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					                                           dedicated to the mastery of public speaking

                                  Vol. 4 — I/2006                                                          March 23, 2006

                                  WHAT’S THE SCOOP?
News                         1

New members                 2-3
                                  W     elcome to the 2006 spring edition of your WRY newsletter — learn about the
                                        latest contest events, the newest members, and much more!

DCP update                   3                                                            IT’S CONTEST SEASON!
The new CL Award             4
                                                                  H    e came, he spoke, he conquered!
                                                                       Don Luby won both the best Speaker as well
                                                                  as the best Evaluator award at the WRY International
                                                                  Speech and Evaluation
                                                                  Contest—congratulations Don!
                                                                  Let’s all support Don when he competes at the
                                                                  Area 65 International Speech and Evaluation Contest!

                                                                  Saturday, April 1
                                                                  starting at 3:30 p.m.

                                                                  New World Life Building
                                                                  3003 77th Avenue S
                                                                  Mercer Island, WA 98040
                                   Don Luby
                                   Best Speaker and Evaluator

WRY Toastmasters                   THE BIG PICTURE
• Charter Date: Sep. 1981
• District 2 — Division F           A   picture says more than a thousand words—
                                        the graph to the right not only illustrates the
                                    context of the Toastmasters International structure
• Area 65 — Club 4723               around us, you will also find very familiar Governor
Meetings:                           names, namely those of WRY members Tim and
Every Thu morning @ 7am             Colleen—talking about leadership!

Skyline Tower - 9th Floor           Of course it also shows the stages Don will pass on
                                    his way to the 2006 World Championship of Public
Bellevue, WA 98004
                                    GO DON!
I/2006                                                                                                  WRY Toastmasters


I first heard about Toastmasters in
  the 1980’s when I was beginning
my career in real estate sales.
                                          I recognize that public speaking is a
                                          powerful skill to have in one’s tool
                                                                                    sharpening my skills. Heck, I might
                                                                                    even get the chance to speak to a
                                                                                    large group of people someday.
However, I never took the                                                           On a personal note, following my
opportunity to look into the benefits                                               recovery from a back-breaking
Toastmasters had to offer. Since my                                                 motorcycle accident in 1999 (it was
wife and I recently moved to the                                                    the other guy’s fault) my wife
Seattle area from Arizona to start a                                                Kimberly and I decided fate had
new life, it made perfect sense to get                                              given us a second chance at life with
involved in something I’ve been                                                     each other. So, we pledged we
intrigued by for more than two                                                      would live whatever time we had left
decades.                                                                            to the fullest. We love to travel, play
Between work and school, I’ve had                                                   golf, and are certified “expert” scuba
many opportunities to make                                                          divers.
presentations, but only on a very                                                   We were blessed with the birth of our
small scale; anywhere from one            And, like many skills, if you don’t       beautiful baby boy this past October
person to about a dozen at the most.      stay in practice, you tend to get         and now we spend many weekends
I have never had the chance to make       rusty. So, I thought Toastmasters         introducing Jack to the great
a presentation to a larger group.         would be a great way to re-energize       outdoors.
                                          my creative batteries while


H     i, my name is Erich Pleny –
      It is a pleasure to meet you.
I have really enjoyed my time as part
                                          I first came to Microsoft as a software
                                          developer six years ago, then
                                                                                    I have actually been a member of
                                                                                    Wry Toastmasters for over six
of this vibrant, early-riser group and    transitioned a year and a half ago to     months now. Joining last summer, I
seeing the enthusiasm and passion         Program Management on the Xbox            was overwhelmed with a terribly-
that everyone has so early in the         360 team.                                 busy Xbox360 launch schedule
morning.                                                                            followed by several months of
Personally, I have many interests                                                   working on business school
and passions. I play the Viola in the                                               applications – both of which caused
Puget Sound Symphony Orchestra                                                      me to drop all of my recreational
with quarterly concerts (come listen                                                activities.
to us sometime:                                                      With 2006, however, I am glad to be
                                                                                    able to return to my hobbies and
I love to read about business, history,                                             further pursue my interest in public
sciences, psychology, and anything                                                  speaking. Thanks for making
else I can get my hands on. I love                                                  Toastmasters a great place to come
exercise, in particular rowing on Lake                                              to each week – I look forward to
Sammamish – an obsession                                                            sharing more about myself and
acquired while being a coxswain           Working in such a fast-paced              learning about each of you.
during my college years at Gonzaga        environment has given me many
University. I also am learning Polish     opportunities to grow and develop         Check out the WryStuff Gift Shop on
so that I can one day talk about          my interpersonal and leadership           our website—available thanks to Jim!
history and politics with my mother-      skills, but I come to Wry with the
in-law.                                   hope of quieting (or at least getting
Professionally, I have been fortunate     along better with) those butterflies
enough to be able to follow my            that never seem to enjoy the stares
interests in technology and video         of a room full of people.

 I/2006                                                                                                   WRY Toastmasters


A     fter growing up in Hawaii where
      I learned to surf, I attended
Colorado College and then received
                                           now. Through the ups and downs
                                           I’ve experienced, I maintain an
                                           upbeat outlook.
                                                                                      helping others improve the quality of
                                                                                      their lives, including financial
                                                                                      freedom, time to do the things that
an MBA from Harvard. After learning                                                   are most important, good health, and
to fly, I earned my commercial pilot’s                                                removing toxins from their home
license. As an entrepreneur, I’ve                                                     environment.
volunteered to help nonprofit                                                         I see life as a great adventure. My
organizations who need business                                                       objective in joining Toastmasters is
expertise and guidance with fund-                                                     to develop and give professional
raising. In my church I also                                                          speeches to philanthropic
volunteer, helping those who are                                                      organizations to help members
going through hard times or                                                           understand the business problems of
experiencing financial difficulties. My                                               nonprofit organizations and show
children are healthy and happy. My                                                    how they can effectively help
daughter, Heather, is an ER doctor.                                                   nonprofits. I’ve spent time in
My son, Andrew, is a pilot for Delta       The experiences I’ve had help me           Australia and in Canada. Outdoor
Airlines and a CPA.                        empathize with others. I’m currently       activities are my favorite way to
While I’ve had twenty surgeries in         developing a networking marketing          relax, including fishing, hunting,
my life, I’m thankful to be healthy        organization and am enjoying               camping, and rafting.


H   ow we are performing as a club can be well measured using the DCP metrics which can be looked up on the
    Toastmasters International website. The program restarts every year on July 1st. The below chart reflects the
standings as of the end of February. We’re well on our way to become a President’s Distinguished Club yet again!!
                Achieve any five of ten goals             Distinguished Club

                Achieve any seven of ten goals            Select Distinguished Club
                Achieve any nine of ten goals             President's Distinguished Club                                                                                                  3
I/2006                                                                                                                  WRY Toastmasters

T    oastmasters International has
     developed a new manual and
made some exciting new changes to
                                          developing leadership skills through
                                          performing different roles and duties
                                          both within and outside of the club
                                                                                   At the end of every project is a
                                                                                   section for an evaluation with guided
                                                                                   points and questions completed by
the educational award system. Now         and having written evaluations done.     the evaluator. In the literature and on
there is a greater distinction between    WRY’S approach to the new                the website TM also mentions the
the speech component and the                                                       possibility of a spoken evaluator.
leadership component of the                                                        The Board has studied the new
Toastmaster program. Previously,                  The Board is very excited        manual and its requirements,
the Competent Toastmasters                that TM has introduced this new          decided that it will be too
Manual (CTM) was the first step in        manual. While changes can produce        cumbersome to attempt to schedule
the Toastmaster program. Now the          anxiety and people can be resistant,     for people completing the manual,
first step has been                                                                                     and determined
clarified by dividing the                                                                               that it should be
two areas of the                                                                                        up to the
Toastmaster program                                                                                     individual to
into two clearly                                                                                        secure their own
defined tracks-one for                                                                                  evaluators. We
leadership and one for                                                                                  want to
communication. To                                                                                       encourage people
this end, the CTM has                                                                                   to discuss their
been “split” into the                                                                                   evolutions outside
Competent                                                                                               of the club
Communicator (CC)                                                                                       between the
and the Competent                                                                                       participant and
Leader (CL) awards.                                                                                     their evaluator.
The split allows people to                the Board shares TM’s enthusiasm         Nevertheless, it is not feasible at this
immediately develop and strengthen        and views the new educational            point to do spoken evolutions within
their leadership skills.                  system as a welcome change and           the club. Leadership requires being
                                          challenge for us to build our skills.    proactive and taking the lead!
        The big change occurs in          While we are excited and fully
the development of the CL manual.         support the new manual, the                       Please feel free to contact
The CC manual mirrors the CTM             implementation will largely be up to     me with additional questions
manual, its just a name change.           the individual to be proactive about     regarding the new award or how its
However, the new CL manual is             completing the new award.                implementation. You can reach me
where all the majority of the change                                               any of the following ways by email-
takes place. The new CL manual is                The new manual requires as
comprised of 10 projects aimed at         a minimum a written evaluation.          or by phone 425.747.6429.

OUR MISSION                              EIGHT REASONS...                          OFFICERS

W     RY is committed to
      strengthening public speaking
and leadership skills of its diverse
                                         W     RY officer Kathy Woodword
                                               sent out an e-mail to all club
                                         members with eight compelling
                                                                                   President………………….…… Gayle Erickson
                                                                                   VP Education ……..……….. Philese C. Selden
                                                                                   VP Membership …..… Gregor M. Kneitz, CTM
membership by providing an exciting,     reasons to join the WRY Board—it’s a      VP Public Relations …….…..….. Sven Freitag
supportive and ‘wry’ (humorous)          great opportunity to practice your
educational environment.                                                           Secretary ……………..……. Kathryn Woodford
                                         leadership skills in a very useful way!
                                                                                   Treasurer …………….…………. Karen Bratten
Editors of this newsletter:              For details please contact Bert at one
                                                                                   Sgt.-at-Arms ………….…. Travis D. Dutchover
 Sven Freitag                            of the next WRY meetings or at
                                         Webmaster*) ……..…….…….….. Jim Dickeson
        Philese Seldon
                                                                                   Past President ………........…… Bert Hülmann
                  Kathy Woodford
                                                                                   *) not an official TM Officer role

                             What you are will show in what you do. — Thomas A. Edison


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