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HONG KONG, 30 October 2007] – Financial Partners International (FPI), one of the largest
offshore financial services companies in Asia Pacific and the Middle East, has undergone an
exciting rebrand, which includes a new name, Financial Partners (FP), a new logo and new
corporate colours.

The rebrand is part of FP‟s commitment to a new and exciting stage in its development as the
wealth management subsidiary of Financial Partners Bank (FP Bank), a new offshore banking

“The new look is just the first step in our exciting evolution. We will be rolling out an enhanced
suite of financial products and services over the course of the next year. To go with our new motto
„your money, your way‟, these will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the Internet and
mobile devices, so clients can access their money how they want, when they want,” said FP Bank
CEO Jason Blick.

Financial Partners was formed in June 2002 following the merger of six well-established
independent financial advisory firms. With more than 150 trusted advisers and wealth managers,
FP continues to deliver the highest levels of financial planning, wealth management and legal
services to clients in more than 70 countries around the globe.

It made sure to have a presence in the markets that matter, including Australia, China, Hong Kong,
India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and UAE, with further expansions planned for 2008.

Financial Partners Bank:

Financial Partners Bank is the driver behind Financial Partners‟ evolution to a multi-disciplinary
practice, which streamlines the construction, management and delivery of complex products and
services in the financial, banking and corporate services markets into an integrated platform. The
bank intends to provide a broad range of services focused on four core areas:

        Corporate and retail banking services
        Financial planning and wealth management
        Asset management
        Insurance

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The new banking group, incorporating FP Law and FP wealth management, takes into account the
increasing pressure from the retail banking sector by developing a portfolio of complementary
services built around a robust distribution model. In this regard, FP‟s provision of independent
financial and corporate advice is bolstered by the delivery of legal and investment banking services
designed not only to capture the emerging affluent, mass affluent and high net worth market, but
also to secure corporate clients.

“The growing value of the emerging affluent and mass affluent classes will drive the growth of the
business,” said FP Bank Chairman Sean Kelleher.

“This multi-disciplinary practice we have put into place is innovative and at the forefront of the
direction, we believe, banking, private equity and financial services in the Middle East and Asia-
Pacific region is moving,” said FP Bank CEO, Jason Blick.

FP Law:

FP Law is a registered law firm in the United Arab Emirates and is licensed by the Law Society of
England and Wales with plans for licensing in each of the nine jurisdictions where FP currently
operates. The firm specialises in the delivery of legal services for new and existing, private and
corporate clients that have assets, interests or are principally domiciled in offshore jurisdictions.

       FP Law is a revolutionary law firm designed to enable clients to receive advice from
        solicitors at extremely competitive rates.
       Traditional overheads such as office space are replaced by state-of-the-art technology
        designed to ensure our solicitors can operate away from costly office environments.
       FP Law is committed to the delivery of services in four complementary fields: Trust
        Services, Inheritance, Taxation and Corporate Law.

FP Law advantage: “The ownership of law firms has always been restricted to lawyers. With new
changes planned in the UK, and public listings in Australia, law firms are waking up to the
commercial pressure of being controlled by non-lawyers and having to focus on more aggressive
business targets. Eventually, you will be able to buy shares in law firms as easily as one does any
listed equity,” said FP Bank and FP Law CEO, Jason Blick.

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Editor’s Note:

Financial Partners, formerly Financial Partners International, is a subsidiary of Financial Partners
Bank. The company is one of the best performing financial planning and wealth management
groups in the offshore world and has over USD1 billion under advice, of which USD250 million is in
proprietary structures.

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