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					Sociology s213     Deviant Behavior
                 Bogart              Test(3a)

Chapter 9 Heterosexual Deviance

01a. The Porn industry’s tremendous growth is attributed to: A. The creating of new titles at 150 per week. B.
Prostitution. C. Hustler Magazine D. It’s invasion into mainstream society E. Extramarital Sex (Pg: 202)

02a. The groups supporting the view at Pornography is harmful give all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
A. Violent pornography contributes to antiwomen sexual aggression. B. Pornography degrades women by
treating them as pieces of meat. C. It violates the Fourteenth Amendment D. Can destroy family values E. It
Violates the First Amendment. (Pg:        205)

03a. Sociobiologists regard the _______ _____ in adultery as the most significant finding because it exist s in
virtually all societies. A. Extramarital sex B. Gender difference C. Cybersex & cyberporn D. Household income E.
Church attendance (Pg:210)

04a.The oldest profession in the world is: A. Prostitution B. Medicine C. Priesthood D. Nursing E. Teaching
(Pg. 218)

05a. According to Sociologist Roberta Perkins prostitutes: A. Do not differ from conventional women in social and
sexual backgrounds B. Do maintain the same desire to be married, as conventional women C. Are usually of a
lower educational level than the general population of women. D. Are highly promiscuous in their private lives.
E. Do not live with husbands, lovers or children. (Pg:     230)

06a. According to Marxist theorists Prostitution is more prevalent in the developing world than the West because
of: : A. The collapse of the Soviet Union B. Nude-modeling studios pay U.S. soldiers in South Korea to marry
Korean women to work in brothels C. Developing countries have poor sexual morality D. Neocolonialism
E. Sexual domination of Women (Pg. 229)

07a. Predisposing factors are part of the ___________ A. Feminist Theory B. Functionalist Theory C. Marxist
Theory D. Sociological Theory E. Social-Psychological Theory (Pg. 231)

Chapter 10 Homosexuality and Homophobia
08a. Biologist/sexologist Alfred Kinsey stated: A. People are either completely gay or completely straight. B. The
difference between sexual orientation is a matter of kind. C. Lesbians cannot be expected to have a satisfactory
sex life.. D. People do not represent two discrete populations, heterosexual and homosexual. E. Same sex
orientation a symptom of mental illness. (Pg. 238)

09a. Gays feeling different than their peers is what stage of Sociologist Richard Troiden’s Coming Out A.
Dissociation B. Sensitization; C. Commitment D. Self identity; E. Coming out. (Pg. 243)

10a. P-FLAG is an organization to help: A. Victims of homophobics B. Relieve tension between gays, lesbians
and heterosexuals C. Parents of gay and lesbian children D. Gays in the military E. Gays and lesbians marry.

11a. According to a national survey Lesbians and Gays: A. 45% Republican B. Do not belong to major faiths and
denominations. C. Live only in a few major cities with gay communities D. Have limited occupational choices
because of their sexual orientation E. Better educated than straights. (Pg. 247)

12a. Straights whose sexual experiences are predominately heterosexual and only incidentally gay are called A.
Street Hustlers B. Trades C. Bisexuals D. Situationals E. Essentially gay (Pg. 249)

13a. Homophobia refers to: A. Fear of same sex orientation B. Tension between gays and lesbians
C. Antigay prejudice and discrimination D. Political heterosexism E. Fear of gay men. (Pg.251-255)

14a. Sexual orientation disturbance is part of : A. Psychiatric Theories B. Sociological Theories C. Socialization
and social approval D. Social constructionists E. Biological theories

Chapter 11 Drug Use

15a. Empirical evidence suggest that most people who use illicit drugs do so: A. Compulsively B. Uncontrollably
C. experimentally D. addictively E. None of the above.

16a. Most drugs are categorized according to their effect on: A. The circulatory system B. Cognitive thought C.
Level of consciousness D. Physical affect E. The central nervous system (Pg. 269)
17a. Addiction to Crack takes ______and to Cocaine_______ A. 2-3 months; 8-10 months B. 6-10 weeks; 3-4
years C. 1-2 weeks; 1-2 years D. 2-5 years; 1-3 weeks E. 8-10 months; 1-3 months (Pg 275)

18a. Roofies are depressants and are also know as A. Crank B. Crystal C. Speed D. Rohypnol E. Meth (Pg.276)

19a. The more deviant the drug us, the greater the ________difference. A. Dosage B. Gender C. Status D. Age
E. Educational (Pg. 281)

20a. Addiction occurs only when [drugs] are used to alleviate withdrawal distress according to: A. Economic
Deprivation Theory B. Moral Panic Theory C. Cognitive Association Theory D. Social-Psychological Theory E.
Societal Reaction Theory (Pg. 285)

Lecture VII Conflict Theory

21a. According to Vold’s Theoretical Criminology: A. Societies are comprised of individuals B. The principle
goal in group contact is displacement C. Loyalty of individuals is the most profoundly significant fact of social
psychology D. Groups are engaged in continuous competition and conflict E. Society is dependent on group

22a. Harmony and self sacrifice are effectively maintain within a group by: A. Loyalty of the group member B.
Struggle with another group for survival C. Not being displaced by another group D. Making use of the power of
police protection E. Arrangement between antagonistic groups

23a. Conscientious objectors who viewed their becoming convicts as completely honorable include. A. Political
reform protest movements B. Clash of interest of company management and labor unions. C. Attempts to upset
caste systems of racial segregation. D. A&C E. A,B & C

24a. Minority groups of conscientious objectors struggling for power are considered by Criminological Theory: A.
Impulsive and irrational B. Behavior of a criminogenic subculture C. The most critical problem in criminological
theory today D. The normal criminal acts of individuals E. Relative power of enforces and resisters.

25a.Turk’s Conflict and Criminality conceptualizes relations between conflict and crime as: A. The violation of
laws by groups in impulsive conflicts B. Criminal behavior resulting from socialization in a different culture and
ignorance or rejection of legal norms. C. The greater cultural difference between authority and subject D. A
symbolic crusade E. Stigmatization and Criminalization

V08: Search for Satan

26a. Mary first approached a psychiatrist with ALL BUT WHICH of the following symptoms? A. Blackouts
B. Panic attacks C. Depression D. Hallucinations E. Seizures

27a. Mary’s friend, Meredith Schreiner, _____. A. Reinforced the actions and wishes of Mary’s husband B.
Resented Mary because Mary’s cult status was higher than Meredith’s C. Feared for her safety because of
Mary’s cult involvement D. Recommended the doctors who diagnosed Mary E. Was cut off from all contact
with Mary

28a. As part of his theory, Dr. Corydon Hammond referred to the term, _____, to describe deception,
misinformation, and trickery. A. Alpha connection B. Hypnotic suggestion C. Gamma program D. Satanic
distortion E. Beta beliefs

29a. Nurses’ at Spring Shadows Glen maintained that Dr. Peterson used _____ as a means of interrogating her
patients. A. A “good cop, bad cop” routine B. Restraints C.Hallucinogenic drugs D. Monetary rewards E.
Food deprivation

30a. Based on seven years of investigation by the FBI, which of the following statements is TRUE? A. Little or
no evidence exists of organized Satanic conspiracies. B. The doctors who treated Mary S. and Pat Burgus were
suspected of being Satanists. C. Mary S.’s symptoms are hereditary and have been passed down to at least one
of her children. D. Large scale Satanic human sacrifice continues to be a widespread problem across the U.S.
E. The church that Mary S. attended with her family was implicated in the conspiracy.

Video #11 - The Transformation

31a.     In a dramatic exchange, Richard says: "I just hate them." He is referring to: A. The members of his
original church; B. his breasts; C. his sexual urges; D. All the sins of his youth; E. His parents

32a.    When Ricardo (helping Terry) presses Gigi to "come with us, we have a place for you", Gigi responds:
A. "I can't right now"; B. "How would I support myself"; C. "I tried going straight before and it did not work";
D. "You know what the problem is"; E. "Do you trust him (Terry) that much?"

33a.   As Ricardo contemplates the end of his life, he is most fearful of one thing; which is: A. losing Betty;
B. Being unable to pay his bills; C. Growing thin and ugly; D. Having to face God; E. Not knowing what he is

34a.    Terry and Sara met each other ______.       A. In a church; B. at the Salt Mines; C. on the streets of
Dallas; D. In a rehabilitation clinic; E. In jail

35a.    After adopting a masculine image, Ricardo states that the reason he was gay is because ______. A.
He was born gay; B. He liked to wear women's clothing as a young boy; C. People called him a "faggot" when
he was growing up; D. He didn't do well in school; E. The gay culture is much more liberal in Cuba
. Video #12 - Godfather of Cocaine

36a. Escobar and his associates headed up the _____ cartel. A. Ochoa B. Mexicano C. Cali
 D. Tranquilandia E. Medellin

37a. The _____ was/were Escobar’s power base. A. ATF B. Tranquilandia C. barrios D. DEA
 E. cathedrals

38a.    Lamb, the American ambassador, suggests that Colombians did not perceive cocaine as a Colombian
problem because: A. Of Hispanidid; B. They didn't use cocaine; C. It was just another export product;
D. The consumers were U.S. Citizens; E. All of the above

39a.    Escobar got his start in the drug trade by ______. A. Supplying ether; B. Driving coca paste;
C.Serving as in-house counsel to the Ochoa family; D. Flying heroin and marijuana between Colombia and the
 E. Hiring himself out as a contract killer

40a. Ultimately, Escobar’s downfall was caused by his _____. A. Family B. Overextension into the drug trade
C. Henchmen D. Over involvement with local government E. Lack of business insight

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