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					Termite Apprentice

If you are interested in becoming a termite inspector, a good way to
break into the field is to find a place as a termite apprentice. There
are many termite apprentice programs that are offered by accredited
schools and even universities that only take a couple of days to take.
These termite apprentice programs are in the form of intense classes that
will teach you all sorts of information including termite biology,
practical field identification of wood-destroying organisms, their
damage, and the safe use of tools, chemicals, and other equipment used to
rid the home of these devastating insects.

Because these courses are short, they can be quite intense and require a
lot of work. But when you want to become a termite inspector, the
termite apprentice program is a great way to get into the field and know
what you’re doing right off the bat. These courses are often not very
expensive, but when you consider the experience that you are able to pick
up, you will soon realize that they are well worth the money.

Once you have taken a termite apprentice course, you will probably want
to hook up with a licensed professional termite inspector and ask if you
can be their termite apprentice so you can gain experience in the field.
Many termite inspectors are happy to take on a termite apprentice –
especially if you are willing to work with them in the field to help
alleviate their work load. Often, your termite apprentice course will be
able to find someone who is willing to work with you and teach you the
business. Sometimes these will be paid positions and sometimes they
won’t. What you have to do is weigh the experience you are getting with
the necessity of a paycheck. Some people just can’t sign on to be a
termite apprentice because they need the money, so find someone you trust
and talk honestly with them about your expectations as well as theirs.

Often, when you are trying to get into a new field of work, the best
thing you can do for yourself is get some on-the-job training. Plus, for
a termite inspector, it is a welcome advantage having some help in the
field as well. So if you are interested in the lucrative field of
termite inspection, you may want to seriously check out becoming a
termite apprentice. Not only with the experience be invaluable, but you
will learn so much more than you could ever hope to find from a textbook.

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