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					                     ABN: 63 035 183 435

     Online Kick Start
 Power up your online strategy and keep the revs high
with Piksoulʼs Online Kick Start and Managed Services.
Online Kick Start
The Cool Bit - In a nutshell, youʼll get:
A cutting edge showcase website, research document, managed online advertising
campaign, conversion of sales leads, followed with email communication for repeat
business and analysis for constant improvement.

The Technical Bit - All the details:
Website Design & Development

A premium website solution designed to make you look good and provide your
organisation with a competitive edge. We’ll also use advanced funneling techniques and
calls to action making it easy to convert casual browsers into sales opportunities.

Our Mini Max sites include: Design + six profile pages + search engine optimisation (SEO)
+ content management system (CMS) + monthly updates.

Check out some of our latest projects at

Keyword & Competitor Research

A document containing competitor analysis, expanded keyword research and a current
search analysis. This is done initially, to then form the basis for your planning and
advertising campaign.

This is reviewed and updated monthly as part of our Managed Service.

Search Landing Pages

Ten tailored landing pages for targeted and niche keyword sets based on our keyword and
competition research. These are vital to help your business increase its position for
organic search listings.

Managed Online Advertising Campaign

A multi tiered campaign using broad and niche approaches, with unique adverts for each
campaign group, design to increase the number of searches that reach your site.

Included in our Managed Service is $200 in Google Adwords credit per month.

      Why do we use Google Adwords?

      They have an 85% market share of search traffic. Read our report for more info. (link to The
      Importance of Advertising Online)
Email Marketing Campaign

A periodical email campaign to create a line of communication with your customers to keep
them informed, reinforce brand awareness and encourage repeat business.

Website Hosting

Economy hosting with plenty of space and up to five email addresses.

Analytics & Reporting

Weʼll set up and track analytics and provide you with reports to measure your siteʼs
performance so we can constantly improve your site.

The Sweet Bit - The price:
For less than the cost of a full page newspaper advertisement or 1/10th the wage of a
salesperson, youʼll get a 24/7 online business and sales suite that will continue to work for
years to come. It also wonʼt take sickies or short notice holidays.

 Online Kick Start (once off)                                                  Price

 Website Design & Development (Mini Max site)                                      $2,700.00

 Keyword & Competition Research                                                      $400.00

 Search Landing Pages (10 pages)                                                     $600.00

 Managed Services (ongoing)                                                    Price

 Managed Online Advertising Campaign
 (includes $200 in Google Adwords credit)                                From $540 / month

 Email Marketing Campaign                                                       $300 / issue

 Website Hosting                                                              From $160 / yr

 Analytics & Reporting                                                         on application

The Easy Bit - Getting it done:
Weʼll do all the hard stuff, organise your content and have your site ready for sign-off
within 3-4 weeks. Organise a free consultation to get your project started by:


or, give our creative director Josh Alach a call, best to get him on:

Mobile: 040 2133 495.

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