BLACKBERRY CODE READER – USER MANUAL


        Please go on and download everything present on there. Once
you’ve done it please install BlackBerry Desktop 4.5 and restart pc in order to complete. Once started
connect your BlackBerry device so that drivers can be installed (well this is necessary unless you’ve
worked before with them). BlackBerry Desktop it’s a factory software used to handle your device and
most important use to either upgrade/downgrade the firmware of you device. Before we start you should
know that our sofwatre is intended to work with devices having 4.1 OS version.


                   You can find necessary fimwares in FW folder of my site. In case device is
                   malfunctioning or it requires to be upgraded/downgraded then it’s required to flash
                   it. So locate exact model-carrier-version firmware executable and install it. Once
                   you’ve done it please go C:\Program Files\Common Files\Research In
                   Motion\AppLoader and delete file called Vender.xml. Once deleted please start
                   Laoder.exe and follow instructions. At the end of operation you will have an device
                   with required firmware ready to be unlocked.


       Get latest version of software BERRYREADER from us and start it. If everything is ok then you
       should see something similar to the interface bellow.
        Please note that current version of software support BlackBerry 8700, 8707, 7130 models only.
        Now please connect the device to the usb cable that camed with the phone. If drivers aren’t
        installed yet then let Windows to do it.

        Now assure yourself that BlackBerry Desktop software is completely close, check windows tray
        aswell and also be sure phone isn’t password protected. In either of cases communication wont
        be established with phone so you cant forget unlocking it.

        Well now it’s time to unblock phone. How ? For stirt please select unlocking method. Both of
        tehm will work fine but some cases method 1 will be faster but now don’t imagine it take ages.
        Depending on PC configuration, wheater and some other things our soft will require between 1
        and 3 minutes to do it’s job. This offcourse if no error occurs on road.

        As method is chosen now it’s time to try our solution easiness and softly click the only button
        present on interface (DO JOB).

        If things go fine then probably you should see something like screen bellow.

Wait the things to complete and you should notice the next thing.
Probably you will ask yourself what the hell exact software wants ? Well grab the berry softly and take a
look at menu items and quicly you should see an icon with our logo and called ‘BlackBerry Code Reader’.
See bellow.

So do what the message box says and start. Click it or press the left wheel. Bellow is what you should

Hell yeah till now everything went OK so why stand there and press OK button, chill out, cross fingers
and hope no dirty error will show up and most important watch our application messages relaxed.
Well if it’s computing means you still need to wait ! So wait …

Wow. Miracle happen while waiting. Seems some codes were shown. Uhmm … Is it done ? My phone is
unlocked ?

Sorry to disappoint but aint both done or unlocked. Software haven’t finished its job !
Seems is doing something. What exact ? Well now simply our sw is removed from icon menu list. We
need clean up after work no ?

Well now is ready. But hey why 7 minutes on job time ? Because I spent ~4 minutes to write and
screenshot around to make this nice manual. Isnt it nice ?

So now we have the codes and after looking remained tries it seems phone isn’t blocked aswell so go on
phone Options/Advanced Options/SIM CARD and once you’ve entered you should see.
Type blindly MEPD/MEPPD and wait lock status to be shown. If nothing appear probably phone is
unlocked already.

Now we must enter the unblock so type blindly again MEP2/MEPP2 (to make numbers u must press ALT
KEY before so key sequence is M, E, P, ALT, 2) and phone should ask us the code.
Type the code and confirm by pressing wheel, enter it and you’ve done ! You have an unlocked phone.

                                            Best Regards.

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