The Danger of Facebook for Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Claimants

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					In a de curand case in Charlottesville, Virginia a claimant won a $10. 6 million jury verdict for the death
with his 25-year former wife in 2007. She had died any time her Ford Accord was hit by a cement mixer.
The driver in the cement mixer was on fault because he had lost control in the cement mixer on the curve.
Basically, he pleaded guilty to be able to manslaughter. Since the cement mixer driver was clearly on fault,
the only issue on the trial was simply money the widower could well be awarded for the death with his
younger wife. The determining factor in assessing damages could well be the pain and suffering in the
young widower. The jury undoubtedly for the picture in the cement mixer crushing the Accord had
absolutely no trouble awarding the best verdict ever recorded in Charlottesville. The defense sought the
widower's Facebook details. The claimant's lawyer attempted to avoid this details from becoming disclosed.
The widower had posted a picture with his Facebook page a year right after his wife's death. Within the
picture he had on the tee jacket and was wearing a garter close to his neck. Over the tee jacket, the widower
had a reference to be able to "Hot Moms. " Obviously, the defense sought this kind of picture in order to be
able to undermine the widower's claim with pain and suffering associated with his wife's death. For the
widower's attorney's alleged try to conceal this kind of picture, the defense is actually asking the judge to be
able to set aside the $10. 6 million verdict. This locuinte illustrates the fact that claimants ought to be really
careful in the information they will put with Facebook. Usually, the defense look at the Facebook details.
The defense will likely be looking for details indicating the claimant is actually lying on the subject of his
location. For example, if the claimant asserts he cannot walk without crutches, a picture with him with
Facebook surfing, bowling on the other hand playing softball may undermine his location. Thus, the
claimant should understand his Facebook photos, videos and information could possibly be reviewed in the
defense. The wrong kind of picture on the other hand video might cost the claimant his entire claim. If the
claimant goes with vacation, goes to be able to a group, and plays in sporting events he ought to be really
wary on the subject of recording the best activities with Facebook. He might think only his "friends" may
see the record with his routines. In actuality his Facebook might soon turn out to be an Open New for the
defense no matter if the claimant have a Workers Compensation claim or the Injury claim.

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