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									Aarkstore Enterprise announce a new report:

The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2011-2021


Our new defence report The Warships & Naval Vessels Market 2011-2021 reviews major programmes
related to combatant vessels, non-combatant vessels and submarines. The report examines the market for
new vessels, refurbishment of old vessels and research and development of future naval platforms.

 The report reviews leading naval procurement and re-fit programmes and examines the prospects and
outlook for government spending on warships and naval vessels. It calculates that in 2011 the global market
for warships and naval vessels will amount to $75.4bn. The report reviews the state of the market in 2011
and projects future prospects for the market in the forecast period of 2011-2021.

Warships and naval vessels are an integral part of most armed forces. They are a physical manifestation of
economic and military power, as well as being essential to force projection. As countries such as India and
China continue their economic rise, they will seek to back up their would-be superpower credentials with
naval power.
Moreover, in spite of the recent economic turmoil, many countries have affirmed their commitment to the
procurement of prestige naval platforms. As a result, the market for warships and naval vessels is
guaranteed to be strong, almost regardless of the prevailing economic conditions. This report reviews the
major programmes and reveals opportunities for companies engaged in the production of naval platforms
and systems.

Table of Contents :

1. Executive Summary

1.1 The Global Warships & Naval Vessels Market

1.2 Global Warships & Naval Vessels Market Outlook

1.3 The Current Leading National Warships & Naval Vessels Markets

2. Introduction to the Warships & Naval Vessels Market

2.1 Combatant Ships

2.1.1 Aircraft Carriers

2.1.2 Amphibious Warfare Ships

2.1.3 Destroyers

2.1.4 Frigates

2.1.5 Corvettes

2.1.6 Fast Attack Craft
2.2 Non-Combatant Ships

2.2.1 Mine Counter-Measures Vehicles

2.2.2 Oceanographic Survey Vessels

2.2.3 Missile Range Instrumentation Ships

2.2.4 Supply Ships

2.3 Submarines

2.3.1 Attack Submarines

2.3.2 Ballistic Missile Submarines

2.3.3 Unmanned Underwater Vehicles

2.4 Methodology

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