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                                                                                                        Volume 19
                                                                                                         Issue 12
           The Compass
Christmas is Love….
                                                                                Drawn Together to Share the
                                                                                       Good NEWS!
                                                                                The four points of the compass offer
                                                                                a captivating image of the vision of
        I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. The beautiful        Cross Winds Church. Cross Winds
music, the sparkling lights, the festive fellowship and the opportunity to      United Methodist Church will:
worship God with all of you. I’m really looking forward to my spirit and        NURTURE
soul being filled up by the meaning and the celebration of the season.
I’m finding that every year I am appreciating in new ways being called          We believe all people have a
back to the meaning of Christmas. I’m reminded of what I want to be the         deep spiritual hunger that only God
                                                                                can satisfy.
most important part of my life and that is my spiritual journey.
                                                                                 We respond to God’s call by
                                                                                seeking fellowship with one another,
          Since my early years in the church I have enjoyed singing the         developing our relationship with
Christmas hymn “Love Came Down at Christmas.” Our world so                      God, and building a caring commu-
desperately needs to hear and embrace the deep and abiding love of God          nity of faith.
poured out for each one of us in the Christmas story and then seek to           EVANGELIZE
live in its truth all year long. I pray every day for our church to grow in
living out the love of Jesus in a broken world. In all that we are already      We believe we are called to share
                                                                                The Good News of God’s love and
doing, God has more for us. There are so many ways to show love and
                                                                                salvation with others through Jesus
Christmas reminds us of this. The gift of love was so evident at our
church recently in the way that the team headed by Lynda Weeks
provided the lunch at a funeral for one of our own. Their hearts of               We embrace our responsibility-
service and support made a tremendous difference for a grieving family.         each in our own way, each with the
Every time we hold a crying child in the nursery, send a card, deliver a        gifts we have been given-to share
                                                                                the Gospel with others through our
meal, sit down to listen to a story, concern or joy, give a hug to say I care
                                                                                thoughts, our words, and our deeds.
about you and so much more, we live out the true meaning of
Christmas: God’s love has come into our lives in Jesus Christ. By caring        WORSHIP
for each other, we live out the Gospel message of Good News and grow in
                                                                                We believe we are called to indi-
our ability to love God’s world.                                                vidual and corporate worship of

        As we move through the Advent season we will be lighting                 We encourage all people to join
candles that remind us of these ideals: Hope.…Joy….Peace….Love                  us in praising God whenever and
The Christmas story brings all of these to our lives. I hope you will be        wherever two or more gather and to
                                                                                support individual growth through
aware of all the opportunities at Cross Winds this month of December to
                                                                                personal prayer, devotion, and
connect with these important 4 words of the Christmas season. Among             Christian activities designed for
our ways to come together there will be the annual progressive dinner,          children, youth and adults to wor-
an advent reflection Day, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, attending a      ship together.
play-Away in the Basement, the children’s Christmas program and
dinner, mission projects for North UMC and Simpson Shelter, the
Christmas musical by the choir and wonderful worship. May it all be a            We believe we are called by
glory to God and may our hearts continue to be changed by the power of          Christ to minister and serve those in
love.                                                                           our community, our nation, and our

                                                                                  We accept the challenge to
          Merry Christmas                                                       reach out in Christian love through
     and love to you and yours,                                                 mission and service to share our
                                                                                gifts with others and to pay forward
                                                                                God’s promise to our community.

           Rev. Cindi McKee
   Pastoral Staff
                                             Baptized Oct. 31, 2010                        Team Leadership 2010-2011
 Jeanine Alexander
                                            Ian Gabriel Webb Lazarin
    Lead Pastor                                                                               at Cross Winds UMC
                                           John Thomas Webb Lazarin
                                                                                     Please pray for our leaders and teams. Pray
   Cindi McKee                              Born: September 30, 2010                 that their work will be a ministry to the church
 Minister of Spiritual                            Parents:                          and community so that God’s purposes of love,
                                                                                             grace, peace and mercy will be
    Formation &                 Emilio Lazarin & Janet Webb Lazarin                             made known to all. Amen.
Congregational Care         Big Sister: Amara Maria Webb Lazarin
                                                                                    Administrative Council Chair & Co-Chair
 Volunteer Clergy                                                                   Alan Storry                         763-494-9594
                                                                                    Tim Peschman                        763-424-2250
 Harold Biederman
                                          New Additions to the Family               Adult Ministries Team
  Pastor Emeritus                                                                   Mark Biederman, Co-Chair            763-494-8456
                                                                                    Deb DeLeeuw, Co-Chair               763-494-9456
 James Perry, Elder                         Eleanor Margaret Auna                   Caring Ministries
                                              Born: October 30, 2010                Rev. Cindi McKee, Coordinator       763-494-9463
   Ministry Staff                        Proud Parents: Sarah & Chris Auna          Children’s Ministries
                                         Grandparents: Laurie & Brad Fleener        Karmyn Nelson, Co-chair             763-383-8460
     Chris Carr                                                                     April Kunze, Co-chair               763-540-6865
                                                                                    Communications Team
  Director of Youth                            Brynlee Grace Rock                   Deb Volkman, Co-chair               952-201-3333
      Ministries                        Born: November 5, 2010
                                                                                    Melissa Wagner, Co-chair            763-537-1368
                                                                                    Facilities Ministries
   Deb Johnson                    Proud Parents: Jeremy & Lisa Rock                 Dave Looney, Co-chair               763-420-9258
                               Big Brother: Braeden & Big Sister: Brenna
Director of Children’s                                                              TBA
      Ministries                                                                    Finance Team
                         Thank you to my heros,                                     Mike Mills, Chair                   763-416-0409
   Lori Goldstein        Jon Sonderby, Zach Weithorn, and Adam Beyer for
                                                                                    Steve Schober, Fin. Secretary
                                                                                    David Hughes (Treasurer)
Parish Administrator     shoveling my driveway. Also thanks to Dave                 Funeral Ministries
                         Sonderby for snowblowing, Julia Beyer, Sandra              Alice Tanghe, Coordinator           763-559-1903
   David Hughes          Sonderby, and Maureen Weithorn for getting the boys        Hospitality Ministries
      Treasurer          to my house.                                               Jeanine Ronning, Tri-chair          763-420-3640
                                                                                    Julia Beyer, Tri-chair              763-493-8996
                         What a blessing it is to have great friends!               Margaret Marsh, Tri-chair           763-424-4013
   Lori Lahtinen         Cathy Cartalucca                                           Lay Leader & Associate Lay Leader
 Music Coordinator                                                                  Terry Sharp                         763-420-9374
                                                                                    Brent Cottington                    763-315-5910
 Michelle Schober                                                                   Lay Member To Annual Conference
Music/Worship Admin.                    CANDLE                                      Tom McKee                           763-717-6806
                                                                                    Mission Ministries
 Nancy Betterman            The candle symbolizes Jesus
                          being the light of the world (John                        John Raley, Ad Council Rep.         763-416-3733
    Accompanist              8:12), as well as his call for
                                                                                    Kari McHenry, Co-Facilitator        763-551-1728
                                                                                    Pastor Jeanine, Co-Facilitator      763-494-9463
     Beth Best            Christians to be lights (Matthew                          Opening Doors Follow Up Team
                          5:14). Candles play a prominent                           Doug DeLeeuw, Chair                 763-494-9456
  Wind of the Spirit        role in the Christmas season.
    Coordinator                                                                     Personnel Team
                         Each candle on an Advent wreath
                                                                                    Jon McWilliams, Chair               763-416-4436
   Kayla Schudi            has a special meaning. Many
                                                                                    Prayer Ministries
   Jen Haugen                churches have a candlelight
                                                                                    Jennifer Patridge, Chair            763-315-4361
                         worship service on Christmas Eve,
      Childcare                                                                     Welcome Ministries
                                   often at midnight.
                                                                                    Lynda Weeks, Chair                  763-519-1027
                                                                                    Worship Ministries
                                                        The Three trees             Michelle Schober, Facilitator       763-425-0794

     Office Staff:
                                                   According to legend, three       Youth Ministries
                                                     trees grew near Jesus’         Beth Nicholson, Co-chair            612-799-6486
    Audrey Bouma                                    manger: an olive tree, a        Rick Wiethorn, Co-chair             763-416-6070
                                                  palm tree and a fir tree. The     ———————————————————————-
     Judy Kurash
                                                   olive offered its fruit to the   The Compass is a monthly publication of Cross
     Joan Mann                                                                      Winds United Methodist Church. Your Compass
                                                  newborn King, and the palm        editor is: Lori Goldstein. We appreciate your
    Lynda Weeks                                        tree gave its dates.         articles! We reserve the right to edit for space and
   Elizabeth Painter                               The poor fir, having nothing
    Sue Bosworth                                    to give but worship, raised
                                                                                     COMPASS DEADLINE: The 15th of every month.
                                        its boughs in adoration, and the angels
      Bill Barron                        hung stars on its branches. So the fir     Make sure to check out our WEB SITE for
                                            became the first Christmas tree.        information and inspiration. It is updated continually.

                                                                                    Volume 19 Issue 12                         Page 2
           Christmas Holiday Season
           at Cross Winds UMC                                              Financial Update

                                                                              Giving to the Operating
                          Celebrate the birth of Jesus with                Fund through October is
                             your friends at Cross Winds                   $279,000, this is almost
                                                                           $6,000 less than 2009
                                     United Methodist                      giving through October.
                                                                           Current expenses are about $38,000 over giving.
                                      Holiday Sunday                       End of the year giving is usually very high which
                                                                           catches us up. Your giving makes our ministry
                                               Services:                   possible. Please remember to include your
                                                                           church in your end of the year special giving.
                                         Sundays, Nov. 28, Dec. 5,             Giving to the Stewardship Initiative (“Opening
                                          12, at 8:30 & 10:45 am           Doors For Growth: Seeking True North”) through
                                         We will explore the               October is $297,500. Well done!
                                     themes/spiritual truths of                The giving during this time of struggling economy
                            Advent through Christmas classic               has been generous and sacrificial. Some people are
 movies and songs. The hope is that as people hear the songs,              making sacrifices in order to give; others are giving
       and see the movies, they will think of theological                  even more than pledged to help make up the gap for
                    truths of the season.                                  those who are unable to give as much as they had
                                                                           hoped. Thank you!
                                                                               Sunday, November 14th was
             Children’s Program:                                           Consecration Sunday. Those who were present
                                                                           were given an opportunity to make their financial
                             Sunday, Dec. 12                               commitment for 2011 and dedicate it to the work of
                                                                           God. We’ve received estimate of giving cards from
                       Appetizers 4:45 pm                                  many of you. We really need to hear back from
                 Program 5:00 pm—Dinner 5:45 pm                            everyone in our church family about their pledge
                                                                           for 2011. It helps us plan for our mission and
                                                                           ministry for the coming year. If you haven’t made
   Christmas Concert: Sunday, Dec. 19                                      your commitment yet, estimate of giving cards
               Sunday December 19 at the                                   are available at church.
                                                                               Let’s keep seeking God, our True North, in all we
          8:30 am & 10:45 am worship services.                             do. God is blessing us with resources to open doors
  Join us for the “Experiencing God this Christmas Season”                 for growth. We are blessed, and God is giving us
                                                                           new opportunities every day to be a blessing to
The adult choir, youth, and children will be performing a musical called
             “Experiencing God this Christmas season.”
          The musical will be performed at both services on
 Sunday, December 19. Please plan to be at one of the services that        Christmas prayer
 Sunday and invite friends. Join us as we sing praises and celebrate
                         the Christmas season.                             Loving Father, help us to
                                                                           remember the birth of Jesus, that we
                      Christmas Eve, Friday                                may share in the song of the angels,
                                                                           the gladness of the shepherds, and
                     December 24th                                         the worship of the wise men.

                     4:00 pm—Family Worship                                Close the door of hate and open the
                                                                           door of love all over the world. Let kindness come with
                        Family Worship with a nativity story children      every gift, and good desires with every greeting. Deliver us
                        can participate in. Talented Kids? If your child   from evil by the blessing which Christ brings, and teach us
                         plays an instrument and would like to play a      to be merry with clear hearts.
                        carol for the 4:00 pm Christmas Eve service,
                     please contact Michelle Schober or Lori Lahtinen.     May the Christmas morning make us happy to be thy
                                                                           children, and the Christmas evening bring us to our beds
                        8:00 & 10:00 pm                                    with grateful thoughts, forgiving and forgiven, for Jesus’
                                                                           sake. Amen!
                     Candlelight Service-
                           Communion                                       —Robert Louis Stevenson

Volume 19 Issue 12                       Page 3
                                                                The CROSS food shelf
                  Prayer Shawl Ministry                         requests specific foods for the
                 Prayer Shawl Ministry: The Tuesday             next month in preparation for
                 evening gathering to knit and crochet          Christmas. An extra bag of "fixings" is
                 will be December 7 at 7:00 P.M. at the         given to each client during these two
                 home of Dianne Roth, 7528 Mariner              holidays. Here is how you can help:
                 Drive, Maple Grove. Come share the             canned pumpkin, evaporated milk,
Christmas spirit as we knit and crochet to create the            turkey gravy mix in packages or jars, jello, walnuts or
gifts of prayer shawls to comfort others. Another               almonds, 5 # bag of flour, 4# bag of sugar, canned
option for that evening would be to knit or crochet a           cranberry sauce, and boxes of stuffing.
hat for Christmas mission. Please call Dianne at                Bags of individually wrapped candy pieces are needed for
763-420-9686 if you plan to attend. All are welcome to          Christmas bags for the children of families who come to
join in this ministry. Lessons are available to learn to        CROSS to "shop" during the holidays.
knit and will soon be available for crochet. Call Dianne        After Halloween is a great time to search store end-caps
if you need directions or a ride.                               for the sales. Please avoid packages with Halloween
                                                                pictures on them.
KNIT OR CROCHET HATS: Know how to knit or
crochet? The prayer shawl ministry encourages you to
knit or crochet a hat to be given as a Christmas
mission to someone in need. A basket of yarn and                Special Dates
several easy sample patterns are available in
                                                                • Second Sunday of Advent, December 5, 2010
Fellowship Hall by the kiosks or you can use your own
                                                                • Third Sunday of Advent, December 12, 2010
pattern and yarn. Bring completed hats to church by
                                                                • Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 19, 2010
December 19.
                                                                • First day of winter, December 21, 2010
                                                                • Christmas Eve, December 24, 2010
Maple Grove AL-ANON Family Group
meets at Cross Winds United Methodist Church.                   • Christmas Day, December 25, 2010
9:00 am Wednesday mornings. For more                            • New Year’s Eve/Watch Night, December 31, 2010
information contact Ginny at 763-493-7686.

    December Worship Assistants
Worship           Dec. 5th       Dec. 5th        Dec. 12th    Dec. 12th    Dec. 19th    Dec. 19th    Dec. 26th      Dec. 26th
Assistants for
                  8:30 am       10:45 am         8:30 am      10:45 am     8:30 am      10:45 am     8:30 am        10:45 am
Greeters:         Jeanie        Chuck & Joan Sue              Kevin        Judy         Cassie Petry Cindy & Nick Loper Family
                  Ewald         Mann         Bosworth         Wrolstad     Kurash       Carol Petry Hugunin
Scripture Reader: Karmyn        Haley            Brian        Ron Chick    Jean Sharp Tracy          Jamie          Chaise
                  Nelson        Mathison         Dreibelbis                           Ottenstroer    Boettcher      Loper
Communion         Tim & Jodi    Laura Mills
Servers: 12/5     Peschman
Ushers            George        Reed & Amy       Chris, Chase Jim, Lorna, Alice &       Kirk & Janna George         Jeff &
                  Colson        Sibet            & Drew       Jayme &     Roger         Adams        Colson         Hannah
                  Brian                          Tozer        Andrew      Tanghe                     Kevin          Buffington
                  Dreibelbis                                  Beukelman                              Wrolstad
Fellowship Time   Set up        Clean up         Set up       Clean up     Set up       Clean up     Set up         Clean up
                  Cindy         Sherry           Heidi        Sherry       Sandra       Deb          Holiday No     Holiday No
                  Vollmer &     Sholund          Crosland     Sholund      Sonderby     Deleeuw      Coffee         Coffee
                  Kris Kosloski

Nursery           Cassie Petry Kirsten, Elliot   Kate, & Todd Corey &      Bethany      Eddie &      Terri & Rich   Brenda &
                               & Lauren Britt    Biederman    Jen          Jensen       Genet        Kemp           Maddy
                                                              Carriker                  Frizells                    Frane
Children’s        Deb           Jen & Cory       Deb          Emalee &     Deb          Kathryn &    No             No
Worship           Johnson       Carriker         Johnson      Bill Havel   Johnson      Scott Wahl   Children’s     Children’s
                                                                                                     Worship        Worship

                                                                                       Volume 19 Issue 12         Page 4
Chris says cut here to post on the fridge——

                                                    A MESSAGE FROM CHRIS CARR DIRECTOR OF YOUTH MINISTRIES
                                               God came to Earth and changed everything. This is a pretty amazing thing. This Creator,
                                               this all-powerful, came into being as one of us, to know us and to show us how to be human
                                               in the image of God, to love as God loves! Yes... that is the celebration of this Holiday
                                               season. Look around your world during this season and recognize that the "Holiday season"
                                               is an attempt to share joy in that and concentrate on it. Make sure that is what it is for
                                               you. Remember that baby that changed everything and try to love that way.

                                                     Sunday                  Monday               Tuesday             Wednesday                 Thursday            Friday
                                              CHRISTMAS PARTY                                                  1                           2                  3
                                                       ~ Start looking for a gag gift around your house to     * 5:00-8:00 pm Tree Lot     * 5:00-8:00 pm     * 9:00 am-8:00
                                              bring to the party that night. DO NOT go buy a new pre-          ~ Confirmation 6:30 pm       Tree Lot           pm Tree Lot
                                              sent. It should be something funny lying around your             ~ Sr. High Bible Study

                                              house, a toy or game that you do not play with anymore, an       6:30 pm
                                              item you don’t mind getting rid of. Please wrap your gag         ~ Youth Group 7:30 (9th-
                                              gift for the Christmas Party.                                    12th grade) Youth
                                                      ~Bring your favorite Christmas treat to the party on     Speaker
                                              the 8th to share with everyone.
                                              5                         6                    7                 8                           9                  10
                                              LAFF Session Two           * 5:00-8:00 pm       * 5:00-8:00 pm   * 5:00-8:00 pm Tree Lot      * 5:00-8:00 pm    * 9:00 am-8:00
                                              10:30 am-8:00 pm           Tree Lot             Tree Lot         ~ Confirmation 6:30 pm       Tree Lot           pm Tree Lot
                                              Tree Lot                                                         ~ Sr. High Bible Study
                                                                                                               6:30 pm
                                                                                                               ~ Youth Group 7:30 (7th-
                                                                                                               12th grade) CHRISTMAS
                                              12                     13                   14                   15                          16                 17
                                              LAFF Session Two        * 5:00-8:00 pm       * 5:00-8:00 pm      * 5:00-8:00 pm Tree Lot      * 5:00-8:00 pm    * 9:00 am-8:00
                                              10:30 am-8:00 pm        Tree Lot             Tree Lot            ~ TOYS FOR TOTS 7th –        Tree Lot           pm Tree Lot
                                              Tree Lot                                                         12th grade 6:00-9:00 pm
                                              19                     20                   21                   22                          23                 24

                                              LAFF Mission                                                     ~ Confirmation 6:30
                                                                                                               ~ Sr. High Bible Study
                                              Caroling after                                                   6:30
                                              church                                                           ~ Youth Group 7:30 (9th-
                                              10:30 am-8:00 pm                                                 12th grade) Game Night
                                              Tree Lot
                                              26                     27                   28                   29                          30                 31
                                              No Sunday School                                                 NO CLASSES

                                              Wed. Dec. 8- CHRISTMAS                                    Toys for Tots:                    Sunday, Dec. 19-
                                              PARTY– 7:30 pm Open to                                    Wed. Dec. 15-                     Caroling- 4-8pm. We
                                              all 7-12th graders. There                                 Meet at                           will load up the bus
                                              will be food, games, prizes                               church at 6                       and go out into the
                                              and a gift exchange. Start                                pm and we                         community and visit
                                              looking for a gag gift                                    will go on a shopping             people from our congregation to

                                              around your house to bring to the party                   spree over at Target and          share God's love through song with
                                              that night. DO NOT go buy a new present.                  then go drop off the toys         them in the Christmas season. If
                                              It should be something funny lying around                 at KARE 11 drop off site!         you can bring a plate of cookies to
                                              your house, a toy or game that you do not                 This will be both the             share, we will give them as gifts to
                                              play with anymore, an item you don’t mind                 Confirmation and                  those we sing for as well. Dinner
                                              getting rid of. Please wrap your gag gift for             Sr. High activity for the         will be provided. We will head over
                                              the Christmas Party. Bring a treat to the                 night.                            to the Britts afterward for hot
                                              party to share with everyone.                             EVERYONE COME !!                  beverages and treats!

                                                                                                                             Volume 19 Issue 12                    Page 5
      Children and Family Ministries
             December 2010
                                                                Come One—Come All—You are invited!
                     Sunday mornings                        The Cross Winds Sunday School proudly presents:
                 for Cross Winds kids                                         “Double Take”
                                                              A Christmas Pageant as told by Matthew and
  8:30-9:30 and 10:45-11:45- Children worship                           Luke by Dennis Hartin
  with their family and may attend Children’s
  Worship during the sermon time. (For 15-20                Come and enjoy our Christmas Dinner Theater
  minutes, children PreK-2nd grade sing, pray, and learn    event to be held on Sunday, December 12 at
  a Bible story. Children return to their parents in the    church.
  Sanctuary at the close of the worship service.)           Appetizers      4:45 pm
  9:40-10:35 - Sunday School classes for all ages           Theater         5:00-5:40 pm
  Toddlers & Twos—6th grade. PreK-6th grade
  classes meet in the open Education area 9:40-             Dinner          5:45-7:00 pm
  9:50 for music and mission moments!
  Nursery for children infant –2 years available during
                                                               Catered Ham dinner with all the fixings!
  both worship services and the Education hour.
                                                            Hurry & Register Now for a Low Price (by
                                                            December 5, 2010): Cost: $7.00/Adult and
             In December we will learn:                     $4.00/Child, Maximum family total=$25.00
                                                            (family=parents & children).
             Toddlers & Twos - 15 months-2+ years
             (located in the nursery) Through Bible         Payment received after December 5, 2010 or at the
  stories, crafts, finger plays, music, and hands on        door (Pre-registration required):
  activities, our toddlers will hear and celebrate Jesus’   $10.00/Adult and $5.00/child
                                                            Make Checks payable to Cross Winds UMC and
  PreK-6th grade classes                                    put Children’s Dinner Theater in the memo line.
  During December:                                          All of our Sunday School children and many
  Through Bible stories taken from both Matthew and         dedicated volunteer adults have been working on
  Luke, children will learn about Mary and Joseph, Mary     bringing to life the story of the birth of Christ told
  and Elizabeth, the birth of Christ and the wisemen.
                                                            with humor, mystery, and awe! Invite your family,
  We’ll make Christmas decorations, sing Christmas
  songs, and together praise God for the gift of Jesus!
                                                            friends, and neighbors to join you for an evening of
                                                            fun, laughter, and great fellowship! Reserve your
  ========================================                  dinner space on the sign up sheet in the Fellowship
  W.I.L.D. 1s (Willing, Involved, Loving Disciples)         Hall or email Deb Johnson at
  is a fellowship group designed especially for
  5th-6th graders meeting Wednesdays from
  6:30-7:30 pm. In December our discussion topic is         Double Take Christmas Pageant Dress Rehearsals:
  “What does it mean to be a United Methodist??             Sunday, Dec. 5th 11:00-11:45
  Come and learn about our new mission focus!                  Pizza lunch
  We’ll meet on the following dates:                        12:00-1:30 (PreK-6th grade)
  Wednesday, December 1                                     Saturday, Dec. 11th 9:45-11:45 am
         Wednesday, December 8
         Wednesday, December 15
  Have fun at our “M & M” party.
  Bring a snack to share.
                                                              Director of Children’s Ministries:
                                                              Deb Johnson
                                                              763-494-9463, (office)
                                                              612-418-3107 (cell)

Volume 19 Issue 12                                                                                   Page 6
                                                Adult Ministries
Advent Study for All Adults! Now thru Dec. 19. While We Mary Lou Redding. This is a 5 week study that
focuses on God's deepening search for us during the Advent season and the different ways we engage God. The author helps
us understand that real-life struggles and questions are a part of Advent's spiritual exploration. Come and be a part of this
study and fellowship as we celebrate the Christmas season. The leaders will be Tom McKee, Chuck Mann, Ron Chick and
MaryLe Loper. 9:40 am Sunday mornings! Meet downstairs.

Away in the Basement: A Church Basement Ladies Christmas! Sunday, December 12th, 2:00 at
the Plymouth Playhouse. Adult Ministries has reserved 50 tickets at the group rate of $24. This
hilarious new show features all new songs and humor as the ladies of the kitchen step in and save the day
for the 1959 Sunday School Christmas Program. Those attending the play will share an old fashioned
church potluck at noon after second service. Sign up to bring your favorite casserole, salad or dessert!
Reservations and payment must be made by Nov. 28. Checks should be made out to Cross Winds UMC
with “Plymouth Playhouse” in the memo area and placed in the envelope at the kiosk. If you have
questions or need further information, contact Dianne Roth (763-420-9686) or Sherri Sholund
(763-503-0181). Friends and family are always welcome.

Looking ahead to January Spiritual Formation for Adults…
        Sunday Mornings beginning January 9th for six weeks (9:40 – 10:35)
Companions in Christ….This study offers small groups a powerfully transforming experience in opening yourself to God’s
presence and guidance. Explore classic spiritual practices and develop new daily patterns that will open your life to a
deepening relationship with God and with each other. It is a study of five topics: spiritual formation, scripture, prayer, vocation
and spiritual companionship. All adults are invited. Those who have taken the Alpha course are especially encouraged to
attend as this is a good follow-up study to that experience.

The Me I Want to Be….This study is on the book by John Ortberg. From the jacket cover, “Life is not about any particular
achievement or experience. The most important task of your life is not what you do, but who you become.” There is a “ME”
you want to be! This book will help you become God’s best version of YOU and help each of us experience God more fully
each day. John Ortberg is pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, CA, and a best-selling author.

Sunday Evenings….beginning January 16th
ALPHA…. This course has it all! A little worship, a lot of fun, good study and great small group discussion! The Alpha Course
is a twelve week study that focuses on the basics of Christianity. Why did Jesus Die? Does God Heal Today? What about the
Holy Spirit? We meet at 5:30 for dinner, have worship and a video and meet in small groups. Everyone is invited. If you’re
new to the church this is a great way to meet people and bring a friend
or family member with you! Childcare is provided. Watch for more
information. If you want to talk with an Alpha Leader contact JoAn Baker
or Tom McKee.

Caring Ministries….a note from Pastor Cindi                                   From the Prayer Team…

         Thank you so much for all those who signed up this fall to           Advent is really one of the most wonderful times
                                                                              of the year. The Prayer Team invites you to a
support our church family by providing meals, rides, childcare and
                                                                              morning of focusing of the true meaning of
special needs as they arise. In October, 13 meals were delivered to
                                                                              Christmas….a time to come away from the busy
families to extend our love and support to them.
                                                                              schedules and spend some quiet time thinking
                                                                              about the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Invite your
         Over and over we hear how much the card ministry of
                                                                              family and friends to come with you. Please sign
the church means to people. I encourage you to send cards of                  up in Fellowship Hall on the Special Event kiosk.
sympathy, of encouragement, of celebration and general
thinking of you cards whenever you hear of an opportunity to
reach out to each other.
                                                                                    Advent Reflection Day
                                                                                Saturday, December 11, 2010
         The Caring Ministries team is working on a new ministry area            9 a.m. to 12 noon at church
to support our church family. We are looking for anyone who would
be interested in visiting people in their homes or in the hospital and           Worship…Prayer….Reflection
bringing the love of the church to them. The team is working on a
training that will be offered so all will feel equipped and prepared for
this important ministry. If you would be interested in helping with this,
please contact Pastor Cindi.
                                 Volume 19 Issue 12         Page 7
                                                                                                     Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                     U.S. Postage
                                                                                                     Maple Grove,
                                                                                                     MN 55311-2150
    15051 Weaver Lake Road
                                                                                                     Permit No. 181
  Maple Grove, MN 55311-2150

Return Service Requested

     Phone: 763-494-9463
       Fax: 763-494-9426
            Web site:
       Prayer Request:
   Click on Prayer Request

                           Celebrate the birth of Jesus
                               with your friends at
                                  Cross Winds
                                                                              Worship in December
                           Advent Worship Services-              *Dec. 5th, 2010- Second Sunday of Advent Communion-
                           Sundays, Dec. 5, 12, We will                              Cross Food Shelf
                           explore the themes/spiritual truths       Sermon Series: Re-Think Christmas Classics #2:
                                                                               “The Redemption of Scrooge”
                           of Advent through Christmas                             Scripture: Luke 3:1-4
                           movies and songs.
                                                                        *Dec. 12th, 2010– Third Sunday of Advent
                                                                    Sermon Series: Re-Think Christmas Classics #3:
                                                                                 “The Impact of Rudolph”
                           Children’s Christmas                                  Scripture: Luke 1:46-53
                           Program & Dinner Theater-             *Dec. 19th, 2010 - Fourth Sunday of Advent Christmas
                                                                                      Choir Musical
                      Sunday, Dec. 12th
                                                                   *Dec. 26th, 2010 –1st Sunday after Christmas Day
4:45 pm Appetizers, 5:00 pm “Double Take! A Christmas
                                                                            Sermon: “The Story Continues...”
Pageant as told by Matthew & Luke, 5:45 pm Dinner.                             Scripture: Matthew 2:1-12

Christmas Concert Sunday, Dec. 19th 8:30 & 10:45
worship services.

Christmas Eve, Friday Dec. 24th
4:00 pm Family Worship Includes a nativity story children can
participate in.
8:00 & 10:00 pm Candlelight Service, Communion
 Merry                                                              From
                                                                 Cross Winds
Christmas                                                           Staff
                                         David Hughes

                                             Michelle Schober
                 Lori Lahtinen

                                                                         Jen Haugen
                                   Nancy Betterman
     Lori Goldstein
                                                          Beth Best

                            Pastor Harold
                                                           Deb Johnson
Pastor Jeanine

                                                                             Chris Carr
                      Rev. Cindi
                       McKee                         Jim Perry
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Volume 19 Issue 12

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