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Digital Marketing Talent: Who Is Pharma hiring?



Digital technology—it's everywhere you look. And nowhere is the impact of
digital technology more apparent than new digital job creations and hiring
practices within the pharmaceutical industry.

While pharma still under-spends on digital marketing itself, many companies
are responding to the increasing importance of digital technology and
problem-solving with the development of new jobs and titles. With new
positions such as 'social media and community management' and 'mobile
marketing and app development', the industry is increasingly focused on the
future of digital.
Report Overview

In Digital Marketing Talent: Who is Pharma Hiring? FirstWord goes behind
the doors of HR departments and recruitment firms to examine the current
job market in digital marketing. The report not only identifies the most in-
demand digital jobs, but looks at how hiring practices are changing, too.
From descriptions of new positions to the challenges of finding the right skill
set and experience in new hires, the report is a snapshot of how digital
technology is impacting pharma and how companies can access its power.
Key features

* Charts and statistics illustrating digital hiring trends
* Profiles of the major new jobs titles and emerging digital leadership
* Discussion of the influence of Digital Natives as they enter the workforce

Key Benefits

* Expert, up-to-date insight into how digital jobs are being created and why
* Insight into the challenges of filling digital positions
* Advice and opinions on how to meet those challenges

Who Should Read This Report

* Marketing directors and managers
* Digital marketing heads
* Brand managers
* Advertising and promotion teams
* eBusiness/emerging technology experts
* Recruiters/HR heads
* Corporate affairs and corporate communications
* Digital communications agencies
* Consultants

Table of Contents :

> Digital trends visualized
* Methodology
* Participants
* Digital talent trends
> New job titles
> Emerging digital leadership
> Areas of digital growth
* Is regulatory experience required?
* Digital natives entering the workforce
* Two digital leadership job descriptions
> Digital marketing head
> Description
> Qualifications
> Senior consultant talent acquisition social&nbmedia
> Responsibilities
> Qualifications
> Social capital and influence
> Digital marketing salaries
> Digital budgets
> Digital marketing & social measurement
> Outsourcing
* Recruiting
> Recruiting via the social web
> Twitter
> Facebook
> LinkedIn
> Measuring success of social recruiting
> New digital résumés

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