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The Military Communications & COTS Market 2011-2021


Despite pressure on defence spending worldwide, military communications look set to remain
central to defence procurement and investment in the coming years. Military communications
are a vital part of all armed forces, and have grown in scope as technology has continued to
advance. Maintaining superior communications capability is paramount for both conventional
and limited warfare operations, with an increased demand for real time information and
interconnected troops. It has determined that the size of the global military communications
market in 2010 amounted to $15.91bn.
Military communications products range from satellites and space programmes, to hand held
radios and smart phones. Utilising technology such as communications on the move, over the
horizon, or beyond line of sight, communications products enable armed forces to remain both
cohesive and responsive during all stages of military campaigns and throughout varying
environments. Communications systems are installed on nearly all military hardware, and can
be operated either manually, such as in the form of radios, or remotely, through unmanned
The emergence of COTS products is a reflection of the continued crossover between
commercial and military research & development. COTS also serve reduce costs and to lessen
the strain on government defence budgets, as commercial solutions to military problems are

Table of Contents :
1. Executive Summary
1.1 Current Trends and Developments within the Military Communications Market
1.2 Opportunities and Challenges for the Military Communications Market
1.3 The Benefits of This Report
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Global Military Communications Market Size and Expected Growth Rates
1.6 Leading National Military Communications Markets
1.7 Fastest Growing Military Communications Markets
2. Introduction to the Military Communications & COTS Market
2.1 The Importance of Communications
2.2 The Emergence of COTS
2.3 Defining Military Communications
3. The Global Military Communications & COTS Market
3.1 Global Military Communications & COTS Market Forecast
3.2 Global Military Communications & COTS Market Analysis
3.3 The Global Military Communications & COTS Market- Expanding and Declining National
3.4 Global Military Communications & COTS Market – World Share of the Market
3.5 The Global Military Communications & COTS Market- USA versus Non-USA Analysis
3.6 Military Communications Market Cumulative Sales 2011-2021

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