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AllstateAMC_ LLC is an independent_ third party appraisal by suchenfz


									                              e-AMC – Compliance Guarantee

Home Valuation Code of Conduct Compliance Guidelines
e-AMC, LLC is an independent, third party appraisal management company and has reviewed
the final version of the Home Valuation Code of Conduct and has created written policies and
procedures to ensure full compliance to the Code. These policies and procedures will further
ensure that lenders are in compliance when HVCC is effective on May 1, 2009.

I – Appraiser Independence Safeguards
• e-AMC, LLC ensures that all appraisers are licensed or certified in applicable state. All
appraisers are cross-checked with the Appraisal Subcommittee database for active licensing and
disciplinary actions. We ensure that the “development, reporting, result, or review of an
appraisal” is not influenced in any way.

II – Borrower Receipt of Appraisal
• Per HVCC, we ensure that the lender provides a copy of the appraisal to the borrower, free of
charge and immediately upon completion, or in any event no less than three days prior to the
closing of the loan.

III – Appraiser Engagement
• Per HVCC, e-AMC, LLC will select, retain, and provide payment of all compensation to the
appraiser. We will further ensure that all members of the lender’s loan production staff will be
forbidden from:
1. Selecting, retaining recommending, or influencing the selection of any
appraiser for a particular assignment
2. Any communications with an appraiser
• e-AMC, LLC will assist lender in clearly demonstrating that absolute lines of independence
have been achieved and that lender has prudent safeguards to isolate it’s collateral valuation
process from influence.
• e-AMC, LLC ensures that all staff tasked with selecting appraisers for it’s approved panel is
“independent of any loan production staff”.
Home Valuation Code of Conduct Compliance Guidelines

IV – Prevention of Improper Influences on Appraiser
• e-AMC, LLC will not provide “any estimated or target value of the property or the loan
amount applied” to the appraiser on the lender’s behalf.
• e-AMC, LLC ensures that compensation “does not depend in any way on the value arrived at
in any appraisal”.
• e-AMC, LLC has adopted written policies and procedures implementing the Code of Conduct.
e-AMC, LLC also has mechanisms in place to report anyone who violates these policies and

V – The Independent Valuation Protection Institute (IVPI)
• e-AMC, LLC will assist the lender in providing information to borrowers about the IVPI and it’s services.
• e-AMC, LLC fully supports the creation and regulation of the IVPI.

VI – Appraisal Quality Control Testing
• If the option is selected, e-AMC, LLC will provide the lender with quality control testing of a random selection of
10 percent of its appraisal reports. A report will be provided to the lender with “any adverse, negative, or irregular
findings of such quality control testing”.

VII – Referrals of Appraisal Misconduct Reports
• e-AMC, LLC is aware that if any lender has a reasonable basis to believe an appraiser or appraisal management
company’s violating applicable laws, the lender will refer the matter to the appropriate authorities.
Home Valuation Code of Conduct Compliance Guidelines

VIII – Representations and Warranties
• e-AMC, LLC will ensure the lender is in full compliance of the HVCC and the lender can certify, warrant, and
represent that the appraisal report was obtained in a compliant manner according to the Code of Conduct.

IX – Scope of Code
• e-AMC, LLC is aware that nothing in this Code of Conduct shall be construed to establish new requirements or
obligations that:
a. require a lender to use a particular method for property valuation
b. affect the acceptable scope of work for an appraiser for a particular assignment
c. require the lender or third part to take any action prohibited by law

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