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The Armoured Vehicles Market 2011-2021


This report, The Armoured Vehicles Market 2011-2021, finds many countries in the midst of
acquisition or upgrade programmes to replace or refurbish large fleets of armoured vehicles.
However, reduced defence budgets were announced by many countries in 2010 which have
had an impact on some armoured vehicle programmes, although there are other nations that
are actually set to increase defence spending. Armoured vehicles of various types have been
found to be critical whether in conventional battles or in counter-insurgency-type conflicts, and
thus programmes related to these are expected to see considerable funding in coming years.
It assesses that the global armoured vehicle spending was worth over $10.4bn in 2010 and
demand will pick up over the next few years.
There will be robust demand for armoured vehicles in the next decade. New acquisitions also
clearly outstrip upgrade programmes although there are also significant programmes of the
latter. This report is packed with over 80 charts that show key trends in the armoured vehicles
market at the global level and in 20 leading national markets.
The United States will remain the largest market although it won’t have a dominant share. Key
markets also include countries like Germany, the United Kingdom and France which have all
announced reduced defence spending but remain committed to a number of important
armoured vehicle programmes. Countries like India and South Korea, on the other hand, are
actually increasing defence spending and likewise expected to be key markets. Other notable
markets include Saudi Arabia, Australia, Turkey and Brazil. It provides forecasts for the period
2011-2021 in terms of value (US$) for the global market. Significant programmes in the
following countries are analysed and these 20 leading national markets are also individually
forecast from 2011-2021.

Table of Contents :
1. Executive Summary

1.1 Highlights of the Report

1.2 Benefits of this Report

1.3 Methodology

1.4 Robust Demand Worldwide

1.5 Key Armoured Vehicle Submarkets

1.6 Leading Armoured Vehicle Companies
2. Introduction to the Armoured Vehicles Market

2.1 New Technologies That Help Drive the Armoured Vehicles Market

2.2 The Market Defined

2.2.1 Main Battle Tanks

2.2.2 Medium Armoured Vehicles

2.2.3 Medium Mine-Resistant Vehicles

2.2.4 Light Protected Vehicles

3. The Global Armoured Vehicles Market

3.1 New Vehicles Comprise Bulk of Market

3.2 Robust Market for Upgrades

3.3 Medium Armoured Vehicles Lead Demand

3.4 US Leads Global Market but Demand also Robust

3.5 Leading Armoured Vehicle Companies

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