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					12704 Eagles Entry Drive ▪ Odessa, FL 33556 (813) 749-6579h (303) 570-9610c

Scott Thompson

“Grow your people, build a culture, and create heroes.”

Turnaround Specialist ▪ Business Development ▪ Global Markets ▪ ERP Sales & Marketing Management ▪ Operations ▪ Full P&L/ROI Responsibility Channel Development ▪ Public and Board Relations
Recognized as a highly charismatic top level executive with more than twenty years of proven success in operations management, business development and client relationship management to top Global 2000 Corporations. Renown for taking companies to the next level in high technology through leading edge designs, implementation, sales and sales management. A superb communicator who enacts a philosophy based on achieving business success through people: creates an environment where obstacles are overcome and opportunities uncovered. Offers a stellar record of accomplishments in operations and business development. Incisive and influential: a visionary leader with excellent business instincts and a passion for achievement. A respected team leader who is successful in engaging and mobilizing staff; capitalizing on individual strengths to inspire outstanding performance. Consistently identifies, cultivates and develops leaders.  Valued business partner with a history of success in delivering innovative, cost effective business solutions.  Exceptional negotiator: creative and collaborative in approach.
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An expert at identifying emerging business trends, launching new ventures, creating market presence, capturing significant market share and achieving exceptional growth amid economic downturns. Full P&L sales budget responsibility up to $1 billion annually. Raised over $20 million for three different companies. Proven sales and sales management of software, solution selling, hardware, consulting, outsourcing, e-commerce, ERP, services, supply chain, channel sales and SaaS. Extensive qualifications in the following competencies: ▪ Pricing & Marketing Strategies ▪ Cost Reduction & Profit Optimization ▪ Strategic Partnerships & Joint Ventures ▪ Supply Chain & Offshore Labor Sourcing ▪ Capital Funding & Financial Management ▪ Concept & Brand Development ▪ Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestitures ▪ Investor, VC, Wall Street & Banking Relations ▪ Direction, Re-engineering of Mission & Focus ▪ New Business Strategy & Product Management

Cofounder and Part owner
A global provider of accurate, efficient, and low cost mechanisms to alert, discover, and remediate security issues.


GLOBAL SERVICES CONSULTANT - INTERNATIONAL DIVISION Maintained and developed national and international client and employee relationships at the executive and local levels. Accountable for all global revenue, business development and P&L. Managed implementation, yields and revenue growth. Prepared, reconciled and analyzed forecasts, operating budgets and expenses. Manage a remote workforce from Pakistan and India. ARPATECH, Supplies complete lifecycle services delivered off shore We do everything from Soa,opensource technologies, content management as well as full back office and customer contact and supply chain outsourcing. We provide very fast speed to market at usually one third the cost.

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GlobalServe, Valhalla, NY
A privately held multimillion-dollar acquisition and service management company with operations across 180 countries and 300 partners

PRESIDENT & CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Directed overall operations, including P&L accountability, sales and marketing, channel management, key clients and portal/tool development. Directed over 50 employees and built and maintained an effective executive team. Established and spearheaded corporate vision and strategic planning as well as global sales/marketing public relations and solutions creation. Developed and secured new business with a focus on key client recognition, first point of contact, service delivery and profitability. Led an enterprisewide conversion to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. Closed major clients, such as Mars and Worldspan. Analyzed and instituted improvements affecting operations, supply chain, customer center and intellectual property.
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By the third quarter of 2006, exceeded the yearly sales goal by 100% with extensive personnel and partner growth. In the first year, provided exceptional business results by developing, expanding and maintaining local and national employee and client relationships to include Mars, BMS and Merck. Designed, presented and delivered sales and training solutions with a focus on business retention. 2002-2005

Solutionary, Omaha, NE
A $15 million managed security services provider

PRESIDENT Reported directly to the CEO. Directed all sales, marketing and business development initiatives. Primary focus was on capital creation, building the sales team, growing revenues, creating effective marketing programs and representing the company to potential investors, industry analysts, venture capitalists and the media. Managed 30 multi-tiered marketing, sales and business development professionals. Designed and implemented changes to improve the level of customer service and productivity.
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In the first three months, produced a $3 million revenue increase by personally securing the company‟s first two key accounts, Coca Cola and Tech Team. Secured $27 million in incremental financing, despite an industry decline. Raised $14 million in new venture capital through a network of high net worth angels, including $7 million from the Sisters of Mercy. Propelled revenue from $700,000 to over $15 million annually, the industry‟s highest growth rate over a three-year period, by establishing major accounts and creating life cycle services suites that increased the revenue base by $3.9 million annually. Optimized revenue growth by streamlining a global team to communicate effectively with a focus on individual expertise, contribution, project management and accountability and increased revenue and sales by evaluating operational requirements and efficiency. Achieved the industry‟s highest customer retention rate of 98% on an annual basis, during a period when major competitors experienced customer turnover rates of 10-12% each quarter. Established 10 new channel partners that generated 28% of total revenue, or $4 million, within the first year. Expanded the sales organization from one to eight sales executives, achieving an average productivity level per sales rep of nearly $2 million annually. Facilitated the capture of 15 new Global 1000 customers, winning Gartner Magic Quadrant recognition in the trade publication Visionary Quadrant. 2001-2002

VeriSign Inc., Denver, CO
A multi-billion dollar provider of SSL; identity and authentication; domain name; and internet communications and commerce services. EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT, NORTH AMERICAN SALES

Reporting directly to the COO, was accountable for all sales and marketing initiatives for this product and service company generating over $60 million in annual revenue. Developed both long-range and short-range marketing plans, formulated sales strategies with a dual focus on increasing market share and margin, adjusted policy to guarantee competitive yet profitable pricing and collaborated with operations to ensure a cohesive communications approach.

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VeriSign Inc., (continued)
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Transitioned the company from a product to a services focus, increasing sales from $32 million to $66 million and improving margins by 20%, or $13 million. Seamlessly merged four acquisitions into a single sales organization, adding $22 million to annual revenue. Introduced a complete suite of security consulting services that increased the average sale from $50,000 to $70,000. Created an inside sales organization that closed more than 40%, or $26 million, of North America‟s total business, while operating at less than 60% of the outside sales‟ costs. 1999-2001

TeleTech, Denver, CO
A $1.1 billion public customer relationship management company operating in 19 countries.

PRESIDENT/CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Reporting to the Board of Directors, held full P&L responsibility. Established the corporate vision, strategic planning, worldwide sales and marketing, acquisition negotiation and management, public relations and media management. Provided extensive statistical and revenue reports to comply with budget constraints. Created, implemented, monitored and managed all facets of employee education, operations and development with an emphasis on teamwork, communication, people skills and time management.
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Doubled revenues from $500 million to $1 billion, despite a three-year period of negative revenue growth within the CRM industry. Achieved a stock increase from a three-year average of $6 to $50 per share and improved operating margins by 7 points; gained industry analyst confidence with “buy” to “strong buy” versus the “hold” or “sell” recommendations for competitors. Successfully negotiated a $1 billion joint venture with Ford Motor Company, increasing revenue by 30%, or $150 million, in the first year and nearly quadrupling the company‟s stock price, from $7 to $27 per share. Increased the operating margin from 7.8% to 12%, dropping more than $40 million to the bottom line. Acquired and integrated four companies to result in $100 million in revenue, contributing nearly 7 cents to EPS. Was honored by the Rocky Mountain News as „CEO of the Year‟ two years in a row. 1996-1999

Lucent Technologies/Ascend Communications, Short Hills, NJ/Oakland, CA
A partner of service providers, enterprises and governments worldwide, delivering voice, data and video communication solutions and services.

PRESIDENT, NETCARE PROFESSIONAL SERVICES (1998-1999) Reporting directly to the CEO of Lucent Technologies, was retained by Lucent after its acquisition of Ascend Communications with fully autonomous P&L and general management responsibility for this $3 billion services division. Was accountable for all strategic planning, operations, finance, budgeting, cost management and worldwide sales and marketing. Maintained and developed extensive, worldwide partnerships and customer base. Initiated and implemented programs to streamline national and international customer service levels and provided outstanding customer service to all global alliances, vendors, clients and employees with a focus on budget compliance, company policy and public relations.
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Revitalized a stagnant division, growing sales by 20% and producing $200 million in new consulting revenue. Generated $185 million in new revenue through a new service suite of products and services, including network management and the complete outsourcing of British Telecom‟s narrowband network. Acquired 32 companies and increased the stock price to $58 through collaborative re-branding and repositioning.

EXECUTIVE VICE PRESIDENT & GENERAL MANAGER, GLOBAL SERVICES DIVISION (1996-1998) At Ascend Communications, directed all operational and general management initiatives for this $100 million consulting and software support division.
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Transformed the division from a $70 million cost center to $8 million profit in 18 months. Developed a solutions-oriented sales team that closed an average of $4 million in individual sales annually. Generated $90 million through the acquisition of Stratus computers, selling off all but its cell phone technology “Home Location Registrar” and making a $90 million profit from the spinoff of the other units. Repackaged a warranty-only paradigm to a full service suite of services, generating nearly $90 million in 18 months.

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Tandem Computers, Inc., Cupertino, CA

Acquired by Compaq Computer Corporation, Tandem Computers, Inc is engaged in the design, development, manufacture, marketing, and support of computer systems, software, and services to deliver complete customer solutions

PRESIDENT, ASIA PACIFIC (1995-1996) Controlled all marketing and operating budgets for Asia and the Pacific Rim. Managed 13 general managers from diverse cultures and market dynamics. Served as Chairman of the Board for two Chinese joint ventures.
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Introduced the Tandem brand into Asia Pacific, increasing revenue by U.S. $100 million over a two-year period. Achieved huge growth in China, winning 90% of all inter-prefecture banking deals. Created two highly successful Chinese joint ventures that produced U.S. $40 million in revenue in a single year. Held $750 million P&L responsibility and managed 11 large development and outsourcing projects within 13 countries. Developed the best customer satisfaction rate in the industry, while growing the business from a $350 million “service only” business to a $750 million “service and solution” business with profit margins in excess of 60%. Managed operations in the U.S. with a $180 million budget. Conducted large trials focused on best price performance. Created a new consulting organization and helped grow annual revenue from $90 million to over $300 million. Held a variety of sales and sales management roles. Sold $12 million in fault tolerant Tandem computers.

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Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
Executive Master of Business Administration Sponsored by Tandem Computers, Inc.

Control Data Institute, Falls Church, Virginia
Undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering

Description: Scott Thompson CEO is a strongh CEO Turnaround Specialist, Business Development, Global Markets, ERP, IT Services, Sales & Marketing Management, Operations, Full P&L/ROI Responsibility, Professional Services, Channel Development, Public Relations and Board Relations. Lives in Tampa, FL Posted be