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                          A Student - Edited Legal Publication of the Southern University Law Center                                              February 2010

                               Haiti Relief Initiative Announced
   Chancellor        Freddie
Pitcher has announced the
Southern University Law
Center Haiti Relief Effort,
led by law students and
supported by faculty and
staff, to aid and assist the
population in Haiti affected
by the devastation caused
by the recent earthquake.
   The disaster hits close to
home for the SULC family,
which comprises current
students and alumni from
Haiti. Interested persons
may make contributions
to this effort in person, by
mail, or through the con-
venience of on-line giving
available on the SULC Marco Dormino/The United Nations UN Development Programme                              EPA/Orlando Barrla
website. Checks should be made payable to the Southern for the people in Haiti to survive, donations are encouraged to           At this time, we would like to extend an invitation for you
University System Foundation, with SULC Haiti Relief Fund allow the children a fighting chance at life. Southern Univer- to stand up and be heard as a supporter in rebuilding life in
noted in the memo section.                                     sity Law Center has decided that support is needed to rebuild Haiti. Please send a generous gift to help the children of Haiti
   To give on-line, go to and click on the SULC life in Haiti. We have organized various phases beginning today.
on-line giving icon. When filling out the electronic form, be with Phase I: monetary donations Phase II: clothing and food       Additionally, every student organization will create a fund-
sure to note Haiti Relief Fund in the contribution allocation drive; and Phase III: sending a volunteer group to visit Haiti. raiser activity within the community, and all contributions
box. A student town hall meeting to discuss the relief effort     For Phase I, we have organized a fundraiser activity to get will be donated to the Haitian Relief Fund; PAD has gener-
was held Wednesday, January 20, in 129-130 A.A. Lenoir our professors and staff members involved, and they have ously donated $232.00 to our vision. Thank you PAD for all
Hall. For more information on the SULC Haiti Relief Fund, agreed to rotate every week to match the students’ contribu- your support.
contact                                                        tions in funds with a maximum cap per week at $500. On            On the main campus of SULC, fund-raising activity will
   Committee treasurer, Sannestine Fortin, at (813) 732-6615 behalf of the Haitian Relief Fund Committee, we would like comprise of the Haitian Flag Donation Month. Each person
or                                            to thank each of you for all your contributions. The dona- could purchase a Haitian Flag for various prices based upon
                                                               tions for week one were $768.00, which Professor Shea has the color of the flag, which will be displayed on SULC’s glass
Haiti Relief Fund Recap                                        matched at $500.00, for a grand total for week one $1,268.00. window in the atrium. If you have signed up as a volunteer
   Here, at Southern University Law Center (SULC), we have At week two the students raised $437.00, which Professor your help is needed now, please see Ms. Chetamour McKen-
organized a Haitian Relief Fund Committee, which is com- Riddick has generously matched at $500.00, for a grand total zie for more information. Again thank you all for your gener-
prised of our law students who are connected to Haiti and of $937.00. Now for week three, our very own Chancellor ous support!
other student volunteers, as well as faculty members. In order Pitcher will take the heat.                                                                - Haitian Relief Fund Committee

SU Professor Coping with Loss after Quake
By Mary Davis                                                    Paule Duchemin, lost her 14-year-old son
Managing Editor of Southern Digest                               Jonathan Duchemin. Carriere has three
                                                                 other siblings and other relatives in Haiti
   A Southern University professor lost four members of          along with his mother, who is among his
his family when their home collapsed in Petionville, Hai-        now-homeless family members.
ti as a result of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that shook           “The other three are okay, their houses
the country.                                                     are damaged but not like the others,” Car-
   Dr. Patrick Carriere, Associate Dean of the College of        riere said when asked how the earthquake
Engineering, lost two nephews, a niece, and a brother-in-        had affected his other siblings.
law after their home collapsed, which also leaves eight             Carriere said was on campus for a meet-
family members homeless. “I couldn’t sleep, the only             ing when his phone began ringing off the
thing I could do was cry. I prayed,” said Carriere when          hook with news of the earthquake. “Then
the fate of his family members was still a mystery. “Fi-         after the meeting the secretary told me it
nally Thursday, I got through. I found out that one fam-         was urgent to call this number. I tried call-
ily member was found dead and on Friday, I found that            ing and calling Haiti, not knowing about
another 3 had been confirmed dead.” Carriere’s sister,           the earthquake,” said Carriere.
Rosemary Polynice, lost her husband, 59-year-old Les-               The earthquake, which is believed to be killed an es-      covered on the news. News of the earthquake came as a
lie Polynice; 23-year-old son Jean-Pierre Polynice and           timated 250,000 Haitians, left those with family in Haiti     shock to Carriere, who spent four days in his home coun-
16-year-old daughter May-Lissa Polynice. Another sister,         to wonder and fear the worse as bodies were being dis-        try in late December.
                                                                                                                                  Carriere, who came to America in 1982 for academic
                                                                                                                               advancement, has plans of bringing the surviving mem-
                                                                                                                               bers of those families to the US as soon as a means of
                                                                                                                               leaving the country becomes available to surviving citi-
                                                                                                                               zens. Despite strict immigration laws, the United States
                                                                                                                               has plans of letting Haitian immigrant’s temporary place-
                                                                                                                               ment in the US.
                                                                                                                                  “I don’t know if they are going to let them (Haitian
                                                                                                                               citizens) leave from the Dominican Republic or some-
                                                                                                                               where else,” said Carriere. Carriere said that he talked to
                                                                                                                               his family early Wednesday morning following the 6.1
                                                                                                                               magnitude aftershock that shook the country yet again.
                                                                                                                                  “It’s very tough. They are very discouraged,” Carri-
                                                                                                                               ere said speaking about the state of his family members.
                                                                                                                               “This is will have a long-term impact, not a short-term
                                                                                                                               impact.” With such devastating lost, he (Carriere) feels
                                                                                                                               that his family is losing faith and that prayer from others
                                                                                                                               will help him and his family through this tragedy. “We
                                                                                                                               want faculty, staff, and state, to pray for not only his fam-
                                                                                                                               ily, but for other Haitian people. Any help is welcomed.
                                                                                                                               Keep me in your prayer, pray that I can stay focused on
                                                                                                                               my work.” he pleaded. Also, Dr. Carriere hopes that when
                                                                                                                               his family reaches American, American citizens will al-
                                                                                                                               low them to work in the place of business to regenerate
Patrick Farrell/AP Photo                                                                                                       some funds.
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Adding Value to the SULC brand
By Jonathan Reed                                                  professors hailed from institutions such as Duke, Yale,         is not allowed to receive all of the services of a full mem-
                                                                  Harvard, and Columbia. They were all fully aware of the         ber. This status prevents the SULC faculty from becoming
   The value of a law degree from the Southern Univer-            SULC brand and complimented the education being pro-            members of AALS committees, or from receiving any of
sity Law Center (SULC) is unmatched by that of a law              vided, and more specifically, the work ethic being instilled    the other benefits of full member schools. The benefits of
degree from any other legal institution in Louisiana, and         in the graduates of this prestigious institution.               becoming a member of the AALS are substantial and in-
arguably the United States. For a cost generally associated          The AALS is a non-profit organization which formed in        clude international recognition, as well as affiliation with
with a private high school tuition (roughly $6,612 per year       1900. It is the principal representative of legal education     other high profile law schools in the legal community such
for in-state students), SULC is producing prominent legal         to the federal government, other national higher educa-         as Harvard, Yale, Columbia, etc. Membership would pro-
professionals, who are equipped with the ability to enter         tion organizations, learned societies, and international law    vide value to a SULC law degree and potentially give fur-
the legal community and compete with individuals from             schools. There are 171 law schools in the United States         ther credibility to the law center on an international level.
top-tier, significantly more expensive law schools. While         which are members of the AALS. There are also 25 “non-          Students and graduates would also gain exposure to ad-
this trait within itself is beneficial to all persons attending   member fee paid” schools, including Southern University         ditional resources and programs afforded to the members
SULC and alumni, the administration is collectively pur-          Law Center, which are not members but choose to pay             of the AALS.
suing other avenues of continuing to increase the value of        AALS dues. The AALS has the purpose of improving the               While SULC already serves as an American Bar Asso-
a law degree from SULC. Among those activities include            legal profession by assuring that all legal educations are      ciation (ABA) accredited institution, combining that status
an active pursuit of membership within the Association of         uniform and steadily improving to address all of the needs      with AALS membership would speak volumes about the
American Law Schools (AALS).                                      within the legal community. Membership into the AALS            law center. Our faculty is well aware of this, which was
   On January 6-10, 2010, the AALS held its annual meet-          encompasses many aspects of adherence and uniformity            evident by all of the familiar faces from the SULC faculty
ing at the Hilton on Poydras St. in downtown New Or-              regarding the strict standards set forth by the Executive       I encountered while volunteering at the conference. These
leans. I was afforded the honor to serve as a student vol-        Committee of the AALS. Among those standards is the re-         faces included Chancellor Pitcher, Dean Berryl Thompson,
unteer and represent SULC, along with five other students,        quirement of all members to follow a nondiscrimination          Professor Donald North, Professor Prentice White, Pro-
assisting to assure the efficient and effective management        policy regarding race, religion, national origin, color, age,   fessor Evelyn Wilson, Professor Regina Ramsey-James,
of the conference. It was the student volunteers’ task to         sex, disability, or sexual orientation. This policy extends     Professor Nadia Nedzel, Professor Cynthia Reed, Profes-
provide genuine hospitality and information regarding the         to the employers allowed to recruit on the campuses of          sor Shawn Vance, Professor Ruth Hill, and Mrs. Angela
logistics of the conference. I had the privilege to meet and      member law schools. Other strict standards address the re-      Gaines. While I am sure other members of our illustrious
engage in dialogue with several accomplished law profes-          quirements of member and potential member institution’s         administration were present among the 3,000+ attendees,
sors regarding the various subjects being discussed within        faculty and students, admissions criteria, educational de-      it was definitely a great feeling witnessing my tuition dol-
the conference. Many were delighted that SULC students            partments, and curriculum requirements.                         lars hard at work outside of the law center in an attempt to
were participating and appreciated the professionalism               As a “non-member fee paid” entity of the AALS, SULC          further increase the value of the Southern University Law
which we exemplified in our assigned tasks. Many of these         pays a fee to receive some of the services of the AALS, but     Center brand and degree.

Constitution Day at LSU with SULC
By Torie Viator
Editor in Chief of the LSU Civilian

  As described by Professor Paul Baier, a “remarkable moment” occurred on Thursday,
September 17 when LSU Law and Southern Law joined forces for the first time to celebrate
what is undoubtedly a momentous holiday for the legal profession – Constitution Day.
  Created in 2004 with the passage of an amendment by Senator Robert Byrd (W.V.) to the
budget bill, Constitution Day is a national holiday recognizing the ratification of the United
States Constitution. The law establishing the holiday mandates that all publicly funded edu-
cational institutions provide educational programming on the history of the Constitution.
For approximately five years, Baier has taken on this very important task.
  Students from both law schools packed the McKernan Audotorium to partake in this
year’s Constitution Day Celebration. However, much to this editor’s disappointment, Baier
shifted away from his usual production of his play “Father Chief Justice.”
  Yet, this year’s celebration was still enjoyable as it focused on the recent confirmation
                                                   of Justice Sonia Sotomayor to the Unit-
                                                   ed States Supreme Court. “New face,
                                                   new voice on the court – something you
                                                   have to explore,” explained Baier when
                                                                                               Pictured is the audience at Constitution Day. Courtesy of Cheryl Griffin, LSU Law
                                                   asked about his decision to change the
                                                                                               Communication Office
                                                      An interdisciplinary program, schol- Feraud Calixte, Southern Law.
                                                   ars and students from both institutions        While the participants had varying perspectives on Sotomayor, Baier believes she is a
                                                   shared their opinions of Sotomayor’s worthy successor to Justice David Souter. “From my perspective, she’ll bring classic traits
                                                   decisions on the bench, her nomina- [of the court].” But perhaps the most compelling point of view came from Calixte. While
                                                   tion, confirmation and the role she working on Capital Hill this summer, Calixte experienced first hand the confirmation hear-
                                                   will play on the Supreme Court. Par- ing of Sotomayor and all the media commotion that surrounded it. Calixte reminded those
                                                   ticipants included Baier as moderator; in attendance at Constitution Day that law students have the ability to filter through all the
                                                   Professor Laura Moyer, LSU Assistant information fed by the media.
                                                   Professor, American Politics; Professor        In Baier’s opinion, the highlight of the event was the presence of Professor Robert Pascal,
                                                   Russel Jones, Southern Law; Professor one of the oldest and most devoted members of the LSU Law Faculty. Pascal’s attendance
                                                   Olivier Moreteau, LSU Law; Profes- truly demonstrates that law students, professors and lawyers should continually educate
                                                   sor Kenneth Murchison, LSU Law; themselves on the document and highest court that shape our legal world. Baier’s only
Pictured is LSU Law Professor speaking             Professor Edward Richards, LSU Law; regret was the lack of cherry cobbler (a tribute to the president of the 1787 Constitutional
with SU Law Student, Feraud Calixte.               Scott Sternberg, LSU Law SBA Presi- Convention).
Courtesy of Cheryl Griffin, LSU Law                dent; Raushanah Hunter, Southern Law           While this year’s event was no doubt a huge success, have no fear… “Father Chief Jus-
Communication Office                               SBA President; Alicia Sosa, LSU Law; tice” will return next year!

Alfreda Tillman Bester: Justice May Be Blind but She Is Not Silent
                                                By Sherry Cannon                                                         She described herself as “nerdy” and studious and continued
                                                                                                                         her education earning her MBA. From 1989 – 1991 Mrs.
                                                  Prominently displayed on the mantle in the home of Alfreda             Bester served as Undersecretary of the Department of Labor
                                                Tillman Bester, J.D. is the following statement by Reverend              in Louisiana and from 1991 – 1992 she served as Louisiana
                                                Martin Luther King: “Our lives begin to end the day we be-               Secretary of the Department of Labor.
                                                come silent about things that matter.” No one can accuse Al-                In August of 1996, at the age of 36, Mrs. Bester began her
                                                freda Tillman Bester of being silent about things that matter to         law studies at Southern University Law Center. She gradu-
                                                her.                                                                     ated in the top 7% of her class in 1999 and took the bar exam
                                                  I recently had the privilege of hearing Mrs. Bester speak as           in preparation to begin her law career. Her excitement turned
                                                guest lecturer in our Civil Rights Litigation Class. She related         to disbelief when the results to the bar exam revealed to her
                                                personal experiences regarding her fight for the rights of oth-          dismay that she had conditionally failed the exam. Alfreda
                                                ers during her law career. It soon became apparent that Mrs.             Tillman Bester did not stay silent about this news because this
                                                Bester has a passion for what she does. To understand why                certainly mattered to her. She knew in her heart that she had
                                                speaking out is so important to Mrs. Bester; one must under-             mastered all the skills necessary to become an attorney. She
                                                stand Alfreda Tillman Bester.                                            immediately contacted the Louisiana Supreme Court’s Com-
                                                  Alfreda Tillman was one of four children growing up in Mis-            mittee on Bar Admissions and demanded to see her exam and
                                                sissippi when schools were beginning to become integrated,               the model answers. She was denied the request and began a
Alfreda Tillman Bester                          and she reports that she got along well with her classmates.                                                    See JUSTICE on page 3
February 2010                                                                 T h e P u b l ic D e f en De r                                                                 Page 3

Eye of the Tiger: A.P. Tureaud Jr. Visits SULC
By Daniel J. Druilhet                                        sity, which triggered a                                                                    Degree in Rehabilitation
                                                             lawsuit wherein his father                                                                 Counseling.        Although
   It is often said that the journey of a thousand miles     was among a team of at-                                                                    he did not follow in the
begins with one step, and some journeys are often paved      torneys for the plaintiff                                                                  footsteps of his father by
with stories of uncertainty and a considerable amount        in the case of Tureaud v.                                                                  becoming an attorney, he
of travail. These stories often are heralded with unsung     Board of Supervisors of                                                                    has served as an advocate
heroes who endure what many would not to ensure that         LSU. While the district                                                                    on behalf of the disabled
higher ideals of equality and justice prevail.               court rendered a decision                                                                  and has been an adjunct
   On Thursday, October 8, 2009, the Southern University     in favor of Tureaud, it was                                                                professor at several insti-
Law Center Chapter of the National Black Law Students        overturned by the Fifth                                                                    tutions. He is currently
Association hosted a program featuring A.P. Tureaud,         Circuit Court of Appeals,                                                                  an educational consultant,
Jr., Louisiana State University’s first African-American     ending his abbreviated                                                                     artist and author.
undergraduate student. Tureaud detailed his journey of       six-week period of enroll-                                                                    Tureaud ended his story
seeking admittance as an undergraduate student at Loui-      ment at LSU. After leav-                                                                   by encouraging students to
siana State University in 1953, a year before the historic   ing LSU, Tureaud enrolled Pictured Chancellor Pitcher, A.P. Tureaud Jr., and Terrel become more involved in
Brown v. Board of Education decision was rendered by         and eventually completed Kent, President of NBLSA                                          advocating for social jus-
the United States Supreme Court.                             his undergraduate studies                                                                  tice and embracing diver-
   Tureaud began his story by detailing his genealogical     at Xavier University in New Orleans.                       sity. Like others who have been etched in the annals of
history and encouraging students to become more cog-            During the period of time that he was enrolled at LSU, civil rights history for their courage in attempting to inte-
nizant of what he deemed the real history of Louisiana       Tureaud experienced a significant degree of isolation and grate institutions of higher learning, A.P. Tureaud, Jr., has
– one that involved a myriad of cultures intermingling       disparaging treatment, the memories of which he holds become a symbol of the emotional sacrifice embedded in
amidst the backdrop of Reconstruction, the institution of    with him to this day. One portion of his story which was the Civil Rights Movement. After he enrolled at LSU,
Jim Crow in the wake of the Plessy decision, and a bur-      somewhat symbolic was one wherein he recalled his al- other students would assume the same mantle of sacri-
geoning Civil Rights Movement in part fueled by a con-       most weekly conversations with Mike the Tiger (LSU’s fice in integrating other public universities that tradition-
certed legal effort to challenge what had been accepted as   mascot) being interrupted. He found these conversations ally excluded African-Americans -- Charlayne Hamilton
a separate but equal status quo.                             with Mike an outlet for release because he was shunned and Hunter Holmes at the University of Georgia in 1961,
   His father, A.P. Tureaud, Sr., a renowned New Orleans     by the population of students (and even faculty) during James Meredith at the University of Mississippi in 1962,
civil rights attorney and graduate of the Howard Univer-     the period of time he attended the university. During Vivian Malone Jones and James Hood at the University
sity School of Law, was a major part of that legal effort    this encounter, Tureaud mentioned an African-American of Alabama in 1963, and a cadre of other courageous men
in Louisiana. His mother, Lucille Dejoie Tureaud, was        male who searched for him on LSU’s campus and drove and women.
a pharmacist, and together, they resided in what Ture-       up near Mike’s cage with his son, wanting to show him         Currently, the only building at Louisiana State Univer-
aud coined the “heart of the New Orleans Creole ghetto.”     that African-Americans who desired could one day enroll sity named in honor of an African-American, Tureaud
His son, A.P. Tureaud Jr., became the face of the push       at the university. After his presentation, I spoke briefly Hall, is named in honor of Tureaud’s father, A.P. Ture-
to obtain educational parity and freedom of choice for       with Mr. Tureaud and jokingly told him that I was the aud, Sr. Though his time at LSU may have been tumultu-
African-Americans seeking to obtain an undergraduate         small boy he met at Mike’s cage and thanked him for his ous and abbreviated, his legacy continues to inhabit the
education in the state of Louisiana.                         courage, sacrifice and bravery.                            campus to this day. For his courage and bravery, A.P.
   Tureaud then detailed his story of initially applying        After graduating from Xavier University, Tureaud at- Tureaud, Jr., is living history of what truly rests in the
and being denied admission to Louisiana State Univer-        tended Columbia University and received his Master’s eye of the tiger.

The War on Disparity
By Julian Johnson                                            tion skyrocketed. It grew from 21,000 prisoners at the        For possessing five grams of crack cocaine the penalty
                                                             beginning to 51,000 at the end. The prison population         is a five-year mandatory minimum sentence. It takes
  For more than three decades, New York’s Rockefell-         increased 150%, with African Americans and Latinos            500 grams of powder cocaine to trigger the same sen-
er Drug Laws have destroyed lives and communities.           comprising the majority of those inmates. The state           tence. This 100-1 ratio has lead to a disproportionate
However, on October 7, 2009, reforms to the draconian        opened up twenty-seven new prisons to accommodate             number of African Americans being imprisoned. Crack
laws went into effect. The new reforms give more dis-        the increase.                                                 cocaine is cheap and readily available in poor neigh-
cretion to judges. No longer are excessive sentences            With the increase of the prison population came in-        borhoods where many African Americans live. African
mandatory. Judges can choose treatment programs over         creased spending to fund the prisons. Today, New York         Americans account for 80% of crack cocaine convic-
lengthy prison terms. The reforms also pave the way for      spends more than $525 million every year to house pris-       tions, whereas 70% of powder cocaine offenders are
more than 1,500 prisoners in New York to seek resen-         oners for drug offenses. Of those incarcerated, 66% are       white or Latino.
tencing for their non-violent drug convictions.              first time offenders, and 80% of them have never been            The federal mandatory minimum sentences have been
  The Rockefeller Drug Laws were originally passed in        convicted of a violent felony.                                widely condemned. However, until recently there has
1973 under Gov. Nelson Rockefeller as a means to get            Not only did the laws create a disastrous situation for    been reluctance to repeal them. Illinois United States
tough on crime. During this time crime was high and          impoverished communities, they also paved the way for         Senator Dick Durbin has been a staunch proponent for
drugs were on the move in the state, especially in poor      widespread disenfranchisement and disparity in prison         reforming the 100-1 ratio. Durbin, the Senate’s second
and impoverished areas. These laws required harsh and        sentences across the country. The Rockefeller Drug            ranking Democrat, recently introduced the Fair Sen-
mandatory penalties. They mandated that a person con-        Laws became the model for fighting the nation’s “war          tencing Act. The bill would eliminate the disparity that
victed for possessing four ounces or more of heroin or       on drugs.” The federal government and many states ad-         exists between sentences for crack and powder cocaine.
cocaine receive a prison term of 15 years to life.           opted similar laws. As a result, nationwide, the prison       “The sentencing disparity has contributed to the impris-
  Legislators claimed that the laws would target drug        population grew from 300,000 when the laws were first         onment of African Americans at six times the rate of
kingpins when street dealers or users faced excessive        adopted in 1973 to 2.4 million over time.                     whites and to the United States’ as the world’s leader
penalties. In reality, the laws disenfranchised African         In 1986 the federal government passed Anti Drug            in incarceration,” said Durbin. The passage of this bill
Americans and Latinos. What emerged was an insidi-           Abuse Act. Along with it came the continuing disparity        would be the beginning of the end of what has been a
ous and disproportionate disparity in sentencing that        of minorities being sentenced to excessive prison terms       30-year mass exodus of young minority men and wom-
affected minorities. In New York, African Americans          for non-violent drug offenses. The cause of this dispar-      en from the neighborhood to the prison yard.
and Latinos make up 34% of the population and yet            ity lies in the sentencing of crack-cocaine and powder           In 1973 New York was the model on how to fight the
they comprise 90% of persons incarcerated for drug           cocaine. The prison sentence for crack cocaine is 100         “war on drugs.” Perhaps in 2009 they can be the model
felonies. During the 1980s, New York’s prison popula-        times greater than comparable powder cocaine crimes.          for fighting the “war on disparity.”

JUSTICE: continued from page 2                               seeking to examine her “conditionally failed” Febru-
                                                             ary, 2000 Bar Examination, as well as “model answers”
                                                                                                                           to the Louisiana Bar in September 2001. Her fight
                                                                                                                           to review her bar examination highlighted a problem
two year battle to gain admittance to the Louisiana Bar.     or “grading guideline” prepared by the members of the         faced by many law school graduates. Often shedding
Her decision to speak out and fight was not supported        Committee on Bar Admissions. She argued before the            light on and not remaining silent about a problem is
by everyone. Many told Mrs. Bester that she would            Louisiana Supreme Court, but was denied relief. Chief         the first step in correcting the problem. As a result of
never be admitted to the bar if she filed suit. She was      Justice Calogero agreed with the majority’s conclusion        the changes by the Committee on Bar Admission, the
shunned by some she had previously called “friend”.          that the Supreme Court has plenary, inherent authority        Louisiana Supreme Court in its administrative capacity
Nevertheless, Alfreda Tillman Bester did not remain          to regulate all facets of the practice of law in Louisiana,   adopted a bar examination review procedure to provide
silent.                                                      including admission of persons to the Bar. However,           failing bar applicants with a post-examination opportu-
   The Louisiana State Constitution, Article XII, § 3        he dissented from the majority’s entire denial of relief      nity to review their examination.
states that “No person shall be denied the right to ob-      to Mrs. Bester and stated that he would allow such re-           Alfreda Tillman Bester believes that the whole or-
serve the deliberations of public bodies and examine         view of her exam. Chief Justice Calogero noted that           deal she experienced in obtaining her credentials to
public documents, except in cases established by law.”       the Supreme Court had adopted new Interim Bar Exam-           practice law in Louisiana reinforced in her the reasons
Mrs. Bester knew that the grading of the Louisiana           ination Review Procedures on June 28, 2000 to allow           that she went to law school in the first place. She saw
State Bar Exam is a public function. She also knew           review of failed bar examinations. Even though these          injustice in the world and wanted to play a small role in
that no law had been passed by the Louisiana Legis-          new procedures did not apply to Mrs. Bester’s earlier         eradicating some of it. She has become that advocate
lature exempting these records from Public Records           bar examination, he felt that she should have this right.     with a true desire to help people who have been treated
Law. Alfreda Tillman Bester filled a petition for a writ       Alfreda Tillman Bester retook the portion of the bar        unfairly or had their rights violated. To accomplish
of mandamus, injunctive relief and declaratory relief        that she had “conditionally failed” and was admitted          this worthy goal, silence is not an option.
Page 4                                                              T h e P u b l ic D e f en De r                                                             February 2010

                                                 EARTHQUAKE in HAITI

                                                                                              Earthquake in Haiti
                                                                                                 The 2010 Haiti Earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 earthquake. Its
                                                                                              epicenter was near the town of Leogane, approximately 16 miles west of Port-
                                                                                              au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. On January 12, the earthquake caused major damage
                                                                                              to Port-au-Prince, Jacmel and other settlements in the region. There are a con-
                                                                                              firmed 180,000 deaths,1 and up to 200,000 estimated deaths.2

Pictures courtesy ofUS Navy: Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Justin Stumberg, United Nations Development Programme, Marco Dormino/United Nations
Development Programme Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Candice Villarreal
February 2010                                                                       T h e P u b l ic D e f en De r   Page 5

                                                             EARTHQUAKE in HAITI

   The earthquake struck in the most populated area of the country. The Interna-
tional Red Cross announced that as many as 3 million people had been affected
by the quake.3 On January 28, the Haitian government gave a confirmed death
toll of 170,000, 4with many more thousands dead in the rubble outside the capi-
tal, and not including unreported bodies buried by relatives.5
  Preval apologizes for Haiti silence; death toll at 180,000, last updated January 31, 2010.
  Reuters: Haiti quake death toll may hit 200,000-minister last updated January 15, 2010.
  Red Cross: 3M Haitians Affected by Quake. January 13, 2010 CBS News
  “Eighty-three UN staffers killed in Haiti” The Sydney Morning Herald Agence France-
Presse January 28, 2010.
  Haiti gov’t says 150K bodies recovered in capital, Associated Press, Jan. 24, 2010.

Pictures courtesy of: Master Sgt. Jeremy Lock, USAF, Daniel Barker, US Navy, United Nations Development Programme
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I’m STRESSING law school
By: Kendall L. Anderson, Sr.                                                                      of another classmate. So diligently prepare your respective challenge, and simply do your
                                                                                                  best because in reality, that’s the most you can do.
   Stress is a reoccurring obstacle in my daily routine that includes dealing with marriage,         2. Sleep. Adequate sleep is an important part of avoiding depression. Please, do not
children, the absence of money, and the excess of debt. The aforementioned combined               subscribe to the theory that “sleep is for the weak” because trust me, your body can and
with my final year in law school is receipt for mental breakdown-- Oh yea, did I men-             will shut down if need be. Typically, one should aspire to get between 7 to 9 hours of
tioned the fact that finals start in about three weeks ?                                          sleep—especially during finals. Trust me, after 2:00 AM, a couple of hours of sleep is
   Point being, most individuals have stress creating issues dominating their daily lives.        more beneficial than a couple hours of pretending to retain materials for your exam.
These factors, at least for many of my colleagues, includes but is not limited, by any               3. Avoid negative people: If you think you can or you think you can’t, then you are
means, to LAW SCHOOL.                                                                             probably right. So, avoid people who may persuade you to prescribe to the latter. This ad-
   Lets face it, law school is not for the weak at heart. The pressure generated by finals        vice is especially true as it relates to your fellow classmates who may have a vested stake
alone is enough to drive a reasonable man to the brink of insanity. Those pressures com-          in your academic detriment. If all else fells, talk to yourself….don’t laugh, it’s worked
bined with our mandatory obligations to cram, procrastinate, gossip, and search for good          for me thus far.
poop usually places an overwhelming amount of pressure on the average law student – -                4. Exercise: Exercising is a time consuming activity that is a wise investment because
just kidding….or am I?                                                                            the physical exertion will help you alleviate stress which will bode well for you during fi-
   But seriously, the pressure generated by the rigors of law school could potentially lead       nals. It also allows you to add some normalcy to your life in that the activity is performed
to depression, and once depression sets in, your grades and quality of life will likely suf-      outside of an academic environment.
fer. Therefore, I have briefly listed some practices that I have implemented in my life as           5. Seek Help: I am ordering you to seek wise council in the event you find yourself or
a means to dealing with stress.                                                                   another colleague becoming detrimentally overwhelmed. Clinical depression, and emo-
   1. Commit the Serenity Prayer to memory:                                                       tional instability are very serious issues that may be avoided if you seek out help at an
          God, grant me the serenity                                                              early stage. Therefore err on the side of caution if the circumstances present themselves
          to accept the things I cannot change,                                                   where ones’ mental health may be headed towards a state of peril. As such, seek advice
          Courage to change the things I can,                                                     from family, clergy, mature classmate(s), SBA officer(s), SULC’s Department of Aca-
          and the wisdom to know the difference.                                                  demic Support and Counseling, and/or a trusted facility member.
                                                                                                     I hope this information has been useful, and serves you well on your journey though
  2. Compete with oneself: Law school is already stressful, so, there is little utility in        life. Remember, graduation is good, passing the bar is fine, but if you have run yourself
creating extra anxiety in your life by forecasting your potential performance against that        crazy in the interim, the first two feats will be of no use. Hence, eat, study, and be healthy.

Hearsay: 1L’s Prospective – The Urban Legend of Poop?
By Brandon Reed                                                 a bulleted masterpiece existed. The work of art featured          a laugh. After that, my professor gave me that “you’re
                                                                summarized facts and color-coded general principles               failing” look. The twenty second memory was etched
   So my friend, whose roommate is a 2L, had a girlfriend       of law. It was rumored to have bolded terms, italicized           vividly into my consciences. It turns out that my POOP
that was a 3L that made an “A” in (insert your hardest          headings and stately roman numerals that graced each              covered the Supreme Court’s verdict, not the Appeals
class). Sound familiar? You may have heard a different          page. The spiral bound, stapled or digitized collection           Court decision that was designated in the assignment.
version with someone’s cousin or brother. Either way, it        bestowed its beholder with confidence, ensured success               Literally I was pooped on!
is doubtful that you escaped the buzz about POOP, also          and true happiness.                                                  Relying on papers of other people is brainless. You
known as “P”apers “O”f “O”ther “P”eople.                          Then, out of the sky fell POOP. The master piece was            may expect to generate a well rounded understanding;
   The idea of recycling someone’s final outline or class       just as the legend described. All the cases were neatly col-      however, you can expect a false sense of confidence.
notes, a.k.a. POOP, sounds good right? Like the variations      lected and beautifully highlighted in alternating colors.         The idea of adapting another person’s work seamlessly
of the scenarios offered by your favorite professor, so too       Confidently, I raised my hand. The professor extended           into your own is the urban legend. Take it from me- do it
is the diverse world of hand-me-down paperwork.                 her index finger in my direction. Smiling I uttered the           yourself, trust your own work and remember: my POOP
   The urban legend of POOP explains long ago, in a             answer confidently. Still smiling I awaited a proud glean         is not your POOP and someone else’s POOP can some-
place far away from character and fitness requirements          from her; however, there was only silence. Next, I heard          times stink!

Warm nights and cool breezes
By Me’Aeyeko Daniel                                             was in itself enough to light a fire in me; but what truly in-    wondered as I daydreamed on the adversity they endured in
                                                                spired me were these honored guests.                              1968 and even prior to that victory. I was even more amazed
   Warm nights, cool breezes, and an overflowing stack of           In 1968, two black men stood with the world watch-            that these men were at the same place I was, advising me
business cards is what awaited eight Sports Entertainment       ing them in Mexico City as they raised their hands, one           and other conference members to make the ripples in our
Legal Association members at the Black Entertainment and        right and one left, in the air with black gloves on to sig-       careers to further ourselves and our communities. As I sit
Sports Legal Association (BESLA) Conference in Aruba            nify the power of the black nation. This powerful scene of        down to write this article, the inspiration they left that crowd
this past October. We were anxious to mingle and network        an Olympic victory for them, gave support to the grueling         is flowing through my blood once more . These men made a
among prestigious minority lawyers and even more enthu-         Civil Rights movement in the states. Tommie Smith won             change that shook the nation and advanced ideals for many
siastic about the chance to find employment in our desired      the two hundred meter race in a world record time of 19.83        skeptics and naysayers that swore on bibles that black peo-
fields. When we arrived we immediately began our grind          seconds and John Carlos came in third place with 20.10 sec-       ple would never be successful.
to make our presence known by not only representing             onds after an Australian runner Peter Norman who finished            As the evening ended, the honored guests began to walk
Southern University Law Center but also setting individual      in 20.07 seconds. John Carlos and Tommie Smith accepted           around to meet and talk to students. When I was able to
stances to ensure great networking. Networking is crucial       their gold and bronze medals in just black socks to signify       speak to them, I was baffled at the warm welcome and re-
in a career of law but even more so in sports and entertain-    black poverty. John Carlos had his jacket unzipped to rep-        ceptiveness I received, in particular from Tommie Smith.
ment law. Networking is not just about accepting business       resent a connection with blue collars workers in the states       After quick photos opt to capture the memorable experi-
cards and exchanging telephone numbers; it is a chance to       and he also wore a beaded necklace in the memory of any-          ence, Tommie Smith began to talk. He stood over me with
develop prosperous alliances with other people in your own      one who was lynched or thrown off the slave ships. Tommie         bright eyes and the biggest smile and asked about me, my
field, or better yet people with influence in your field.       Smith wore a black scarf around his neck to signify black         school, and my schoolmates. As my colleagues came over
   I was truly honored to meet so many men and women in         pride. All three athletes wore Olympic Project for Human          he asked about our goals, and our families. We exchanged
the field of sports and entertainment law that wanted to see    Rights badges in protest to the Olympics. This disruption set     information and just like that an alliance was developed be-
other students and lawyers grow and succeed. For me, creat-     off alarms all over the world, in particular with the Olympic     tween a struggling law student and an influential disrupter.
ing these alliances was another stepping stone in my future     committee and many people in the states but it reminded the       I intend on contacting Tommie Smith, and know that al-
success as an attorney. Among the many people I met, I will     black nation that with dedication and unity, the black man,       though it may take continuous effort due to his schedule,
have to admit that only two in particular left me speechless.   woman or child could arise from a valley of oppression.           will use this privileged moment in my life to create my own
Ironically neither were attorneys but both are the epitome of      That historic day was brought back to life, my last night in   new possibilities, my own disruption. I urge everyone to be-
disrupters which was the theme for the conference this year.    Aruba when BESLA honored these two great men. As they             gin to cultivate their careers by networking, sharpening their
The theme: Disrupters for Change in an Era of Possibilities     gave their speeches and accepted their awards, my mind            skills and beliving in the list of future possibilities.

A Look Back at London Study Abroad Summer 2008
By Tameika Richard                                              was excited because I knew I would be able to see and             from SULC, but also from other schools participating in
                                                                experience all the wonderful things about Europe that I           the study abroad program, and the wonderful people of
   As I look back at my study abroad experience I think         had only read about or saw on TV. My nervousness went             London. Another great benefit I gained from this pro-
about how much I’ve gained from taking advantage of             right out the window when I got settled into life in Lon-         gram was the opportunity to see other countries. The
such a wonderful opportunity. Not only was I able to live       don.                                                              study abroad program allowed us to take many weekend
in another country, I was also able to learn about the legal       Although I am from a small town I found it very easy to        excursions. I was able to visit the Netherlands, Spain,
system here and abroad. SULC’s study abroad was more            get around and experience London. I was able to explore           and France. My time in Europe was one of the happiest
to me than just learning our required curriculum; it also       and see so many things about this wonderful city includ-          times of my life. I was able to learn about the law, live
allowed me to learn about myself. When I first arrived          ing: museums, theatres, parks, and many prominent land-           in another country, and make lifelong friends. I would
to London I was both nervous and thrilled. I was nervous        marks, such as Parliament and the London Eye. I found             advise anyone to partake in a study abroad program. I
because I had never been so far away from home, and I           that I made several friends out there, not only students          promise you will not regret it.
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What’s going on at SULC?
Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project (M-B) Moot Court Competition
  The competition is for high school students in the M-B               • 2010-2011 Governor Nomination Form: http://www.                    signs and emails. Everyone is encouraged to come out
program that is taught by fellow SULC classmates in                                        and participate. Contact Professor Grey for more details at
selected East Baton Rouge Parish Public Schools. This                  • Other 2010-2011 leadership opportunities: http://www.    
competition will be the determining factor as to who will      
represent M-B at the regional competition in PA.                       • 13th circuit home page:                        2010 Annual Alumni Round-Up and the Justice Re-
   This preliminary competition will be held Friday, Feb-                lsd/13thcircuit/home.html                                          vius O. Ortique, Jr., Symposium
ruary 12 at the Law Center. Arguments begin at 2:00 pm                   In the weeks to come, we will provide you with details                The 2010 Annual Alumni Round-Up is set for April 8-9,
and will round-robin until the finalists are selected.                 about the meeting. In the meantime, please be sure to be-            2010, in Baton Rouge.
                                                                       gin making your travel arrangements for the meeting. The                In addition to the traditional activities associated with
ABA Law Student Division                                               goal is one hundred percent participation from all schools           the round-up, such as the Welcome Reception, Chancel-
13th Circuit Spring Meeting and Governor Election                      in our circuit. Contact Maurice D. Gipson, 13th Circuit              lor’s Scramble, and Alumni Hall of Fame Banquet, this
Friday and Saturday, February 27-28, 2010                              Governor of the ABA-Law Student Division at mdgip-                   year’s event will feature the Justice Revius O. Ortique, Jr.,
Texas Wesleyan University School of Law, Fort Worth, TX       with questions.                                        Symposium on Law, Politics, Civil Rights, and Justice on
   The ABA Law Student Division 13th Circuit Spring                                                                                         Thursday, April 8.
Meeting and Governor Election is quickly approaching!                     SULC BLSA Mock Trial Team                                            The symposium, “Addressing Louisiana’s Health Care
   The Spring Meeting provides a wonderful opportunity                    Congratulations to the SULC BLSA Mock Trial Team                  Crisis,” motivated by President Barack Obama’s national
to begin voluntary association with the American Bar As-               for an outstanding performance at the NBSLA Southern                 health care legislation, is a continuation of the 2008 sym-
sociation and the Law Student Division. If you are an out-             Regional Conference. The SULC team was one of 8 out                  posium topic.
going circuit member who will be graduating soon, this                 of 22 teams to advance to the quarterfinal round. The team              Featured panelists will include: Sybil Richard, formerly
weekend will provide you with an opportunity to share                  members were: Mark Overall, Tonya Jones (2L), Daniel                 of the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals; Da-
your ideas with law students new to the law school experi-             Druilhet (2L), and Melody Udonyoin (2L). Special con-                vid Hood, Public Affairs Research of Louisiana; Ruqaiijah
ence. For those of you who are in the midst of your first              gratulations to Mark Overall for being named “Best Advo-             Ayana Yearby, University at Buffalo Law School, The State
or second year of law school, you will find that the Spring            cate” in the competition. This award was based on advo-              University of New York; Brenda Reddix-Smalls, Franklin
Meeting will provide you with a tremendous amount of                   cacy scores of each trial team member in the preliminary             Pierce Law Center; Brietta R. Clark, Loyola Law School
information for beginning or adjusting your legal educa-               rounds that were held on Thursday, January 14, 2010, on              (Los Angeles); John Blum, Loyola University (Chicago);
tion strategy.                                                         the campus of Louisiana State University.                            and Bob Hopkins, American Health Law Society.
   We urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to                   There’s an abundance of talent at SULC and all stu-                  For more information about the Round-Up activities,
begin building your bridge to the legal profession through             dents are encouraged to get involved with these types of             contact Cynthia N. Reed, director of CLE and alumni af-
learning, leading, connecting and networking. The key to               activities to develop your trial skills, gain confidence in          fairs at (225) 771-2785, or April Brum-
the success of the Spring Meeting is your participation.               the courtroom, and for general networking opportunities.             field, Annual Fund coordinator at (225) 771-5044, Abrum-
(FREE OF CHARGE).                                                         The next trial competition is the Louisiana State Bar   
   And don’t forget … we’ll be electing the 2010-2011                  Association Mock Trial Competition which will be held                   For more information on the Ortique Symposium, con-
13th Circuit Governor at this meeting. If you are inter-               March 12, 2010 in New Orleans, LA. The competition                   tact Professor
ested in being nominated for this position, or another ABA             is between all four Louisiana law schools- SULC, LSU,                   Evelyn Wilson at (225) 771-4910,
Law Student Division leadership position, please visit the             TULANE, and LOYOLA. Tryouts for the team will
websites below:                                                        take place in the next couple weeks. Stay posted for the

“Till Prenup Do Us Part”
By Shae McDowell, Editor in Chief of                 any aspect of marriage, including personal             of married couples typically sign
The Public Defender                                  rights and obligations.                                pre-marriage contracts. And con-
                                                        Prenuptial agreements serve purposes                trary to popular belief, women
   To the bride and groom, marriage is a             such as to preserve personal wealth, to val-           have a higher percentage of initi-
loving union between two people who                  ue non-monetary spousal contributions,                 ating a prenuptial agreement than
want to spend the rest of their lives to-            and to reduce legal expenses in the event              men.
gether. However, in the eyes of the law,             of dissolution of the marriage. But there                 Couples entering into a mar-
marriage is a contract between two people            are arguments not to sign a prenuptial                 riage become united in many di-
who have financial rights and responsibili-          agreement because of the emotional fac-                mensions, including social and
ties … not about love.                               tors and trust issues. However, being able             financial. There is no need for a
   There lies in the traditional vows of “till       to discuss with your partner both of your              prenuptial agreement to be biased
death do us part” a sense of superficial in-         future financial plans and expectations for            in either partner’s favor. For ex-
vincibility, an “it can’t happen to us” men-         the relationship will lead to a more solid             ample, a career woman may insist
tality that blinds the bride and groom to            foundation because it places all your cards            that her prenuptial agreement in-
the reality that divorce, not death, is the          on the table than simply expecting love to             cludes provisions to compensate
more likely end to the romantic fairy tale.          take care of everything.                               her for if she is going to stay home
   A prenuptial agreement isn’t a well-                 No couple enters marriage expecting a               and raise children.
planned exit strategy or indication of a             divorce however the statistics foretell a                 A crafted prenuptial agreement
lack of faith in the relationship. It is simply      darker future. Regardless of your confi-               can help avoid many of the prob-
protection against an unlikely and unfore-           dence in the relationship, the U.S. national           lems associated with divorce even
seen what if circumstance. The purpose of            divorce statistics give a more realistic,              for couples who enter the relation-
most premarital agreements is to control             sobering view of marriage and its poten-               ship with little to no tangible assets.
the financial cost of marital dissolution by         tial disadvantages. Each year, over two                   A prenuptial agreement can also
divorce, annulment, or the death of one              million couples are married in the United              protect one or both spouses and
spouse. It is possible in some jurisdictions         States but nearly half of these marriages              compensate for sacrifices made during            respective careers. For example, in New
to use a premarital agreement to regulate            will end in divorce. However, only 5-10%               the marriage. Such agreements have ex-           York a spouse may be entitled to a signifi-
                                                                                                            isted for thousands of years in some form        cant percentage of the value of a profes-
                                                                                                            or another, particularly in European and         sional license earned during the marriage
                             T he P ublic D efenDer                                                         Far Eastern cultures, where royal families
                                                                                                            have always made provisions for protect-
                                                                                                                                                             or a master degree earned during the mar-
                                                                                                                                                             riage. Essentially, if your spouse support-
                 Southern University Law Center Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813                                                                                 ed you during your days in law school,
                                                                                                            ing their wealth.
                                          Editor in Chief                                                      The 1970s witnessed a sea change in the       medical school or business school, and
                                          Shae McDowell                                                     law of premarital agreements. The tradi-         divorce results between the two, without a
                                        Featured Writers                                                    tional hostility to premarital agreements        prenuptial agreement you may be working
          Kendall Anderson               Daniel Druilhet                  Brandon Reed                      began to crack under the weight of legal         your entire life for the other spouse.
          Sherry Cannon                  Julian Johnson                   Jonathan Reed                     changes like greater equality for women             What some don’t consider is that pre-
                                         Me’Aeyko Daniel                                                                                                     nuptial agreements can be useful estate
                                                                                                            and the sharp rise in divorce and remar-
                                     Special Features From                                                  riage rates.                                     planning tools. Such an agreement can
                        Torie Viator, Editor in Chief of the LSU Civilian                                      Prenuptial agreements have been rel-          be especially useful if you have children
                    Norman Dotson, Jr., Editor in Chief of the Southern Digest                              egated to the realm of second marriages,         from a previous marriage or have family
                      Mary Davis, Managing Editor of the Southern Digest                                                                                     heirlooms that you want to keep in the
                                                                                                            trust fund beneficiaries, and celebrities.
                                              Advisor                                                       However, given the elevated legal fees and       family.
                                  Vice Chancellor Roderick White                                            stress involved in a divorce, the rate with         Prenuptial agreements are a bargain
                                                                                                            which relationships end nowadays, as well        compared to the cost of an average wed-
    The Public Defender is the official newspaper of the Student Bar Association of the South-
                                                                                                            as peoples increasing financial sophistica-      ding or an average divorce. So consider
     ern University Law Center. All opinions expressed are those of the writer. Opinions do not
       necessarily reflect the opinion of the staff, student body, faculty or administration at the         tion and independence, a prenuptial agree-       a prenuptial agreement like buying insur-
    Southern University Law Center. The Editor reserves the right to edit or exclude any and all            ment can benefit just about everyone. You        ance: it’s a small one-time cost for some-
                            submissions for clarity, length and allotted space.                             don’t have to be a Rockefeller or Trump to       thing you never hope to use, but if you do,
                              Check us out on the web at                                      need a premarital agreement.                     you will be glad you have it because mar-
                                            Philippians 4:13                                                   A prenuptial agreement can be especial-       riage is not just an emotional and physical
                                                                                                            ly vital to young adults starting out in their   union – it’s also a financial union.
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The History of Black Economic Empowerment
   The need for economic development has         day labors, and in the North whites sought to         witnessed an unprecedented degree of racial
been a central element of black life. After      keep them as unskilled labor.                         solidarity and organization.
centuries of unrequited toil as slaves, Af-         Pushing against the odds, African Ameri-              In 1910, a group of dedicated reformers,
rican Americans gained their freedom and         cans became landowners, skilled workers,              black and white, gathered to create an or-
found themselves in the struggle to make         small businessmen and women, profession-              ganization to address the needs of African
a living. The chains were gone, but racism       als, and ministers. In the Jim Crow econ-             Americans as they migrated to the cities of
was everywhere. Black codes often pre-           omy, they started insurance companies, vo-            the United States. The organization that
vented blacks from owning land in towns          cational schools, teachers colleges, cosmetic         they created a century ago became what we
and cities, and in the countryside they were     firms, banks, newspapers, and hospitals. To           all know as the National Urban League. For
often denied the opportunity to purchase         fight exclusion from the economy, they                a century, they have struggled to open the
land. Organized labor shut their doors to        started their own unions and professional             doors of opportunity for successive genera-
their brethren, and even the white philan-       associations. In an age in which individuals          tions, engaging the challenges of each age.
thropist who funded black schools denied         proved unable to counter industrialization            ASALH celebrates the centennial of the Na-
them employment opportunities once edu-          alone, they preached racial or collective up-         tional Urban League by exploring racial up-
cated. In the South, whites sought to insure     lift rather than individual self-reliance. The        lift and black economic development in the
that blacks would only be sharecroppers and      late-nineteenth and early twentieth centuries         twentieth century.

Message from SBA President
A Seriousness of Purpose…                      is what makes you a great student, and           skills are lacking, you won’t stay
                                               eventually, a successful attorney. Par-          inside for long.
   During his tenure, Dean Louis Berry         ticipation and active involvement in the           We should all have A Serious-
originated this theme at Southern Uni-         happenings of the law center do more             ness of Purpose in both “work” and
versity Law Center for its students. Our       than keep you abreast. By participat-            “play”…in all that we do. A scholar
esteemed Chancellor, Freddie Pitcher,          ing and being actively involved, you can         with a seriousness of purpose must
Jr., resurrected the theme in his early        continue to cultivate those relationships        be able to both master the concepts
years as Chancellor at this institution.       that were created here and work to build         and their application. A networker
Since then, it has been akin to a daily        new ones.                                        with a seriousness of purpose must
mantra uttered among the student body,            What we have all learned since we             be able to maintain professionalism
but sadly, with not enough dedication to       have been here, no matter the length of          and exercise decorum and still man-
its true meaning. There are three main         time, is that law school is about balance        age to be the life of the party. So do
areas of focus under this theme: (1) class     and planning. It is of vast importance           both. Be a bookworm and a social
attendance, (2) preparation, and (3) par-      to maintain a healthy balance between            butterfly…the two are a great mix.
ticipation in the academic life of the law     “work” and “play” during your matricu-           That mix will get you extremely far
school. As we near the end of this fall se-    lation through law school. Making your           in all of your endeavors, legal or
mester, we should individually reflect on      social life take a back seat to your educa-      otherwise. When you walk through
the efforts we have made to be the best in     tion does not mean that you have to kill it      the law center doors and see the seal
each area. At this point, we recognize the     off completely. Realize that both aspects        affixed on the walls of the atrium
importance of class attendance…not just        of life are co-dependent on one another.         next to this infamous axiom cre-
to secure eligibility to take a final exam,    Respectable grades put you in the places         ated by our past dean, do not disre-     Raushanah Hunter
but to ensure successful knowledge of          to successfully network with key players         gard it, do not treat it as mere décor for Recognize it for what it truly stands for
the concepts of law being taught during        in the legal field. Yet, although grades         this beautiful building, do not stare at it and make an active effort to embody that
those class periods. Doggett preparation       can get you in the door, if your social          blindly and miss its deeper significance. message daily.

ABA Corner
By Joi Boone                                  experience as you can before branching nual fee of $25. Lastly, third year students            November 30th. Be on the look out for the
                                              out so that you can adequately handle should be advised that the BAR/BRI schol-                November ABA school activity and mem-
   At the beginning of October, I had the     the many legal problems that may come arship offered by the ABA’s deadline is                  bership tables.
privilege to attend an American Bar As-       your way.
sociation Fall Leadership Summit at St. • Gather a wide range of legal experience.
Louis University School of Law in St.         Diversify your resume. In these eco-
Louis, Missouri. The conference con-          nomic times, many firms look for well
sisted of ABA representatives, SBA Presi-     rounded individuals.
dents and Governors from the 7th, 8th, • Be resourceful! When searching for a
                                                                                                                 Want to become a better lawyer?
10th and 13th Circuits. These circuits        job, think about your professors, class-
included governors from John Marshall
Law School (Chicago), Drake University
                                              mates and associates. Connect the dots
                                              to who they may know to gather more
                                                                                                                Dive into the
School of Law, the University of Arkan-
sas- Fayetteville
School of Law
                                              information about job opportunities.
                                                                      • When jobs have
                                                                      a filing deadline,
                                                                                                           American Bar Association.
and of course,                                                        do not wait un-
Southern Uni-                                                         til the last mo-
versity      Law                                                      ment to apply.
Center.       The                                                     Employers have                               C
conference was                                                        a right to hire                            PE I A

geared toward                                                         someone before


career develop-                                                       the filing dead-
ment for not just                                                     line ends and fre-
graduating law                                                        quently do.
students but all Pictured is Maurice Gipson and ABA Representatives • Don’t be dis-


law students.                                 couraged if you do not get the exact job            St u d e n t R
   The career development speakers ranged     you want when you first enter the legal
                                                                                                           or $60
                                                                                                                                          Survive Law School
from a longstanding Bankruptcy Court          profession. Explore your options. You                              for
Judge, an engineer turned lawyer who          may think you like one field of law but                         3years!
recently opened his own practice and in-      end up thoroughly enjoying another.                                                               Pass the Bar
house counsel for a university. Others        The governors not only planned an in-
featured were lawyers who work at a mort- formative conference with prestigious and
gage company and firms, an attorney who diverse lawyers. They also planned an ex-                                                        Save Money – up to
is in the beginning stages of creating his citing time in St. Louis consisting of attend-
own non-profit criminal defense organiza- ing a St. Louis Cardinals baseball game at                                                     $100 off bar review!
tion and the Director of Drake University the new Busch Stadium and a pleasurable
School of Law Career Services Depart- evening at the Pepper Lounge. I even won
ment. The speakers gave first-rate infor- a BAR/BRI scholarship! The trip was an                                                      Become a better lawyer
mation about establishing your own law overall success!
firm as well as coping with working in the    This event is one of the many programs
legal profession:                           the American Bar Association offers to law
• Don’t be too quick to put up your own students. This opportunity can be afforded                               Join today! Visit
   shingles! You should try to gain as much to you when you join the ABA for the an-

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