; The construction of a beaded toe ring
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The construction of a beaded toe ring


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									                            The construction of a beaded toe ring

Not all rings are made of metal. For those people who like to do crafts, wire and string
are excellent materials for making rings. There are as many ways to make a beaded ring,
as there are toes to wear one. The method described here is the simplest. Your material
list includes 2 crimp beads, nylon cord (monofilament fishing line), a primary bead or
even more than one, a sufficient number of smaller or seed beads. All of these supplies
can be purchased at any craft shop. Should you decide to make several then you should
also purchase a crimping tool. This gives the finished work a much better appearance.

To ensure the correct size, wrap the line around your toe, then cut an additional inch off.
It is best to make the first ring a simple one only to get the basic idea in place. If you are
using crimping pliers, you will notice that there are two holes when the jaws are closed.
To close a crimp properly, first use the hole nearest the handle. This will result in a u-
shaped bead. Then, slide the crimp pliers over this bead such that the opening between
the u is facing the center or hinge of the pliers and use the smaller hole near the front of
the jaws. This time when squeezed, the bead will be very secure.

Place one crimp bead on the line but do not crimp it. Put on one larger bead for the center
or crown bead. Follow this with several of the small seed beads. Repeat this until you
have enough to circle your toe loosely (this allows room for it to slide over your
knuckle). Put another crimp bead on. Run the ends through the crimp beads on either side
of the crown bead. Crimp both crimp beads.

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