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					                    2011 KOICA Master Degree Program Application Guideline
                                         - Korea Univ., Ewha Women’s Univ.,Ajou Univ. -

                1. Admission Schedule

                                  Master in                            Master in             Master in International
                         International Development               Women & Development            Trade & Business
University                     Korea University                 Ewha Women’s University           Ajou University
                             Feb. 2011~Mar. 2012                  Feb. 2011~Jun. 2012          Feb. 2011~Jun. 2012
School Term
                                  (13 months)                         (16 months)                   (16 months)
                                    20 total                             30 total                     20 total
Entrance Quota
                          (max. 2 persons per country)       (max. 2 persons per country)   (max. 2 persons per country)
Application Deadline          December 3, 2010                     December 3, 2010             December 3, 2010
1st Interview
(KOICA Indonesia                  December 6                          December 9                    December 8
2nd Interview &
Essay Test                     December 14~15                       December 15~18               December 20~22
Final Offer                   December 27, 2010                     January 4, 2011               January 7, 2011
Arrival in Korea               February 16, 2011                    February 7,2011              February 12, 2011
Webpage                   http://www.gsis.korea.ac.kr             http://gsis.ewha.ac.kr        http://gsis.ajou.ac.kr

          ※        All costs for tuition, one time round-trip from Jakarta to Incheon, accommodation, and
          insurance will be borne by KOICA as a scholarship.

                2. Eligibility of Applicants

                   Applicants should
                       Be an Indonesian citizen
                       Be officially nominated by the Indonesian government (endorsed by the State
                        Secretariat/SETNEG through the his/her own government institution)
                       Be a government official or an employee in the public sector. Private sector
                        employees are not eligible. However, if the applicant works in a development non-
                        governmental organization (NGO) or UN-associated organization, he/she can
                        apply on the condition that he/she obtains a recommendation from the government
                        ministry which covers the organization.
                       Be a university/college graduate or have an equivalent educational background.
                       Have sufficient command of both spoken and written English in order to take
            classes conducted entirely in English and to be able to write academic reports and
            theses in English.
           Be in good health, both physically and mentally.
           Have not previously received a scholarship from the Korean government.
           A participant who has once withdrawn from the program due to a failure to attain
            certain grades, a violation of the rules of the training institute, or a false entry is
            not allowed to re-apply for Scholarship Program.

       For more specific qualifications for each program, please refer to the Program
       Information of each university attached herewith.

   3. Selection Procedure

       The selection procedure will take two stages:
   1) Document screening and interview at the KOICA Indonesia office
       -    Applications with incomplete documents will not be considered for screening.
   2) Telephone interview by the University
       -    Interview schedule will be informed individually by the KOICA Indonesia Office
            to those who have passed the first stage.
       -    The interview will be conducted by phone in the KOICA Indonesia office.

   4. Notification of Final Offer

       Once the respective university have selected the final nominees, the KOICA Indonesia
       office will notify the offer status to the candidates (please be noted that the university
       will not contact directly). Upon the candidate’s acceptance of the offer, KOICA
       Indonesia Office will provide further information on departure. Postponement or
       cancellation of the enrollment is not allowed, in principle.

   ※ For more information, please contact KOICA Indonesia Office at 021-2992-1900 (Ms.
     Nony Fitria) or info@koicaindonesia.org .

   1) Application document forms for each university
   2) Program Information book for each program
   3) KOICA Training Application Form
   4) Application Checklist