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									Chair:             Professor Tom Barnes
                   Deputy Vice-Chancellor
                   (Research & Enterprise)

Secretary:         Ms Chipo Nyandoro-Kunzvi
                   Tel: 7902 Fax: 8630
                   Email: nc26@gre.ac.uk

                                  RESEARCH AND ENTERPRISE COMMITTEE

               Minutes for the fourth meeting of the Research and Enterprise Committee in the 2009/10
             academic session, to be held on Wednesday 21st April 2010, 2.15pm, QA063, Greenwich Campus.


                    Prof T Barnes (Chair)
                    Ms T Banton (Research & Enterprise)
                    Prof C Bailey (Computing & Mathematical Sciences)
                    Dr A Benati (Humanities & Social Sciences)
                    Ms W Curran (Finance)
                    Dr M Davies (Research & Enterprise)
                    Prof S Golding (Research Ethics)
                    Prof D Isaac (Architecture & Construction)
                    Prof J Orchard (Natural Resources Institute)
                    Prof S Palmer (Greenwich Maritime Institute)
                    Prof A Reed (Vice-Chair)
                    Prof E West (Health & Social Care)
                    Prof G White (Business)
                    Dr S Woodhead (Engineering)
                    Dr D Wray (Science)
                    Mrs L Arnold (Acting Secretary)


                    Prof P Maras (Health & Social Care)


         1.1 Supporting the Development of Researchers (Vitae – Concordat Researcher
         Development Framework)

         Dr Fiona Denney, the Hub Co-ordinator for Vitae tendered her apologies for this meeting as she was
         subject to purdah during the election period. Dr Denney would be invited to attend the next meeting
         of this committee.


             Mr D Beazleigh (Finance)
             Prof E Galea (Computing & Mathematical Sciences)
             Dr J Jameson (Education & Training)
             Prof A Mathie (Pharmacy)
             Dr F Denny (Guest Speaker, Kings College London)
             Dr J Morton (Natural Resources Institute)
             Dr S Richardson (Science)
     Ms C Nyandoro-Kunzvi (Secretary)
     Mr J Wallace (Administrative Secretary)



  The minutes of the Research and Enterprise Committee held on the 25th February 2010 were agreed as
  an accurate record of the last meeting.


  1.2 University of Greenwich Early Career Researcher Initiative

  Professor Barnes reminded members of the ECR networking event taking place later that evening and
  encouraged members to attend. Professor Maras reported a disappointing response rate to the ECR
  Managers Survey and called for more support from the Schools.

  3.6 Impact and what it means to the University of Greenwich

  Members were informed of the deferral of this item to the next scheduled committee meeting in June,
  if Dr Fiona Denney is unable to attend.

  5.2 Attracting and Retaining PhD students

  Professor Reed reported that he is working to develop the web facility discussed by Research and
  Enterprise Committee at its last meeting. It was noted that interoperability with our website and
  external websites such as jobs.ac.uk would maximise and streamline the process of advertising,
  enhancing the prospects of potential students.


6.1   Research and Enterprise Activity Reports

      Prof Barnes presented the Research and Enterprise financial activity report to the end of March
      2010. He noted that NRI contracting was impressive with UoG contracting figures currently
      at £9.2M (including NRI), which is 64% up from this time last year. He noted that contracting
      from Schools was down by 20% compared to the same time last year.

      Prof Barnes reported that revenues are just under £10M, but more work is to needed to achieve the
      target of £13.2M for this financial year. It is anticipated that CMS figures for both contracting and
      revenue will increase towards the end of the year. Dr. Woodhead reported that Engineering is also
      reasonably confident that their revenue figures will increase compared to last year. GMI has
      received a generous donation of £55k from Dr Luan to support their Education and Research
      programme. Prof Barnes congratulated Prof West on the increase in contracting within the School
      of Health & Social Care. The School has two new KTPs and several in the pipeline. The School
      of Humanities confirmed that a number of proposals are awaiting funder decisions, some of which
      may be known before the end of this academic year. Dr Benati reported that there have been five
      applications for AHRC studentships.
     Prof Barnes reiterated that contracting only appears in figures when contracts are signed. Prof
     Bailey sought clarification as to whether the recently awarded EU project, Pandora was included as
     no Form 1 had been submitted. It was confirmed that projects such as this would be reflected in
     the contracting and revenues figures when the Form 2 was available, but unless a Form 1 was
     submitted it would be excluded from the bidding data. Prof Barnes reported that the University‘s
     overall bidding total is currently £20.4M for the 2009/10 year

     Action: Prof Bailey to ensure that a Form 1 &2 are submitted for the Pandora project

     Action: Prof Barnes asked members to encourage colleagues in Schools to submit Form 1s so
              that bidding can be captured in the figures and Schools appropriately credited.

6.2 Research and Enterprise Bidding Activity Report

   Ms Banton presented the Research & Enterprise bidding activity report for the current academic
   session to end March. Data showed £20.4M worth of bids submitted including NRI (£13.3M bids
   excluding NRI). Ms Banton noted that 55 bids worth £9M had been submitted between November
   and January, and 73 bids valued at £5.5M had been submitted between February and March.
   Bidding to date had increased by 37% compared to the previous year, with a total of 212 bids
   submitted between August 2009 and March 2010 in comparison to 207 bid submissions recorded for
   the whole of the 2008/09 academic year.

   Ms Banton reported on the status of submitted bids and noted that of a total value of submitted bids
   of £20M, £4M worth of bids had been awarded, £3.8M worth of bids had been rejected and
   decisions were pending on £12M worth of bids.

   Data on the bidding activity data by funding source showed that 37% of the research applications
   bids submitted were to European Union funders, 18% to the Research Councils, and 27% to the UK
   Central Government.

   Prof Bailey expressed concern that CMS had missed bidding for the European Science Fund and
   enquired as to how Schools could be better informed of opportunities. Prof Barnes encouraged the
   Directors of Research to utilise the University‘s subscription to ResearchResearch as to increase
   potential funding opportunities that may arise. Dr Davies commented that each School contact their
   BDM to inform them on bidding opportunities and a ResearchResearch training session will be
   arranged to provide staff how to tailor the alerts to individual interests.

   Action: GRE to arrange a further day seminar with Research/Research.

6.3 Update on the University of Greenwich Research & Enterprise Strategy

     Prof Barnes brought to the attention of the Committee a revised draft of the Research & Enterprise
     Strategy. He thanked members for their constructive and helpful comments to the first draft.
     Members discussed changes and it was agreed that the following would be incorporated into the
     document and Prof Barnes would modify and circulate the final document to members as follows:

        Re-ordering of the ‗inform teaching‘ aspect in the first bullet point – went to end
        Incorporation of world leading and internationally excellent research in the first paragraph
        Sustaining growing and rewarding excellence at the end of the section of growing a broad
        Provision of a summary paragraph at the end.
        Ensure that the document refers to both research AND enterprise consistently.

     Action: Prof Barnes to modify the Research & Enterprise Strategy with the agreed changes
             and circulate to members

6.4 Research Excellence Framework consultation initial outcomes

     Prof Barnes reported on the Research Excellence Framework consultation initial outcomes. Points
     to note were
          Assessments will be undertaken by expert sub-panels to be established for each of 30
             Units of Assessment (UOAs), working under the guidance of four broad Main Panels. The
             number of sub-panels will be reduced from the 65 panels used for the 2008 evaluation.
          Each sub-profile and the overall profile will be scored on a five-point scale (1* to 4* and
          The previous definition of staff eligible to be submitted as ‗Category A‘ will be tightened
             to state that eligible academic staff are those with a contract of employment with the
             submitting HEI on the census date, where their primary employment function is to
             undertake either research, or research and teaching.
          Institutions will be able to submit work from associated research-active staff, but these
             staff will not count in the volume measure used to calculate funding.
          The proportion of staff submitted will not be a factor in the judgement of research quality.
          Early Career Researchers with may submit fewer than the maximum number of outputs
             (up to four outputs normal) will be the norm. All types of outputs will be eligible for
             submission including ‗grey literature‘ and practice-based outputs.
          Citation information will be provided to panels, but the panels will each decide how that
             information will be used in the evaluation.
          Panels will be able to request brief ‗outputs statements‘.
          Impact measures remain but the approach to measuring impact reliably is still unclear.
          Impact case studies are not mentioned in the consultation outcome, but they should not be
             ruled out at this stage.

     Prof Palmer informed Committee that within the Conservative manifesto there is a commitment
     for postponing the 2014 timescale. Dr Davies reported on a meeting he attended at BIS about the
     REF and that an announcement will be made in the autumn, and to note that whichever
     government, the HEFCE and BIS officials will probably be the same. Prof Barnes advised
     Committee that the university should very shortly start implanting concrete plans for producing the
     submission and asked Directors of Research to encourage researchers to submit their to high
     quality publications.

6.5 Summary Report: EPSRC Regional meeting Workshop

     Dr Woodhead reported that he and Ms Banton had attended an EPSRC workshop held in
     Loughborough. The workshop had a dual purpose, firstly to keep the academic community
     informed and secondly to keep academics updated on the research councils plans in terms of
     The summary report noted the following specific points;
      EPSRC expected proposals to include an impact summary where the research benefit is
          clearly communicated. Proposals will not, however, be judged on impact alone.
      Professor David Delpy, Chief Executive, EPSRC presented a snapshot of the EPSRC current
          delivery plan and planned distribution of funds during the current spending round, 2008-2011.
          He had noted that 30% of the council‘s funding was used to providing support to large-scale
          ambitious projects. Strong growth in numbers of proposals has led to the implementation of a
          new system whereby from April 2010, the council will allow repeatedly unsuccessful
          applicants to submit only one application over the subsequent 12-month period.
         Unsuccessful applicants will be defined as: those researchers who have submitted three or
          more proposals within a two-year period which were ranked in the bottom half of a funding
          prioritisation list or rejected before the panel meeting, and who have an overall personal
          success rate of less than 25%.
         Current and Future Programmes included cross-council themes to increase the portfolio of
          interdisciplinary research and training through Doctoral Training Grants.
         New research council initiatives will include dream fellowships, strategic packages to recruit
          international leaders and small grant programmes for early career researchers.

      Dr Woodhead noted that the ESPRC currently provide 80% of funds to only 20 institutions.
      Reduced funding allocations over the next three years are likely to result in funds being diverted to
      the big research universities. Prof Barnes thanked Dr Woodhead and Ms Banton for attending the

6.6   Bidding and Strategy Support Available for Research Groups

      Dr Davies gave a verbal report on the bidding and strategy support available for research groups.
      Over the last year GRE has run workshops and contracted external consultants and bid experts to
      assist researchers with TSB and EU bidding. Dr Davies noted that GRE would be extending
      support to researchers in four areas;
           Bidding and research plan strategy advice for research groups, in collaboration with the
           Cross disciplinary bids to pool resources with 2 or 3 groups at one time. Researchers
               should have a reasonably well formed project idea.
           Impact. A small number of pilots to consider impact in research groups, and present in
               narrative and poster form.
           Other areas such as more ‗exotic‘ funders. Specialist help and advice available.

      Prof Barnes encouraged the Committee to take advantage of this support and send Dr Davies an
      email expressing their interest.

      Action: Members to contact Dr Davies with expressions of interest regarding bidding and
              strategy support available for research groups

6.7   The University of Greenwich Enterprise Associate Scheme

      Dr Davies bought to the Committee‘s attention the University of Greenwich Enterprise Associate
      Scheme that had been presented to Executive Committee on 13 April. The aim of the scheme is to
      implement a strategically important enterprise project over a 12 month period to fit in with
      School‘s plans. Dr Davies is compiling FAQ detail which he will circulate in due course. The
      applicants would be nominated by the Head of School and a panel will be convened to review

      Action: Dr Davies to circulate further details on how the scheme will work.

6.8   Progress Report on the Institutional Repository
      Ms Banton reported that there are 1,141 outputs stored in the repository dating from 2007-2009.
      This includes items that are ‗Live‘ and therefore visible both internally and externally, and items
      that are still 'Under Review' for further checking. Items under review and require further
      information are;
      •    Keywords, abstracts and full references.
      •    Inappropriate version of paper provided
      •    Missing conference information
      •    Whether research has been peer reviewed

      Ms Banton encouraged members to inform colleagues to contact the repository team as to assist
      with the completion of references.

      Action: Members to urge colleagues to contact the GALA team to assist with reference
              completion where required.


7.1   Directors of Research and Enterprise Presentations on Successes, Opportunities and
      Challenges in Research and Enterprise activities in each School

      Name: Dr Jill Jameson
      School: Education and Training


      •   Dr Jennifer Patterson, working with Dr Linda Hyder and School colleagues, achieved the first
          KTP success for Education and Training with the Widehorizons Outdoor Education Trust in
          education for sustainability involving the outdoor classroom, for £118,684.
      •   The Discourse, Power, Resistance (DPR) education research conference DPR 9 Trust, linked
          with Dr Jill Jameson‘s research project on Trust and Leadership, attracted 120+ delegates
          from 27 countries, with three keynote speeches from Professor David Nutt, Prof David
          Gillborn and Prof Shirley Steinberg on interdisciplinary issues re. Trust, with good feedback
          from delegates, notably from doctoral students/newer researchers.


      •   The School DRE and BDM are working to support colleagues to apply for UK, EU and other
          funding opportunities re:- education and lifelong learning research initiatives. New research
          council and charitable fund research bids are being prepared where possible by RAE-REF
          funded colleagues, as identified in the targets for the School‘s RAE/REF funds.
      •   With the support of VCG, the School is appointing a new professorial post in education to
          further support developments in educational research.
      •   Further new KTP Partnerships with Greenwich Council, Eltham Green School and St Paul‘s
          School are being considered, with support from Dr Linda Hyder.
      •   The School has developed a new Research Mentor scheme and R&E Strategy to promote
          research, enterprise and scholarship activity – this aims to provide new opportunities for
          colleagues‘ research initiatives to be supported in a variety of cost-effective ways.

      • Bidding activity is less than hoped and expected, with contracting low and revenues, by
         contrast, relatively higher. Staff continue to indicate that a major barrier to bidding is the
    allocation of time for R&E activities, given the School budget deficit and teaching overloads,
    combined with challenges arising from the practice-linked nature of Education.
•   The drift of research active staff away from Greenwich 2001-09 continues to be a problem: it
    remains essential for the School and University to recognise and value existing and new
    research-active Education staff at Greenwich positively and support their efforts.

Name:       Dr David Isaac
School:     Architecture and Construction


   More bidding is taking place, recent bid to DFID for £44k relating to renewable natural
    resources and climate change, this bid involves 6 researchers from the School. Two bids have
    recently been made by the Sustainable Buildings Group to the Technology Strategy Board one
    for £550k on Whole-life design and decision tools and one for £33k for ‗Retrofit for the
   Successful collaborations is continuing the Yunnan University of Finance and Economics, as
    well as being the source of income through the School‘s Distance Learning programme, the
    collaboration has established research links. A research fellow will be coming to the School
    this summer and a series of symposia on real estate, project management and Health and
    Safety issues have commenced with a successful symposium of Comparative Valuation
   Research is continuing to develop in the Design area: Dr Teresa Stoppani has given papers at
    prestigious conference at the RIBA and the Architectural Association and published a number
    of book chapters and reviews, she has had papers accepted at prestigious conferences at the
    Universities of California and Newcastle (Australia) and is applying for funding for an AHRC
    Network in collaboration with another institution. Professor Alan Powers has recently
    contributed to a number of books and given key lectures, his articles have been published in
    Country Life and the Spectator, and he has recently been elected a Fellow of the Society of
    Antiquaries. Duncan Berntsen is working on an Olympic project involving collaborations
    with the construction industry.
   On the publishing side, two books on the Valuation of Property Investments and Property
    Development Appraisal have been published by Professor David Isaac with collaborations
    with other staff who are first time book writers, a third book on Property Investment is now
    being written. Professor Jones has a contract for a book on Sustainable Facilities Management
    and a further book chapter on climate change adaptation.
   Increased activity on the bidding front has encouraged design staff to apply to the AHRC,
    both Mark Ingram and Mark Titman are working on their proposals and a research student of
    Professor Alan Powers is applying for a research scholarship.
   Landscape architect research has expanded and Dr Benz Kotzen has now developed a key
    funded project on aquaponics.


   More bidding is going on. New staff are being encouraged to develop ideas. RAE monies
    have been distributed to a range of projects and this is encouraging more research
    participation across the school


   Still really need still more staff to contribute to the research effort. It is taking time to
    bring people on and get them to bid especially amongst long established staff.
Name: Professor Geoff White
School: Business School


   Emanuele Lobina (PSIRU) – European Commission. Database/website on PUPs. £46,800
   Professor Steve Thomas (PSIRU) – FFG.          Evaluation of a hypothetical ‗Nuclear
    Renaissance‘. Euros 31,603
   Professir Steve Thomas (PSIRU) – European Commission DG TREN. Analysis and
    Comparison of Most Relevant Mid- and Long-term Energy Scenarios for the EU and their
    Key Underlying Assumptions. Euros 21,946
   Dr Bruce Cronin – Optimisation of BME for Janman Consulting. £10,000


   Dr Jithendran Kokkranikal - bid to British Academy small grants. Local Tourism
    Development. £7,500. Submitted.
   Soroosh Saghiri – Tender to TfL. FCOS Assessment. PQQ submitted.
   Dr Larry Su – bid to British Academy small grants. An empirical investigation of Corporate
    Social Responsibility and Firm Performance in China. £7,500. Submitted.
   Dr Patricia Ntozi-Obwale – bid to British Academy small grants. The Wau#y Forward for
    Stock Markets in Sub-Saharn Africa: A survey comparing Kenya and Ghana. £6,340.
   Graham Symon. Tender to Unite (the trade union). To establish a Union Learning Partnership.
    £6000 (awarded).
   Tim Barry – Tender to LDA. Support to Work Fund. PQQ submitted.
   Dr Wim Van de Kerckhove – Bid to ESRC. Whistlepblowing policy and practice. £211,460.
   Dr Mehmet Ugur – tender to DFID. Systematic review £28,518. Submitted.
   Dr Muwanga-Zake – Application for British Academy Partnership Grant on Narrowing the
    Digital Gap. £22,110. Submitted.
   Dr Paola Tubaro. Application for ESF Workshop Grant for Exploratory Workshop. £15,000.
    In development.
   James Kennell and Peter Vlachos. Tender to Waltham Forest Council on Thriving Third
    Sector. £15,000. Submitted.
   Tim Barry – LDA Knowledge Connect tender. Contacting 5 companies. £3000 per company.


   Continuing shortage of experienced research leaders to assist new staff with bidding and

Name: David Wray and Prof Frank Pullen
School: Science


   Dr David Wray: petroleum related enterprise activity estimated £452k to the end of April
    2010 (end of fy) + on-going development of X-ray crystallographic services.
   Dr David Wray & Prof Mike Bradley (Wolfson). GUEL consultancy with Deep Frac Ltd to
    assist in the R&D of a novel fracturing material for use in water wells £28.5k.
   Dr John Spencer: Selcia; preliminary delivery of contract synthesis products: £4.3k to date
    with more to follow. Tocris Biosciences £3k for the supply of compounds to be place in their
    bioiscience catalogue.
 Dr John Spencer, Prof. Babur Chowdhry and Dr Andrew Mendham have a publication
    featured on the front cover of Acta Crystallographica; Mendham and Chowdhry have
    published two further papers already in 2010 and Chowdhry, along with others, have a further
    6 publications in press for 2010.
 Prof John Nicholson delivered an invited presentation to 1300 delegates at a dental conference
    in Skopje, Macedonia.
 Dr John Tetteh has been invited to speak at a Pharmaceutical Society / Royal Society of
    Chemistry meeting in London on chemometrics and multivariate statistics.


   Prof Pat Harvey: FP7 Energy call bioremediation / cleanup, partnering with Helmholtz
    Zentrum Munich, Acque Ingegneria srl and others £219k to UoG
   Prof Pat Harvey: The Integrated Biorefinery Technology Institute / BBSRC, full bid
    submitted, partnering with the Univ Surrey, British Sugar and others, value to UoG £311k.
   Prof Steve Leharne, Dr Milan Antoijevic and others: Environmental forensics; Tempus bid
    estimated €251k to UoG.
   Prof Pat Harvey: Britain-Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership (BIRAX);
    focus on algal projects; total value £30k.
   Dr Milan Antonijevic: thermal analysis consultancy with REXAM expected to deliver £0.3k-
    £10k per month
   Dr Bruce Alexander was selected to travel on the BIS/NanoKTN ―Nanomission to Europe‖ to
    develop collaborative links with German and Swiss nanotech researchers working in the area
    of renewable energy.


   Financial restructuring within companies due to the general economic situation continues to
    cause uncertainty relating to R&E funding streams

Name: Dr Alessandro Benati
School: Humanities and Social Sciences


   Thomas Acton published a monograph entitled All Change!: Romani Studies Through Romani
    Eyes, University of Hertfordshire Press
   Mary Farrell has been invited by the European Commission to act as evaluator for research
    proposals submitted under the theme ‗Cultures of governance and conflict resolution in
    Europe and India‘
   Alessandro Benati is the Editor of a new International Journal in
-   Applied Linguistics
-   OCF –Language and Cultural Awareness courses


Update on external bidding/ April 2010
   Sue Golding/Steve Kennedy: Leverhulme (The Motorcity) 120K
   Steve Kennedy: ESRC (Technology Agenda) 93K.
   Alessandro Benati: ESRC (Language Project) 43K
   Emily Critchley: (joint bid with Birbeck College-Conference) British Academy 17.5K
   Caroline Smith: Oxford Samuel Beckett Theatre Trust/Performance, 32K
   Mary Farrell: EC Framework Programme (The public services of the future) 2.2 million
   Anne Cormack LBGTI Refugee & Asylum Seekers Conference 5-7 July
   Various activities in the School Enterprise Centre
      - Training sessions to the legal profession
-   Certificate in Investment Administration (SII)
   Maria Arche will attend the workshop ‗Making a successful research grant proposal‘ which
    will be held on the 20th & 21st May, Buckinghamshire


   Securing external contracts

Name: Dr Steve Woodhead
School: Engineering


   Kent Business Innovation Group (BIG) was successfully launched and two networking events
    have now taken place. A number of leads are being followed up.
   £178k in consultancy work invoiced by WCBSHT so far this year, with work valued at circa
    £20k in progress.
   Five commercial short courses have been delivered by WCBSHT so far this year, generating
    income of £25k.
   £52k in consultancy work invoiced by civil engineering test lab so far this year, with work
    valued at £9k in progress.
   £8k in consultancy work invoiced by rapid prototype lab so far this year.
   One KTP valued at £112k has been awarded to the EMERG group in collaboration with
    Beams Ltd.
   PhD student sponsorship valued at £115k has been awarded to the EMERG group in
    collaboration with Delphi Diesel Systems Ltd.


   One sKTP bid valued at £10k has been submitted by WCBSHT.
   Advanced negotiations are in progress between WCBSHT and DEFRA relating to a bid
    valued at £135k. This has been provisionally awarded.
   One KTP bid valued at £118k has been submitted by ISRL.
   One sKTP and two KTP bids, valued at circa £310k in total are expected to be submitted in
   A structural testing consultancy contract valued at £70k is under negotiation with Linpak.
   Two KTPs and one sKTP, with a total value of circa £250k are currently under discussion
    with potential clients.


   None to report.

Name: Dr John Orchard
School: NRI


   Technical proposal accepted by US Millennium Challenge Account to develop trade in
    Namibia led by Ben Bennett and John Linton (contract negotiations underway for US$3 to 5
   Gideon Onumah has had a project accepted by the EC Food Security Thematic Programme on
    manage risk in family agriculture in Africa (4.5 million Euros)
   John Holt has secured funding from the European Food Safety Agency for Pest risk
    assessment for the European Community plant health (Total value:
   Additional funding of £310,000 from DFID to support ongoing Trade and
    Development projects.
   NRI has been contracted by key international organisations including
    World Bank, African Development Bank, FAO and UK Government to
    develop analysis papers on post-harvest losses as part of international
    concerns on food security. This raised profile could lead to significant
    funding in this area.


   NRI submitted seven FP7 proposals either as leaders or partners;
   NRI submitted three concept notes to the Technology Strategy Board
    which were accepted for development to full proposals;
   Stephen Torr has submitted a collaborative project to Bill and Melinda
    Gates Foundation on vector based control of human African
    Trypanosomiasis using bait technology – total value of the bid is
    5,980,000 US $ with UoG value of 860,000 US $);
   Submission of 2 concept notes to DFID on strategic reviews in agriculture
    (Total value £60K) – important in raising NRI’s profile.
   Gay Gibson - submission of full proposal to BBSRC on eco-location of
    mosquitoes (£253,609);
   David Grzywacz - request to progress concept note to full proposal on
    Armyworm Control for Africa for DFID Research into Use Programme

   Expanding NRI‘s staffing level to match new sources of funding from DFID and international

Name: Dr Elizabeth West
School: Health and Social Care


   Lambeth PCT: Long-term contraception (LARC project), concept to invoice, full FEC, all
    compliant within the system, in less than 4 weeks, value £30K
   Greenwich PCT KTP final agreement and start up meeting April 20th (£163,105)
   Evaluation of the Work of the Communities Empowerment Network, funded by Esme
    Fairbairn Foundation (CEN) Prof Carl Parsons (£15K)
   MetroCentre Big Lottery Bid—final contract nearing resolution.
         Dates set for launch of two new centres: Centre for Research with Fragile Families on 13 th
          May, Centre for Children, Schools and Families at a full day conference with School of
          Education and Training on 18th June
         Diabetes study funded by GRE has achieved NHS ethical approval and invitations from two
          sites (Medway and Greenwich PCTs).
         BDM, joint with E&T, appointed
         Andrew Barton-Breck, PhD student was one of three from UoG to visit House of Commons


         Appointment of additional short-term RFs to assist in pursuing bids.
         NICE mulit-partner bid re AIDS testing guidelines to be submitted 23/4 (£30K)
         NIHR programme bid on compassion in collaboration with Crete £100K submitted.
         EOI for NIHR RfPB on patient feedback , £244K submitted. This is an outcome of the GRE
          funded Feedback Project
         Two potential sources of funding for work related to Olympics—currently preparing bids
         Successful Social Enterprise Conference to build partners/clients for future research
         Partners in Practice Day being organised for June 28th—invitations to follow
         Jane Reeves is developing some exciting work with CMS—to present at SRD
         Pam Maras—positive feedback on Interreg IV project encouraging resubmission


         Building appropriate partnerships around Olympic related opportunities
         Successfully leveraging cross-School opportunities
         Developing Clinical Academic Research Studentship bids to NIHR involving complex
          relationships between School and NHS as well as change of TOC for applicants.

      No Report received from GMI
      No Report received from CMS


8.1   The Smith Report on Postgraduate Education (Taught and Research)

      Prof Reed bought to the committee‘s attention the Smith Report on Postgraduate Education, a
      programme undertaken in collaboration with a number of members/universities and businesses,
      published in March.

      The Smith report is published on www.bis.gov.uk/one-step-beyond website and Prof Reed
      encouraged members to look at the summary. He commented that research students are crucial to
      the vibrancy of a research university and consequently the university must maintain it research
      student body which is currently 15% a year.

      Prof Reed expressed concern about Post Graduate research on the university website. Information
      exists but it needs to be correlated in one place with input from marketing.


9.1   Research and Enterprise Funding Opportunities
    Ms Banton presented the following funding calls for the Committee to note:

    9.1.1 Sigrid Rausing Trust: Civil and Political Rights, Women‘s Rights, Minority Rights and
          Social and Environmental Justice
    9.1.2 Wellcome Trust: Broadcast Development Awards
    9.1.3 Department for International Development: Responsible and Accountable Garment Sector
          Challenge Fund
    9.1.4 Nuffield Foundation: Research and Innovation Grants for Beneficial Social Change
    9.1.5 Cancer Research UK: Project Grant (PRC)
    9.1.6 Placement Fellowship opportunity in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office


   Prof Barnes welcomed Dr John Orchard to the committee and informed members that Dr Orchard
   had been appointed Director of Research & Enterprise for NRI, replacing Professor Westby.


                                 Meeting                          Papers Received by

       Wednesday 2nd June 2010, 2.15pm, 028, Blake, Medway        19th May 2010
       Wednesday 14th July 2010, 2.15pm, S311, Avery Hill         29th June 2010

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