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                                                                                                                   CALVARY PANDAN BIBLE-PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
the Church” (page 53). c) Against the                   Church – FEBC Agreement” (besides other
allegation that FEBC had become a new College:          services rendered as part of repaying my Gospel                               “NOT TO BE MINISTERED UNTO BUT TO MINISTER”
“in the light of our finding that the College has       debt).                                                           201 Pandan Gardens                                THEME: “Walking with God”
not deviated from its fundamental doctrines /                                                                            Singapore 609337
                                                        4. A Blessing in Disguise                                        Tel: 65603885
tenets, it is entitled to continue using the
Premises” (pages 53, 54). d) “… the                     I believe with all my heart in the teaching of                    Fax: 6566 3806
                                                        Romans 8:28 “…that all things work together                      Email: calbp@pacific.net.sg                   Senior Pastor: Rev Dr Tow Siang Hwa
College’s status as a beneficiary under that                                                                             Website: http://calvarypandan.org                    Pastor: Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
purpose trust over the Premises was not                 for good to them that love God, to them who
conditioned on its continued doctrinal                  are the called according to his purpose.” For
                                                        the same reason we believe that the legal case       LORD'S DAY, 5 June 2011                 PANDAN NEWS WEEKLY                   Vol. 8 (37) No. 22
alignment with the Church” (page 54).
                                                        did not happen by chance, but truly it was
For the foregoing reasons, the Judges ruled             purposed of our all-wise God for our good. So                                      SUNSET GOSPEL HOUR (SGH)
that there were no grounds to require the               we subscribe to the Apostle Paul’s conviction                                    Theme: Songs of Salvation at Sunset
College to vacate the Premises.                         that times of suffering bring seasons of blessing,                       5 Jun                        12 Jun
3. Conclusion of the Court of Appeal and                as he said, “And not only so, but we glory in           Topic:           In The New Jerusalem         Sweet By and By
   our Response                                         tribulations also: knowing that tribulation             Preacher:        Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew         Rev Dr Prabhudas Koshy
                                                        worketh patience; And patience, experience; and                         6.00 pm Every Sunday ... Why don't you bring a friend?
We quote the Court’s judgment: “For the above
                                                        experience, hope: And hope maketh not
mentioned reasons, we allow the appeal … In
                                                        ashamed; because the love of God is shed
order to avoid further controversies, the                                                                    My dear readers,                                 against the judgment. The College’s appeal is
                                                        abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which
parties may consider it necessary to draw up a                                                               1. Church-College Conflict Concluding            now granted by the Court of Appeal whose
                                                        is given unto us” (Romans 5:3-5).
more detailed arrangement than that set out in                                                                                                                judgment was released on 26 April 2011. In it
the 1970 Agreement, as to how the Premises              In conclusion, we can surely share in the            As the 21st Century dawned, FEBC’s teaching      the Judges stated: “… we allow the appeal.”
are to be maintained and used by the parties”           Apostle’s godly words expressing his deep            of “Verbal Plenary Preservation” or VPP          Thanks be unto God for His great deliverance.
(pages 54, 55).                                         gratitude to his Lord for sustaining him through     became a “bone of contention” between Life
                                                                                                             B-P Church and Far Eastern Bible College.        2. Grounds for Judgment by Court of
                                                        tribulations exceeding anything we may have
What is our response to the matter? Such                                                                     What had been a “domestic issue,” hopefully         Appeal
legal action is unprecedented in the history of                                                              containable by virtue of a previous Agreement    Studying the Court’s Judgment (of 55 pages) I
our B-P Church. It was unthinkable that this            Let us conclude with “Praise and thanks to the
                                                                                                             drawn up between Church and College in 1970,     have identified the grounds on which the Judges
sort of “family tussle” could ever escalate into        God of our salvation” who also called us into
                                                                                                             erupted in the Gilstead grounds of Nos. 9 and    came to the conclusion that: “For the above
a lawsuit. But, as the saying goes, “We live            this glorious ministry. And what better than to
                                                                                                             9A, escalating into a lawsuit (“Church versus    mentioned reasons, we allow the appeal,”
and learn, and we never stop learning.”                 express our heartfelt desire in prayer and
                                                                                                             College”) in the High Court in 2008. The         (page 54), meaning to say, “No eviction: FEBC
                                                        supplication to our gracious God and Father of
Recall our Lord’s words: “Think not that I am                                                                resulting judgment was in favour of Church,      stays.” What a relief that deliverance has
                                                        our Lord Jesus Christ?
come to send peace on earth: I came not to                                                                   which required College to move out of the        come, at last. The judgment has brought to an
send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set           Thus we pray: “Most gracious God, our                Gilstead Road property. (Meanwhile, Rev          end FEBC’s “7-year tribulation.”
a man at variance against his father … And a            Father in Heaven, May Thou be pleased to             Timothy Tow was called Home by the Lord          From the pages of the legal document, I have
man’s foes shall be they of his own household”          accept our grateful thanks for delivering our        on 20 April 2009).                               excerpted some lines for readers’ interest: a)
(Matt 10:34-36).                                        beloved FEBC from the lion’s mouth. For the
                                                                                                             The College Board, believing (like its Founder   Touching on the controversial doctrine VPP,
                                                        years of patient endurance through suffering,
Reflecting on the long drawn conflict, I marvel                                                              the late Rev Tow) that 9 and 9A Gilstead Road    the Appeal Judges noted: “… half of the B-P
                                                        we thank Thee. Thy mercy and grace exceed
at the unspeakable relief brought to the B-P                                                                 was “heritage and home,” lodged an appeal        Churches believe that the VPP doctrine is
                                                        our utmost expectation and hope, for Thou hast
Churches by action of Singapore’s Court of                                                                                                                    consistent with the Westminster Confession”
                                                        blessed us Thy unworthy people and
Appeal, the highest legal authority of the Land.                                                                    GOLDEN YEARS RETREAT                      (page 52). b) Concerning the funds raised
                                                        unprofitable servants. Heavenly Father, may
Readers may be interested to know that I have                                                                                                                 over the years: “… the appeals for donations
                                                        Thou call someone from among us to respond             Places still available! Those who miss the
a more than casual connection with FEBC. In                                                                                                                   were made in the joint names of the Church
                                                        to Thy call: ‘Who will go for us?’ May all             closing of the Family Camp in June may
the beginning it was by my suggestion that the                                                                                                                and the College … it would be natural and
                                                        glory, honour and praise be unto Thee and Thee         wish to consider coming for the Golden
name “Far Eastern” was adopted by my                                                                                                                          reasonable to infer that the donors intended
                                                        alone. In the name of Jesus our Lord. Amen.”           Years Retreat. Full program on request
Brother, who also asked me to be College                                                                                                                      their donations to benefit both the College and
                                                                                                               from Pr Lek.- Dr Tow
President for 12 years, during which time, I                                        Faithfully in Lord,                                                                                Continued on Page 6
helped to initiate and draft the “1970 Life                                      Dr SH Tow, Sr Pastor
                                                                                                                             A very warm welcome to visitors and friends in the name of
                                                    - 6 -                                                                               our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ
  7654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                    Wee, Samuel Chiang, Joe
                     PANDAN FACTS & FIGURES
  7654321098765432109876543212109876543210987654321098765432121098765432109876543210987654321                                                                    Chan, Edgar Teo, Thian Guan,
                                                                                                                                                                 Joseph Lok, Andrew Chiang,
    Ring Pastor Quek 6566 5716; Mobile - 9671 9310 any time; Email - suanyew@gmail.com                                                                           SKY, Chee Weng, Kim Hai,
10.00 am       Pre-Service Prayer Meeting: JW Sanctuary                                                                                                          Wei Jun, Ah Sang
               Today: Dn Chia Chung Seng; N/W: Dn Milton Ang                                    SGBF Singspiration           Dr SH Tow                           Dr SH Tow
10.15 am       Pre-Service Singspiration: Today: Elder Chew Chong Kiat; N/W: Ko Lingwei         SGBF Ushers                  Choir                               Steven Lee, Samuel Chiang,
10.30 am       Lord's Day                                                                                                                                        Andrew Chiang, Woon Chin,
Today          Worship Leaders : Elder Jeffrey Cheong / Dn Vincent Teo                                                                                           Harsono Soesanto, John
               Speaker              : Dr SH Tow                                                                                                                  Fong, Soo Cheng
               Message              : “The Narrow Christian Faith” (6:11-18)                    SGBF Greeters                Koh Li Choo & Team                  Truth BPC
                                                                                                SGBF Welcomers /             Li Siah & Ruth                      Patrick Tan & Hwee Ping
Next Week      Worship Leaders       : Dr SH Tow / * Dn Milton Ang
                                                                                                   Dinner Coupon Sales
               Speaker               : Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
                                                                                                SGBF Kitchen Duty            Choir                                Truth BPC
               Message               :“Perfecting Holiness” (7:1-4)
                                                                                                                        Activities for the week ( 6 to 11 Jun)
                 Last Week's ( 29.05.11 ) Attendances and Offerings
                                                                                                Tuesday 8.15 pm PRAYER MEETING - i/c Dr SH Tow
English Worship              10.30 am 1,164 $24,456.90       RM20
                                                                                                Saturday 2.30 pm CMC (Calvary Mission to Children)
Junior Worship                           132
                                                                                                     4.00 - 6.00 pm MYANMAR FELLOWSHIP: Room #04-05
Mandarin Worship             8.00 am     200 $ 6,607.50
Mandarin JW                               27
                                                                                                                             HOME News & Announcements
SGBF                          6.00 pm    469 $ 7,107.00      RM60
Prayer Meeting (Tuesday)      8.15 pm    127                                                    1. Last Week's LOVE GIFTS TO DESIGNATED FUNDS: $10,829.00
                                                                                                   Ann Clements & family 10.50 = $10.50; Baraka BP Church - Palestine 50 = $50; Bethel
                                 Lord's Day Activities                                             DC - Chiang Rai 50, 20, 250, 50 = $370; Bible College East Africa - Kenya 700 = $700;
Basic Bible Knowledge         12.15 pm - 1.15 pm, Cryroom                                          Bible Witness 100, 400 = $500; Burmese - RPG 30 = $30; CMC 50, 100, 50 = $200; CMI
                              Today: Lesson 20:Calvary Pandan BPC Constitution                     (Creation Ministries Int'l) 50, 50 = $100; Chee Khuen Wah, Rev 50, 50 = $100; Dignadice
                                                i/c Elder Goh Kee Tai                              Rev (Ministry) 50, 50, 20, 50 = $170; Eben Yoon, Rev 1000 = $1,000; FEBC 50, 50, 2, 100,
Teens' Meeting                12.15 pm - 1.15 pm,        JW Sanctuary, #02-03                      30, 50, 50, 500, 20, 10, 50, 20 = $932; Gethsemane BP church 100 = $100; Golden Years
Young People Discn Gp (17-20) 12.15 pm - 1.15 pm,        New Sanctuary Cryroom                     20, 50 = $70; Harrison Kasip Wan, Pr 30 = $30; Hilltop 20, 10, 50, 50 = $130; Hilltop
Library                       12.15 pm - 1.30 pm,        Room #03-04                               College Student Scholarship 162 = $162; John & Eunice Tan Suan Toon 20, 20, 100 =
AV Library                    12.15 pm - 1.15 pm,        Room #02-02                               $140; Jordan 82, 500, 50 = $632; Jose (Trinipilo) Lagapa 600 = $600; Lek Aik Wee, Pr 10,
Choir                         1.30 pm - 3.30 pm,         Rooms #02-05-07                           200, 10, 50 = $270; Ling soon Ing, Pr 50 = $50; Pang Kok Hiong Rev 500, 50, 12, 100 =
Filipino Fellowship           1.30 pm - 3.00 pm,         Room #04-05 (1st & 3rd Week)              $662, Peter Yoksan, Pr 100, 100, 50, 50, 50, 6.30 = $356.30; Pontianak Kalimantan 10,
Tracting                      2.00 pm,                   Cryroom, (2nd & 4th Week)                 50, 50, 50 = $160; Quek Suan Yew, Rev 100 = $100; RPG - English/Chinese 50, 2, 50,
                                                                                                   100, 10, 50, 150, 0.20, 1, 1 = $414.20; Saipan/China / Guam 30, 400, 100, 50, 50, 200, 50,
                                    Lord's Day Duties                                              50 = $930; Tow SH, Dr 10, 50, 200, 50 = $310; FEBC - Lin Yang 200, 500, 300, 50 =
                             5 Jun                              12 Jun                             $1,050; Ko Ling Kang 350 = $350; Elder Goh 100 = $100; Sandra Teo 50 = $50
Musicians Morning            Adrian Ho / Sharon Lim             Adrian Ho / Lois Teo            2. DESIGNATED LOVE GIFT ENVELOPES are available at RPG Rack.
          SGBF (6 pm)        Lois Teo / Rachel Han              Samuel Eio / Chew Yujie
Greeters                     John Wong & family                 Joo Hong & Pearly
Welcomers                    Timothy & Constance Tan            Stella Tan & Margaret Seah                Golden Years 7th Anniversary Retreat, Hotel Equatorial, Penang 2011
Lunch Coupon Sale            Patrick, Josephine &               Mr & Mrs Edgar Teo                                  Monday 5 September - Saturday 10 September
                             Shanice Lim                                                            1. Interested “Golden Years” are requested to register with Preacher Lek Aik Wee
Kitchen Duty                 YAF                                 Lee Seck Eng & Ann,                ASAP, so as to take advantage of low airfares now. (Offer may be not available later).
                                                                 Victor & Rita,                     2. Retreat Theme: “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.” (Deut 33:25)
                                                                 Nicholas & Eunice,                 3. I have registered already, and am preparing my messages.
                                                                 David Fong                         4. Please pray for this year’s Retreat.
Ushers                       Choir                               Steven Lee, Nam Moon, Heng         Dr Tow, 3 April 2011

                                             -2-                        Continued on Page 5                                                  -5-                          Continued on Page 7
   Please meet the Elders in the Office on 12, 19 & 26 June for interview (Believer's Baptism/
   Reaffirmation / Transfer) after the Service. For Infant Baptism, please meet Pastor Quek on
   26 June in the Sanctuary after the Service.
4. CHURCH CAMP COACH LIST - All campers who are will be going by coach are kindly
   requested to check and sign against your names on the lists placed outside the Main Sanctuary
   after Service today.
5. CHURCH CAMP BRIEFING - There will be a camp briefing today in the Main Sanctuary
   immediately after the morning worship service. Attendance is compulsory for all campers.

                                 HOLY LAND STUDY TOUR
    17 Dec 2011 - 1 Jan 2012
    to Jordan, Sinai and Israel.
    Registration is now open. Details are available from the church office or from our
    website. Do sign up soon!

    TEENZ JUNE RETREAT 2011                       7th Combined Youth Conference
 Date: 20-23 June                        Date: 23-25 June (Thu-Sat)
 Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew              Speaker: Rev Quek Suan Yew
 Theme: What are your priorities?        Theme: “ I’mpure. Am I?”
 Venue: Calvary Tengah BPC               Venue: Calvary Pandan BPC
 Forms are available at the Teenz        Registration Closing Date: 4 June
 noticeboard! Please contact Dn          Please go to www.truthbpc.com/cyc for more details.
 Milton Ang (96860070) or Joelle         Forms are available from the website or YF noticeboard.
 Cheong (94469326) if you have any       For any queries, please contact Edison @ 98000939.

                                 PARKING NOTICE
  For Members and Visitors
  * Calvary Pandan B-P Church (English & Mandarin Congregations)
  * Truth B-P Church
  Please note and comply
  1. Parking in HEAVY VEHICLE LOTS is an offence. You may face legal action.
  3. If you DOUBLE PARK, please remove your car promptly after service.
  Thank you for your co-operation.
                                                        The Management
                                              Calvary Pandan B-P Church
                                             - 7 -                                                 - 8 -
   Elder's Page continued from Page 4                  to climb. However, Paul had to endure not only                                      FEBC’s 1st Bible Lands Pilgrimage in
moment for me to walk in that large amphitheatre       snakes but other wild animals that roamed the                      lder's
in Ephesus where Paul might have visited.              mountains in his days. He faced them by faith                                          the Steps of the Apostle Paul
                                                                                                                          Page                 (Turkey & Greece) – Part 2 Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew
The island of Patmos was mountainous. A certain        trusting in the LORD to protect him.
cave was said to be the cave that John the apostle     c. The cities were like our cities today – These
was praying in when he received the book of                                                                    On Day 6, we drove from Patra to Corinth. The           of life in which the apostle Paul had to face. We
                                                       cities we visited were once vibrant and alive with
Revelation from the LORD. It has become a tourist                                                              ancient city of Corinth was a decadent city             left Corinth and arrived at Athens. We visited
                                                       many making a living from trades that were brought
attraction as well as a religious cite for the Greek                                                           known to have 1,000 prostitutes serving the             the museum in Athens. This museum was
                                                       in from distant lands. Paul preached to them at the
Orthodox Church. There was a crack on the ceiling                                                              worshippers in the Temple of Aphrodite located          designed according to and in honour of the
                                                       risk of his own safety and life. He did not allow
in that cave that we were told was where the                                                                   on the Acrocorinth, a hill 2 miles above the main       Parthenon, The Temple located on the top of the
                                                       these little inconveniences to stop him from doing
lightning struck when the voice of the LORD spoke                                                              city of modern Corinth. Aphrodite was the               Acropolis and dedicated to the goddess Athena.
                                                       the work of God. He faced many temptations. The
to John. Many devotees pray to God in the cave.                                                                goddess of love. Corinth was a city with many           Day 7 to Day 10 were spent on the cruise where
                                                       common denomination in all these ancient sites was
Patmos is inhabited now by many people and some                                                                hardened hearts. Paul met two Jewish believers,         we visited many beautiful islands and one of
                                                       the worship of idols. The immorality in those days
of them have built villas perched on the mountain                                                              husband and wife Aquila and Priscilla in Corinth.       which was the island of Patmos. On Day 8 we
                                                       was not too different from our time. Paul had a
slopes overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It was                                                               Paul and Aquila were both tent-makers. He abode         visited the ancient city of Ephesus (Turkey) and
                                                       burden for lost souls in these cities. His time of
a beautiful sight to behold especially when these                                                              and worked with them in making tents. Paul              the island of Patmos. Ephesus was a sea port
                                                       service is over. Soon our time would also be over.
buildings have to be painted white and constructed                                                             reasoned in the synagogues every Sabbath and            that is presently located 6 miles from the sea. In
                                                       He impacted the lives of these people in these cities
no more than 2 storeys high. The mountains were                                                                persuaded both the Jews and the Greeks. After           the days of the apostle it was a large city vibrant
                                                       with the gospel. I asked myself, “How have I
dotted by these beautiful white washed houses.                                                                 Silas and Timotheus came from Macedonia to              with trade and many people. The guide told us
                                                       impacted the lives of the people that God has
However, in the days of the apostle John Patmos                                                                join him, he was pressed in the spirit and              that what was unearthed was only 10% of the
                                                       brought into my life?” When it is my time to leave
was an island where criminals were exiled. It was                                                              testified to the Jews even more. He preached to         ancient city. Ephesus had an amphitheatre that
                                                       this world, what would be my service unto the
on this lonely island that John received the book of                                                           them that Jesus was the Christ. They opposed            could sit 24,500 people. The goddess of Diana
                                                       LORD who saved me and died for me?
Revelation from the LORD. Whether it was that                                                                  Paul and blasphemed. Paul shook his raiment as          (or Artemis) was worshipped in the Temple in
                                                       d. Cities in ruin – These vibrant cities were once      a sign of his rejection of them and he declared,
particular cave that was shown to us that John         full of life thronged by many men, women and                                                                    Ephesus. Paul was in this city the longest
received the Book of Revelation is not the point. It                                                           “Your blood be upon your own heads; I am                compared to all the other cities that he founded.
                                                       children full of hopes and aspirations like me.         clean: from henceforth I will go unto the
is not the place that gives the island significance    Tourists come and go taking back with them hundreds                                                             This Temple was considered as one of the seven
but the Word of God itself. Patmos must have been                                                              Gentiles.” Perhaps Paul was afraid for his life in      wonders of the ancient world. The Temple was
                                                       of pictures and videos of these sites that are now      the city of Corinth and he was uncertain whether
a cold and isolated island and very lonely for John.   nothing but broken stones and ruins that once                                                                   4 times larger than the Parthenon in Athens. The
One of the most difficult things for the servant of                                                            to stay and continue or to leave. However, the          account of Paul’s travel to this great city is
                                                       boasted of great engineers, artisans and architects.    LORD spoke to Paul to encourage him and to
God to endure was not to be able to be with God’s      They are silent now. The cities that I lived in today                                                           recorded for us in Acts 19. It was here that Paul
people especially on the Lord’s Day for worship.                                                               make known His will to him. “Then spake the             met the disciples of John the Baptist and they
                                                       will also be like these cities one day. The glorious    Lord to Paul in the night by a vision, Be not
Servants like Paul and John were forcibly removed      and magnificent buildings that the ancients took                                                                were converted to followers of Christ. Paul
from the people they loved. They always went                                                                   afraid, but speak, and hold not thy peace: 10           preached in the synagogues for three months on
                                                       pride in are now gone forever. What is the point of     For I am with thee, and no man shall set on thee
where the LORD placed them and in the case of          owning bricks and mortar and taking pride in the                                                                his first trip there. This continued on for the
John it was to be exiled in Patmos.                                                                            to hurt thee: for I have much people in this city       next 2 years. Paul faced much opposition in
                                                       works of man’s hands knowing that they will all         (Acts 18:9-10 (KJV).” Paul remained in Corinth
Final Comment – My first pilgrimage of 11 days         end up like these ruins one day! Nothing on this                                                                Ephesus but he remained and preached the word
                                                                                                               for the next 18 months preaching and teaching           in this great city and the church of Ephesus was
of long travel was tiring but fruitful and blessed.    earth lasts. They perish with time. However, the        God’s Word. The church in Corinth was founded,
Some of the lessons learned included –                 works of God through men like Paul and John remain                                                              founded. Ephesus was one of the strongest
                                                                                                               like many churches today, in a very hostile and         churches that Paul founded by the grace of God.
a. Strength of Paul – We travelled in an air-          till today. Their ministries live on through the work   immoral environment. However, the power of
conditioned bus from city to city and were             of Jesus Christ in our lives. Why would I a Chinese                                                             In Acts 20, Paul warned the elders of Ephesus
                                                                                                               God prevailed and nothing could stop the might          whom he gathered to meet him Miletus about 6
extremely exhausted. However, the apostle Paul         living in Singapore travel to see these places if not   of God in saving souls. The impact of the gospel
travelled on foot most of the time and over            for the work of the gospel in my heart! Paul and                                                                miles from the coasts of Asia Minor.
                                                                                                               was so great that the enemies of God allied             Commentators surmised that in those days,
mountainous terrain without any knowledge of           John are remembered even though I do not know           together against Paul. Paul had to defend himself
where the next destination was. He plodded on for      them and have never met them. Their work for the                                                                Miletus could have been reached by a circuitous
                                                                                                               before the judgement seat (Bema in Greek) in            route from Ephesus by land. But it has to be
the sake of Christ. We slept in comfortable hotels     LORD touched my life though we are separated by         Corinth. The Bema was not only a place of
every night whereas Paul slept in the open.            2,000 years.                                                                                                    reached by sea today. Paul warned the elders of
                                                                                                               judgement for reward but a judgement where              Ephesus that after his departure, grievous wolves
b. Courage of Paul – At Philippi I asked if we         e. A pilgrimage to remember – This was my               punishment was meted out as it was the case             would come to devour the flock of Christ and
could climb up this not very high mountain to have     first pilgrimage. It was a blessed pilgrimage. It was   here in Acts 18. Paul was sent to prison at the         men will rise from within the church to lead men
a better perspective of the ancient city. The guide    tiring but worth it. The lessons learned through the    Bema for preaching the gospel. The Bema was             away after themselves. Paul reminded them that
said that we could as the gates were opened during     sharing of God’s Word by Dr Jeffrey Khoo were           about 3.0 meter above ground level. He would            he had warned them of this for three years every
this time of the year. However, many snakes and        precious. I thank God for salvation so richly and       be very visible to the general public as he stood       day and night with tears. It was a touching
some of them were poisonous are out this time of       freely given to us by the LORD. Amen.                   on the Bema in front of the judge. This ancient
the year to greet the tourists! We were advised not                                 N/W: Elder Goh Kee Tai     site helps in understanding better the situation
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Continued on Page 4
                                                    - 4-                      F/W: Rev Dr Quek Suan Yew                                                             - 3-
                 Calvary Pandan B-P Church                                  ORDER OF WORSHIP
                                                                        WORSHIP SERVICE, 10.30 AM
Date:       5 June 2011                              Preacher: Dr SH Tow                           Date: 5 June 2011
Topic:      “The Narrow Christian Faith”             Worship Leader: Elder Jeffrey Cheong
            (2 Corinthians 6:11-18)                  Organist / Pianist                       Adrian Ho / Sharon Lim
Preacher:   Dr SH Tow
                                                     Pre- Service Singing                                  Elder Chew Chong Kiat
                                                            “The Lord is in His Holy Temple”*
                                                     Call to Worship:                        Psalm 29:1-2
                                                     Opening Hymn: RHC#8                   Holy, Holy, Holy
                                                        The LORD’s Prayer & Gloria Patri **
                                                     Scripture Reading:                      2 Corinthians 6:11-18
                                                     Memory Verse: “Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for
                                                     what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what
                                                     communion hath light with darkness? And what concord hath Christ with
                                                     Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?” (2Cor 6:14-
                                                     Hymn: RHC#317                          The Solid Rock
                                                        Offertory Hymn: RHC#565           Have You Counted the Cost?
                                                        Doxology: “Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow” ***
                                                        Offertory Prayer
                                                     Hymn: RHC#371                        Sweet Hour of Prayer
                                                        (Children to leave for their own assembly)
                                                     Pastoral Prayer
                                                     Message:                              "The Narrow Christian Faith"
                                                     Closing Hymn: RHC#425             Take the World, but Give Me Jesus
                                                                        “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” ****

                                                     * The Lord is in His holy     * * Glory be to the           ***     Praise God, from
                                                     Temple, (x2)                  Father and to the Son         whom all blessings flow;
                                                     Let all the earth keep        and to the Holy Ghost,        Praise Him, all creatures
                                                     silence, Let all the earth    As it was in the              here below; Praise Him
                                                     keep silence before Him -     beginning, is now and         above, ye heav'nly host,
                                                     keep silence, keep silence    ever shall be, world          Praise Father, Son, and
                                                     before Him. Amen.             without end. Amen. Amen       Holy Ghost. Amen.
                                                     **** The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you
                                                     peace, and give you peace; The Lord make His face to shine upon you, and be gracious unto
                                                     you, be gracious, The Lord be gracious, gracious unto you. Amen
            Golden Years Care Group’s
              Day Retreat @ Seletar
                                                 Request for Praise and Prayer
Date:           Wednesday, 29 June 2011
Time:           10am – 4.30pm
                Transport leaves church 9am               Vacation Bible School 2011
Venue:          Seletar Country Club
                101 Seletar Country Club Road
                Singapore (98273)
                                                 This year’s VBS (Tuesday 7 June to Thursday 9
Theme:          Come Back to the LORD
                                                 June) has enrolled 250 children, and 100 teachers /
Speakers:       Dr SH Tow / Pr AW Lek
                                                 helpers. This amazing mobilization of God’s
Film:           The Blind Korean Pastor
                                                 “Volunteer Army” to storm the gates of hell calls
Fees:           Non-Working – S$25
                                                 for united prayer and thanksgiving by all of God’s
                Working – S$35
                                                 praying people.
Meals:          Lunch and 2 tea-breaks
Registration:   12 June – 19 June
                                                 Dear reader, will you pray daily this week for our
Contact:        Mrs Rena Lim (91511626),
                                                 100 teachers / helpers who have volunteered to get
                Pr Lek (96355679)
                                                 the Gospel to the 250 children? Let us do as the
                                                 Word says: The effectual fervent prayer of a
                                                 righteous man availeth much (James 5:16).
1000 - 1045     Morning Message 1 by Dr SH Tow
1045 - 1100     Tea Break
                                                 Who knows – some parents also may come to
1100 – 1145     Morning Message 2 by Dr SH Tow
1145 – 1330     Lunch
1330 - 1430     Film
1430 – 1515     Afternoon Message 1 Pr AW Lek
                                                 – Dr SH Tow, Sr Pastor
1515 - 1530     Tea Break
1530 – 1615     Afternoon Message 2 Pr AW Lek
1615 - 1630     Departure

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