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									       Magento Development Services – One of the Most Popular e-Commerce Solutions

As the desires for better web applications and websites are increasing, so are increasing the
number of web technologies and their development services such as Magento development
services. Magento web development/Magento web design is popular among Magento developer
community is because it is an open source technology and allows the developers to be creative
and innovative at the cost-effective way. Following are some of the most prominent advantages
of developing websites with the help of Magento technology:

      Inherent SEO functionality, tag, title, description, clean Urls
      Many criteria to search for various products
      Flexibility to import and export huge data
      Enabling multiple currency orders
      Supporting various payment options
      User friendly HTML code and site navigation
      Tracking customer accounts and order details
      Providing one admin panel to control multiple websites
      SSL security support for all order
      detail report option for sales, tax and coupon usage etc.

Magento introduced in 2008 by Varien is much preferred technology for Magento web
development /Magento web design as it has been developed with impressive feature set and
standard industry components. It is because of this it provides a functional and standardized
architecture and extended PHP features.
 The obvious advantage of being an open source technology is that its code is accessible to
Magento developer across the world. And, this being a common ground to share a strong bond,
there are wonderful communities of Magento developers across the globe.

Magento development services can be provided with the help of two types of version: the
community edition and the enterprise edition. The community edition has some features missing
in it and is available free for download. The enterprise edition has advanced features but it
requires annual fee. Hence, according to the client requirements, Magento development services
provides will decide which version to be used while taking Magento web development or Magento
web design.

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