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					Compact, light weight design
Versatile high performance design

Automatic High Potential
Voltage & Insulation Tester
Model 8525

                                    HIGH POTENTIAL VOLTAGE TEST

                                    INSULATION RESISTOR TESTING

                                    DC500V      20.00M

                                    DC1000V     2000M

                                    CONTROL INPUT/OUTPUT
                                    External     Output
                                      I/O        Status

                                    DATA OUTPUT
                                                 Potential &
                                    RS-232C     Test Voltage
                                               Monitor output
High Potential Voltage & Insulation Testing
Choice of individual or Continuous Testing

  General Information                                                         Features and benefits
  8525 was designed as an automatic high potential voltage and                • Designed under electric safety standard
  insulation tester. High potential voltage capacity is up to 5 AC kV,        • Safe operation design : Inter lock function, Key lock function
  output capacity 500VA. Insulation testing is capable to 500V/               • Built in RS-232Cterminal for setting parameter and test result
  1000 DC V, 2000 MΩ. Suitable for testing electric equipment, and            • 9 program memories
  electronic parts. It is designed for safe and easy operation such           • Status output for testing parameter and test result
  as interlock function, key lock function, and parameter setting             • External remote control capability for input/output terminals
  memory. It has a built-in RS-232c output for data acquisition               • Big LED indicator for testing parameters and test results
  and and data analysis. Capable of remote control input/output               • Compact design for for easy setup
  terminal and status output signal for indication of test result or
  test status.

 Standard functions
 • Continuous and individual testing
                                                                               SPECIAL TESTING MODE
   Automatic testing for insulation and withstanding voltage; capable of
                                                                               1. Double action start mode
   selecting sequence of test execution. Selectable individual test can
                                                                                 This mode enables immediate testing if you push the start
   be performed. (Insulation testing or Withstanding High Voltage testing.)      button with in 0.5 sec. right after push the stop button
 • Interlock function                                                          2. Good hold mode
   For safety, this lock disables testing by shutting down output                Holds good results until the stop botton is pushed
   voltage.                                                                    3. Momentary start mode
 • Key lock function                                                             The testing is to proceed only while the start button is pushed
   Disables front panel buttons, except start and stop.                          and held
   Prevents change from the front panel.                                       4. Fail mode
 • Memory function                                                               Resetting NG results and protection mode can be made only
   9 testing mode and parameter settings can be stored. This                     through the stop switch on the front panel
   program provides instant set up for each test item, increasing                Alarm Setting
   testing efficiency.                                                           Good/NG alarm volume can be adjusted including mute
 • Standard test voltage assurance
   Compares output withstanding voltage from standard voltage.
   Detection of difference prevents start of test.
 • Discharge function
   Discharge all electricity from the tested material for safety operation.
   Some test materials may have electric capacitance.

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Testing result : ON/OFF Signal output & RS-232C
output signal
Back panel                                                                                                    Test voltage output terminal (same as front terminal)
                                                   RS-232C output
                                                   Parameter setting Test output signal

     Power connector AC 115 V

                                                                                                                                                             Remote Input/Output terminals
                                                                                                                                                             External control terminal for

                                                                                                                                                              Output signal(DC 0~5 V) for
                                                                                                                                                              withstanding high voltage testing
                                                        Remote Control input/output signals
Status output terminals                                  Signal          Function                         PIN NO   PIN NO   Function                        Signal
Output signal         Testing condition
                                                         + 24 V          DC24V,0.1A                       1        19       Common                          COM
TEST/H.V.OUT          During Test voltage output         REAR ON         Remote sw. Input                 2        20       Rear mode select                REAR MODE
TEST                  During testing                     START           Start signal Input               3        21       Withstand voltage signal        W-MODE
GOOD                  Passing test                                                                                          input
NG                    Failing test                       STOP            Stop signal input                4        22       Insulation signal input         I-MODE
POWER ON              While Power on                     INTERLOCK       Interlock input                  5        23       Common                          COM
READY                 Testing Ready                      MEM SET 1       memory select input              6        24       Withstanding output             W-TEST
REMOTE                Using remote control               MEM SET 2                                        7        25       Insulation output               I-TEST

                                                         MEM SET 4                                        8        26       Output during test              TEST
                                                         MEM SET 8                                        9        27               ---                     NC
                                                         TEST/H.V.OUT    Test voltage output              10       28       Output at test end              END
                                                         READY           Ready output signal              11       29            ----                       NC
                                                         PROTECTION      Protection output                12       30            ----                       NC
                                                         GOOD            Passing test output              13       31       Failure result output           NG

                                                         W HIGH          Failure withstanding max limit   14       32       Failure Withstand min. limit    W LOW
                                                         W GOOD          Passing withstanding voltage     15       33           ----                        NC
                                                         I HIGH          Failure insulation max limit     16       34       Failure insulation min. limit   I LOW
                                                         I GOOD          passing insulation               17       35           ----                        NC
                                                         NC                  ---                          18       36       Common                          COM

                                                        Output signal : open collecter DC 30 V 30 mA MAX
                                                        Input signal : “H” 16.8~24 V "L'' 0~3.8 V "Ic" 10 mA Minimum pulse width 40 mS

                                                                                                                                                                          Rack Mount (option)

  I N S T R U M E N T S 1701 Glenlake Avenue Itasca, IL 60143 · phone: (800) 237-7079 · fax: (630) 924-0342 ·
Specifications                                                                   • TEST RESULT EVALUATION
                                                                                   Evaluation method: Max and Low limit digital comparator
                                                                                   Setting range: Max limits 0.2~2000Ω (minimum setting) +1 digit
Withstanding voltage tesing
                                                                                                  Minimum limit 0.1~1999MΩ ( maximum limit (- 1 digit )
  Output Voltage: 0~2.5 kV/0~5 kV, AC 2 ranges                                                    Resolution 0.1 Ω ( 0.9 + 9.9MΩ, minimum limit: 01~9.9MΩ )
  Output capacity: 500 VA (5 kV,100 mA)                                                           1 MΩ ( 10~2000MΩ, Minimum limit 10~1999MΩ )
                  >30 min. if output is more than 50 mA                                           Maximum limit setting ON/OFF switch
  Wave shape: Commercial power sign wave                                           Evaluation factor:
  Power voltage fluctuation: <15% (No load to maximum load)                        Maximum limit setting > Display > Minimum limit setting -- GOOD
  Voltage output: Zero cross switch                                                Maximum limit setting Display -- NG
  Voltage output setting: Voltage slider adjust                                    Minimum limit setting Display -- NG

• VOLTAGE MEASUREMENT                                                            • TESTING TIME
  Voltage: Average current display                                                 Setting range: 0.5~999 sec. (more than masking time) + 0.2 Sec.
  Analog: Scale = AC0~5 kV
                                                                                                 Timer off capable
  Accuracy: ±5% (JIS C1102)
                                                                                   Time display: Timer ON : Display the remainning time
  Digital: Scale = AC 0.00~6.00 kV Green LED
      Display output voltage during the testing, and show the                                    Timer OFF : Display the progressed time
      test voltage used after testing.                                             Masking time: 0.3~50.0 sec. (testing time less than -0.2 sec.sec.)
  Measurement accuracy: ±1.5% of f.s                                               Accuracy: ±20 msec(0.5~99.9 sec.), ±200 msec. (100~999 sec.)

• CURRENT MEASUREMENT                                                            • DISCHARGE FUNCTION
  Current: Average current display                                                 Automatically discharge electricity from tested item after test
  Measure range: 0.01~199.9mA, 2 ranges
  Display: Digital 3 and 1/2 digits display Green LED                            Data output
      Display the leak current during the test, and show the leak                • VOLTAGE MONITOR OUTPUT
      current at the evaluation after the testing.                                 Voltage output of the withstanding voltage testing
  Resolution: 0.01 mA(0.1~9.9mA),0.1 mA(10.0~110.0mA)
                                                                                   Monitor output: D 0~5 V (AC 0~5 kV)
  Accuracy: ±(5%+20µ) of Maximum setting
                                                                                   Deviation: ±1.5% of F.S
• TEST RESULT EVALUATION                                                         • RS-232C OUTPUT
  Evaluation method: Maximum limit analog comparator, Maximum,                     Parameter setting and test result data can be acquired through RS-
                       minimum limit digital comparator                            232C output terminal
  Maximum limit: 0.1~110.0mA(Minimum limit + more than +1 digit)                   Connector: D sub 9 pins
  Minimum limit: 0.0~109.0mA(Maximum limit - less than -1 digit)                   Transfer data:
  Resolution: 0.1 mA, Enable minimum limit setting ON/OFF                          Transfer speed: 9600bps
  Evaluation factor:                                                               Data length: 8bit
  Maximum limit setting > leak current > Minimum limit setting - GOOD              None Parity
  Maximum limit setting -- Leak current -- NG
  Minimum limit setting -- Leak current -- NG
                                                                                 General specification
                                                                                   Power supply: AC 117 V 50/60 Hz
  Setting range: 0.5~999 sec.(Timer off capable)                                   Range of voltage fluctuation: 100~127 V
  Setting resolution: 0.1 sec (0.5~99.9 sec.), 1 sec. (>100 sec.)                  Power consumption: 650 VA Withstanding votage testing with load,
  Time display: Timer ON : Display the remainning time                                                   16 VA without load)
                Timer OFF : Display the progressed time                            Temprature range: 0~40°C
  Accuracy: ±20 msec(0.5~99.9 sec.), ±200 msec. (<100sec.)                         Operational humidity range: 20~80%RH
                                                                                   Storage temprature: -20~70°C less than 90%RH
Insulation resister testing                                                        Withstanding voltage: Between Power and Chassis AC 1000 V 1 minutes
• TESTING VOLTAGE                                                                  Dimension: 320 (W) X 150 (H) X 330 (D) mm
  Standard test voltage: DC 500 V, DC 1000 V 2 ranges                              Weight: 15 kg
  No load voltage: With in 130% of the standard voltage                            Accessories: High voltage cable: 2 m 1 set
  Standard test current: 1 mA                                                                   Ground wire: 3 m 1 set
  Shorted current: less than 12 mA                                                              Power cable: 2.5 m 1 set
  Display: 0.00~2000Ω Green LED
                                                                                                Remote I/O plug: 1 pc. (36 pin)
  Display the insulation resistance amount during the test, display the
                                                                                                Fuse: 1pc.
  insulation resistance of the result after the testing.
                                                                                                Instruction book
   Standard test voltage   Display range   Resolution   Accuracy
   DC 500V                 0.00~20.00 M   10 kΩ       ±(2% of rdg. +3 digit)

   DC 1000V                18~200.0M      100kΩ       ±(2% of rdg. +3 digit)

                           180~2000MΩ     1 MΩ        ±(5% of rdg. +3 digit)

 I N S T R U M E N T S 1701 Glenlake Avenue Itasca, IL 60143 · phone: (800) 237-7079 · fax: (630) 924-0342 ·

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