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Summary of Questions and Answers Request for Proposal Website


									Summary of Questions and Answers
Request for Proposal: Website Hosting and Related Support Services

Q1: In terms of server administration services related to the regional websites and database servers,
could you supply the specific types of servers you have deployed and/or looking to build out?

A1: We are looking to you to provide this information in your response. Your response would need to
include all equipment, required software licensing and other needed technology to host our websites
and databases as well as be capable of providing all levels of support for the websites and databases
including a robust website content management system – not just hosting.

Q2: In terms of support of the regional website infrastructure, where is this infrastructure deployed – in-
house or outsourced?

A2: The only in-house function related to the website is content management.

Q3: In terms of services needed for maintenance of the regional databases, can these data bases be
deployed within my managed service environment?

A3: Yes, the successful vendor will need to be able to support Microsoft SQL Server

Q4: In terms of technology support for the annual update of the regional Youthfutures web
environment; and hosting of the regional web applications and databases, what kinds of support are
needed outside a full range of monitoring of all the critical components?

A4: The support requires the ability of the selected vendor to provide direct services for website
development, database development, email blast management and mail merge capabilities from the

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