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									IRS Stamped Schedule 1 Form 2290

An IRS Form 2290 is not complete unless the Schedule 1 has officially been stamped by the
Internal Revenue Service. The Form 2290 handles Heavy Vehicle Use Taxes, and the Schedule
1 is part of the IRS Form. To ensure that this is handled properly so that any Heavy Vehicle Use
Taxes are reported and paid, there are several options. This form can be mailed, taken to the
IRS directly, or the most efficient method: e-filing.

Although there is not a way to e-file this tax through the IRS website, the IRS has authorized
Express Truck Tax to file this return because they have passed the IRS Assurance Testing
System (ATS) and/or Business Acceptance Testing (BATS) requirements for Software
Developers of electronic business returns to the IRS.

If you choose to mail the form to the IRS, it can take weeks for the IRS to respond with the
official Stamped Schedule 1 in the mail. Because particularly if it is a busy time for the IRS. This
is precious time that should not be wasted because the Stamped Schedule 1 is required in order
to register the vehicle with the state DMV.

If you choose to actually deliver the form to the IRS office, you will be forced to wait in line for a
representative to review the form and then stamp the Schedule 1. With this option, you are at
the mercy of the IRS. The nearest office could be many miles away, and once you are there is
no way to know how long it could take. People have reported that on a busy day at the IRS
office, you may have to wait in line for as long as 6 hours.

For these reasons it is easiest to use an online e-filing tool such as Express Truck Tax for your
2290 filing needs. Since it is authorized by the IRS for e-filing, that shows it is a trustworthy and
reliable service. Another benefit to using this particular service is that they have a team of Truck
Tax experts that can take calls, emails, and online chats regarding any Truck Tax question you
may have. For more information on the 2290 filing process, heavy vehicle use tax, IRS payment
methods, etc visit the Express Truck Tax website or call our Truck Tax experts at 704-234-6005.
You can also email any questions to and the experts will
respond within 24 hours.

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