SURVEY-Agents Post-Closing by stevec56


									How did we do?
Thank you for working with Platinum Home Mortgage on the property at [insert property address]. Your valuable input is important to us and we ask that you take a few moments to complete this questionnaire.

Name: ______________________________________

Company: ____________________________________ Excellent Good Fair Poor

How would you rate our home financing knowledge? How would you rate our courtesy? How would you rate our efficiency? How well were you kept informed? How well were your questions and concerns addressed? How would you rate the closing process? What did you like best about your loan officer and the Platinum team? How could we improve our service to you and your customers? _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

Additional Comments: __________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are currently working with someone who could use our services, please call [insert phone number].

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. Please return it to me using the enclosed postage-paid envelope.

Platinum Home Mortgage Corporation xxxxx Street Name, Suite xxx CityName, ST xxxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx Fax: xxx-xxx-xxxx

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