technologies available in India which facilitate better,
                 efficient and secured mobility
                 Essential components of enterprise mobility solutions mainly comprise of operating systems,
Technology       programming code and relational databases, which provide a platform for the flow of data and
   Used          information over the internet
                 Protocols and format for data transfer coupled with connectivity tools happens to be equally
                 important aspects as well
                Drivers                                                  Challenges
                    Abundant Presence of Handheld                             Security Concerns
                    Devices                                                   Device Compatibility
                    Continual Replacement of Office
Role of Cloud
  Drivers &         PCs with laptops/ Netbooks
                    Roll out of High Speed
in Education        Connectivity
                    Low Data Access Charges
                    Declining Hardware Prices
                                                      Major Enterprise Mobility Players
Competition      Player 1                           Player 2               Player 3         Player 4

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An example of enterprise mobility architecture
               Regional Offices                                                      Portable Internet
                                                                                     Enabled Devices

                 Enterprise Servers

                             Admin Console


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• Enterprise Mobility Market - Overview
• Areas of Implementation
• Technology Used
• Major Solutions & Services
• Drivers and Challenges
• Enterprise Mobility Players
• Key Hardware / Software Providers
• Major Enterprise Mobility Users
• Case Studies
• Strategic Recommendation

Enterprise Mobility Market (EMM) in India is witnessing
strong growth and is poised for massive adoption
Enterprise Mobility Market – Overview
• Rising need to access enterprise data on the move and bring about more flexibility so as to gain competitive edge in
  business, is driving the EMM in India by manifolds
    Extensive evolution in the mobile phone technology space primarily supports and boosts the market
    Handheld devices such as Smartphones, PDAs and Tablets are utilized to access data and other information directly from any location


• Owing to the fruitful characteristics such as increased efficiency and productivity, enterprise mobility finds continual
  increase in adoption amongst several industries

    ABC and CDE industries tops the list of key enterprise mobility adopters followed by DEF, JHI and KLM
    It also holds adoption potential within sectors including SDF, DER, ERT, UHGF and TWD wherein, technological advancement will further

    shoot its adoption
• Indian SMB sector is expected to spend INR qw bn in 20-- for the procurement of portable devices to support enterprise


                                  Growth & Size - Enterprise Mobility Market
                                     INR bn
                                      z                                 h
                                      x                                          e
                                            a          b        c
                                           20--      20--     20--     20--    20--     20--    20--

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Enterprise mobility solutions and applications comprise of a
wide array of technical components
• Implementation of enterprise mobility solutions require the use of mobile technology which facilitate real time
  accumulation and transmission of data
• Major technologies used in the implementation comprise of the following:

                                                Technology Components Used
                                                         Operating System
Abc                                      Def                               Ghi                          Jkl

Lmn                                      Opq

                                           Programming Language / Platform Used
Rst                                      Uvw                               Xyz                          Abc1

Abc2                                     Abc3                              abc4

                                                  Relational Databases and Servers
Abc5                                     Abc6                              Abc7                         Abc7

Abc9                                     Abc10

                                                  Protocols and Format of Website

xyz                                      Xyz1.1

X-q                                      Hg                                Jk                           Lm

Np                                       Qr

                                           ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT                              6
Current, enterprise mobility market is flooded with a wide
range of solutions and services
          Major enterprise mobility solutions and services based on its popularity in India

 Rank 1                                                                                abc

 Rank 2                                                                          cde

 Rank 3                                                                    fgh

 Rank 4                                                         ijk

 Rank 5                                               lmn

 Rank 6                                     opq

 Rank 7                           rst

 Rank 8                    uvw

 Rank 9            xyz

Rank 10     axz

                                   ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT                7
Drivers & Challenges – Summary

  Abundant Presence of Handheld
  Devices                                                               Challenges
  Continual Replacement of Office PCs
  with laptops/ Netbooks                                                Security Concerns

  Roll out of High Speed Connectivity                                   Device Compatibility

  Low Data Access Charges

  Declining Hardware Prices

                                        ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT            8
Enterprise Mobility Players (x/x)

Company Snapshot: ABC, Inc.
Corporate Information                                         Business Highlights
Headquarter            xxx                                    • Offerings from ABC, for the enterprise mobility
                                                                segment in India comprise of seamless access to
Industry                                                        mobile data and information and networking services
Classifications                                               • Products offered by the company includes ‘qwe’,
                                                                ‘fgh’ and ‘hjk’
Phone No.              123456                                 • ABC also has partnered with XYZ to deliver mobility
                                                                devices, infrastructure and services
Revenue (INR tr)       xx

                                                 Key Contacts
Mr. XX YY                       Mr. WW QQ                                        Mr. HH RR
XXX                             YYY                                              ZZZ

Professional History            Professional History                             Professional History
X                               X                                                X

Other                           Other                                            Other
X                               X                                                X

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Firms opting for enterprise mobility can select from a wide
range of hardware and software players in the market

• Organizations keen on embracing enterprise mobility also require to equip their workforce with portable devices,
  capable of facilitating work outside office premises
• EMM in India is flooded with players and manufacturers of both these devices and applications which run on them,
  some of them are enlisted as below:

                                      Major Application Providers
AAA                          BBB                  CCC                                   DDD             Service Provider
EEE                          FFF                  GGG                                   HHH
                                      Major Smartphone Players
III                          JJJ                  KKK                                   LLL
MMM                          NNN                  OOO                                   PPP
                                        Major Tablet PC Players
                                                                                                       Major Hardware
QQQ                          RRR                  SSS                                   TTT
UUU                          VVV                  WWW                                   XXX
                                   Major Netbook/Notebook Players
YYY                          ZZZ                  ABC                                   DEF
GHI                          JKL                  MNO                                   PQR
                                    Major Telecom Service Providers
                                                                                                       Telecom Service
STU                          VWX                  YZ1                                   FZ
SZR                          SXZ                  SXR                                   DTAS

                                          ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT                                 10
Some key enterprise mobility adopters across major
industry verticals in India

 Industry Verticals   Key enterprise mobility adopters                Key solutions used by players

         BFSI                    ABC, AB, B,BA                                    AAA


                         SAM      ABC,BCA,CBA                               XXX,YYY AND ZZZ

      Healthcare                     BBB,CCC                               QQQ,SSS And TTT

    Manufacturing                    APB, RPE                            ABC, BCD, CBF AND JKL

                        ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT                                   11
Case Study X

          Client Organization                        Industry                              IT Vendor

                 XCV                                   ASD                                   ASD

              Case: Deploying notebooks equipped with wireless internet to salesforce team

            Requirements                            Solution                                Benefit

  • XXX

                                       • YYY                                       • ZZZ

                                               Technology Used


                                     ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT                       12
Strategic Recommendations




                               SAM                      •Y

   3                                                   •Z

                   ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MARKET - INDIA 2011.PPT   13
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