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									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

                  Transformer Oil Purifier Unit to improve the properties of insulation oil

       By Nancy Xiao
       Dated: Mar 30, 2010

       ZYD series specialize in filtering branded oil, insulating oil of high voltage and super high voltage

       If you are interested in our machines, please feel free to contact me immediately. My contact information is
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        Chongqing Zhongneng Oil Purifier Manufacture Co.,Ltd
        Contact: Nancy Xiao
        Email: nancyceo@hotmail.com
        Mobile: 0086-139-96400162
        Tel: 0086-23-68060920
        Fax: 0086-23-86197078
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        Website: http://nancymanager8.ec51.com
        Your inquiries are highly welcomed at any time, we are ready to make a response very soon

        ZHONGNEG ZYD transformer oil filtering (regeneration, restoration, filtering, filter)system

        ZHONGNENG ZYD oil purifier series is mainly used to improve the properties of insulation oil.
        It can remove trace water, gas, particulate matters etc. from the insulating oil effectively and rapidly so as
       to boost performance of transformers, circuit breakers, mutual inductors, cable and capacitors which has
       insulation system. ZYD series specialize in filtering branded oil, insulating oil of high voltage and super
       high voltage transformer. Additionally, it is suitable for recycling low viscosity lubrication oil.

        ZHONGNENG ZYD transformer oil purifier unit
        Model ZYD oil tecycling utilizes coacervation technology, coalescing technology, separating technology
       and refined purification technology. Comparing to Model ZYD series, it adds roots vacuum system, second
       stage of separating system to improve the effect of purification.

        Product Catalogue
        Insulation Oil Series
        ZYD Double-Stage High-Efficiency Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier
        ZYD-A Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Automation Purifier
        ZYD-R Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Regeneration Purifier
        ZYD-T Double-Stage Vacuum Insulation Oil Purifier with Tester

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PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

ZYD series(ZYD-30 ZYD-50 ZYD-80 ZYD-100 ZYD-150 ZYD-200 ZYD-300)
1. ZHONGNENG portable transformer oil reprocessing equipment
2. ZHONGNENG ZYD transformer oil purifier plant
3. ZHONGNENG ZYD transformer oil purification unit
4. ZYD transformer oil filtering system
5. ZYD transformer oil filtration machine
6. ZYD transformer oil recycling plant
7. ZYD transformer oil treatment equipment
8. ZHONGNENG transformer oil regeneration equipment

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 We can supply the best quality oil purification machine to you. Our price is competitive and we take
responsibility to any quality uncertainty. We produce our products using only high quality raw materials
and employ many skilled employees and technicians. For more product specification please contact us by
email for a detailed catalog. Our factory can provide the most preferential profit to customers all over the
world with competitive prices and high quality items.


Contact: Nancy Xiao
Email: nancymanager8@gmail.com
Mobile: 0086-139-96400162

 Our company is an expert in producing various oil purifiers such as transformer oil purifier, turbine oil
purifier, lubricating oil purifier, mixed waste oil purifier etc.

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