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									  FIABCI – An Overview
The International Real Estate Federation was founded in Paris, France in 1948 as the “Federation Internationale des Administrateurs de Bien-Conselis
Immobiliers”, and the French acronym, “FIABCI”, is still used today to signify the original international association in devoting to all real estate specialities
and activities.
Operating Chapters in over 60 countries and comprising over 100 national real estate related associations, the FIABCI community encompasses 1.5
million real estate professional worldwide. FIABCI exits to assist real estate professionals worldwide in improving the quality and competitiveness of their
business activities. This is done by sharing knowledge, develop network and optimise business opportunities at a national, regional and an international
FIABCI Malaysia has grown rapidly since its inception in 1975 in Malaysia. Its membership is open to professionals and practitioners dealing in all types of
property and members come from all property disciplines such as developers, architects, estate agents, consultants, interior designers, property
managers, valuers, and surveyors. FIABCI Malaysia is looking forward to providing a window into a world of excellence in real estate, to improve the quality
of the environment and the standards in real estate for Malaysians to enjoy, simply by sharing the efforts and successes of its worldwide membership.

                                                                                                                The Malaysia Property Award™
                      The Malaysia Property Award™ (formerly known as FIABCI Property Awards of Distinction or FIABCI Awards of Distinction) is
                      established in 1992 and without bias, exclusive and truly independent.
                      This Malaysian Property “OSCAR” Award is a prestigious Award that many developers or owners desire as a benchmark for their
                      excellence in their development projects. It represents the highest accolades and standards of professionalism in the property and
                      real estate industry.
                      The winners of the Malaysia Property Award™ will automatically enter into the final selection to the international competition – FIABCI
                      Prix d’ Excellence for the world’s best projects, which is awarded annually at the FIABCI World Congress. The winners of the both
                      Awards will benefit from tremendous publicity through both the international media and the network in 60 countries, as well as
                      receiving the coveted trophy and the right to use the official Award logos on all professional correspondences.
Selection and adjudication is in four phases. Nominations and entries received will be studied by the Organising Committee for
preliminary eligibility confirmation. Any query will be communicated to the participant for answers and / or corrections.
Non-compliance submissions is either rejected or reserved for next year’s Award. Only qualified projects are advance to
Evaluators’ Physical Site Visit and Verifications.
A select committee of senior real estate executives form “Evaluator” to screen all project submissions, which are then checked
against the entry criteria. Elimination begins at the preliminaries (second and third phase) to ensure only the shortlisted projects
are reviewed by the Jury Members. Subsequently, the best entries will be recommended for selection by an independent Panel
of Judges. Only those entries that achieve 75% mark are forwarded to the final selection. An independent Panel of Judges of
eminent personalities from various professions and industries are invited to preside over the final selection of the winners.                          Prix d’Excellence Trophy

The entire nomination and judging process take six to seven months to complete. Evaluators, Jury Members and Independent Judges are all worked
voluntarily and independently, and are requested to abstain from evaluating and judging the entire category if they have conflict-of-interest in any of
the projects in that category.
The Independent Judges’ decision is final and cannot be changed. No appeal will be entertained.
Marks are audited by an independent external reputable public audit firm.

                              Malaysia Property Award™ 2010 Winners’ Roll-of-Honour

    Dato’ Alan Tong Kok Mau      The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa           Sunway City Ipoh, Perak                Quill 7, Kuala Lumpur         Kota Iskandar (Phase 1), Johor
     (Property Man 2010)                      (Hotel)                           (Master Plan)                              (Office)                      (Public Sector)

 Springtide Residences, Penang   Precint 3, Setia Eco Park, Selangor   Bunga Raya Island Resort & Spa, Sabah   Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall       Smart Tunnel, Kuala Lumpur
    (Residential - High Rise)          (Residential - Low Rise)                      (Resort)                   (Expansion), Selanger (Retail)      (National Contribution)
  Call for Entries
FIABCI Malaysia is now accepting entries for the Malaysia Property Award 2011. This prestigious Award has the objective of bringing outstanding real
estate developments, and the companies who mastermind them, to the attention of the national and international property community.
Individuals of Groups from the private and public sector with executive responsibility for a real estate project may enter for selection and adjudication.
Entrants do not need to be members of FIABCI, but they must be either the current owner or original developer of the project, or alternatively an agency
mandated by the owners or developers such as the architect and PR firm.
The project must have been completed and fully operational for at least 12 months before entering for the Awards programme (i.e. for the Malaysia
Property Award 2011, completion and occupation must occur by 31 March 2010) and if the project comprises several phases, at least 2/3 must be
complete and operational before submittal. The project must have been completed and fully operational not more than 5 years from the deadline of
receipt of entry form (i.e. for the Malaysia Property Award 2011, completion and occupation must occur after 31 March 2006). These rules are not
applicable for the Master Plan category, in which the project is still in the planning or under construction.

                                                        The Categories of the Malaysia Property Award 2011
• PROPERTY MAN                                                                   • OFFICE CATEGORY
  The most prestigious and coveted of the Awards (By invitation only)              Office buildings, office parks, purposed built office complex, etc
• PROPERTY CEO                                                                   • PUBLIC SECTOR
  CEOs in government-linked organisations and professional CEOs in                 Project exclusively financed and developed by the Public Sector
  private organisation to be awarded and recognised for their vision and
                                                                                 • PURPOSE-BUILT PROJECT / SPECIALISED PROJECT
  leadership capacity in Real Estate (By invitation only)
                                                                                   Building has been specially designed and built for a particular use such
• ENVIRONMENTAL (REHABITATION / CONSERVATION) CATEGORY                             as schools, libraries, hospital, etc.
  Project that rehabitates an environment or to conserve existing
                                                                                 • RESIDENTIAL (HIGH RISE)
  environment, i.e. Ex-mining land, polluted river, land fill, land that has
                                                                                   Apartments, condominiums, etc
  been damaged severely by industrial use, marshland destroyed by
  deforestation or such similar damaged land                                     • RESIDENTIAL (LOW RISE)
                                                                                   Housing estates, housing complexes, etc
  Restoration or conservation old buildings that have been identified by         • RESORT CATEGORY
  the relevant authorities for Heritage Conservation                               Beach resorts, hill resorts, theme park, marinas, etc
• HOTEL CATEGORY                                                                 • RETAIL CATEGORY
  Business type or leisure type, service apartments that are strictly              Mall, shopping centres, hypermarket, etc
  operated as hotel, etc                                                         • SPECIAL AWARD FOR NATIONAL CONTRIBUTION
• INDUSTRIAL CATEGORY                                                              Projects that enhance national status and image, and / or contribute
  Industrial buildings, industrial parks, technology parks, warehouse, etc         significantly to society
• MASTER PLAN                                                                    • SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
  Promising new ongoing projects with outstanding master plans,                    For energy saving project, i.e. save energy feature, buildings allow more
  concepts and layout designs                                                      natural lighting, conserve or harvest rain water for use

  Judging Criteria
The Malaysia Property Award is an overall development award – the judging will assess the merits of a project in regards to the following principal criteria:
 Environmental (Rehabitation / Conservation)              • General Description of Project              • Result & Environmental Impact
 Category                                                 • Planning & Design                           • Financial & Benefits to Community
                                                          • Implementation
 Heritage (Restoration / Conservation) Category           • General Description of Project              • Financial & Marketing
                                                          • Architecture & Design                       • Community Benefits & Environmental Impact
                                                          • Implementation Stage
 Master Plan                                              •   General Description of Project            • Implementation
                                                          •   Preparatory Phase of the Project          • Environmental Impact
                                                          •   Financial Considerations                  • Community Benefits
                                                          •   Authorities Approval
 Hotel Category                                           •   General Description of Project
 Industrial Category                                      •   Architecture & Design
 Office Category                                          •   Development & Construction
 Public Sector                                            •   Financial & Marketing
 Purpose-Built Project / Specialised Project              •   Environmental Impact
 Residential (High Rise)                                  •   Community Benefits
 Residential (Low Rise)
 Resort Category
 Retail Category
 Special Award for National Contribution
 Sustainable Development                                  • General Description of Project              • Financial & Marketing
                                                          • Architecture & Design                       • Environmental Impact
                                                          • Development & Construction

The adjudicating process is audited by an independent auditing firm. This is to ensure total transparency and good governance on the creditability of the
judging process.

  Entry Fee
 RM1,800 per project for non-members      RM1,300 per project for members
Cheque is made payable to “FIABCI-Malaysia Property Award”. Entry fee is non-refundable.
                                                                                                   *All information is correct at press time but may subject to change.
        MALAYSIA PROPERTY AWARD 2011                                                         TM

        ENTRY FORM            Entry Deadline 31 March 2011

Name of entrant                   : __________________________________________________________________________________
(Person who will collect the Award on behalf of the project)

Designation                       : __________________________________________________________________________________
Role in the Development : __________________________________________________________________________________
(e.g. Owner, Property Manager, Developer, Architect, etc)

Company Name                      : __________________________________________________________________________________
Correspondence Address : __________________________________________________________________________________
Email                             : _______________________________________            Tel   : __________________________________
FIABCI Member                     :          Yes               No                      Fax : __________________________________

Where did you learn about the Awards? ________________________________________________________________________
Is this the first time your company participate in the Award?                   Yes               No

Category Entered (Please tick):-

             Environmental (Rehabitation / Conservation) Category                       Purpose-Built / Specialised Project
             Heritage (Restoration / Conservation) Category                             Residential (High Rise)
             Hotel Category                                                             Residential (Low Rise)
             Industrial Category                                                        Resort Category
             Master Plan                                                                Retail Category
             Office Category                                                            Special Award for National Contribution
             Public Sector                                                              Sustainable Development

Project Name                      : __________________________________________________________________________________
Project Address                   : __________________________________________________________________________________
Project Completion Date : __________________________________________________________________________________
Pre-requisite for submission of Entry:- The Project must be completed and fully operates minimum 12 months, and not
more than 5 years from the completion date, to qualify for the Malaysia Property Award. (These rules are not appli-
cable for the Master Plan Category, in which the project is still in the planning or under construction).

Contact Person          : _______________________________________________________
(If different from the name of entrant)

Designation             : _______________________________________________________
Address                 : _______________________________________________________
PropPropertyerty           _______________________________________________________                      (Company Stamp)

Tel                     : _______________________________________               Fax           : _________________________________
Email                   : _______________________________________               Mobile No. : _________________________________
Please enclose the entry fee of RM1,800 (Non-Members’ rate) or RM1,300 (Members’ rate) together with this form. The
cheque is made payable to “FIABCI-MALAYSIA PROPERTY AWARD”. Entry fee is non-refundable.
This form should be duly completed and returned on or before 31 March 2011 to:-

                                                            The Organising Committee
                                               Malaysia Property Award™ 2011
              Suite E-12-10, Wisma Sunrise, Plaza Mont’ Kiara, No.2, Jalan Kiara, Mont’ Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
                    Tel: +603-6203 5090 / 91 Fax: +603-6203 4090 Email:

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